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ITT: Things you miss....

Ace Combat 5
WoW Vanilla
The original Sly Cooper
Pokemon Gold

I don't know why, but I've been feeling really nastolgic today...

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You know what I really miss OP?

The feeling I had when playing a dorm-wide Civilization contest back in 1991.

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AC 4 had better everything but somehow it was less fun. go figure. (better levels, better human interface, the fucking menus in AC5 drive me crazy. better plot.)

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AC 0 is the best one

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I think you also miss >>>/v/

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Stage 6
Disney Cartoons
DC Cartoons
Cartoons not made in horri-bad flash in general

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>better plot

More like it had better cutscenes that rarely had anything to do with the pilot you were playing.

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haven't played it yet. I am kind of new to the AC series but i have played 4 5 and the original Air Combat on PS. played all of them in the last 6 months.

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The only one of those things I like is Ace combat 5 and I don't miss it because I still have it and play it often.

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that made it better. Yellow 13 was a much more interesting character than Mobius, or whoever the hell you are in AC5.

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I miss being able to sit in the same room with other people while playing a game.

Not that splitting an entire screen into four small sections made it easy to play, but still.

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I gotta agree, Unsung War actually made me feel like I had done something worthwhile, yet AC4 made me feel like I was playing a arcade game to unlock extra chapters in a story.

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Fuck, I remember split-screening Mario Kart on the 64 ALL THE TIME.

And we had a fuck small screen, but it was still fun as hell.

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>mfw last time I did that was on monday with some friends

polite sage for wrong forum.

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why the fuck would you want wow vanilla back
turn off addons and go raid t11 then enjoy your rape

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>Mario Kart 64
If bitches take my Yoshi again, there will be bloodshed. This I swear.

But the best part was when the person in last got the blue shell, so the person in first started negotiating frantically to keep them from using it. One time I got a whole box of poptarts out of the deal.
>implying I still didn't ruin his ass regardless for taking Yoshi

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>mfw I feel like OP a few weeks ago
>mfw I got an emulator
>mfw I'm playing Gold Version (not the crappy remake)

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Diablo. LAN. parties...

Halo LAN parties...

LAN parties in general.

Perfect Dark split screen.

NES Music...

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Why some recent Race games don't allow splitscreen? i found this to be the most retarded idea ever graced on a genre.

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FF VII's Materia System
There goes the rest of my summer

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wild arms
vagrant story
vanguard bandits
legend of dragoon
parasite eve
arc the lad
front mission
breath of fire
tactics ogre
chrono trigger
various final fantasies
panzer dragoon
dragon quarter
lost odysy

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Total Annihilation
X-wing VS Tie Fighter
The early days of WC3 custom games
First SSB
Pokémon Red
Beating people with sticks

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I really, really miss Sou Calibur 2... It was myfav game. I traded it in for SC3, which turned out to be full f fail and suck.

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Ribbon T_T

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I still play WoW no matter what

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Toonami hosted by Moltar
Starcraft LAN
People keeping control of their kids in public
People keeping control of their dogs in public
Cars with metal bodies
Cars you could repair without a specialized computer
TV before "reality shows."

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>Miss Toonami hosted by Moltar
>But don't miss Toonami hosted by TOM

Sweet jesus, why did you remind me about Toonami.... God, why did you remind me....

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Kids that play something except CoD

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>the floor is now legos
>the bed is now the cliff where the good guy base is
>oh shit Darth Vader's teaming up with Spyrius
>luckily we have this cruiser built in a joint project with Space Police and the Rebel Alliance
>throw in some Freespace beam weaponry just for good measure

I'm only having kids to share with them the joy of multicolored plastic bricks that hurt to step on.

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>Have three suitcase size buckets full of them
>Bored with three friends one summer
>"Hey, let's build a battleship!"

By the end of Summer we had a 6ft by 3ft by 3ft "Battleship" with oneinch guns, a command tower, a "Helicopter Airport", a baseball field, some car garages, and a shitload of other stuff I can't remember.

God, that was an awesome summer

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OH GOD SOMEBODY ELSE PLAYED THIS GAME! I've only met one other person who only played Lunar 2 and refuses to try 1...

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Shit, you just remind me of the orginial Bionicles.

And I'm talkin' "Hey, here's some heroes for you to build and some vague backstory online, HAVE FUN" bionicles.

God, I use to just sit there and IMAGINE all the shit these fuckers must of done.

Anyone remember that click-and-point game they use to have for the orginial bionicles?

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>simple, easy homework
>days when vidya games were cheaper
>days before securom
>deus ex (cd broke due to fucking neighborhood kids)

Fortunately, I have kept my PS2 and all the ace combat games I own, including Air Combat, and I still have Shadow of the Colossus.

Best benefit about never throwing stuff away: I get to play old games whenever I want on their original system

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lego and stargate nostalgia

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>being nostalgic about toonami
>not posting this battle music
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.


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GoldenEye multiplayer in my friend's basement
Pizza Day
YTV's The Zone, hosted by Phil
Camp Cariboo
the phrase "Nice head", as a retort to someone saying something stupid
waking up early (back when I had a bed time and slept regular hours) to watch Hercules and Astro Boy
Valentine's Day in elementary school

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I miss being able to play a game's soundtrack by just inserting the game CD into a CD player

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>that ice dude's robotic eye

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Which had passwords and shit from the bottom of the canisters, fuck yes i did. TOA LEWA UP IN THIS SHIT

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>Not being nastalgic about "A Boy has the Right to Dream"

Here you go.


This thing... This goddamn spot on Toonami helped me over a really rough time in High School. It's really what pushed me to continue doing something worth while.

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I miss waking up early to watch Battletech

Also, the old school Bionicle toys, and Lego Rock Raiders

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Cough*FoxKids*Bleucough cough

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>Red Dude's Fire-swords

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Black ones claws and the brown ones motherfucking POWER LEGS.

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Sweet, sweet /tg/...

Never change.

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That feel when you're random mask was a gold one

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God, I remember doing that.

And Completing it.

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Fuck, who actually remembers watching this when it happened?


Now, I didn't cry or any bullshit like that... but I knew that something had changed in my life.

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>mfw I just realized who that voice actor was

Why the FUCK hadn't I seen that before?

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See you in space, space cowboy.

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Bionicles fuck year

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Someone keep this thread going, I'm going to go see if I can stream my Cowboy Bebop DVDs

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robot wars

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Sadly, me being the twat that I was, I disassembled it soon afterwards with no plans, no prototype, no backup, due to not following the instructions.

I can't remember what I did with the after that. I wonder if they're still in the attic.......

Also: pic related is how me and my friends treated Lego Designs. Failure to follow designs was treason, innovation required following and combining sub-designs already present. No wonder I love the Mechanicus so much

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>reading Outsiders at time due to class
>"Stay Gold"

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Oh Shit, I loved that show! and Junkyard wars (with the original hosts)

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All STC are lego designs! IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW!

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Scrapheap challenge? fuckin car dinosaurs and shit

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Space sims.

2nd Edition 40k (it's terrible but I love it in all it's retarded brightly coloured glory) and Warhammer 3rd edition.

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I remember Sid Meier's covert action.

That game was so boss

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The 90's

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See you car dinosaurs, and raise you dinosaucers.

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They ended 11 years ago...

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>That feeling knowing that you're likely the last generation to know what screen looking is

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you sound like a true brikwarrior.

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Stop screenwatching butthead!

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Oh god, the fights that ensued over that....

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stop looking at my screen, cheater.

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You guys remind me of my nephews, for some reason. 9, 11, and 16, they play MW on a tv, and 'HE IS A SCREEN PEEKER!' is... loud.

On the other hand, I have fond memories of Goldeneye with friends, where we would play long-OKAY WHO THE FUCK CHOSE ODDJOB WE AGREED NO ODDJOB IT IS NOT FAIR I AM RESTARTING THIS RIGHT NOW

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>Implying choosing Odd Job wasn't the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot, because everyone would target you
No one would choose Odd Job unless they liked sucking on rockets

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>Stop cheating Denny

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I get to play first!

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Get along or I'm turning the game off.

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ITT: /tg/ is back in elementary school playing the N64

God I miss Star Wars Rogue Squadron and the original Super Smash Brothers

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but mooooooooommmmm

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Fine. But you have to play Ecco.

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I miss this.

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>This thread
>It's like I'm really 7 again!

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my brother and i would eat some of the bathtub speed we would make from a recipie he found in 1998 and play that fucking map for days.

also i got this when it came out because my dad beat me senseless and felt bad about it when his friends showed up and i looked like a truck ran me over.

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Hey all you lego people. I had one of these. Are you jelly?

...so when I turned 26, I went to the lego store in sacramento, and bought about 800$ worth of old lego pirate sets because, fucking hell, I love legos. And then, my mother found out, and put it together for me for christmas (because she loves legos more than I do. It was mostly her gift.)

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>It's like I'm really 7 again!

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Dammit, thanks. Now I'm thinking of the Super Mario Brothers show, and missing Captain Lou.

o/` take one step, and then again, come on everybody do the mario... o/`

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y u no let me post picture????

also this is a list of why i had no friends, being the SEGA MASTER SYSTEM MASTERRACE!! in a land of nintendo peasants.

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CN really went downhill after Toonami


>> No.15924054

FUCK YOU that's awesome

I had the giant time traveling scientists lab thing

>> No.15924057

>Captain Lou
As happy as this thread makes me, all it really does it remind me of what has been taken away.

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Two pirate ships, a pirate island, a pirate base, a fantasy castle.

Really, it was my mothers best christmas ever, because we never had a lot of money (still dont), but she always wanted to get that for me, and then when I got it for ... her? And said: "My christmas present. Here, I need your help putting it together".

Best. Christmas. Ever.

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god was jealous of us man, and he wanted captain lou to himself.

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Fucking Rockraiders were the best, even played the surprisingly decent game for the PC

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But we cannot dwell in the past. There are new shows, they don't have the spark for us, but, for the kids, it's there. Something silly, something stupid.

It's not Mr. Rodgers, but it's something special to them. We had Bill Nye, they have Mythbusters. We had Fraggle Rock, they have Pokemon Cartoon. We had 80's rock, they have 2000s... uh... crap.

Of course, they have Rebecca Black, and we had Vanilla Ice.

Times are changing, sure. Videogames aren't just kids toys, but, it's a lot better for them too.

Man. I love remembering though.

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Oh god, Rockraiders.
My dad and I played the FUCK out of that together.

>> No.15924098

>We had Fraggle Rock, they have Pokemon Cartoon.
>implying the 90s cartoon wasn't better than this crap they have nowadays

While I'm at it, anyone else nostalgic for the old Yu-Gih-Oh cartoon? Dat theme song was epic

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I went to a poor school. We had a very small computer lab, enough for one class at a time to use 'em. Everyone played the Trail. But how many remember this game?

>> No.15924110

No, but I remember Civ III and Unreal Tournament being accessible from every computer

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Anybody remember the Army Men: Sarges Heroes games? They were tough as shit, but my god, they were fun as hell.

>> No.15924151

Oh man, I remember having one of those for the gameboy color.

Remember the days when video games had all sorts of cheacodes, like Big-Head mode?

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I never got to play on the computers. I unfortunately had teachers who played favorites and they were forever playing Number/Word Munchers, or SimCity, or Oregon Trail, or Crosscountry Canada, or whatever bullshit games they had on the Macs later.

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>implying Ecco wasn't a badass game, about a dolphin fighting aliens.

How about... PIC RELATED! And not the fucking comedy version either, I'm talking dark SatAM.

>> No.15924156

to be fair the black and white arc is actually pretty good

>> No.15924163

DK mode, paintball mode, final destination.

>> No.15924164

That's one of the only games I still have for the N64 (fucking mom gave them all away ;_; ). The only part I remember is that flamethrower, all flamethrower, why are you holding a weapon that's not the flamethrower.

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i bought the first one for my cousin, on his 12th birthday.

>> No.15924179

Pokemon pinball, and super mario brothers deluxe.

Both of which I still have along with a working Gameboy color

>> No.15924181

...yes. SATM was... is... the best sonic thing ever. Dark, without being HRR EDGY. I'd get up at 6 in the god damn morning to watch this and ... and watch THIS.

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Kirby's Avalanch
Tetris Attack
Tribes 1/2
Super Mario RPG
Yoshi's Island
Lunar 1/2 for the PS1
Games that relied on story/character development over shiny graphics.
Pretty much the important stuff here for me.

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>That feeling when in the future you'll be the cool uncle who brings his really old gaming system name here) to play for hours.

>> No.15924206


And I'm going to be laughed off of /tg/ for posting this pic, but...


Come on. If you were a fantasy-loving, action-hungry kid from the 90s, don't tell me you didn't watch this shit and eat it up.

>> No.15924210

I remember playing the first game, i remember being stuck at the garden level due to the escort retarded AI

Air Assault was a blast

>> No.15924211

That feeling when I have no brothers and will have to settle for cool dad

>> No.15924222

Whats this?

Its only motherfucking streets of rage!

Two player compatability nig-nogs!, hit people with lead pipes, eat food you find under cans and traffic cones!

>> No.15924225

Hey! Hey! Guys! Hey. I know it's like, late and stuff, but tonight at 4:00 they are going to show who the WHITE RANGER is! I can't wait to see it! This will be awesome!

...dammit that show was so fucking stupid but awesome jesus fuck why was it so awesome while being stupid?


>> No.15924230

working GBC, you say

>> No.15924231

Your wife/husband may have brothers or sisters, though.

>> No.15924233

Heh. I was the 'cool uncle' and I was barely in high school, but all my siblings are half-siblings and significantly older than me. So I played a lot of vidya with my nieces and nephews, as well as legos, transformers, power rangers, barbies, he-man (the glory of having awesome He-Man and She-Ra to play with my nephews and nieces LONG after it had left the market), and a myriad of other things. I think it's why my house was 'Can I stay with Grandpa this weekend?!' for my nieces and nephews, so they could play with me.

>> No.15924234

>Air Assault was a blast

Played with my little brother. Chinook and Super Stallion team, all day erry day

>> No.15924247

>dat theme song man, dat theme song.

>> No.15924255

Are you me, except for siblings? My aunt is like, 6 years older than me, and has the nephews, and I always come out (Making a fuss about watching the 'brats') and play videogames with 'em.

Until 5 in the morning.

"School? What school? You guys are sick, right? I think I hear you coughing and, man, all pale from no sleep. This calls for more videogames".

>> No.15924260

All seasons. All songs. Bulk and Skull, from villans, to heros, and staying AWESOME.

>> No.15924313

Did you know that Bulk is back in the new PR, PR Samurai (adaptation of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger)? He and Skull's son, Spike. It's... actually, nostalgia-glasses aside it's pretty funny for the slapstick comedy element they add.

Heh. Looking back on it now we had a lot of fun, but there were times when I hated it as a kid. Sometimes I just wanted my weekends for myself, instead of having to direct my nephew around Zelda: LttP or play my D&D 2nd Edition starter board game/kit with my two nieces/one nephew from one family group. I have 5 siblings, and by the time I was in high school (one of my nieces being the same age as me), there were 12 nieces and nephews.

I also had video cassettes of LOTS of old cartoons from the 80s, like Dino Riders, Dinosaucers, Pole Position, D&D, JEM, He-Man, She-Ra, Shirt-Tails, Thundercats, Transformers, and... one that my nephews LOVED because of the transforming vehicles. Pic related. Pic fucking awesome related.

>> No.15924346

>yfw there will never be a TV show this good again
>yfw for all the hype, Heath Ledger was not as good as the Mark Hamill
>yfw Mask of Phantasm

>> No.15924351

I was the same way back when I was younger.

Now? Now I fucking love it when they come over. Sure, they are at /that age/, but.

But I love my cousins, and they know I'd do almost anything for them. I'm kinda like a father figure, in a way. I'm the only guy that's treated them fair, and they treat me with respect... a respect I hope I've earned and prove worthy of.

>> No.15924364

Remember watching this and Batman Beyond.

Man, Children's cartoons have really gone down hill

>> No.15924369

No. Heath Ledger, while a good joker, is not, and I swear this, he is NOT Mark Hamill Joker good. He is only so highly rated because he died.

Yeah. I only saw parts of this show. But, holy fuck, it's a good show.

Just like Ducktails, Gargoyles (season 1 and 2, sadly, there was no further seasons), and Dino the last Dinosaur.

>> No.15924382

These and the Superman Animated Series

And then, of course, the cross over movie.

>> No.15924392

Sadly I don't have as close a relationship with my nieces and nephews anymore (they're all grown and out in the world, either married, have children or... other that I won't go into), but I do love them.

I have to thank my oldest brother for my geekdom though. He was in the Navy, was a D&D guy, and had all of these D&D/TSR fantasy books around the house, like Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms stuff. I read it all, still have a bunch of his first edition AD&D books, and most of my dice still consist of dice he gave me/left behind when he moved to California the first time when I was a kid.

There will never be cartoons with as good writing (and I'm saying this with nostalgia glasses, but also looking at modern cartoons, excluding the new Thundercats), most cartoons now are imports from other countries (Huntik and Winx Club from Italy; lots and lots of anime), or done up and written for slapstick or... other stuff (FUCK YOU SPONGEBOB). God, Disney cartoon series' on TV were freaking awesome. Aladdin the series is probably one of the ones i wish Disney would release seasons of on DVD, I would give them that money in a FUCKING HEARTBEAT.

>> No.15924401

>Power Rangers IN SPACE
>Bulk and Skull rally the civilians of Angel Grove to fight back the invaders
>Dat final handshake before plunging into certain death

>> No.15924414

My cousins all know I do D&D. Or, at least, they look at the book. Maybe someday I should get them into playing a simple game of it. Yeah, 4th, but because it's easier and more able to keep their attention span, then slowly wean them into other stuff.

Though, let's be honest, 2nd Edition is still nostalgia worthy.

>> No.15924439

Did someone say BIONICLE?

Seriously, I made this a couple years ago. Shit was so cash.

>> No.15924462



>> No.15924466

>watch MMPR
>corny as fuck
>grow up to be a weeaboo

>> No.15924482

>third gen villain

>> No.15924488

Talking about it makes me wonder if that board game/kit box is still at my parents' house, or if it got trashed with the stuff I was keeping in my old room I told my sister to toss/give to my great-nephews (which I'm slightly kicking myself over, he now has my Thunder Megazord and my Ninja Megazord, but he's a good kid and has, so far, taken care of them after the last time I was home) after my dad died last year (mom died in 2003). It was the one with the scene-set CD of voice acted interludes and lead ins into the advetures. It was fucking boss.

That and Zordon's sacrifice. The fact that they pulled out all the stops for the end of PR (which is what In Space was, until the last few episodes caused the ratings to SOAR) was what made it so freaking epic and awesome.

Sadly, I wasn't really interested in Bionicle when it came out. I still have a huge amount of my Lego castle sets (ranging from Forestmen all the way up to the first dragon-based sets they released). My best friend at the time, and I, would set out all our castles (I'd bring mine to his house to stay the weekend) and stay up til 4 and 5 in the morning playing Final Fantasy 2/4 and 3/6, and then play Lego castle epic quests across his living room, dining room and kitchen layed out with Lego villages, castles, open-topped caverns and all kinds of shit, using Monster in my Pocket toys and Heroquest board game monsters as monsters for our Lego men.

... looking back on that, it's no additional wonder that I fell into RPGs as hard as I did.

>> No.15924524

There's a fucking Lego store in Sacramento?!?!


>> No.15924542

You have the best mom ever, anon. The BEST. Please tell her this and your appreciation!

>> No.15924543

Better have had this badass mother fucker

>> No.15924546

Sacramento Mall, gotta look for it, but a fuckall huge lego store. With star wars sets (and a lego deathstar for 1600$)...

Pirates, all sorts of good stuf.

>> No.15924548

>mfw my dad had me put all my bionicle manuals in a plastic bag, and the bag in a cardboard box with the actual toys for safekeeping.
>mfw when I still have that box

Fuck, if I didn't have to go to work, I could scan all of them for you guys. If this thread is still around when I get off from work, I can post more if it is desired.

I imagine you can get this shit from /toy/ in an instant though.

>> No.15924565

Oh my god.

Welp, there goes my petty cash. Might make a trip up there this afternoon.

>> No.15924573

I had that one and the one in pic (where the leader character had bat-themed armor). They're in a box in my spare bedroom. I just wish more of the minifigs had survived, especially those with the cool-ass armor and flip-down faceshield helms and dragon wing/feature helmet add-ons.

That's awesome, anon. My mom was like that with a lot of my stuff when I was little (til I thought I was too mature and gave it all away, which I kick myself in hindsight over, giving away Fortress Maximus and a number of other awesome TFs like Devastator and Megatron).

>> No.15924578

Fuck you, I have the BLACK dragon. You got that? No? Didn't fucking think so


My mother is. She stole my PS2 so she could play Grand Theft Auto (then she found ratchet and clank and fuck I never got the games and system back). One year, after winning a law suit, she went to the lego store and found some poor people who were there to get some small sets for christmas.

Then she quietly aproached the mother, got her off to the side, and said: "Pick out three sets for your kid. And I don't mean small ones". She spent about 700$ on these strangers, so their kids could have some fuckall huge lego sets for christmas.

Yeah. She's the best mom. Legos, vidja games, she used to play 1st Edition.

As she says it:

"My DM was a dick. He killed my character off because I wanted to go exploring. I played a ranger, because I like like rangers from LOTR, right? Well, anyway, I went out, and a cave ate me. So I rerolled another god damn ranger. I got killed again. But I always had a ferret animal companion."

She doesn't play anymore, but she forced me to buy the Draconomicon because "FUCK YEAH DRAGONS"

>> No.15924581

The fuck even was that thing

>> No.15924587

I've even got the old movie figures, and like three other generations of toa and the bohrok and... and... shit, this is nostalgia crack.

>Mfw when I have the crab monster assembled
FUCK, why don't your legs fucking work 60% of the time!?

>> No.15924606

Give your mom a hug for me (yes, I know it sounds weird), because she's like my dearly-departed mother in her love of all things geek. Not much of a gamer, but she played my board games, my TFs, my Legos and He-Mans and She-Ras with me. My mom is the sole reason I love Star Wars so much, and all of my SW novels are ones she bought for us both to read.

... fuck I miss her.

>> No.15924607

I even have this little McDonalds villager dude who's disc-throwing arm broke. I got one of the disc launchers and built him a damn cyborg arm, fuck yeah.

>> No.15924609

I also have that bat themed dude. I don't care, they think he's a villan, no, he's a fucking dark KNIGHT. Because he's a dark knight, he's like batman, and hell, he's got a bat on his helmet, so he IS batman, thus, he's the goodguy versus everyone else, forever! And because the black dragon is the mount of BATMAN, he's obviously a good dragon, and all the green dragons are too, because knights are good guys, thus, all dragons are goodguys!


Fucking love childhood logic.

>> No.15924610

On the subject of legos, I was in Target the other day, and saw some of the Hero Factory stuff. (The replacement for Bionicle)

This motherfucker? Damn, i was tempted to buy it. I was seriously fucking tempted. I mean, a fucking Witch Doctor? With a skull on his staff thing?

>> No.15924611

I currently have a shelf diorama, with a rakshi acting as a bouncer for a transformers poker game

>> No.15924620

Hey man, my mom gives a hug back. She understands. She'll be your mom too okay? She always wanted more kids.

>> No.15924630

My GBC is sitting in my desk drawer, but I can't figure out how to get my damn webcam working on my laptop to take a picture.

I still play my Turok games and Red every now and then.

>> No.15924641


Fuck yes. I only have three of them, though.

>> No.15924657

Thanks man. Tell her I appreciate the sentiment. I guess it's time to plan a trip back to the hometown.

Back to thread relatedness, I have one of these (and the big power pack that plugs into the side) in a box somewhere (again, probably at my parents' old house which my sister is taking care of). I have to wonder if it works anymore... I had to take good care of my stuff, my parents were very adamant about that.

>> No.15924668

>implying it was better because it was black

>> No.15924674

Did anyone else do Bohrok-boxing?

You and a friend each take a Bohrok and use the snake-strike feature to have them bash each others faces in until one of their masks popped out?

>> No.15924676

No, fuck you, it was better because it had medieval BATMAN.

>> No.15924696

OH FUCK YES, THESE AND 1st GEN were the best ones

>> No.15924699

>implying it was better because it was Lego Castles, only Legos that came close were Pirates which readily mixed with Castles...

Best castle set ever, IMO, also, pic related.

>> No.15924719

You know that helemt that had the batwings coming off it?

My night Lord captain for a goodly while

>> No.15924734

That's the exact dude that me and >>15924609 are talking about!

>> No.15924743

Ok so it wasnt a castle...but horse dragon armour makes it good.

>> No.15924757

Hell yeah man. The newer Lego Castles are just as awesome, even going so far as to do different lighter/darker shades of the armor add-ons and such.

>> No.15924761

So what was y'alls first lego set?

Mine was.... I think it was one of the pirate ones, small coastal ruins thing that had two redcoats and two pirates as well as a rowboat

>> No.15924773

Legos are awesome, no matter when, where, and what. Legos, be they Bionicles, or even Duplos, are made of awesome, win, and indestructable plastic (only if barefoot and at night when you missed one goddam little piece that suddenly has the sharpness of adamantium speartips).

>> No.15924777

the one with the robot moon bugs

>> No.15924784

A City set, with a garage, a lift, a carwash, and an office above it. I had lost the instructions and some of the pieces by the time I started remembering things.

>> No.15924790

fuck I have this set

>> No.15924792

I remember getting one of these really early on, but probably wasn't one of my first ones.

>> No.15924798

2 years old. My grandpa, only good memory of the fucking bastard he would become. He bought me a simple Lego box. Had about 200 pieces, just blocks inside of it, a couple of guys.

I don't remember much, but I remember the box. And McDonalds Christmas Legos. Fuck. Yes. Just seeing those man. It wasn't about the food, or drinks, or FUCK YEAH ICECREAM.

For me, christmas McDonalds was about this.

>> No.15924809


>> No.15924829

Jet Set Radio future......stupid new 360 and its lack of backwards compatibility, dawn of war 1 because the new ones are going in a direction that is going to kill the series, a white president

>> No.15924836

I think this was one of my favorite space sets though. I loved the middle part of it, where you could push and pull the ship to pick up and drop the prisoner pod.

>> No.15924847

Orange transparant chainsaws all day, everyday.

>> No.15924852

i hope you all know that I went sown to my basement and pulled out my GIANT rubbermaid tub of legos and am rebuilding things now. ATM the old ninja castle from lego ninjas. Those were the days.

my first set was a lunar rover, show in the picture

>> No.15924853

this was mine,it was p fun but then i kept getting millitary vehicles lego sets only..

>> No.15924863

Fuuuuuck, I had this one too!

I only have the TIE fighter and Y-wings still though, I gave away most of the rest.

>> No.15924871

Man, that sucked. My parents and grandparents were at least attentive in buying Legos, especially when I showed a desire to tear everything else (modern City, a lot of Space) apart for more stuff to build castles and villages. Except for that one little time traveling dude who had a raygun alongside my knight, forestmen, wizard and female warrior heroes.

>> No.15924896

Who DIDN'T want this set?

>> No.15924897

I remember having that one. i used to love the fucking monkey that came with it. pirate monkey is best monkey.

>> No.15924899

Raygun weilding guy? That's Steve. He's in every lego action setting and story. He's trapped in time, so he's there to help the nights, with his GIANT ORANGE CHAINSAW that he has in his other hand. He's a good guy, because he's with BATMAN.

>> No.15924900

Anyone remember the Star wars puzzle things? I remember spending a few days along my mom assembling it

>> No.15924901

I loved those ninja sets!

Sadly, I only ever got one of the mini sets that was just extra samurai and ninjas

>> No.15924908

I loved the space sets. I would always build badass aerospace fighters. I made one that was incredibly badass. Kinda wish I still had it.

>> No.15924909


>> No.15924910

The new lego pirate sets? Also come with a shark to go along with Pirate Monkey.

Yes. Pirate monkey was the captain of the ship, because PIRATE MONKEY.

>> No.15924923

I'm only missing Mephisto's Workshop

>> No.15924931

I'm only missing the huge pyramid.

And these aren't even half of the sets I own.

>> No.15924937

Shas'o, you are my hero. Not only a taufag (like me!), and a legofag, but, you have a picture of my alltime favorite lego set. FUCK YEAH DRAGON AND WIZZURD!

>> No.15924947


>> No.15924959

Shas'o, you god among men...

>> No.15924964

I'm so jelly right now. SO VERY JELLY.

I would actually be interested in buying Legos again if I had more disposable income (I still have buckets upon buckets of bricks and two specific castles still built). Mostly I just want to rebuild my minifig population, but damned if minifigs aren't expensive as hell (I think I saw a carded pack of knights figs online for like $15 for 5 figs).

>> No.15924973


I would go out and buy the missing set I need, but it goes for upwards of $100-$200 now. perhaps later.

>> No.15924977

i cant say that i wasnt grateful though,the sets were chinese bootlegs but at least they were awesome chinese bootlegs,pic related,some of the stuff i got to dick around with,not including numerous helicopters,stealth jets and a battle c ruiser

>> No.15924986


>> No.15924997

... that's actually pretty fucking awesome. Makes me think of some of the Megabloks and other minor brand brick sets I'd seen growing up. (I won't consider Megabloks to be such a minor brand, seeing as they have the Halo license for themselves).

>> No.15925002

dude, I HAD that one. Whenever I played, the giant robot always went crazy and my racecar guy and caped knight would have to team up to stop it.

I also had this bad mother. A friend of mine had an even bigger white/blue/orange ship in his closet display, which made me super jealous.

>> No.15925007

Anyone remember this old game?

>> No.15925024

I wanted that one. Perhaps your buddy had the one in this pic?

>> No.15925026


I had that one as well. My brother mixed it into my big box of legos, and its legacy lived forever.

>> No.15925041

Relatedly, with the Ice Planet, Blacktron and Space Police ones, I loved how inventive Lego got with actually giving you three or four ships in your one giant one. The blacktron one I posted above, and this ice planet one all had cockpits that detatched into separate little ships, which was awesome.

>> No.15925097


was a three-parter. the cockpit section, the cargo section, and the tail end. You could take the cargo out completely and have a triangle-shaped craft.
y'know how the instructions/box also had pictures of other shit you could build with the pieces, but no instructions? this one could also be assembled into large rolling robot form

>> No.15925104

This was my first lego set ever. It's too bad they make all the star wars and harry potter legos, as a kid I had more fun having to create my own Ships and Lightsabers

>> No.15925107


I have the entire Ice Planet set as well, but it's in my basement, inaccessible.

>> No.15925109

hell yes I remember, had it for PC

>> No.15925129

My first lego castle, and IMO the best one.

Main entrance with a winch powered portcullis.
Rear entrance with a draw bridge.
Secret entrance on the side.
A catapult on the ramparts.
A stable/prison/armory (little cave area in the courtyard).
A throne room with a floor that would open up Jabba the Hutt style.

idk about the current castle sets but this one was the best castle for a few years.

>> No.15925139

apparently the ghosts are super rare now.

>> No.15925161

My friend had that one.

Also, apparently a new theme coming out sometime soon is Super Heroes, Marvel and DC stuff.

>> No.15925185

Really? I had one of those sets. I think we sold it in a yard sale when we moved.

To think, I could have been selling my crummy plastic Lego ghost to some mouth breathing 40 year old man at a fair profit.

Ah, but how can you know these things before hand?

It was a cool set though. Definitely my favorite lego set as a child. Two of my friends families had all the slightly older pirate and royal navy style sets. Those were pretty damn cool too.

>> No.15925192



Jesus Christ, that some severe nostalgia right there... Hit me like a tonne of Lego Bricks.

>> No.15925200


Ebay has them for 3-6 bucks. Are they really rare?

>> No.15925204

good god i loved the bionicles i made out of i think both gens a army of mutated and alter soldiers and had myself a ARMY of them.. shit was great thanks to all of you for brightening my day
cheers you glorious bastards cheers

>> No.15925209

Man, Lego used to be awesome, now while it's still pretty damn good, too often sets just cut corners everywhere. $100 bucks for a Hogwarts castle, that's basically three towers with rooms that can barely fit a minifig and are open at the back.

>> No.15925236

i know how it feels dude i had the pirate ship and that thing was fan-fucking-tastic... i miss the days of toys being that awesome...

>> No.15925242

The regular, non-licensed sets are MUCH better about that. I think the issue with the licensed sets have to make back a certain amount of money, to really make the license have been worthwhile, perhaps?

>> No.15925250

Assorted game companies:
Sierra Interactive, and not the Vivendi/ActivisionBlizzard clusterfuck they are.
Looking Glass Studios (and Ion Storm Austin to a related extent).
Ensemble Studios. I was disappointed with Age of Empires 3 but even then, felt they could have had the chance to recover...Age of Kings/The Conquerors is still a lot of fun, but still.
Black Isle Studios

May they be remembered.

May they be remembered.

>> No.15925265

>like a tonne of Lego bricks
What you did there. I see it.

And I like it.

>> No.15925275

These motherfuckers rigth here, Had a whole bunch of them and the mountain base.

>> No.15925289

love this thread.

Toonami, Legos and early video games.
Anyone else kinda dislike the last Tom? i mean, compared to the earlier versions. Just never seemed properly sleek to me.. and where was SARA? I remember trying to play that.. game.. the viral invasion game? but the family computer was just tooo terrible.

I don't know my "first" lego set for certain, though i know my parents never bought duplos. We skipped right to the good stuff, age limits mostly be damned.

Come to think of it, the earliest sets might have been something like varied Castle sets, because there were lots of those big flat leaves, the brown arching branch bits and those hollowed out grey rockface/cave pieces lingering in my sets for years.

mm.. good times.

so many.. sets..
the power! the pure brick-on-brick POWER.

and hells yes REBOOT.
Damn the vagaries of contract law and copyrights ownership that have kept good copies from being available for so long. By the time some is able to find out who owns the masters And who owns the rights, we will all be dead and the masters will be dust.

>there is currently one of the new Alien Invasion tripods sitting on the mantle.
>table in entry was picked for being large enough to hold the Lego Advent Calender last year and forever after.

yep, that this trend towards licensed IP means a noticeable chunk of profit get sliced off the top for the owners.

And by the way, Ninjago can go spin in hades. What are you doing, lego? just give us :LEGO Skeleton Empire: sets, no need to bog it down with this weird hybrid spin plastic action figure card collectible? game.

>> No.15925293

MIGHTY MAX. GOD THE NOSTALGIA. The cartoon was stupidly badass too, and had probably one of the best lead-ins to the end of the series EVER.

God, Sierra. I loved King's Quest and Space Quest games back in the day, before KQ7.

>> No.15925294


Saber Rider.
Dozens of other 80s and early 90 anime/cartoons.
NES gaming with a whole group of friends, passing the control to the left as you died.
My dad telling me and my brother stories from his childhood, old nordic folktales or actual historical tales before bedtime.
Taking the bike to a friends house and asking his mom if he was in and could play.

Adolscence/early teenage years.

50-100 kids with waterguns/airsoftguns/laserpointers playing war in a 3x3 km area that included both houses and forest.
Playing HOMM2/3 hotseat with friends.
Making our own fantasy/sci fi boardgames.
The fashion popular among teenaged girls at the time.

>> No.15925324

Man, that game got hard sometimes. Could never stop all of the rock monsters and crystal-eating snail things that came later on. But damn, did I love it. In fact, I think I've still got it around somewhere.

I also remember I wanted to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of the sets as well. But alas, they were discontinued about a year before I found out about them, and they were both rare and very expensive, so I only got two or three.

But I did manage to get that huge, awesome drilling machine. And it ws the best thing ever.

>> No.15925334

My first set was either this...

>> No.15925338

or this.

>> No.15925348

NES. Yes. Trying to beat Contra on 2-player without using the 30 life code. AUGH MY THUMBS.

>> No.15925354

Alright, show of hands, how many of you would play a Bionicle RPG?

>> No.15925360


Ah shit. My brother had those sets years ago. He would build them, then take them into the water, and always get sad when they sank. So I had to tape them all together and tied a balloon to them so they floated. And he was so happy.

>> No.15925380

>Dat big brother

>> No.15925525


>LEGO 6086 Black Knight's Castle
>by Lego
>Price: $1,299.99

>> No.15925545

Oh fuck yes. Good setting, Toa Teams make ideal PCs, shitton of options with all them elements, and also fucking nova blasts.

>> No.15925593

Banjo Tooie multiplayer

i was good at that.

>> No.15925606

not to mention the expanded works and elements

>> No.15925612


>> No.15925624

>Play as Jinjo

>> No.15925648

All Dose Lego sets.
That feeling when you tell your parents that you DO need that box of Lego in order to build that thing.
>Anon you already have like five boxes full of Lego, you already have enough pieces.
>i think you already have enough bricks to build TWO of those things, now lets go.
>go home without the the pieces i know that i need in order to build awesome shit.

>> No.15925712

all of this nostalgia had me watching a few Toonami AMV segments. Where i then found out about neoToonami.. if this becomes a real thing there will be joy (or at least hope)

>there will be slightly more joy if i can turn things to subbed rather then dubbed, because hearing what sounds like the same 4 VAs for everything makes me crazy.
>i would be happy with just a distribution of playlists accompanied by the bumpers and segments, if nothing else.

Man, i have to go reinstall Descent or something.

>> No.15925746

1. Go to Bricklink, Ebay, or maybe even Lego's PAB online.
2. Buy all the parts I want
3. Buy the parts to rebuild your favorite set instead of paying ungodly prices for MISB examples.
4. Design whatever you want to build in MLCAD (or whatever Lego's virtual design program is called), then buy the parts to build it.
5. There is no "???"
6. Reap the rewards.

It is never too late to have a happy, fulfilling childhood.

>> No.15925763

>Google Neotoonamu
>Watch Video on their website
>First show: Gurren lagaan.


>> No.15925810

Oh my god, this thread /tg/, this thread. Words cannot express.

I've had a horrible week this past week, but this thread has really made my day. I love you /tg/, I really love you.

>mfw happy
>mfw sad
>mfw happy
>mfw sad
>mfw intrigued

>> No.15926098


Hey, am I late for the nastalgia party?

>> No.15926169

I would wake up early every morning before school so I could watch it.

I used to think it looked so real.

Also, I miss thinking everything was as real as it appeared to be.

>> No.15926176

Posting lag?

>> No.15926193

Why universe hate Waspinator?

>> No.15926196

Pokemon Gold was brought back and Vanilla WoW was trash aside from the story that had some potential.

>> No.15926229

I sorely miss this... not just the game, but the whole series. Shit was fantastic.

I actually bought Suikoden 2 when it first came out. And Loved it. Then some fagboat stole it out of my backpack one day at school.

I'd buy another copy, but it's the most expensive PS1 game out there.

>> No.15926238


Oops. forgot my image

>> No.15926241

Ace combat 4 was a story about a war. Ace 5 was more about characters less about the war as a whole. AC4 superior.

>> No.15926255

Waking up at 6am to watch Pokemon before school without an alarm

>> No.15926281

Ah, Legos. I was never one for freebuilding or really playing with them, but I just loved constructing the little things. Pride and joy of my childhood was pic related, 15" high with movable wings and jaw. And you know what? It's still standing proudly on my dorm room shelf. Damn thing's broken countless times moving it from place to place, but it's always been worth putting back together.

>> No.15926284

Being new to Baldur's Gate
Age of Empires I & II
2nd Ed. AD&D
The old Sierra RPG's like Graham's Quest
Old kid games like Pajama Sam and Putt-Putt
Vanilla WoW
Magic: The Gathering pre-Mirrodin
(Mirrodin seemed like the first "high-tech" block to me)
But most of all...

Lunar: Silver Star Story & Eternal Blue
(The RPG's that got me started on a lifelong addiction)

>> No.15926286

>this thread

>> No.15926332

AC4 > AC6 >AC5

Also, Yellow 13 was a boss

>> No.15926359

Ace Combat 4, 5, 6 and 0 all have the same character as the protagonist.


>> No.15926363

Battle Bots was better

>> No.15926448

All the Ace Combats are the protagonist from Ace Combat 3 running endless combat simulations.

>> No.15926486

This entire thread has Validated my existance by proving to me that I was NOT the only one who fell deeply in love with this game. Thank you Fellow Anons.
>Luna was my first Waifu ;_;

>> No.15926508

Also false.

Ace Combat 4, 5, 6, and 0 are about a downloaded human consciousness recalling his past life before he was downloaded to a computer.

>> No.15926525

Hooray, this thread yet remains!

Does anyone actually want me to scan some Bionicle manuals?

>> No.15926745

Oh my god. Seeing these three things . . . I - I just have something in my eye.

>> No.15928036




>> No.15928140

Which one should I start with?

>> No.15928238

Going with the Trios, I suppose.

>> No.15928257


>> No.15928278


>> No.15928304

Anyone following along in real life?

>> No.15928323


I will be.

Right now, I'm looking for the pieces needed in my buckets

>"I saw that goddamn piece three times when I didn't need it!"

>> No.15928328


>> No.15928350


>> No.15928372


>Captcha: the hounter
Captcha has some problems with spelling, but it's got you pegged.

>> No.15928373


>Dat Spin Cycle

>> No.15928396


>> No.15928409


>> No.15928423

The Omnissiah has graced us with an orginial STC design!!!




>> No.15928432


>> No.15928453


>> No.15928471


>> No.15928492


>> No.15928527


>> No.15928543

The books step numbers don't match up. Oh well.

>> No.15928568

Well, now the pages match up again, at least.

>> No.15928599

Angry beavers
Batman: The Animated Series
Batman Beyond
Biker Mice from Mars
Darkwing Duck
Dexters Laboratory
Earthworm Jim
Johnny Bravo
Justice League
Justice League Unlimited
Pinky and the Brain
Powerpuff Girls
Samurai Pizza Cats
Spectacular Spiderman
Tale Spin
Tales from the CryptKeeper
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Teen Titans
Tick, The
Jackie Chan Adventures


>> No.15928602


>> No.15928625

This is going to hit the image/post limit soon.

>> No.15928628


"But that wasn't a T.V.-"
>Remember the T.V. Series

>> No.15928661

Welp, looks like I accidentally made those last few 4x as large as the others.

>> No.15928670

I pop in a game of Red Pokemon every now and then for the nostalgia. But to give it the full impact, I only play it on my original brick Gameboys. Where the screen was green and black instead of black and white, and three bars of pixels on the far left of the screen were forever inert.

>> No.15928673


>> No.15928677

These. I miss these.

>> No.15928687

>Still hum the tetris theme randomly from time to time


>> No.15928699


The 3DS Gameboy games have an option for emulating that green-ness, if I've heard right.

>> No.15928725

Hey /tg/, look at what Google found!

Seriously, the old Bionicle fluff was the shit. Didn't we make a Bionicle RPG, way back?

>> No.15928728

I believe autosage has kicked in.

>> No.15928763


>> No.15928775

Just in case anon can't upload the rest of his scans before the thread 404s, you can find scans of all of the bionicle sets here -- sorted by year, subtheme, and set number.

>> No.15928781


Really? That is actually pretty cool.

Still not as awesome as the color options that color gameboys gave original gameboy games, that required you to put in a different code for each color.

Kept that shit on green shade constantly.

>> No.15928806


Well, do I really need to keep doing this then?

>> No.15928819


>> No.15928839


>> No.15928862


>> No.15928876


>> No.15928901


>> No.15928919


>> No.15928948


>> No.15928968


>> No.15928993


>> No.15929024


>> No.15929050


>> No.15929074


>> No.15929089


>> No.15929110


>> No.15929135


>> No.15929158

And we're done!

Anyone get theirs done, and if so, feel like posting pics?

>> No.15929265

Hey guys.

I had all four of these. Noisy fucking fucks.

>> No.15929310

Yellow 13 is a champ, when he got shot down I cried manly tears even though I was the one that shot him down.

>> No.15929327

Impossible. AC 4 5 and 0 take place over like 40 years of history. no pilots career is that long.

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