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Dear elegan/tg/entlemen
Once upon a time I saw a pic of a model of Cultist-Chan. That was so bad made, that I decided, to make one of my own. Today I finished my work and I like to share my pics with you. Please tell me, if I did a good job. Have to say, that I'm no pro, but I'm learning fast.

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Here is the pic of Cultist-Chan, that was made by another guy.

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>smells mostly of bacon

Brb, heresy.

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Here is mine. also the following

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Oh god, resize that shit right now good sir.

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Sorry gonna Fix it righaway

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I'm with this guy
inordinately turned on my OP's image.

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Cultist chan has always given me many boners.

Wish someone had made some more risque art of her.

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it's out there, just gotta look a little harder
also, this model isin't any better than the other one

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I think that's Scriptarius' Cultist. He presented it as an example of his poor painting skills.

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The problem with this, as always, was he's just terrible at painting. The mocked up model, pre paints, looked awesome.

Same with this dudes primarches.

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Here is the final product

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too brown, not smiling, but otherwise great.

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And from the back

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dem eyes

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Well now except for the face,not bad

Though why so dark?

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Cultist tan.

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Didn't think that it would be that brown.
Maybe I will work it over, if i can get a better head for her.

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But, but... she looks like nigger...

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That's not Cultist-chan. That's fucking Samuel L. Jackson working undercover for the inquisition in drag.

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this is why scriptarious needs to find a painter.

His models look awesome, but they could look amazing if painted right...

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i lol'd, hard.

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Cultist-Chan needs head?

I'll volunteer.

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Scriptarius's model is superior the painting skill for both is about on par.

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are you kidding, scriptarious' is about entry level painting, the new kids is about intermediate (could still use some work) pro is a long way off.

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I have to say, that Cultist-Chan is my first model free skulpted

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I'm not impressed.

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Nice work, OP. Scriptarius is a hack, truth be told. A polite, well-received hack with a large bitz-box, but nothing special on the converting or ideas front.

The model does look a little...masculine, somehow, and the paint job could do with some work, but it's a decent representation of Cultist.

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Bump. I think the main problem is with the hairline. And the shade of brown.

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She seems a bit too dark.

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also like a 5 year old painted it.

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