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Awesome character portraits

and requests, i have a massive library.

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Vampire drow.. does it get more badass?

Prove me wrong!

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Aside from Stag Druids on the warpath of course.

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So cliche.
Are you 12?

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Do you have any pictures of Armored Archers or, Armored spellcasters?

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I need male tieflings, preferably sorcerer-types.

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No and i don't hang around 12 year olds perhaps thats why this has never occured to me before.

Give me some examples since its so cliche : )

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nice contribution by the way faggot

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I need a Modron Spiderman.

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Heres a start

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Not that guy, but here I go.

Unusually long hair (usually in an unnatural color)
Blank eyes
Holding a goblet of blood (What is a man?)
Decapitated heads everywhere (at least not on pikes this time)
Sitting on a throne

For a request, I'd like a commoner/hunter with a crossbow who looks bedraggled. If you have it, nervous/paranoid as well

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Do you have any old man with a cybernetic arm?

The only image I've found so far illustrate too young people.

Also a free portrait from my own collection.

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if you have a half orc fighter, wielding a large scimitar (~falchion) and standard adventuring gear, cloth leather etc (glamored into normalish clothes, from full plate)
if you have the non greey variety of half orc?

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Less sorcerous this time.


I actually have a couple of picture that are EXACTLY what you are describing, only one of them paranoid sadly.

However, i dont like you and your reasoning is not sound. Vampire drow, cliche? and you start talking about everything else

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Probably not what you're looking for but damn its awesome

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>Give me some examples since its so cliche : )
I did, and you moan. Fact is, that picture is pretty stereotypical of how fantasy vampires go. Now if you wanted something uncliche with drow, how about a drow bard?

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Wow an evil drow, how cliche. You need more than that loser. otherwise whats next "Ohh my god a human person.. with skin!!! so cliche!" yeah shut up.

I really want to post those portraits i have to show you what you're missing out on but that would defeat my purpose.

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Do you have anything more... human?

I'm GMing a game of Cyberpunk 2020 and my players receive their orders (for now) from an old barman with a robot arm.

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I JUST went and found this for you on the interwebs because im that nice.

This one isn't too old though.

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Halfling artificer?

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Do you have any 'typical adventurer' sort of pictures, a la this?

Mixtures of leather, plate, chain, swords, knives, etc.

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Female paladin would be fantastic OP.

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I'm looking for pics of a black haired guy with a spear, does anyone have that ?
I will dump a few in the meantime

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Dragonslaying. Does it get more paladiny?

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Thank's. I already have it but seriously thank for the effort. I will continue to contribute with my personnal collection to thank you.

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An elegantly dressed black man.
Preferably with pimp cane.

Bumping with picture.

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Polearm alright?

Depressed that im the only one contributan : (

Looking for cool warrior priests and spellswords (regardless of what weapon they're wielding :P) of any gender

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Age helps you know

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Probably one of the most reposted pics on /tg/ but it is a female paladin.

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Two spears alright? :P

Otherwise, if these arent alright get more specific ^^

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Scantily clad paladin!

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Mid 20s - early 30s?
Another picture for your troubles.

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Waaaaait, i thought you said elegant man dressed in black.. but black man elegantly dressed... hmm!

Medieval? Modern? Victorian what are we talking here?

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Not exactly what I was looking for but I'ts very close to that, thanks anyway

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Cool that you're looking for the spellswordish archetype, my personal favorite.

I posted >>15890992 without realizing it. Unless you'd prefer a more armored idea.

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Also, since when has /tg/ had flood detection?
This shit is really annoying.

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Black pirates, as in dark skinned: african, arabic, etc.Or such characters in general. preferably male.

elf gunner.

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Need cool ones, in armor!

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The inquisition has arrived to remove that piece of shit art from the thread!

For the emperor!

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Got any female warriors with BigMcLargeHuge warhammers? Preferrably two-handed

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Pictures of armored futuristic warriors with fully enclosed helmets.

Not space marines, think more like Arch-Militants in Carapace Armour.

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Awesoooome, second picture saved in entire thread

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How about some less appreciated races? More specifically, female dwarves, gnomes and/or (half-)orcs?

Pic related.

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im looking for pictures of people wielding guns, preferably not modern or 'gunslinger' types

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Not modern? sci-fi then? ooooor medieval-ish stuff like this picture?

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Can I get a heavily armored warrior (knight, paladin, whatever) human, male?

Bonus points: gear not ridiculous, although needn't be historically accurate. Not looking for huge suits of ornate armor and buster swords, but mundane, well-worn equipment. "Typical adventurer" style, as mentioned above, would be lovely.

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More shit like this.

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Is black undead pirate ok ?

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I'm looking for a pic for a bard I'm in the middle of making. Female, rather young and attractive looking. The sort who uses her wits and looks to get anything she wants.
Got anything for that?

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Might this be similar to what you're looking for?

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I need a biker chick with a pump action shotgun.

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Style is exactly what I'm looking for. Got anything similar that's a little more heroic-looking? +1 internets to you in any case.

Oh, look, a giant armor guy with a giant sword.

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Flood detection is kicking my ass

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I apologise if I misread the request, as I am more than a little drunk.

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yeah sorry, not modern or sci-fi, preferably generically medieval-ish or steampunk
alternatively modern/sci-fi gunners in clothing which is plausibly medieval, or at least older, pic related

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Lacking the heavy armour, but has heroicness in abundance.

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This with heavier armor would have been absolutely PERFECT. Still, getting lots of good stuff here. Keep it comin'.

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More armor you say?

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Did you look at this one?

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I forgot to mention: visible face if at all possible. otherwise >>15891221 is great.

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Muscular chaotic neutral priest using a greatsword.
That is my request.
Here's my contribution, if someone wants do make a necromancer ... wolf... or something.

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I'm looking for pictures of dudes with spears, preferably in light/no armor.

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I have a helmetless version of >>15891221
The armour is very similar at least.
(dat Demon's Souls-style fluted helmet)
But it's either female or androgynous.

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Would love to see some male paladins, ideally without the over the top armour

Anything on a mount would be awesome. Wanna do a mounted character when I'm next playing

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This is really, really great. Androgyny not a problem. Perfect. Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay, got completely sidetracked.
Modern/futuristic preferred.

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I've been trying to find good merchant pictures.

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Looking for a character portrait for a cultist character- its a villain in a campaign, though more like a mid-boss sort of thing, or exalted grunt.

Dark cloak with hood, no real armour to speak off, very bulky (not fat, more just wide and perhaps muscle-y), not much of a looker. No real weapons, he uses summoning magic to fight, despite his slightly brutish looks. Preferably bald or with hood up, looking menacing.

In the meanwhile, bump with necro-bard.

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Awww, no biker chicks with shotguns?

>> No.15891698

Sorry, got called away to mow the lawn. I've got less on the armored side, but I'll see what I can get for you.

>> No.15891721

I suppose you could try to think of it as armor. These are really my only two that really seem spellswordy with armor.

>> No.15891766


This is the closest I've got

>> No.15891788

I'm looking for some pictures of people from the 17th and 18th century for a game I'm going to run.

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Great thread here. I'm looking for commoners, which for some reason aren't so common when it comes to character art.

>> No.15891859

Is this common enough?

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I am looking for bard pics in general, cello or guitar preffered

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1 / 4

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2 / 4

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3 / 4

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4 / 4

Any more peasant art out there?

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Vampire red dragon.

>> No.15891978

Have any pics of female shifters? preferably druid but anything goes as long as it isn't drawn in japanese manga style

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There's a character portrait out there, of a human swordsman with a two hander. He's hooded, and it's pretty obvious there's a battle going on. He's looking off into the distance to the left as if there's something important over there. Anyone know what I'm talking about.

>> No.15892046

Anyone got one of a hulking brutish character?

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>> No.15892059

Do you have a tiefling rogue/wizardy looking one?

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A raptoran character portrait would be much appreciated!

>> No.15892162

You mean like this?

>> No.15892172

a warhammer 40k pickpocket/rouge type person

>> No.15892174

Maybe Nkunda?

>> No.15892181

I'm looking for a barbarian or warrior in action wielding a massive axe or other cleaving type weapon. Non-animu, preferably.


Probably not exactly what you're looking for, but it's an awesome pic all the same.

>> No.15892186

Africans have superior fashion sense, I'm not even being sarcastic.

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>> No.15892240

he could be black. hard to tell though

>> No.15892415

How about some fantasy artists? Not musicians, people painting or drawing and such.

>> No.15892519

>>his jacket is way too big
>>he could be black

>> No.15892524

Anything for an elven gunslinger airship captain? xD

>> No.15892564

Seconding. Though I'll settle for any sci-fi aesthetic.

>> No.15892576

Welp, can I get a monk, no not the flippy kung-fu type, the simple robed kind, story teller type person. Maybe no weapons even visible?

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and now it gets kinda flippy

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My current Arch-Militant

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