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so... how do you torture an Ork? it seems to me that they are way more resilient to pain than other races... Dark Eldar should be thrilled to have an Ork, because they can spawn more orks to torture.

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Sensory deprivation maybe? I imagine they would get quite bored if they're not doing something physical whether it be snotling field goal contests or repairing a gargant.

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The same way you torture anything else. You just require a little more. While orks may be out and out immune to corruption, their minds will still take insanity.

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Induce pain by nerve stimulation.
Alternatively, terrify him. Orks are cowardly and superstitious as single creatures, and only fearless in packs.

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I think they are already insane to begin with. It's just waaaagh 24/7

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Promise him a world without war.

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and how does a Dark Eldar does that? o_O

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"how is the prisoner reacting to the isolation chamber?"

"well... sir... ork spores and all that, now we have 5 orks instead of 1"

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ork spores cant grow out of metal

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No, they definitely have different levels. The way I have read it, they sound a lot like sociopaths as they compare with normal people : they have buttons that are pushed by seeing pain, and they also require more stimulus to ward off boredom, or create entertainment.

This probably has something to do with them having a much higher pain threshold than the average human as well.

The net result of this is that an Ork that isn't fighting, listening to music that shakes the ground, or going about 100 miles an hour is a bored Ork. The Waaaugh combines all the speed and excitement, and noise, so Orks naturally love it. They can get by day to day having petty squabbles, driving vehicles as fast as the go (which as it happens, usually tends to be the first, and only gear "Fastest"), drinking themselves into catatonia, and etcetera.

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If there was even a trace amount of other organic substances in that room, an Ork spore would grow in it, creating more spores and covering the room with ork fungus. It may take a few weeks, maybe a few months, but it is possible.

Source: Imperial Guard Omnibus; Specifically, the short story based off of Fifteen Hours.

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Indeed, you would have one very unhappy Ork. If you didn't strap it down right, it would be a question of whether the chamber, or the Ork broke first maybe, as it would stubbornly attempt to batter it's way out until it or the chamber broke.

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Easily enough. Ork society is based almost entirely off of using the threat of pain and death to get your lessers to obey you.

People who think orks have some utopian society or that they're immune to pain/fear don't get that pain and fear is the only way anything gets done in their society.

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why does /tg/ like rape and torture so much?
but really >>15897849 brings up a very good point

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It's not so much that we like it, but simply that those topics tend to stay with you. You see 15 threads and one of them is rape central and that's the one that will stick with you, never mind the actual content of the other threads. Plus topics like this tend to have lots of posters as everyone is here for actual discussion, bitching about maturity levels, or being really creepy.

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Lock them in a pretty pink room, with fluffy cloud drawings and princesses

have soft soothing music playing.

show him a pistol, it is merely a derringer style holdout piece.

show him an endlessly looping video of an old lady on an electric scooter, traveling very very slowly.

that ork will be broken

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If by easily you mean using industrial power tools then yes, it wouldn't be so hard. They are tough sons of bitches with a high pain threshold.

I imagine a Dark Eldar torturer could get some kind of satisfactory response if he turned the Agonizer to 10, for sure. It wouldn't be quite as delicious as with squishier things like other Eldar or Humans, but it would probably make an Ork experience pain like other things do.

Dark Eldar would probably get more amusement out of Gretchin frankly. They are intelligent enough to respond to head games, and have a well developed fear response, as they have to be very cautious when dealing with Orks just to live.

You could also readily get them to do awful things to each other in twisted little games too, as they like hurting other things.

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Agonizers go too 11

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PROTIP: The Orks are not sense freaks. I once read a Chaos novel where they were torturing an ork. ANd this imperial guard novel once where they propped the ork in a steel cross and tortured it

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inb4 novels aren't cannon shitstorm

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Everything is canon.

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I know, that's why inb4


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Orks are resistant to pain, but not immune to it. To torture one you need to hurt it more than you'd need to hurt a human, but it works. Orks don't particularly liek pain, after all. They don't mind pain when fighting because it's a natural part of fighting, but they wouldn't enjoy getting strapped onto a metal table and having some Dark Eldar insert electrodes into their brain.

Alternatively, sensory deprivation. Orks get bored easily and literally require fighting to stay alive. An Ork locked into an empty room with nothing to do and nobody to fight will eventually just waste away, even if it has access to basic necesities like food and water, or will try fighting itself and eventually win by beating itself to death.

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