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Time for a blast from the past.

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How old are these?

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old enough

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now im curious about what is meat bread

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man, these aren't even funny.

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Don't thank me, newfriend.

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Man I miss Ribbonfag. He along with Touhoufag were among of the few true casualties of the coming of the Janitor/Mod.

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Now that you put it like this maybe I should have spent al those hours outside

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thanks lol, not sure what to make of this
though will attempt to make it sometime

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There's a lot of inside jokes you'd only get if you were on /tg/ before this summer.

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I miss ribbon-fag

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>Discussing the janitors/mods
Shh! Do you want to get banned? Jesus, there are strict rules, man. They'll take you to room 101!

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>don't like the jokes

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Glad we can understand a joke when we see one.

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Well, I think you're just supposed to nostalgia at this. It's like:
Oh, man, do you remember when a person wouldn't get banned or have his thread deleted for just shooting the breeze about something and talking about some setting or topic that wasn't explicitly related to a roleplaying system or tabletop game?

Well I do, and that's where all the old jokes come from. I don't think you could make a lot of jokes about /tg/ post mods. It's a liiittle bit sterile anymore.

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but "you had to be there" doesn't count as a joke.

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>It's a liiittle bit sterile anymore.

Not since earlier this year. We, the Enlightened Ones, have begun a secret a rebellion against the Hegemony of Janitors.

What we lack in Mod Power we make up for by being annoying. Our day shall come, brothers.

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>"You had to be there" is not a joke.

Back in the day, you couldn't help but be there. The whole board was an ongoing series of jokes about everything. I haven't seen any of the old running gags in ages. I think the running gags were purged pretty hard.

There's always one person who was tired of cultist/ribbon/dorfs/whatever, and I feel like there was always a janitor or mod that was tired of it too. Some days they'd get deleted or it'd be a bannable offense, some days not. Eventually it just got to be not worth it, I guess.

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These aren't those jokes, though. These jokes are built on things that you have to know about before hand.
We'll go with an easy one...>>15880748
Makes references to Dr. Asian (Katana in 3.5 troll) and the Immovable Rod. If you haven't heard these things, you won't get the comic.

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>room 101

I hate that Paul Merton doesn't like being the fall guy for any jokes any more.

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I don't get it.

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>mfw i chat with Ribbon every fucking day

Yeah that Estonian cunt doesn't draw anymore.

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Wow it feels wierd to call these "blast from the past" when you've been here as long as I have.

Sadly I lost the HD with my oldest images. It just died one day.

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I've never heard of an imovable rod, but considering that the planet is moving I assume that it stays in possition while the planet moves on, technically making it move around the planet at about speeds of 1000km/h

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Close. Think bigger.

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Some of the older daemonette images.

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wtf there has not been a single space marine in any of these comics. no wonder everyone hated them

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There's also the Truly Immovable Rod which is stationary relative to everything. IE galactic rotation.

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>/tg/ explained
>blast from the past
pick any one.

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If you haven't even heard of te truly immovable rods then why are you evenhe*CLANG*


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can't be galatic cause it came back
or universal because everything is moving out from the center

what is it then?

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I lost the uncensored ones in the HD loss and never found them again.

Then again I prefer the ones with black boxes so I've never looked.

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Also Khornette or whatever it was called.

Too long since conception to remember.

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>Making too many assumptions
Not surprised.

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I just realized that nobody today will know what the duck has to do with 4chan any longer.

Sad realisations general.

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>plant bone greatsword

How can a plant have bones?

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Good times these were.

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Just had to go back and read the hilarious story behind tear out your heart thing.

Also best daemonette ever drawn. Sadly only one image made of her.


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Universal Immovable Rod would stop all motion in the universe.
In short it'd end the history, cause nothing would happened ever again.
Or it'd become a new light...

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I still miss Chink.

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>duck roll
>long cat

Oh come on, you'd swear old memes are any better than new memes.

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Chink was great. I'll upload a few of his WORKSAFE images after this.

I think I'll also find him on pixiv for you. Just for fun.

Anyway, spot the memes in the image. I don't want to call it old but I guess it is now.

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2009 faq here, i vagely recognize something.

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You mean duckrolling? Everything has its time, and the time for that has long since gone.

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Chinks pixiv profile.

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I honestly think /tg/ kills peoples drive to do anything. It's negativity and general hatred of things just wears people down to not give a shit cause they'll have read a million reasons why they shouldn't want to do that.

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I remember when duckrolling was the most forced and idiotic meme around.

Damn I need a life...

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I think you're a retarded pseudo intellectual who thinks he is better than anyone else

Also ice cream series

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oh man duckroll was sooo forced.
and i miss it now :/

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Alright enough of these.

There are tonnes more like the keeper of secrets (his favourite flavour of ice cream is PROGRESS by the way) but I should be getting to bed.

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lolifex and unyuufex

forever forgotten

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>This thread
I don't want to live on this world anymore

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I'm having the time of my life.

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Oh here we REALLY go.

Image preceding the creation of /tg/. Warhammer wednesdays were awesome.

Just like caturday. And cat vs dog image wars complete with full stories of their interaction between each other on /b/.

Simpler times where people came to 4chan with the express purpose of acting like retards.

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Keep dumping, OP.

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I remember those times and the main voice was about cancer, newfags and /b/ being shit. now.

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>people came to 4chan with the express purpose of acting like retards.
Like they dont do it now.

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It totally blows my mind that furfaggotry is a bannable offense now. I mean, I don't care for it, but I don't know. It never made me rage, honestly. I just thought it was often sad and stupid, but I think that about a lot of things on the internet.

I mean, I was in a thread like three weeks ago or so where somebody mentioned "my player got a wish at the end of the campaign, and he wished for futa Godzilla to troll me," and a mod busted in and banned practically everyone in the thread because we were suddenly talking about "furry shit".

Some mods just don't need liscence to ban. And in any case - was this ever clarified - is Iron Claw a bannable topic now?

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Cata-chan before she was butchered, hung up to dry, beaten with an ugly stick and completely fucking ruined.

Just noticed I can't find the flash archive on the main page anymore. So have it on dagobah.


There is a 4chan version. This is the one for the japs and their memes. You should be able to easily find it now that both google AND youtube exist.

So if you ever wonder why people want you to go looking for things yourself. Remember: These were possibly the people who found everything themselves before google ever existed.

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What chapter of berserk was new when this was finally drawn? Seem a bit inspired.

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The difference is that now 4chan actually is full of retards. The difference is hard to explain since the terms I'd have to use (like trolling) have changed exponentially since that time.

So it has probably become a "you had to be there" thing.

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The Ironclaw thing was never clarified?

I kind of like Ironclaw. It's a good system, and I like the idea of defining your personality with the traits of an animal. Not to mention atavism is kind of interesting idea, especially when you can choose a preferred use and it can be "while naked".

All conflicts result in berserking and rampant nudity. Just like God intended.

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Her design feels more.. claymoreish to me.

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Guess you are right, it did not strike me at first.

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It's the long neck with the humanish face that really got me. I was thinking berserk at first as well.

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>It totally blows my mind that furfaggotry is a bannable offense now.
As far as I can remember furfaggotry was either banned or so heavily despised that mods would just delete and ban anyway.

Also, back then mods (especially moot) didn't need a reason to ban. They just did it if they felt like it (again, especially moot).

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Furry porn has, and always will, be a bannable offense

No one here remembers April Furs Day, the day where Moot added a furry board
then banned everyone who posted in it the next day
Fuck you Furfags

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>i'm oldfag, I've been here all summer

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Which came first that or somethingawful's lolercuast?

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Yeah I remember that. I wish he'd do it again.

And yes I was pretty certain it had always been a bannable offense. God how fucking much I hate forgetting such simple shit.

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And there's no more.

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Yeah as I've said I lost my HD with the really old stuff. Most of the strictly /tg/ "old" stuff I have left to post are extremely late 2006 and newer.

May 2008. Where we also had something for the ladies.

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I always wished he continued this.

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They need to make the rules more clear
>don't post illegal shit
so much illegal shit on 4chan, please define what gets banned and what doesn't
things I know that gets banned
Copy Righted Content
Pay site passwords
Beatiality [gets a double ban]
And claiming CP is legal cause you're under 18

But you still see this shit get posted everyday [I hang out on /r/, shits fucked up, no we don't have the new pages of JAB comic because they don't fucking exist yet]

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Hey guys! Whats going on in this thread? I here you can reply to your own posts now!

>> No.15881814

Oh wait this one is pretty old.

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Ah, the story of /tg/

Nothing ever gets finished.

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is there an archive of these somewhere?

>> No.15881833

I liked /tg/ when you could discuss setting, and other ideas that were close to Traditional Games, but not always the games themselves.

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Its everywhere now, and its from some daiper fur comic of OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK

is there anything in the 3rd pannel that I should be getting but I'm not?

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: (
Sad sad triple sad.

>> No.15881890

<3 Cestree.

>> No.15881895

But it's the perfect d'aaaaaaawtastic ending!

Ribbon grew up a little. Succubus girl learns she's been neglecting Ribbon a bit too much. They all get to go home and play DnD happily ever after.

No sense dragging things past there. Would have just devolved into more shitty jokes.

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I don't recognize most of this stuff, been here since 2007 most likely (it's hard to remember...). Basically only recognized the examples of play copypasta

>> No.15881903

I love you, Ribbon!

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No they don't. You just need to stop being a dumbass.

These are the (known) rules for banning:
Mods will ban you if you break the rules and they see it.
Mods will ban you if you break the rules (in their opinion).
Mods will ban you if you are too much of a faggot.
Mods will ban you if they feel like it.

Mods won't ban you if they don't feel like it or if they want you to post moar. (like snacks and cp threads)

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Is that like the Mortal Kombat version of declaring someone a saint?

>> No.15881927

Cheer up emo duck.

>> No.15881929

>Furries have always been widely despised and banned
I know that. I just think it's weird to target a specific fetish. There are plently of disgusting fetishes that are just as rage-inducing despite being less commonly posted.

Besides, I don't think that all anthropomorphications are necessarily bad, either. They can be a good way to give something defining personal traits. That's kind of what I was getting at with Iron Claw.

A noble house composed entirely of wolves? You don't even have to explain the history of the nobility to your players. It's a wolf noble house. The players just know. Same thing goes for rats or any other creature with well-known personality traits.

Not to mention, I feel like furries must have just been posted a lot because people got so angry at them. People not even into furries kept a furry folder just to dump it in threads they didn't like, remember? It was all kind of a self-feeding cycle.

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You're talkin to a guy who collects images of people being banned
Living in europe is grounds for being banned

>> No.15881951

Exalt her!

>> No.15881956

>wolves don't represent different things to different people

You fucking furries with your retarded attempts at justifying your porn fetish.

>> No.15881962

>I just think it's weird to target a specific fetish.

It's weird to treat a fetish as a lifestyle, and it's weird to not understand why everyone else has a problem with that.

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Is that a Spider Jerusalem Ork in the bottom right?

>> No.15881995

You are the perfect example of one of the good reasons why people hate furries.

>> No.15882024

Did you even fucking read his post? That poster isn't furry (or at least hasn't admitted to being furry), just is arguing that it is damn weird that one stupid fetish gets banned over all the other dumb ones. Also, he was making a distinction between furry as a fetish and anthropomorphism as an element in traditional games (remember fucking redwall dumbass? that wasn't furry)

>> No.15882041

No, that's "ork with desu goggles".

With desu being the most prominent meme ever in 4chan history.

>> No.15882046

>And claiming CP is legal cause you're under 18
Actually, being under 18 is banworthy on its own. Completely failing to understand U.S. child protection laws is just icing on the cake.

The porn is fine. The problem is the faggots who consider it a "culture" and associate themselves with it.

>> No.15882048

I'm not saying I never thought it got disgusting! I'm just saying, why not just ban all fetishes instead of the one? People can still post diaper fetish nonsense if they feel like, right?

See, it's that they're banning things that specifically make Moot angry or something. I just feel like the rules ought to be more... I don't know, logical?

If you're going to change the landscape of an entire board like /tg/ through tons of moderation and deleting all the content and arguably sketchy posts, then it seems like you should at least be trying to define an idea of what you want in the grand sense. It shouldn't be some emotional thing.

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