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Has anyone ever tried getting two different groups of players to unwittingly work with/against each-other, both without knowing the other players exist?

For example, lets say you have 2 groups of players, the trackers, and the killers.
The killers are on a quest to kill a god, the trackers are on a quest to find the killers, and stop that from happening.

Now let's say the killers know of the trackers presence, but not that they're other players, and are generally trying to avoid the trackers.

Meanwhile, the trackers or pursuing the killers, also not knowing they're players, and trying to do everything in their power to find them, and assemble the tools they need to stop them.

And, let's say that they meet, just before the killers finish the god off, how might that go down?
Might they talk when you introduce party 1 to party 2? Skip straight to combat?

Anyway I just want to hear if anyone's tried something similar, or how you might think such a scenario go.
Of course, I think you'd have to have the "right" players.

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This reminds me of the Head of Vecna story.

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I'm trying something similar with two groups of players in an upcoming campaign; I suppose it would really depend on the types of players though.
I had a situation in a previous campaign where i was adding players into an existing group, but it didn't quite click at first, and they sort of went separate ways for a while. It was frustrating to me as a DM but they were in character enough to not meta-game and be like "these are other players and we need to team up" so I was less frustrated than at a poorly backed cooperation between the two groups.
I'd say if the group is Roleplaying heavy just let whatever happens happen

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I think I remember hearing about that.

I can't believe the players fell for cutting their own heads off.

It sounds like something from Discworld.

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I've always wanted to try a "versus" campaign of WoD, Hunters vs. Slashers (or whatever the killers are called). Problem would be coordinating between the two groups would be a nightmare, even online. Maybe if it was play by post, dividing the day into Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night would work, and only have characters interact if they meet.

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I could maybe understand one player doing it, but didn't two or three players cut their own heads off?

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I would imagine that the gm does one session with 1 group
then another session at a later date, but the events are run simultaneously, and if the characters ever meet then that's when the players meet.

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In practice it'd be near impossible to pull off. Your biggest issue would be pacing, one group accomplishing things at a different pace than the other, and everything goes to pot. Or say one group needs to cancel a session because all but one can't make it or something, what do you do with the other group?

The next would be a clever player on either side figuring out how to stop the other long before your planned meetup, what do you do then? How do you handle the "killer" group saying "fuck it" and turning around and tracking down the "trackers," just to permanently get them off their tail?

Another problem is getting the two groups to meet up, in person. If its hard enough to get one group of players to match up openings in their schedule to play, imagine the clusterfuck it would be to schedule two groups to meet at one place at one time, without knowing whats up.

Its a cool idea in theory, but there are just way too many factors to make it remotely possible, even with good players.

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Yeah I believe that's how it went.

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Well, the culture of D&D was unbelievably different back then.

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From Dragon Magazine.

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