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Hey /tg/... My groups deciding to do something different in the next couple of months.

We're playing Deadlands: The Weird West.

Now, some of the group have experience playing it, but I don't...
After looking over the books, I decided to try out being a Mad Scientist because SCIENCE!

Now, I know characters have a tendency to not last long in Deadlands and I have a backup character ready to jump in...
So my question to you elegan/tg/entleman is this:

Do any of you have any horribly devious machines I can build that will give me enjoyment before the character either turns into an insane, gibbering, paranoid schizo or I erupt in a beautiful pillar of flame and go out in a blaze of glory?

Note: Doing some casual mad science rolls as practice, I can usually draw around a Full House confidently, so keep that in mind when suggesting ideas...

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What Harvey?
You want me to burn the liers?
But... but that wouldn't be nice...
Though I could draft up a plan for a flamethrower...

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Why? Because a normal watch isn't SCIENCE enough.

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Iron Man is on the list of things for me to do later...
But that's after I get a few more science concentrations...

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No ideas?
Ah pity....
Oh well, SCIENCE shall forge on.

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no ideas to contribute, just pictures

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Eh, well pictures might help me spark some ideas up...
Thank you for the help.

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Obviously, the best course of action is making anything Orky, Westifying it, and for good measure make it kill Injuns.

Imagine, a Deff Dread with a cowboy hat smashing through tents.


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Build this. Not really devious, but still. Also, don't worry about not lasting long, fate chips can see you through the worst of it.

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Another idea I've been toying with if the GM allows it...

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can you make something like this in the game OP? cos if you can, you should

and then make a thing what done launches them at folks

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look this one has a little helicopter rotor on it

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Joseph's Smith's Divine Protection

It's a rocket launcher that shoots bibles.

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>I'm actually using the Gatling pistol from the book


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I'm thinking wrist-mounted flamethrowers using an aerosol hallucinogen as fuel. Set their heads on fire and watch them scream about midgets. How about an automatic knife thrower? If your GM pulls an Abilene on you, while your party is scrambling to get their hands on makeshift weapons you're tossing knives at a rate of 80 per minutes.

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i think this is a jet engine stuck to a tank, as some kind of massive flamethrower. so yeah, this actually happened

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I actually don't know...
Its hard to get a read on what he would allow...
For instance, I wanted to make the Medic's gun from TF2... He laughed.
I still want to do it...
Though he will probably only allow it with a royal flush.

>Have Blessed Preacher in party who is a little uncomfortable with my character.
>Will offer this to him as FRIENDSHIP in the name of SCIENCE.

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It's used to spray water on a fire. . it's a gigantic watergun.

Also, it can blow out oil well fires.

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Love this idea.

>Have steam wagon...
>If it breaks down I will build this.

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okay, so just gotta fill it with burny stuff

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It couldn't spray water. It was a minesweeper, and used the wash of the jet engine to set off mines. (presumably ones set off by the vibrations of a vehicle passing over, although I've heard it claimed that somehow it was the heat that did it)

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Actually, ironically enough that's a fire extinguisher.


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Oh wait, you're right. That one IS a minesweeper.

There's a version that's has two jet engines converted into a giant fire extinguisher, though.

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Since every mad scientist worth his salt should have at least a couple of people gunning for him at all times, you should make use of the leftover parts available from failed assassination attempts. Use part of your enemies brain, eyes and arm to fashion a biomechanical third arm that straps to your back and reacts to threats. What better way to stop hired killers in their tracks when the sneak up behind you than for your coat to swing open and a small portion of the guy who hired them starts shooting. Of course with only the one arm it makes reloading during a fight kinda difficult. Perhaps some form of pneumatic gun delivery system would allow for continuous operation.

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