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This is your party

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What would the campain be?

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Building an empire from scratch

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And again I don't recognize the guy in the bottom right-hand corner.

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I can see it now, you throw them in a dungeon completely naked, by the time they walk out they will be fully equiped in the best gear posible. Not with loot from monsters and chests, but instead self created items cobbled together from random bits of the dungeon.

"Yes a sword, just what i needed. I can use iron shavings from this to act as a conductor switch to finish the detonator for my..."

"Hand me the leather strap from the handguard, its just what I needed to finish my...."

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No, this is your party.

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Thats Hank Lawson from the show Royal pains. Imagine Macguyver as a doctor in the hamptons.

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Main character of Royal Pains
A skilled doctor who works as a Concierge doctor to the wealthy people in The Hamptons. also does probono work for middleclass/poor people

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Michael Westin. Burnt spy, star of Burn Notice.

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oops misread that.

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Your other right.

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So the BBEG has captured this party and has each one tied over a different elaborate death trap. He cackles, mentions that the world isnt going to conquer itself and leaves them to their fate.

How long does it take each to escape, and what do they make out of thier elaborate death traps?

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bob the builder, macguyver and two random guys?

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It was actually all part of the plan. The BBEG will just walk into something that will royally fuck him over and the "death traps" were secretly designed and built by one of them.

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Yes, that IS in fact my party. What did you want to know?

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This is your BBEG

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I think i recall that Mancy.
Anime boston 2010.
Cant be sure though, the mancy is the only costume i recognize and the hallway is familiar.

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The only people who can acceptably cosplay as snake are people who have served in the military.

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This is your Tagalong Mage.

He's got Max Points in Luck and Agility.

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This is your true BBEG

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This is your BBEG party, and they are all determined to get what they want.

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This is your mook.

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well, obviously this is shadowrun.

Mr. Johnson wants us to take down Ares.
And not a single fuck was given that day.

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>Donald Duck
>Not Scrooge McDuck

Now he's the guy who WILL get what he wants. Donald's good at throwing a temper tantrum but little beyond that.

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>Doomguy, Kharne
>Meh not too-
>Donald Duck

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Bob the Builder has "JUST THE RIGHT TOOL!". Escapes in like 3 minutes.
MacGuyver i stuck there for about 5 minutes before the music finally starts to get happy, and he pulls out his knife and cuts loose. Grand total? 7 minutes.

Michale Weston convinces the BBEG that he really needs to let him go or really really bad things will happen that could include (and is certainly not limited to) another BBEG taking over before he does. 30 minutes (half the fucking episode).
Hank Lawson is stuck there until Bob the Builder randomly finds him. 10 minutes.

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>MacGuyver i stuck there for about 5 minutes before the music finally starts to get happy, when he pulls out his lunchbox, pours the ginger ale in his thermos over his napkins, uses his glass-lined thermos to scoop up some acid from the acid-bath portion of the trap, then splashes the acid onto the flamethrower portion of the deathtrap, the resulting smoke of which befouls the laser-grid surrounding the exit. He covers his mouth with his ginger-soaked napkins (to protect himself from the poisonous acid-smoke vapors during his exit. Grand total? 7 minutes.

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So we just win every situation forever? Or who is the BBEG is the question I suppose.

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