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My Saga edition character is a (mandalorian) Human female who's supposed to be a former special ops soldier. I want to construct the perfect Jedi (or Sith, or similar) killer. How do I do this, friends?

Preferable: Soldier class, or at least something similar. I was looking at the Bounty Hunter prestige class in the old version, but I don't know if they still exist.

Conditions: No Jedi mumbo-jumbo, but force powers might be all right if they are all specifically intended for killing Jedi.

Help me /tg/, you're my only hope.

Captcha: ichandl Ben

Old Ben Skywalker is with me.

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Watch this.
It's a Killing Jedi for Dummies guide.

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Hah! Solid advice from our beloved HK-47. Any advice on how to implement this in the d20 game?

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Maybe have a dice roll indicate which attack to use?
Randomness seems to be very important in taking Jedi off guard. Stupid precognition and telepathy.

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iirc, area attacks can't be force-parried or jedi-dodged as easily. Get yourself a jetpack and a grenade launcher and go to town.

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There's your problem

Go with a Thakwaash. They have the ability to shrug off mental effects really easily due to their entire species having multiple personality disorder. They also have natural armour, which is nice.

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Silly Jedi

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I was thinking area of effect sonic attacks, like the ones they use to mess with Jacen and Ben in the Betrayal novel. Are there grenades for that?Stun the scum, then pick them off. Maybe a character that gains lots of bonuses against surprised/flanked/stunned targets, combined with the Bounty Hunter's (i.e. Ranger's) Preferred Enemy ability?

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You want to be Aurra Sing?

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Thanks for the tip, I'll keep it in mind. I'd much prefer a human character, though.

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I don't want to have lightsabers, except as a trophy. And I don't want to play an evil character or one out for vengeance. I want to play a professional.

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the light-saber there is a trophy taken from the sand person shes holding.

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excellent, an other master race jedi killing mandalorian.

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Definitely a lot of grenades, explosive and stun, smoke. Land mines. Anything you can use to gain surprise.

Then there's just tactic stuff. If you know one is coming from somewhere, set up traps. A tripline, a simple pit. Be creative.

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>I don't want to play an evil character
Riight. You want a character who kills monks dedicated to neutrality, non interference and peace for money.

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Have blasters, yeah. But be skilled in solid slug weaponry too. Their light sabers can't deflect them.

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You're a faggot.

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The bounty hunter talent tree has a talent for dealing extra damage to force users.
Jedi have few defenses against area attacks, use flamethrowers and granedes.
Build a character with hight initiative and talents or feats to lower your openents Damage Threshold.

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You know what peace is?

Peace is the status quo. The rich stay rich, and the poor die. People are rebelling on a planet somewhere? Send in the Jedi to pacify them. A system doesn't agree with how things are going? The Jedi impose their will to keep them in order.

The Jedi are nothing but bullies who tell everyone else that they're a paragon of virtue and to question them is a death sentence.

They're holding the galaxy back.

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Wrong. I want to play a professional who specialises in killing force-users armed with lightsabers. You can say what you like about the "I just get the job done" stereotype, but it works. Especially since the other players are all playing either jedi-with-doubts-with-hidden-uncontrolled-anger, that-young-man's-serene master and holier-than-thou-diplomat

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Okay, you got me. I've been in love with those books ever since I discovered that one of the main characters was called Darman (it's my middle name).


All great tips, looking those things up as we speak. Thanks a lot, keep 'em coming.

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Don't be naive. The Jedi willingly assumed the role of commanding an army of millions of slaves bred for a war they had no stake whatsoever in.

The Jedi (at least pre-Galactic Alliance era) maintain the attitude that strong emotions and attachments - a vital part of what makes us "human" - should be purged from one's mind. Giving in to the dark side, in this context, means following what your heart tells you. Have a look at the youtube video with HK-47, and you'll see what I mean.

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No, OP wants to kill fascist Jesus freaks.

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Use "slugthrowers", which is technicaly a regular gun in the SW universe.
Jedi might deflect blasters, but they can't deflect bullets.

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Well, there's that too. My character may not have anything against Jedi, but I certainly do.

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Yeah, and they can be silenced.

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OP here. I'm thinking... Verpines?

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Oops, meant to link to


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If you can afford it, get yourself a cortosis armor.


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>They're holding the galaxy back.
Funny how people are better off when Jedi are strong than when when they're gone.

Mostly that whole "Hey living in a post scarcity trans galactic civilization that's existed for 15,000 years is great". Some jackass kills the Jedi then it's 3,000 years of anarchy and radioactive death until the Jedi population rebuilds. Things get safe enough to start building spaceships again, rebuild civilization, that lasts for a good 1,000 years until some other Jackass repeats the process and it's anarchy wooo wooo I has the biggest gun/tank/warship in this city/planet/star system, I am your god emperor now.

Complaining about the Jedi is like complaining that taxes and public services are "holding people back", John Galt style. Go live in Hutt space if you hate access to indoor plumbing and running water so much.

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In the Star Wars universe as I see it, experienced Jedi-hunters know there are two things you need to stay alive against a Jedi: never get within lightsabre's reach, and pack physical weapons (slugthrowers, grenade/missile/flechette launchers, flamethrowers, etc).

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They could have done nothing. Just let the droid army kill and enslave everyone. I'm sure everyone would have been happy with that outcome.

Oh wait, no. They would have complained "Why didn't the Jedi do anything? Why???"

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They can still block them. You just don't have to worry about them coming back at you. Honestly flamethrowers are a Jedi's worst enemy, I think.

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How do you feel about involving their friends in order to catch them off guard?

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well with a force push they could send a shotgun blast back, if they could time it right, but they would have to make the force push manouvre before you pull the trigger of a shot gun or a pistol or a sniper rifle.

Of course then you can use a machine gun or something with burst aor full auto to make force push a stupid move that only deals with one bullet and makes swiss cheese of them if not.

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What did you have in mind? Remember all the other party members are good-aligned characters (possibly excluding the padawan.

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Nobody thought of flamethrowers yet? Area of effect, unblockable, real bitch if you get hit, and since Jedi love blitzing you nothing will quite discourage them like a wall of fire! Also consider some form of advanced molotov cocktail/napalm.

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Pretty sure a gun that fires projectiles in a triangle pattern will do the trick. They won't be able to block it, at least.

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Put their friends in danger, or make the Jedi THINK they're in danger, tends to make them reckless and antsy. Drop their friends homes into piles of rubble when they're not home (hell, do it when they ARE home if you can get away with it). If you can get them to walk straight into a trap where you drop ANOTHER building on them, good on you.

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As long as the Jedi exist, the people in SWverse will remain useless weak maggots without initiative.

Only through the death of the Jedi can the power of the people be activated.

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I approve of this plan.

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We've given everything we can.


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Power to the People!

Be a Force user killer. Sith or Jedi it does not matter to you. you rid the galaxy of oppressive scum ( yes bot sith and Jedi are a plague) while making an honest living, dealing with the pest that would befall all.

Also use :
for flamethrower fuel. Instant burning everything in its path. Crispy Jedi, Sith and Vong.

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Now I'm imagining Black Panther Force user hunters.

"Brothers and sisters! We have lived in oppression for too long! It's time to end the tyranny of the Force! Down with The Man!"

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Bump for interest

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That's not a fuel, it's an oxidizer.

It would be pretty useless in flamethrowers.

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Did you actually read the article?
It may be an oxidizer, but it's an oxidizer that makes a shitload of stuff burst into flames on contact and is damn hard to put out.

So while it's not a flamethrower in the traditional sense (it doesn't shoot fire), it still fills that role (it shoots stuff that sets stuff on fire). Call it a caustic exothermal chemical reaction thrower if that rustles your jimmies the right way.

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Addendum. Think of it this way-

It's a weapon that treats everything else as fuel.

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Who happen to have similar powers and abilities to a group of people who are essentially hatred shaped like men.

Or, if it's in Legacy Era? Jackbooted, armored thugs propping up a corrupt empire.

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Don't play a Mandalorian.

>> No.15890845

The Jedi were the proto imperials, who went off to kill separatists for the crime of... not wanting to be part of a shitty republic. Yeah, you can say Palpatine was behind the formation of the separatists... but he was behind the formation of the rebel alliance too.

The Jedi being killed by the Clones is the single greatest example of poetic justice in Star Wars. After having killed those who sought freedom, the tyrannical regime they had propped up for so long turned on them. Delicious

>> No.15890857

So, basically, you have no idea of how a flamethrower works, or the desirable qualities of a flamethrower fuel.

This stuff would work fine in a sort of gas bomb, and it has been used for that purpose. The thing about a bomb is that you set it off somewhere you are not.

A flamethrower needs to only make flame in a controlled area. You use a combusible fuel so it burns up in a predictable area which does not include the area you are standing in. It relies on ambient oxygen, rather than mixed-in oxidizers, so most of the fuel can travel some distance before combusting (i.e. so it is not a welding torch or rocket).

If you just spray a strongly oxidizing, poisonous gas, you're not going to have a predictable or controllable region of combustion. It's mostly going to react with the surfaces of solid objects, and probably you are going to end up standing in a cloud of the stuff and it will be reacting with your surfaces.

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Anyone have a dump of Mandalorian chicks?

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What are you talking about? Mandalorians are awesome.

>> No.15890945

This inspires me for a post-Vong Star Wars campaign.

A rogue Jedi discovers the diary of Revan, and spreads it across the galaxy before getting killed by Jedi hitmen.

Shit fucking hits the fan, and the players are militia Jedi killers who rise up to become professionals.

>> No.15890973

>The Jedi were the proto imperials, who went off to kill separatists for the crime of... not wanting to be part of a shitty republic.
No, they went off to kill separatists for the crime of piracy, slavery and genocide. But good job at not even paying attention to the setting in any way to vindicate an insane and irrational hatred of a fictional religion.

>> No.15890978

1. Buy a pet Ysalamiri.

2. Have engineering as a skill, OP. You'll be killing Jedi and Sith, and as such most people will not want to trade with you. Plus, you can make Pic Related. 1,000,000 rounds per minute. Jedi won't see it coming.

>> No.15890988

Fuck yeah, Revan was a boss. He was the Star Wars Lenin.


>> No.15890999


I never got the Mandalorian love either. But I can see why people would like to play an armored space viking.

>> No.15891005

That thing's basically a giant shotgun.

>> No.15891013

Hell yeah it is. All it needs is a droid brain and a small aiming motor and it's an Autoturret with the power of a 2 gauge shotgun and the range of an assault rifle.

>> No.15891014

>1,000,000 rounds per minute.

>fires 2 rounds in 0.00006 seconds
>then it is out of ammunition

My double-barrelled shotgun fires infinity rounds per minute, because it fires two rounds with no delay between them.

>> No.15891021

Then he killed most of them. Tortured the rest into mindless slaves. Then ran off into deep space when things didn't work out. He was mostly forgotten centuries later because by then everyone was fighting over 200+ year old cans of preserved food or bottles of untainted water.

>> No.15891025

>implying it doesn't hold 10,000 rounds


>implying your double barreled shotgun doesn't fire two*(the number of times you can reload per minute) rounds per minute.

>> No.15891030

>fighting over 200+ year old cans of preserved food or bottles of untainted water


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>No, they went off to kill separatists for the crime of piracy, slavery and genocide. But good job at not even paying attention to the setting in any way

Sorry that I don't know about shit that isn't even distantly, vaguely hinted at in the movies or even most of the games (perhaps this is from Clone Commando or some shit?). Perhaps they should have put something along those lines into the movies, so as to give people who watch the prequels even the slightest indication to think the jedis were good guys and not just fascist thugs?

>to vindicate an insane and irrational hatred of a fictional religion.

I don't have any sentiments about the jedi as a group at all other than what the prequels movies showed me, which is that they are fashion-retarded space gestapo.

>> No.15891111

>Sorry that I don't know about shit that isn't even distantly, vaguely hinted at in the movies or even most of the games
Well. There is that line that the separatists had killed all the previous republic diplomats so the jedi got involved.

Then the separatists tried to kill the jedi.

Then they invaded naboo and ordered their droids to depopulate the planet. After that there's the next movie where multiple planets got invaded and their entire populations got enslaved. The republic was on the defensive, not even having a real "navy" up till then. Course if you include republic commando and the cartoons, separatists are baby eating monsters who enslave as many people as they can. Because that's the main cause of the war. They wanted slaves and slavery is illegal in the republic.

>> No.15891136

I'm willing to state this straight out, as a matter of fact: they do not hold 10,000 rounds.

The Metal Storm system uses a stack of alternating bullet and electrically-ignited propellant blocks. They load in the neighborhood of a half-dozen rounds per barrel, and once those have been fired, they have to be shipped back to the factory to be reloaded.

To carry a load of 10,000 rounds, you'd need one with about 2,000 barrels.

I believe the one in your picture carries 180 rounds in 36 barrels. It's actually each barrel that fires at 10,000 RPM -- they built that one so they could claim a firing rate of 1 million RPM for marketing purposes.

In any case, used at the advertising firing rate, it is essentially a one-shot shotgun.

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It's really beyond me what people like about the Starwars setting. The entire setting just seems incredibly juvenile and hackneyed; it's got the believability of of a children's show like G.I. Joe and relies on a set of constantly recycled themes.

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If you use it as a shotgun, it'll be sure to fuck Jedi up. And anything else behind them.

>> No.15891162

>it is essentially a one-shot shotgun

No, it's a one shot high impulse weapon. There's a substantial difference.

>> No.15891189

>there's the next movie where multiple planets got invaded and their entire populations got enslaved.
I never got that from watching the movies.

I got *mumble mumble* trade dispute *mumble mumble* blockade *mumble mumble* now there's a big war! And the TERRIBLE SECRET (that we told you right at the start) is that it's a all a Sith plot by the guy (who you know from having watched the other movies first is going to win and become Emperor) who wants to take over the Republic!

>> No.15891216

it's OBVIOUSLY a rapid repeating volley gun
get your terms straight /tg/

>> No.15891224

You know that Revan was the most powerfull Force User of his day no?

You realize that if you found a plan which could kill any Force user 100% he would smile nod give you your hearts desire than take a shuttle to orbit and order his fleet to carpet bomb the planet you're on?

>> No.15891250

Jedi have to use their lightsabers to deflect blaster bolts (unless they're Vader-tier).

Projectiles, they just Force-push, like Neo's "Talk to the hand." moment.

That is, unless you're in some shitty fanfic (brand-stamped merchandising or otherwise) where Jedi only ever win because nobody actually living in-universe ever thinks as hard about tactics as a 12-year-old nerd who watched a movie.

>> No.15891254

>I got *mumble mumble* trade dispute *mumble mumble* blockade *mumble mumble* now there's a big war!
If the republic has no navy or army at the time, how did the war start with the separatists?

They could just leave. Not like the republic had any way of stopping them. And Jedi had zero interest of anything outside the republic. Heck, the separatists had to send a giant invasion fleet to a republic world so that the Jedi could legally negotiate with them since separatist systems were now officially off limits.

>> No.15891339



I don't even know what this means. There were duck robots taking prisoners, no violence against civilian targets, dead bodies, or even beatings were shown. The blockade was alleged to be legal, and I assume genocide is illegal. I know its a kids movie, but we could afford to see, I don't know, crying civilians in chains? Anything to suggest the Trade Federation was being naughty. Even Darth Maul doesn't touch anyone but worthy foes.

Then in Ep 2 Count Dooku tries to reason with the jedi to the end, and we still don't see any evidence of supposed enslavement going on. We do see that they use droids and bugs, although the bugs are armed and engage the protagonists without coercion so one has to assume they are doing so willingly.

While I'm willing to believe despite having seen the prequels twice (I know, I know) that I missed some subtle allusion to the separatists behaving badly, all I can find evidence for was trying to assassinate enemy leaders and jedi, which strikes me as eminently reasonable, in contrast to the good guys, who destroy entire freighters filled with noncombatants... which is okay, since they're rebel scum.

If the prequels had any point at all, it would seem to be that the jedi loved to kill rebel scum up until the moment that they became rebel scum.

>Because that's the main cause of the war. They wanted slaves and slavery is illegal in the republic.

Hahaha, bullshit. Tattooine? But anyway, its to be expected that in the EU, formerly neutral antagonists will be revised to be eviller so that the protagonists can seem gooder. I assume because the EU authors are fans, and fans prefer good guy jedi instead of the amoral enforcers of the movies.

>> No.15891346

>shitty fan fic

Actually, those are the ONLY stories in which Jedi can block solid projectiles with the Force. They'd have to bring their powers to bear faster than a supersonic bullet. That is to say, they can't.


>> No.15891381

>If the republic has no navy or army at the time, how did the war start with the separatists?
Are you just agreeing with me that the prequels (going strictly by what they actually contained) made no sense and were shit?

Anyway, it seems pretty obvious from The Phantom Menace that, while the Republic itself didn't have its own central military, its member planet-states typically did have their own. At least going by the only example we are given: Naboo.

But there's no way to really extract a consistent logic out of it. It's just shit. In the senate, instead of either discussing allowing the separation or pooling their military resources to stop it, there just seems to be "Oh no, what shall we do!" fretting, as if in thousands of generations, the situation had just never come up that some members wanted out.

Then the Jedi drop all of the principles of the Republic not having its own army and pick up a free one from nowhere, apparently commissioned a while back by a guy who went traitor and Sith. Because, "Hey, free army!" and who can say no to that?

It's just shit. Just total, inexcusable shit.

>> No.15891382

You mean the whole Naboo thing? There isn't even implied to BE a Separatist movement until Ep 2, or that the Trade Federation was a part of it at the time in Ep 2.

The Jedi sure seem to care enough about the Republic losing worlds that they will leave the Republic to go kill shitheads who defy the Republic.

>> No.15891410

>They'd have to bring their powers to bear faster than a supersonic bullet. That is to say, they can't.

>Because I say so.
Nice logic, chum.

>> No.15891425

So you're saying a Jedi can move his arms faster than the speed of sound?


>> No.15891448

>Hahaha, bullshit. Tattooine?
you realize that Tattooine is not part of the republic, right?

>> No.15891463

In the first place, what makes you think that Jedi are only reacting to projectiles after they're fired?

In the second place, what makes you think that hand movement is somehow essential?

>Cue Vader slapping away a blaster bolt like he's shooing a fly.

>> No.15891466

It's pretty ridiculous that they can do it with a blaster in the first place. Sure, blaster bolts move slower than arrows, but why the fuck is the galaxy using a weapon that's easily avoided by a brisk walk?

>> No.15891507

So then why can't Jedi do the same with Blaster bolts?

Oh, right! Because it doesn't work that way!

Jedi have to use their Lightsaber to block projectiles. They cannot 'do the matrix' and stop them in mid air. Or at least, most can't. Maybe some Mary Sue EU Jedi, occasionally. But that's about it.

A shotgun blast would be impossible for the Jedi to block because their lightsaber would need to be everywhere at once to destroy the ~12 individual lead balls flying at them at the same time.

>> No.15891521

Vader is an exception, because his gloves were made of magic. And he DID have to move his hands to block the bolts. Bolts which were moving at extremely low speeds. A modern rifle with hollowpoint ammo would have hit him square in the chest.

>> No.15891522

Precognition + Force Speed = Dodge Anything

>> No.15891541

Except shotguns.

Jedi have no idea who they're messing with.

>> No.15891542

...even an open-choked shotgun will throw a pattern that measures only as wide as the distance between two shirt buttons at seven yards.
-Massad Ayoob "The Self-Defense Shotgun"

>> No.15891564

Most people in this thread are thinking in the movies or videogames but are not thinking in the saga edition rules.
-Jedi can't stop bullets with the force.
-Jedi can deflect blasters as long they have the talent and the oponent is in their line of sight.

>> No.15891579

>A shotgun blast would be impossible for the Jedi to block because their lightsaber would need to be everywhere at once to destroy the ~12 individual lead balls flying at them at the same time.

You could deflect more than half of those (fired from the Flechette weapon) in Jedi Outcast with your lightsaber. And all of them with force push.

>> No.15891596

Guys the best way to kill Jedi/Sith is to:
1)Know when they need to use a spaceship to get somewhere
2)Gather enough ships to easily crush the ship/sjips the Jedi is using
3)Proceed to crush them the force seems to help a lot with dogfights but you can always outnumber them plus on anything less maneuvrable a Jedi is bassicaly a member of the crew

>> No.15891600

>I has opinion. it is are fact

>> No.15891616

>So then why can't Jedi do the same with Blaster bolts?
Vader had no trouble with it.

And I don't think it's any big stretch to imagine there's a difference in the ease of handling a solid chunk of metal and whatever the shit a blaster bolt is.

And the reason we should assume Jedi aren't vulnerable to shotguns is that the alternative is that Jedi and everyone else in the setting are complete idiots who don't think about how they fight at all.

It is the mark of a complete failure of a fanfic writer to introduce a character who is invincible thanks to being armed with the tactical analysis skills of the average 14-year-old fanboy.

Any decent author would have a reason for such obvious things to not work (dwelling on such reasons, however, is another mark of a fifth-rate writer).

Even if there isn't such a reason, if you write a story in such a way that all of the conflicts revolve around nobody thinking very hard about what they're doing, you don't introduce someone who DOES do the obvious thing, and have it work perfectly, and thereby reveal that everybody else in the story actually is a complete fucking idiot, unless your purpose is to turn the whole thing into a farce.

>> No.15891619

Luke could cloud the minds of a large number of enemy pilots to make their shots miss. For a short time, but enough to jump. If you brought an Interdictor, then you might have a chance.

>> No.15891627

>Hahaha, bullshit. Tattooine?
Is not in Republic space. Hence slavery.

>> No.15891642

Ok, I recognize everyone except the guy in the red jacket (and I am amusing the guy next to him is Number 1)

>> No.15891646

>plan an ambush
>don't bring an Interdictor

>> No.15891657

>his gloves were made of magic
This is the worst of all possible interpretations.

>he DID have to move his hands to block the bolts
He lifted a hand casually. It wasn't a hurried motion. He knew exactly where the bolt was going to hit well before it was fired.

>Bolts which were moving at extremely low speeds.
Blaster bolts do not move at "extremely low speeds". That's just silly.

>> No.15891659


there are way too many glasses in that picture

>> No.15891667


This Nickelodeon character had a crossover with the Fairlyodd Parents.

>> No.15891680

It happens all too often.

>> No.15891684

Where is Watson when you need him/it

>> No.15891685


In Expanded Universe it confirms that Vader had the ability to absorb energy. It's apparently somewhat rare. One of the EU jedi-brats had the ability too, though he was somewhat crippled by a complete inability to use telekinesis.

>> No.15891690

>Blaster bolts do not move at "extremely low speeds". That's just silly.

Except you know, exactly how they're depicted in every movie, game, cartoon, or whatever of the Starwars universe.

>> No.15891691

Luke also isn't your run of the mill Jedi,exceptions like him,Vader and Palpatine I don't factor into my plans because they you get results like you need 3 armies and 2 sector fleets to overcome 1 Jedi.

Against Force Users of such power your best bet would be to wait until they outsmart themselves

>> No.15891692

>This is the worst of all possible interpretations.
And unfortunately it's the canonical one.

Also, blaster bolts travel slowly enough that you can see them moving. That makes them a hell of a lot slower than any bullet.

>> No.15891696


Not OP; had the name from the Black Crusade thread, my bad.

>> No.15891740

>it's the canonical one.
I think you missed my earlier point that the EU is essentially brand-stamped shitty fanfic.

Once Lucas found out how easy it was to make money by letting people stamp the Star Wars logo on stuff, he licensed it out to anyone who would cough up the cash, whether their product was lunch boxes, fast food, games, or fanfic.

Notice the way he ignored basically everything from the EU when he made the prequels.

>> No.15891755

The best part is that 90% of the EU shit is better written than the original films.

>> No.15891773

>>mfw 3 links away I get at this guy:
>>Palp's mutant son

>> No.15891781

>blaster bolts glow enough that you can see them moving. That makes them a hell of a lot more glowing than any non-tracer bullet.

>> No.15891787

He used lightsabers blocking force lightning (which showed up as early as Star Wars d6), ships that looked very similar to Victory Star Destroyers (complete with the whole "can fly in atmosphere" thing), and of course, double bladed sabers.

Did the retarded rule of two thing come from Lucas or from the EU?

>> No.15891807


>> No.15891819

Big difference between a blaster bolt and a tracer round. What you see of a tracer isn't the bullet moving, it's just the trail behind it. However, what you see of a blaster is the bolt moving. This is evidenced in the fact that the effects of being hit aren't noticed until the bolt actually contacts the target (source, all the fucking films).

>> No.15891830

It's a bit more complicated than that people weren't really alowed to write about the period which would become the Prequels so there wasn't much to ignore.

Also fun fact something which actualy hapened to Tolkien:
>>Elf who is named in the Lotr trilogy and helps Frodo in the Third Age shares a name with a elf who died in the Second Age
>>mfw Elves don't reuse names.
>>should I retcon the elvish naming laws or one of the elves from the second/thrid age?
>>Nah this is clearly the only case of resurrection Arda has ever seen gotta write a story about it
>>also pictured what Tolkien didn't do

>> No.15891833

If we assume turbolasers are basically gigantic blasters, on very long distant shots (like vs asteroids) you can see asteroids blowing up a moment before they are hit.

Although I'm not sure why you think speed is a factor, since its stated in the movies they react to events before they happen, and do insane jumps and other impossible moves simply on the pure plot armor the Force gives you.

>> No.15891848

Odd for you to gripe about that, considering how there's a big point made about how elves are tied to the world forever and move back and forth between the Halls of Mandos and the mortal realm.

>> No.15891852

Well, speed is a factor because blasters are stupid. That is all.

>> No.15891863

Reacting isn't the issue. The issue is whether they can move fast enough to block to bolt.

You 'react' to a loud noise, but that doesn't mean you're fast enough to avoid the car coming at you.

>> No.15891874

I'm not gripping per say I just thought it was funny and since we were discussing retcons..
Plus how many elves did pull off that came back from the dead trick?

>> No.15891888

Sounds good to me. He took an honest mistake and turned it into part of the setting. Certainly easier than rewriting the laws of a major part of the setting and certainly more productive than just leaving it.

>> No.15891893

>The issue is whether they can move fast enough to block to bolt.

Except they DON'T need to move fast enough to block the bolt, its precognition, not some sort of super-speed (though they vaguely seem to have that too).

I mean, they STATE OUTRIGHT that its based off future sense, reacting to events before they happen, and letting the Force control your actions, not seeing the bolt and moving your saber up in time.

>> No.15891903

You aren't getting what I'm saying.

>Precognition: Train is going to come into view in three seconds and hit you
>Take four seconds to get off tracks
>Hit by train.

Just because you know something will happen doesn't mean you can stop it in time.

>> No.15891904

A jedi would still get hit by the molten metal, right? I mean, a saber doesn't VAPORIZE a bullet that's blocked, or does it?

>> No.15891917

Beats me, though I do know the whole reason the Beren/Luthien storyline ended the way it did was because Luthien requested a change of destiny so that she could follow Self Insert the Demigodfucker into the afterlife, instead of reincarnating forever.

>> No.15891930

Wait so saying "Glorfindel was so awesome he willed himself back to life" is easier than saying "Glorfindel was so awesome the elves made a one time exception to their arbitrary rules"

>> No.15891933

>try to get off track
>one second too late
>Oh god my leg!

And then the jedi managed to not die as predicted.

>> No.15891936

>You aren't getting what I'm saying.

Yeah, I am getting what you are saying, 100%. The only thing I don't get is what makes you think you know the specific chronal distance of their precognitive power and that it is the same for all jedi.

If you acknowledge the "leap off a space car, fall 10 seconds onto another space car" as a scene that shows off jedi precog instead of just being masturbation, then that looks like a good estimate of how far they can plot out the future.

>> No.15891947

The train was going to hit him. It didn't say where.

Also, with his leg chopped off by a train, the Jedi is less able to fight.

Therefore the best way to kill Jedi is to weaken them over time, with multiple attacks, until you can move in for the kill.

>> No.15891953

Or just how stupid they wrote Anny to be.

Honestly, I've tried to forget about the prequel movies. It says a great deal about their quality when the animated spin-offs are of far superior quality.

>> No.15891960

Oh please. That's just sad little nerdboy speak.

The only really bad part of the original trilogy was the execution of the Ewoks vs. stormtroopers fight. Not the concept, just the action scene with a bunch of waddling dwarfs bonking keystone kops who ran back and forth aimlessly through their obvious primitive traps. (this could have been salvaged if they had only played Yackity Sax for the duration of the battle)

Best of all, it finished on this great note where the era of Sith vs. Jedi is over. The last three Force users met and neutralized each other while the normal people resolved their conflict free of their interference, with only the guy who got his Jedi degree from a two-week diploma mill surviving and probably about ready to retire.

The Star Wars universe is a great setting, but The Force is an unsustainable, overpowered plot device that has to be set aside if you want to tell more than one story in the universe. What do they do with the EU? Force users, Force users everywhere!

It's like doing a Tolkien extended universe where every second character is Gandalf.

>> No.15891990

Yes, and far more entertaining.

>> No.15892003

You could talk to your DM and see if he allows you to take the jedi talent 'cortosis gauntlet block' from Legacy Era CG, since it'll aid you in hunting jedi. It allows you to block lightsabers without one if you have a cortosis gauntlet, and as an added bonus when you succeed with that the opponent's lightsaber gets deactivated. Without that talent, you can still use an unarmed attack to try and deactivate the saber, I believe.

>> No.15892007

The original movies were a blatant rip off of a much better story that took the depth and character of the original and washed it with the colours of a children's cartoon. The only reason anyone thinks otherwise is rose tinted nostalgia goggles.

>> No.15892014

I don't know about you, but I think a party with a demimaiar, a first age elf, a nazgul, and an istari would be fucking insanely awesome.

>> No.15892051

>The Star Wars universe is a great setting, but The Force is an unsustainable, overpowered plot device that has to be set aside if you want to tell more than one story in the universe. What do they do with the EU? Force users, Force users everywhere!

I like the stuff involving the Troopers, actually. Then again, they're not covered in plot armor, so they're more fun.

>> No.15892061

Considering that the original trilogy's main features were groundbreaking special effects and visuals, "used galaxy" set, costume, and prop design, a brilliant musical score, and implied depth through things like spacecraft car culture, I don't think you're going to get much traction on the claim that it's a "shitty ripoff" of something else.

>> No.15892167

Which story? "The Magnificent Seven"? "Battle of England"? "The Hidden Fortress"? Oh and welcome to postmodernism, where most people have realised that the true - and only - value is reusing old stereotypes creatively. It's been this way since the Gilgamesh epic, so your criticism of "not being original" isn't valid.

The Prequels on the other hand are only "ripping off" the Old Trilogy, and aren't even creative at that.

>> No.15892205

Why not? According to the Saga corebook, slugthrowers are mostly from 'backwater fringe worlds', where super advanced magical-droid-forged-metals don't come from. Lightsabers melt through super-space-metals pretty quickly, so a bullet or shot would probably just be instantly vaporized. I'd stick with missiles, grenades, flamethrowers, biological weapons, and demoralizing and DT lowering talents.

>> No.15892239

Pew pew lazers!

>> No.15892274

Blaster rave!

>> No.15892511


>> No.15892513


>> No.15893131

>assume that turbolasers are blasters

What the fuck, dumbshit. A laser is a laser, a blaster is a blaster.

>> No.15893137

Just use machine guns, fuck.

>> No.15893207

good points but don't forget the metals that light-sabers cant "cut"
most of witch are used in the hulls of warships

>> No.15893226

source please
only material I know of is cortosis which is rare as all hell

>> No.15893239

"Turbolasers" are clearly no more like real-world lasers than blasters are.

>> No.15893274

a short list

>> No.15893293

>Mandalorian iron
Jesus fuck. This fanfic garbage has gotten out of control.

>> No.15893300


Does anyone seriously consider the EU to not be fanfic shit?

>> No.15893333

Not to mention the train tracks shift to follow after you.

>> No.15893396


>> No.15893458

More like, when somebody has shit all over a copy of something I like, stop telling me that the shit is now "canon" and if I want to keep liking the thing, I must also like the shit.

>> No.15893464

There are several jedi talents that give them bonuses to reflex defense or give to penalties to hit or detect them in certain circumstances and otherwise be a pain in the ass.

Seems like the way forward is to debuff them somehow then shoot them in the back, preferably with a slugthrower and if a slugrthrower isn't available then a weapon with autofire. Alternatively grapple them.

>> No.15893473

>Mandalorian iron
>the metal was also used to construct the door sealing Freedon Nadd's tomb.
IIRC, mandalorian iron proved to be about as lightsaber resistant as plastic when Exar Kun cut it open...

rest are either old sith artefacts, vong tech, or rare as fuck. (except water)
You'd have to be a really high profile assassin to have access to any of it

>> No.15893484

Yet another creation of Karen Traviss.

She didn't like the fact that lightsabers turn her precious Mandalorians and their precious armour into chop suey, so she invented a ridiculously hard metal alloy solely for the purpose of making them more invincible than she already wrote them to be.

>> No.15893488

Then why isn't it called turbo blasters?

>> No.15893496

Sorry cant hear you with all that bear in your mouth.

Its a game there are feats for everything. And who is insane enough to grapple a guy with a sword that can cut damn near anything.

>> No.15893510

No, the way forward is to Delta Base Zero in a five-hundred yard radius from orbit.

Why five hundred? It ensures that no matter WHAT the Jedi does, he isn't going to be getting out of the kill zone even if he uses the Surge power and burns a Destiny point.

>> No.15893522

I meant to imply you where sucking on his beard

Still waiting for him to die.

>> No.15893531

In KOTOR2 there is a man named Atton Rand. Atton Rand used to hunt Jedi professionally. He recommends grenades, gas, and flechette launchers that fire too many projectiles for a Jedi to feasibly parry at once.

>> No.15893541

Traviss Mandowank is no longer canon.

Thought you Mandofags should know.

>> No.15893553

>Its a game there are feats for everything. And who is insane enough to grapple a guy with a sword that can cut damn near anything.

I'm a GURPS player, my 200pt character grapples with his mouth and instakills any human with a neck with less than plate armor on it. I'd take on a Jedi in a star wars game.

>> No.15893571

OP, since you're a mandolorian, I'm gonna assume you're a good little mandolorian and already have a set of Beskar'garm. If not, you suck.

There are a number of ways to kill a jedi, but the best ways involve not directly attacking said jedi.

Fight dirty. Fight in a crowd. Throw thermal dets into said crowd, forcing the jedi to retreive them and waste time protecting innocents, allowing you to shoot them in the back. Buy a bunch of really cheap droids, (Post clone wars, any of the CIS droids is ideal if you can get them, otherwise strap some blaster rifles to a bunch of ASP-series labor droids). Have said droids shoot at the Jedi, forcing them to waste time defending themselves, as you're throwing thermal dets at innocent civillians. Hire a bunch of cheap mercs, or better yet, some drug addicts. Have them fight the jedi for you, and let them wear the Jedi down before you even have to enter the field. Never fight the jedi directly if you can help it, thats what your mooks are for. Get other mandolorians fired up about hating jedi, then have them join you on a quest to kill said jedi. Better yet, have another mandolorian overseeing said jedi hunting operation, preferably one you hate anyways and would have to shank sooner or later. No matter who kills the other, you win.

>> No.15893619

Who cares why they call it "turbolaser"? All we know is that it doesn't work like a real-world laser, and in fact works, at least superficially, in a way that is pretty much identical to blasters.

In one place, we call something "graphite", in another place, we call the same thing "lead" based on an entirely superficial resemblance to something else called "lead".

Names don't have to be perfectly logical. A "turbolaser" could just be an extra powerful (turbo) shiny-stuff-shooting thing (laser), rather than some kind of laser involving a turbine somehow.

>> No.15893642


Jesus christ this. The Jedi are pretty much the only thing keeping SW from collapsing into a PA 40k setting.

>> No.15893693


Well its too bad we're using the Saga edition game instead.

>> No.15895085


All 'lasers' in star wars are plasma blasters.

>> No.15895709

Huh, all this info sure came in handy, thanks guys.

>> No.15895849

with out the force the setting would be alot more peaceful

>> No.15897409

I would love to play a Star Wars RPG, except, there would be one condition:

No Force powers. None. Nil.

Now, that's not to say that the force doesn't exist in the universe, but in the star wars trilogy, there was never more than five people in the entire universe who could use the force at any given point in time. There's too much potential in the star wars universe, which I feel that Jedi/Sith just ruin. Why would anyone want to be a soldier or mercenary when one jedi is able to negate each and every attack you can make.

So yes. If the GM does not put force users in the game, and bans players from using the force, then the game has much more appeal to me.

The jedi element has been played out, in my eyes.

>> No.15897453

I second this

Limit the number of force users

>> No.15897692

If the party is knowing what they're doing, the Jesi isn't the one breaking the game, he's the once making sure the Soldier is breaking the game and that they're not getting jumped.

In fact the most broken character isn't the Jedi, nor is it the Soldier. It's the Noble. There is no problem that exorbitant amounts of money can't solve.

>> No.15901066

The easiest rp star wars game that I learned was d6. Everything is basically fanbased except for some of the stats books. Makes the feel very open for the gm, since he can make anything he wants. Also there are no classes so if your sharpshooter decides one day he wants to work with explosives he can.also numerous things d20 does not have which include targeting while attacking and morale roles for stressful situations your character is in. I seriously suggest you look it up

>> No.15901114

Forgot to mention unless you run a jedi campaign force users and people who can control it are Extremely rare in that system. Have to roll 2d6 and hope you get a 6 and a 1. Even then it subtracts from your players base attributes

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