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one of my players is constantly "lol i haz friends over" so i'm in search of someone who would be willing to play mondays at 5PM GMT+0 (aswell as probably drop in now)

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more info?

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Another bump from another player. We're a good bunch, no fooling. Would a face like this lie?

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if you give more info then people will be able to say if they will

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I would gladly oblige, good sir, but I have no idea how the Dark Heresy system works; nor do I have a character sheet or the means to roll one OR extensive knowledge of 40k outside of Orks and Spehss Mehreens. I'm also usually in skype calls all day which would only allowed text based shit. Out of curiosity however, what platform do you use? Gametable?

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we're using maptools, we sometimes use skype aswell for OOC shit and we're curently a party of 4 including me the GM

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Current group of 3 regular players. Rather fresh campaign that just started. Played over maptool.
Communication through either Skype or just text in maptool.

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you can use the DH Roller on suptg aslong as you use only the core rulebook as i dont have access to the other books and i dont want to PDF them

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whats the curent party charecter wise?

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1 guard
1 deamonhost
1 tech priest

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Guard, tech and psyker.

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Techpriest, Guardsman, Psyker. The dude who never shows up is also a Guardsman. We've got 1000 XP to spend.

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as soon as you join i'll let you use that 1K XP

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and how would potential new plays contact you?

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through disposable email

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Bump for game-finding.

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you could try posting on someware like suptg aswell

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Here's one interested.
If I can dl maptools in time...

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Ok, version 1.3b86 down...
You still one short?

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we are indeed

and if you're interested pop me an email !

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In fact, I did.

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Another try from my google-account.

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Waiting for mail...
Or can I just join a server?
And if yes, which one is yours?

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