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Useful charts and tables thread?

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dumpan while I wait for programmer bro to help with dorfs and dragons

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I'd say this is.

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Useful if some pedantic gun owner is in your group.

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>doesn't list Exalted

nope, sorry - chart's invalid in my book

still, nice comprehensive list of RPGs - thats quite neat

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I can live with that.

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I dare you to repost that on /k/ and see the reaction.

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I think you meant to post this didn't you

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That's right up there with the "Ma Duce" pic made by an illiterate hillbilly.

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I take offense at that chart's cheap shot at Hero and Gurps

It seems apparent that the maker hasn't played either

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I lol'd at
>I can be a vampire?!
>World of Darkness
Because obviously, that's all it's good for.
Other character options? Never heard of 'em.

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>Hero and Gurps
Oh, I thought you were talking about this chart's mockery of H&G.

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Here's a more up-to-date version.

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I learn so much from that

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Got one like that but with rifle ammo?

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Well, it has Exalted, so that's a plus.

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like this?

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or this?

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not stargate RPG?

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My boner thanks you.

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>my brothers wife
>not "my brother's wife"
Joke invalidated.

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I will SEE you to DEATH

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you need some guns for that ammo?

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I wish I could hate you to death...

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I've always found this one interesting.

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Ogre Battle 64 meets Chrono Trigger

unit-based, large-scale combat, THROUGH TIME!

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I'm not sure if this counts as a chart or table, but it's pretty cool and useful for paper minis anyway if you like.

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This one is fun too.

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Damn... that is just lazy
'So your class ability is that you eat meat AND veg?'
'Go stand over there, where you can't get hurt'
I ran the blood sample. Nill, slight traces of alcohol, nothing unusual.

Its funny because I can see they've tried to be clever with the names, but toxicologist and cryptozoologist will always be a boring chemist in a lab and a guy who thinks big foot is real...

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I see what they were going for.

You start in modern day, mess around a bit. Then you get sent back through various ages...and apparently some age when magic was rampant...then the second to last row is the classic, "You fucked up space-time! You're now in the year negative 17b!" Which explains why all the really weird shit is there.

Also, Omni-vore in this case doesn't seem to mean just meat and veg, it's ANYTHING.

Plus a lot seem like they'd just be support classes, which if you go with an Ogre Battle style, would totally work.

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I'm waiting on that too.

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sure is /k/ommando in here tonight.

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>dranken when thirsty

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Well now I said drugs.

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Fuck. I didn't mean that one. Oops.

Let me try that again...

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yeah never did well in a VtM game, loved combat too much

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table for rolling up gods.

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Here is a chart/graph for ya. Don't know how useful it will be for you.

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>mfw I took those screenshots

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Nice community we have here, eh?

Law and Order Drinking game anyone?

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Better rules:

1) Boyfriend / Girlfriend is said
2) Sex is said

And everyone will be drunk before you're 15 minutes in.

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too small to read the fine print

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Well if I can't please you with that one, how about the Shark Week drinking game?

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Shark week happens only once a year and I don't have TiVo.

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Holy shit, I got to GURPS.
I cheated with the differential equation, I looked ahead. I can tell you why it should be that way, though.

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GURPS is smalltime. (But extensive.)

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Damn I tried.

Family guy do anything for you?

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I only got to differential equations in college, not non-morphic 7-D crypto-topology.

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There should be an "80's joke the main base doesn't get" requirement.

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Shark week is currently responsible for me liking a Lady Gaga song. Fuck you. Fuck Lady Gaga. I heard that song and thought "That's pretty good". I looked it up and was filled with self-loathing.

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>non-morphic 7-D crypto-topology.
Also known as Algebra.

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Protip: If you can't make your mind think in star clusters without marijuana your brain is shit tier.

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If I remember correctly (stupid american here), 1998 was when guns were outlawed in the UK?

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Lady Gaga is pretty cool guy, eh fights obscurity and doesn't afraid of anything

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Welp, drink a class of water and enjoy your brain.

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consider yourself lucky
I heard Enei Meenie in the gym once and thought this is pretty decent.

I considered suicide. . .

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Never heard that one. I once was tutoring a student when Paparazzi was looped over the school speaker system. Dance crew was using it to practice. Lasted for a good half-hour I'd say.

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>Due Warning: Contains Justin Bieber

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She's actually a pretty talented Musician. She went to Juliard and uses some pretty cool musical theory in her songs.

>Batshit crazy? yes.

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Almost, 1997 firearms act banned most handguns, with exceptions, nothing else.
I never realised my country had such as high crime rate.

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near the end of 97 was when handguns got banned.
also sorry for politcal picture it just seems to fit

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>Here is a chart/graph for ya. Don't know how useful it will be for you.
Not very; it's illegible. It looks interesting, though, anyone got a later version?

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Thanks dude!

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this is misleading, you are confusing cannabis and thc. thc is rarely causes death however cannabis smoke contains more carcinogens than tobacco, you know the shit that give you cancer and leads to death.

Three marijuana joints a day causes the same damage to the lung's airways as 20 cigarettes, mainly because of the way joints are smoked.

I fucking hate pot heads like you who will spout any "fact" you hear because you are addicted.

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No it doesn't have as many carcinogens at all. Show me your facts on three joints having that much. You've gotta quote facts too champ.

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When I was still in school and hitting the gym in the mornings, they used to play "The Zone' over the radio, which is a local pop kind of station. Because of my sister I knew all the songs and used to mouth/sing along just for something to do while I was lifting and whatnot.

Queue tons of awkward moments where people would catch me singing Britney Spears and other slightly inappropriate songs. Also, what was the Lady Gaga song in question?

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Here are mine, this is old news. I've gotten much use of this link over the years.

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"Hey guys, ya know how we were a prison colony? Well, ya know how we could really fuck with 'em?"

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>Paranoia: related to near present.
>Fallout: far future.
>Call of Cthulhu: "like Undead if done well"
>Amber: basically Nobilis without point pools
>4e: you're ignorant or hate Gygax
Still a piece of shit I see.

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Sweet jesus- it's a targeting system for accountants and space nuts. I approve greatly. What's the source on it?

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Attack Vector: Tactical.

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I think it's Vector...something.

Attack Vector. That's it.

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>solve for y

Fucking lost it.

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>Made like I would make my sheets for my FATAL character creation threads
I like you.

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This is a good thread.

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You know, what I don't like about this chart is the lavk of a pro-gygax route to 4e.

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>Thread has been up for 10 hours
>no Doc Aquatic Table


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Very useful if you are using a complex character system that keeps track of their weight/strength and shit based on what they are eating during their adventure

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>>25. Captain Hampton....
was listening to this on Pandora as I read that.

>>Wolfman shandi
no captcha, no wolfman, but nice try.

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You are a lying liar that lies. There are cryptozoologists that don't believe in bigfoot. They are the people looking for new species of bugs in the rain forest, or bacteria/other new life forms in arctic waters.

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That looks like an awesome handshake on the bottom there. What's that for?

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That chart is pure shit

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It's all greek to me, what does it say?

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/fit/ here, pay no attention to the hippy diagram, half the "best" and "better" sources of protein like oats and leafy greens are pisspoor. You are being trolled by a vegetarian

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Got one better.

There's also a 101 version, but I couldn't find a picture.

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Claiming that there are zero deaths related to smoking pot makes you look ridiculous. That shit is carcinogenic. Don't get me wrong, I think pot should be legalized, but it's not entirely without drawbacks.

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It's because there aren't any deaths.

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Huh, so I've been doing it right.

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charts & tables bump

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Don't worry, I got you covered

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