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After figuring out the table idea:
Tin sheets on two 3x4 sections, pyrite and hematite (bigger rocks have flat tops, small ones are scenery pushed aside for model movement)... Aluminum foil rivers of flowing liquid metal... Rock candy flora coated in chrome spray (forests, etc)... Lusterdust grass on some things. Mirror bases (yes I found the right size ones) for all models I plan on getting... All the models will be painted metallic, and I'll be using various nail polishes for highlighting and adding other sparkles that stand out with some chrome paint for shadowing the undersides. Aluminum cans melted down to make bubbly hills... For a nice shiny daemon world described in the ork codex page: 26-27. But silvery and mirrors, mirrors of truth, hate, trickery etc. A world makes you go mad looking at the shadows of your inner self.

Plus fighting on grass and sand and snow worlds gets boring, so this table will come with me if someone wants to kill daemons on a daemon world.

My list is next post. I waited to make the list when the anti daemon codex came out, so I didn't feel shafted in my decisions of unit choice. Turns out something I already liked is anti silver plating, which is my biggest worry. Explanations of units also in next post.

Pic related, the sheet and some of the pebbles that will be the nil-terrain, pushed aside when models require the space. Maybe blobs of trapped souls waddling around or something...

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Pic related for my daemonettes of silver/chrome. Getting the full 120. But first the list and the reasons behind each unit. (fluff/usefulness combination)

95 (1) Herald of Tzeentch: Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch
95 (1) Herald of Tzeentch: Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch
95 (1) Herald of Tzeentch: Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch
95 (1) Herald of Tzeentch: Chariot, Bolt of Tzeentch
280 (20) Daemonettes: Stock
280 (20) Daemonettes: Stock
280 (20) Daemonettes: Stock
280 (20) Daemonettes: Stock
280 (20) Daemonettes: Stock
280 (20) Daemonettes: Stock
192 (12) Disks of Tz: Stock
192 (12) Disks of Tz: Stock
192 (12) Disks of Tz: Stock
95 (1) Daemon Princess of Slaanesh: Sporific Musk
95 (1) Daemon Princess of Slaanesh: Sporific Musk
95 (1) Daemon Princess of Slaanesh: Sporific Musk
TOTAL: 2921
~Aiming for 3k total.

Daemonettes in units of 20, with the run rule available when they arrive allows for a 2+ to get to max coherency. Large enough to withstand good losses and pick casualties from the rear. If the enemy units are melee oriented, then they better kill at least 10 before charging or face a large number of attacks at initiative 6+rending(a unit of 10 marines faces 10.37037037037037037037037037037 wounds average when charging 20 daemonettes!)... So that's my reasoning behind daemonettes, that and they get 4+ cover behind the heralds wide cavalry bases.

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(field too long)

The heralds are for firepower, and taking up unit slots for balancing the lists. They're there to offer cover to daemonettes, shoot vehicles that are hard to get with melee(silver armor) and generally aid the survival of the daemonettes. Being a wide jetbike gets them killed, and fluff wise they're the 'leaders' of the horde of disks that fly around this world.

Princesses are the leaders of the daemonettes. Generic because they're part of a colony of princesses bound to the planet, where their immortality is based on their proximity to the world itself. I will never give them wings because of the fluff that the hard-to-catch fliers of tzeentch that circle the planet, never getting close to their claws. But with a minor pact that if an enemy comes, they combine forces to attack it...

Disks of tzeentch, I love bikes and these count as jetbikes. They cannot use the run rule to avoid blasts but are great for killing any vehicles or charging after some weak firepower unit. They also make great cover for daemonettes trying not to die. These guys are great against the silver armor due to 1 attack each and 4++ save. I love the idea of surrounding a transport before the models disembark, and leaving no space for them to escape the wreck/explosion, making sure they die. Making people think twice then to get near my daemonettes with a squad inside trying to hide from melee. (cutting down their mobility choices in a way!) I don't care if these things live the battle.

I won't be including any elites. My Princesses will probably be mutilated forms of the treants from the wood elves, not sure yet.

General fluff of the planet in next post.

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The world has no name yet.

A ying/yang of the worlds shifting images attracts the simple minds of the Disks of Tzeentch. Watching the many warped mirrors below them as they fly near them. Since they're simple minded creatures, the mirrors hold no bane against their psyche. Like moths to the flame, daemonettes pop out to try and catch (and consume) each of these sky sharks. Likewise, whenever a daemonette is alone above the mirror, they're captured and kept alive so they can be their safe pet. Whenever it stops moving they bite it to get it to move again to show off their brilliant colors. This eventually leads to the daemonettes death. Because of the horde of sky sharks, these disks attract heralds of tzeentch to come tame them and ride them solo or by chariot. But if they do not remain nice to these creatures, they get bucked off to their death below. Always brought to the Princesses to fiddle and toy with.

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(field too long, and I was pulled away for a bit)

A sort of ying-yang balance between the two. The skysharks cannot get at the daemonettes below the surface, while they themselves remain out of arms reach. They jealously guard the skies, and mimic the shine of the world that screws up scanners trying to lock onto the large schools of sharks... Any attempt to land will be greeted by legions of daemonettes and their princesses. I think this will be a fallen eldar world of vanity. Ancient relics of the eldar rise and fall like ghost ships surfacing and sinking again. Taunting eldar and treasure hunters alike for these riches of old times. The planet itself lashes out to female psychics of any gender to become an immortal daemon princess, luring more souls to feed the planet. This world, I was thinking could be heavily armored because of what it consists of. Blast it apart and the fragments return to the core magnetically. Which also contains the daemons inside until they manifest above the mirror and then die normally, being sent back to the warp.

The location is more or less going to be far from the eye of terror. I figure I'll set the location based on my usual opponents astral locations.

This is still a WIP, and it is going to be done. I waited until the Gk codex arrived to be sure I didn't waste my time. I've playtested plenty of lists so I know how to play these units.

Any comments, suggestions, fluff additions etc are appreciated.

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