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guys? Slaanesh is corrupting my waifu. What should I do?

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Purge the heretic, are you fucking new or something?

>> No.15918257

Slaanesh is your waifu now. Accept it. Love it.

>> No.15918258

Hand her over to the witch hunters of course.

>> No.15918261

Go to a different board.

>> No.15918262

There is a support group over at /v/.

>> No.15918263

Throw that bitch under a bus!

>> No.15918264

>> No.15918281

dammit Kharn? what do you care?

>> No.15918297

I think /tg/ has regained some of its chaos features, even yesterday there was an awesome daemonettethread. I can now live with no regrets.

>> No.15918301


I suggest the use of fire and holy promethium. It will ensure there are no lingering traces of the taint on your floor, only a black, ash-smelling reminder of a duty to the Emperor well done.

>> No.15918311

Obviously, shatter her illusions.

>> No.15918312

My waifu has been corrupted for quite a while now. I think that just made her cuter

>> No.15918316

but I love her. I can't do that to her

>> No.15918317

Accept Slaanesh as your lord...


>> No.15918319

My waifu will be with me forever.

>> No.15918325

Rape her and cut on her - it indulges her Slaaneshi tendancies, and releases Blood, which can go to the Blood God.

2 Gods, 1 raping.

>> No.15918337

Get the clap and switch positions all the time and then only SHE'LL be Chaos Divided.

>> No.15918389


Once they turn from the blessed light of Sigmar (or that Emperor guy) they cease to be the one you knew and loved,

<---This is your fate if you don't cleanse the tainted one.

>> No.15918395


If you lack the faith, conviction, and/or ability to purge the heretic yourself, the obvious course of action is to inform the local authorities of her taint. Quickly, too, before she uses her unholy wiles to corrupt you as well. Then, seek a mate more conducive to proper devotion to the Emperor.

>> No.15918404

So if you tie a knife to your dick you're worshipping Khorne and Slaanesh?

>> No.15918420

pretty sure there was some old slasher fic that had a razor blade dildo

>> No.15918423

I am sorry OP, but it's the only way. Trust me, she would want you to do it.

>> No.15918436


That'd be "Se7en" - and it was awesome.

But yea, I don't see why blood and sex wouldn't cover both Khorne and Slaanesh.

>> No.15918441

Why don't you get tainted yourself? Can't be that bad, and a little chaos never hurt anyone.

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