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Oh, /tg/, I wasn't expecting you for another thirty minutes. I guess you want that "massage" again like last time?

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You know what? Given the current quality of /tg/ posting I'm alright with this for once.

Enjoy your lamia thread.

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It's cold outside... It's not like I wanted to..

knock yourself out
>gif is a lamia

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Actually OP, I was hoping we could talk about something else...


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If it's very well-greased perfectly flexible banded armor across the back and the very top of the bottom, probably.

Understandable designing armor for snakes is a bit of an issue.

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I suspect it might interfere with movement.

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No, I came over to talk to you.

Look Lamia, we've had a good time and all but I just don't think this is working out. It's nothing you did, it's just I think we're different people and it's time to move on. I hope you understand.

I'll go ahead and show myself out, Harpy is waiting for me in the car.

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Might aswell replace the scales with metal scales and begin production of Mecha-Lamia.

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I would think lamia need to be unrestrained in the tail area to slither...I dunno, I've never met one!

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How about some way to add small spiked plates to the underside? Without impeding movement? Like cleats for a lamia, to impale while they squeeze.

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Lamia power armor!

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Most snakes move by undulating particular scales on the bottom of their bodies. So long as these scales are not covered, their movement will remain unimpeded.


I suppose you could sharpen and serrate the curtain so that it could bite when the lamia begins crushing a target.

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Lamellar armor for lamia.

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Hey, Lamia, I'm borrowing your board

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Hmmm. I've just now read that some snakes can slither up to 10 MPH. I wager mobility wouldn't be a huge problem for a lamia, but some feats that require excess agility might not be that available to them.

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That is the best dog ever.

If he was here right now, I'd fry up a whole pan of bacon just for him.

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So you could have armor that goes over the top/back part, as long as you left the yellow (in OP's pic) part clear?
Which, considering that's less likely to be attacked since it's on the ground anyway, doesn't necessarily need much armor.

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Why in the fuck would you want to armor your lamia? Lamias are shock troops designed to get in, cause as much chaos as possible, and retreat. If you armor them, then they become slow as fuck and are killed easily by the piss poor peasants.

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Have a badass momma killkat.

Like a boss.

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I kinda agree with this, an unarmored lamia tail would probably be hella fast and strong anyway

I dunno about "Shock Troops" though

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Yes. Band the mail, add spikes to the tail, and serrate the curtain, and then give the Lamia proper torso armor and you could have a heavily-armored stormtrooper.

Best part is, because their best weapon is their tail, they don't need to worry about range - they can use short-range weapons like katars or claws and go to town once they've wrapped around someone.

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Fuck me, I can't stop laughing.

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Well, you could have them go in, grapple with tails, reach over and stab other guys, then let loose once the first guys are choked to death, then get the hell out. The benefit would pretty much be attacking multiple targets at all once in a rapid-fire attack.

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Probably terror units. How often do you encounter a lamia without these fuckers?

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I got ya beat.

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"Cat's were once worshipped as Gods. They have never forgotten this fact"

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I equip my Lamias with SMGs and armor the tails with kevlar so they can use their own tails for limited cover in suppression missions. Best riot police ever.

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Well shit. That beat mine.

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Cats: Size ain't no thang

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Now that isn't hard to do if you know bears.

Native american kids used to do that. Hop out of bushes and spook a bear.

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That's pretty clever.

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>this thread

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And people wonder why there were so few of them in their native lands before Europeans showed up.

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Tribe wars were rampant.

There were great no-zones between each tribe for a reason.

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Might as well bring this up. I've been wondering if lamias should wrestle from a stationary position or should be moving around. I'm figuring with the tail, they're best staying put and defending like a rock.

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Attack from above. Like a cobra.

Using a slam technique with a shield would be devastating. A massive shield charge bonus. Spike that shield.

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Private Lamirez reporting for duty sir!

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Have you secured Burgenheim yet?

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What about unarmed? Some sort of looming slam attack would be good.

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Tail side sweep.

Roll the body like a crocodile into a coil around victim.

Downward tail slam.

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Bears are pussies. Except grizzlies, of course.

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It does sort of depend on how fast they move. Doesn't really matter unless they can slither faster than a horse can run, though. And I don't think they could ride horses.

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Nap time anons

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> trigger discipline


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No sir! Heading out right now sir!

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And looming elbow drops, of course.

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That's actually pretty terrifying when you think about it like that. It's got a torso like a human, but the whole thing bobs and weaves as the lamia rises up into the air, then down to the ground, then left, then right, all before it suddenly lunges at you with its whole upper body, slapping your blade aside with the shield and shoving its own deep into your body...


Yeah, that'd be a lost cause as a biped.

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We'll put it in the Trophy with all the others

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Hopefully this is kosher with mod.

A spear for cavalry. A shield slam for soldiers.

Spear and shield, spear angled in front of spiked shield.

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Oddly enough I've always imagined my modern warfare lamias to be using fishguns.

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I don't think the mod's around at the moment. I see a lot of things that would not slip past his draconian grip if he were. For example, this entire thread.

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That might be pushing it, but we'll see. So you're saying a phalanx of lamia spearwomen, if my military terms are right, and I doubt they are.

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>bared tits
>no areola

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Hoplite lamia.

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I think that's already been done...

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Yeah basically.

And slings attached to the tips of their tails so they can fling larger rocks at the enemy.

Maybe a unique perspective of being long bodied, they get a bonus for whip weapons like pic related.

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Skitarri shenanigans?

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Oh boy, here we go again. Armor slows you down, but considering how strong Lamias tend to be (they have 18s in Pathfinder, this means the average Lamia is nearly as strong as the strongest a normal human is capable of, much less the genuinely strong Lamias, plus they are large, which doubles their lift capacity.) an above average Lamia is ridiculously strong, I don't think putting armor on her is really going to slow her down any frankly.

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I don't see urumi working very well for lamias. I've always imagined much smaller races using urumis and whips instead, like kobolds or goblins.

It would help them overcome their reach and height disadvantage against bigger races, and would also help give the enemy a disadvantage of their own if they can manage to arrest a limb with the weapon.

Urumi in one hand, a katar/pata in the other.

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Lamia collect their former shed skins that have been shed perfectly, stretch and stitch it like leather to fit them in battle.

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Why do they have to be women?

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That's....... somewhat horrifying yet sensible.

Just as a non-human species should be

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Fishguns? Guns that look like fish? Guns that are made out of fish? Guns that SHOOT fish?

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You're right, we've been undeniably sexist with our portrayal of lamias, largely because they exist mostly to serve as fapfuel.

There's a male shieldbearer for the phalanx sergeant.

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Lamias are traditionally female, at least as far as /tg/ goes. Snake-like spearmen would also work, of course.

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Or men. However you like. I just notice most lamia around here are women.

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Oh! Actually, I know what lamias would do; chariots. A lamia can't sit a horse, but a chariot would work just fine. Then they can have their armor and the speed of horseback.

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Pulling lots of ideas out my ass for a race and yet I don't and have never played D&D.

(Shield cobra slam, tail tactics, spear etc were me too)

For shooting... I think lamia have the ability to climb buildings slowly and quietly to peek around a corner a story or two above the ground... Where the enemy doesn't expect them, or worse... Five to ten lamia peeking around at the same time on one buildings corner. (whack a mole)

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>The hate-filled inheritors of an ancient curse, lamias appear as lean and attractive women from the waist up, while below they possess the bodies of powerful lions. Even their humanoid features bear distinctly feline traits, their eyes slitted and feral and their teeth like predatory fangs. A typical lamia stands over 6 feet tall, measures more than 8 feet long, and weighs upward of 650 pounds.

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I think he means stuff like the P90. Future-guns, don't look like traiditonal guns.

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From Wikipedia
In ancient Greek mythology, Lamia (Greek: Λάμια) was a beautiful queen of Libya who became a child-eating daemon. Aristophanes claimed her name derived from the Greek word for gullet (λαιμός; laimos), referring to her habit of devouring children
Some accounts say she has a serpent's tail below the waist. This popular description of her is largely due to Lamia, a poem by John Keats published in 1819. Antoninus Liberalis uses Lamia as an alternate name for the serpentine drakaina Sybaris. However, Diodorus Siculus describes her as having nothing more than a distorted face.
Later traditions referred to many lamiae; these were folkloric monsters similar to vampires and succubi that seduced young men and then fed on their blood.

So yeah, the source material was a woman, so it makes sense that the derivatives would be as well

Same with Harpies, I guess

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Nickname for the XM-8 assault rifle.

There's an attachment that lets it shoot fish though.

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All of the above

they don't have to be. pic related.

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I'm going to regret asking this, but how do they make more Lamias? Harpy tactics?

>> No.15855696

What isn't there an attachment for?

Though I still prefer the SCAR, but that's because Crysis owns me.

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Huh...didn't realize Pathfinder Lamias were cat people.

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Naga would be the male variety I believe. Or at least there are male Naga. Attaching stuff to the tail for weaponry could be good if done properly.
I am just surprised how this has actually devolved into meaningful discussion and tactics as oppose to "PIMP MAH WAIFU"

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Doesn't stop people inventing female satyrs to fap over.

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SoCom Assault Rifle was discontinued bro.

Fishgun? There is a AK47 for underwater shooting.

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That's 3.5 too, iirc, and possibly AD&D as well

I know HERO system is snakeladies though, pic related

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What are the harpy tactics?

>> No.15855753

Russian anti Navy SEALS sea combat.

It's good up to 40 feet in the water.

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Thank god they're never seen in the cit-OHGODONE'SHERETHATMEANSCHRYSALIDSS

SQUAD BROKEN, retreatto the second floor

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Kidnap human men, raep, repeat

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>you notice the transformers movie have robo lamia

>> No.15855796

Don't forget to add "kill and consume" after rape.

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I really like Hero system, except 6th, I tried building a character from 5th into 6th, it cost about 100 points more (they only give you 50 more, so characters aren't really as powerful), and despite using the program, my fingers were sore by the time I was done, there is that much more information the player has to plug in.

>> No.15855800


That's why I wanted males. If its an all female race, then it would eventually devolve into 'hurr durr waifu' shit. Or, even worse, 'durr lesbiunz hurr', something that /tg/ seems to be VERY fond of recently.

>> No.15855807


However that works with lamia...and no, I haven't learned my lesson from the last time I tried to work around lamia biology.

>> No.15855814

Oh so like amazons, spiders, etc. etc

(Actually for amazons I'm just guessing I've never heard of how they boosted their numbers)

>> No.15855825


I dunno, I think tail-mounted weaponry would have all the usefulness of heel-mounted weapons for humans. It seems like it makes sense if you don't have legs, but in reality you're just going to stand on your feet and attack with your arms and let the spurs rot.

>> No.15855830


The Amazons met up with another (all male) tribe every now and then and they fucked.

>> No.15855839

Tail drawn longbows...... Or should I say tower bows.

>same guy who suggested the shield cobra slam

>> No.15855840

Same problem with the male race, just a different flavour. You just need to trust in /tg/ not to go into that territory if the conversation is interesting enough.

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Wait, 6th has MORE number crunchan? I thought they were trying to cut down on that in 6th.

Besides, the only major changes were divorcing figured and primary stats, right?

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The thing is that lamia have a much more prehensile "heel" than humans do, and very often we're shown depictions of them lashing out with the tip of their tail.

I think given their unique musculature and range of control that tail-mounted weaponry can work, so long as it's nothing more sophisticated than a club or a wad of spikes.

>> No.15855863


Wouldn't it be hard for them to grip the arrows with their tails? Maybe with the tip, but I'm not sure.

>> No.15855869


I meant that there would be gender differences. Can't /tg/ make an interesting race where there are two separate genders?

>> No.15855877

>tower bows.

>> No.15855885

Errm, /tg/ didn't invent lamias

>> No.15855896

The arrows would be notched because they have to be wider due to the extra stress of the bow slinging them.

Honestly a python can overpower a world class wrestler. And the python is half his weight if not less. A 350 pound lamia could draw a ballista without a crank.

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They'd need a special tail-glove to allow for that to work otherwise they'd be inaccurate as fuck.

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How do Lamia Breed? Precursor super science. Due to biotechnology and abilities of pre ancient races that wanted to troll humans they gave the ability for Lamia to seduce mortal men (mostly to test the strength of man's resolve) and gather reproductive seed needed by abducting males ad taking a portion of their DNA, transferring it inward and using that to create their offspring without having a male portion of the species.

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This thread has inspired me a bit. I'm gonna include a lamia in the starting adventure the party will be tasked with in my new game.

>> No.15855912


>heel mounted weapons

>> No.15855913

Male lamia: human male from the waist up. snake from waist down

BAM! two genders

>> No.15855914


I know that, you fool!

I was considering typing 'rethink', but that didn't go well with the rest of the post.

>> No.15855923


...Or we could just say "there are male lamias and the two genders fuck each other to make baby lamias" and call it a day.

>> No.15855933

Yeah that works better

>> No.15855940

These gents are sensible

>> No.15855941

Tail mounted wouldn't be a great idea due to physics, gravity, anatomy.
Say a lamia has to face someone in face to face combat. If it has something on its tail it would have to focus on the fight and then it would have to side attack with what would basically be a kick, if they weren't trained to do it the could lose their balance and fall over.
A lamia has to use a certain amount of tail to stand and move if the tail isn't long enough they won't have enough to use the tailwep and stand effectively.

>> No.15855951

But if there were male lamias, we'd be morally obliged to discuss whether their genitalia would be akin to that of a snakes!

>> No.15855953

There should be three sexes, with the 3rd being an intermediate who is fucked by males, processes the genetic material, adds it's own gene slice, then passes it on to the female orally resulting a a Triple Helix dna code

>> No.15855954


Why did I read my own post in Skeletor's voice?!

>> No.15855955


And come to think of it, the increased length of the lamia factors in here. With a human, defending your back with your heels is not only impractical, but unnecessary; you can just spin around and you're right there. However, a lamia's head might be a good 5-10 feet away from the tail depending, making it hard to defend the tail, so it probably would just be easier to put a club or something on there.

Alright, you've convinced me. Tail clubs it is. Think they could do scorpion strikes if you put a spike on there?

>> No.15855959

The answer: Yes, they have snake-like hemipenes.

>> No.15855971

Realistically(lol) I think a Lamia would have a pretty long tail, around the 8-12 foot range.

But consider this- what if the lamia could use it's arms to support itself while it did a full out sweep/lungs?
>You are now imagining Breakdancing Lamias

>> No.15855972


Definitely a good idea. Would make its back look like a genuine threat.

>> No.15855975


look, they are snakes from the waist down.we obviously do not see human genetalia, thus they have snake genetalia.


>> No.15855978

Or some mixture from Eclipse Phase, dunno.

Which reminds me, need to draw more lamias...

>> No.15855983

It has more number PLUGAN you have to type in ever last fiddly fucking number, including defensive ego combat value, it's so many fucking numbers, I might as well right it down.

>> No.15855985

The real matriarchy the legends of the Amazons are based on, the Lesbians (yes, they were from the isle of Lesbos afterall), had men who served equally in all places except leadership.

>> No.15855986


To be honest, I doubt it. The reason scorpions can do those kinds of things is because they don't rely on their tails for locomotion and have it specialized for those strikes.

>if they weren't trained to do it the could lose their balance and fall over

You realize that's the same as saying "if someone isn't trained to use a tower shield in a fight they could lose their balance and fall over" right?

>> No.15856018

Oh, you were using a computer program to build the sheet, I see now.

>> No.15856023

while I undestand that you do not wish to continue this line of conversation, isn't giving it to Matt a bit much?

>> No.15856029


Even so, just swishing a spiked tail around would be enough to injure and knock over soldiers. As a weapon it wouldn't be perfect, but if the lamia keeps moving, it could be an adequate defense.

>> No.15856044

I can only imagine it being worse when I actually have to write this shit down, my fingers were sore from punching buttons, and I go to college. I loathe to think about how much I'd have to do if I wrote it down.

>> No.15856069

Not really the same thing
The tail is equivalent to legs if you don't practice kicking (tail attacks) you might fall over
And to pre emp: If someone is fighting they might try to do they have no training for

>> No.15856084

You realize a lamia can lay on its back so it can use its tail freely draw and aim the tower bow...

A simple belt with a hook that when at full draw the hook is at the tip and releases the tension to let the spear-sized arrow fly at the target(s).

>> No.15856086

So, besides the increase in separate statistics did anything important improve from 5th to 6th, or should I just save my money?

Because I'm pretty happy with 5th as it is

>> No.15856113


But the point is both for combat kicking and the use of tower shields, trained soldiers would be more than capable of doing.

And training doesn't have to be super formal, it could jsut be a lifetime of experience.

I don't see why that would be a deterrent from having lamia throwing tail clubs around, considering that they could probably still survive failed kicks by coiling their opponent when they charge in.

>> No.15856132

Considering they broke everything up into even more books, player creation is like 3 or 4 books now, save your money, and your spine. Keep in mind, you can compress the game down to a small floppy book, like the size of the Warhammer 40k small rulebook out of the battle for black reach box, and the smallest 6th edition book is the size of Pathfinder's Ultimate combat book.

>> No.15856150


If nothing else, it buys you time to get turned around, which is reason enough to have 'em. Especially if the snake-body is unarmored.

>> No.15856153

The only reason I know this, is because the PS238 rulebook is the size of the Battle for Black Reach book, and it has everything the 5th ed. primary book has, only in smaller print.

>> No.15856179

Okay so what kind of Lamia/Naga/snakegirl/boy bs are we talking about? How do they train? On average what is their height/length? This important to how they fight. Are they like rattle snakes and can move suddenly with out warning? Are they magical fucking monster snakes and able to mesmerize with a stare or their voice or some shit? Are they able to jump? A lot is needed to actually turn something like this into a military force. If this is a non magical scenario what would probably be best is actually for this force would be pole arms meteor hammers and maybe hook swords. Remember how snakes move, this is going to be how this monster girl fights. Armor while good for most fights should allow for maneuverability. A lot of this depends on the type of snake the Lamia is based off.

Vipers: Fast striking, slightly less agile.
Constrictors: Less speedy but still agile as all hell, stronger tail

>> No.15856195


Basically I imagine lamia shock troops to bring total chaos to a fight. They'd always be moving around, tail slamming, coiling and stabbing - just sweeping their areas and taking down multiple opponents in one go. But since they need mobility, they'd probably skimp on the heavy armor - leather for the torso, maybe for the tail, at the most.

>> No.15856196

I see your point now.
I also now realize that a tail weapon would be more extra attack instead of a something that would be used constantly

>> No.15856201

Oy vey

>> No.15856204

>I guess you want that "massage" again like last time?






>> No.15856221

I am delightfully surprised with how objective this thread is. You stay class /tg/.

>> No.15856225

I would still recommend downloading it and stealing some power ideas from it as there are still a few keepers in it, like the power that makes you take less dice, which is also sadly overpriced.

>> No.15856240

So, how would one counter lamias? Caltrops don't seem like they'd work as well, but a nice row of stakes would hamper them quite a bit I think.

>> No.15856242


Would there be a way to layer the whole tail with spikes, now that I think about it? It'd be much easier and faster to crush enemy soldiers to death like an iron maiden rather than suffocate them.

>> No.15856248

>So, how would one counter lamias?

Use a gun.

And if that doesn't work, use more gun.

>> No.15856249

>So, how would one counter lamias?

>> No.15856250

Pit traps designed to break when over 600lbs. is on it. Your soldiers know it's there, so they don't travel in groups over it.

>> No.15856255

(Mongeese, Mongui, Mongooses, I don't even know)

>> No.15856272




>> No.15856275

Contact poison in fucking gallon buckets. Put that shit on the ground everywhere. Humans have feet and the luxury of wearing shoes. Lamia don't. Exploit the enemies strength, make it a weakness. If they do have full body armor over that tail note this: Snakes can't jump. Use Jump troops or buildings with destroyed stairs, take high ground and dominate.

>> No.15856286

Spear formations, possibly? I imagine countering/treating them like a cavalry unit might work...

>> No.15856296

About lamias:
I just got this idea into my head. Since they would stand 160-200cm tall just standing there, it would also mean they have a fuckhuge strong tail.
If they can managed to do a slam with it, it will roughly break apart any human it hits.

Or lets say you do standard axe/spear/meteor hammer rushes: They would have a far superior tailwork compared to a human when it comes to mobility.
They are basically knightmare creatures.

>> No.15856312

And depending on the ground structure the poison will seep underground and poison your own wells in case of defending your own territory...

>> No.15856337

>snakes can't jump


>> No.15856341


I don't think that would be particularly effective. One hole is just as deadly as twenty, and I think the cobra method would be faster and safer than grappling in most battlefield circumstances.

>> No.15856358

If you are fighting against Lamia on your own soil I would think you are already pretty fucked. Biological warfare would probably be the best course, even though it hurts you as Lamia have more pores and openings that could make them easier to take down. However if the poison is right out then you should probably take the high ground and put unsafe surfaces everywhere.

>> No.15856373


Would make the cobra method rather hazardous.


Actually, if they coil up and launch themselves, won't they be jumping farther than humans can?

>> No.15856383

Shame this wouldn't work in 3e 4e or PF, since in those games, poison is so fucking expensive that you'd be better off simply creating an army of triple iron golems to hold them off.

>> No.15856390

Suddenly question - are lamias cold-blooded or warm-blooded?

>> No.15856405

Depends on breed.
I would guess they are warmblooded mostly.

>> No.15856406


Lamias are fictional, so it all depends on how they are portrayed. Most stories that mention that issue say that they are cold-blooded, so cold-blooded they are.

>> No.15856425

Okay let me rephrase that. While a Lamia can move the own distance of it's body fairly fucking quick (As expressed by vipers and rattle snakes) It's Vertical Jump is comparatively lack luster. Snakes with few notable exceptions don't exactly leap straight up, they usually leap forward or at an angle that leans more horizontal than vertical. So if you are higher up than a deal more than the Lamia and have no stairs leading up to you, there is tactical advantage in facing them.

>> No.15856431


Or they could coil up one, stab another, then go back and stab the first one in the neck or something.

>> No.15856454

So what you're saying is endless stairs and ladders?

>> No.15856467

I am saying rope ladders up high buildings and no stairs with squirrel baffles at choke points so they can't climb up.

>> No.15856477

Why not just crush the first ones organs instead of going back to stabbing him/her?

>> No.15856484

Ah, this is the /tg/ I love. Turning troll-threads into a constructive ones. Spot on /tg/. Spot on.

>> No.15856500


The battlefield becomes nothing but snakes and ladders...

>> No.15856519


Well, that's definitely possible, but in case the lamia can't do it fast enough, the enemy soldier's still restrained and can't defend from a killing blow.

>> No.15856528

Or alternatively, how good are snakes at climbing slides?

>> No.15856533


Well, I imagine the really badass lamias would be doing that, but the rank and file might have to just concentrate on one thing at a time.

If you see a lamia fighting one guy, flailing at another with the tailclub and crushing a third in its coils, though, that's when you go find the other side of the battlefield.


True, but high ground isn't usually in ready supply.

>> No.15856546


Bitch, you use air quotes at me again and I will slap the teeth out of your fucking SKULL.

>> No.15856551

Better than humans if there is no grip, and the humans don't have special gear

>> No.15856556

The way I see it is this.
You have three core Lamia troop types.
Fast Attack Shock: Super agile, able to strike quickly, most likely to rush, no tail weapons.
Heavy Weapons: Most likely to use tail weapons which would be extremely powerful and able to crush foes.
Mentalist/mage?: Uses whatever mental bullshit magic Lamias/Naga have to pick off opponents. It would also use ranged attacks to allow for the other Lamia folk to kick ass.

>> No.15856559


>> No.15856586

You dig moats and make your own high ground from the left overs

Actually it was more of a rhetorical question, I just really wanted to say chutes and ladders after he said snakes and ladders

>> No.15856594

In a city highground, Highground everywhere.

>> No.15856611

Tail weapons? Lamias aren't scorpions, you know, they need those tails to move around. They have perfectly servicable hands to put their weapons in.

>> No.15856627

>Lamias aren't scorpions
Not YET.

>> No.15856632


>> No.15856703

lamia probably wouldn't need stairs, unless it's a REALLY high building

>> No.15856758

Thats the point. You would need high buildings.

>> No.15856866

>Triple Helix dna code
>Triple Helix

No, Just no.

You can have all sorts of weird, freaky VALID biological excuses, you can have infectious lactation prions, or zombie-inducing parasites, or a 3 gendered race of pseudo-vertebrates where a very disgusting infertile titty monster collectively cares for the young of an entire colony of externally fecundating (and both externally female) snake-girls but you don't mess whit basic biochemistry until you at least READ about it long enough to understand it in broad srtokes.

>> No.15856867

So if we had Lamia Space Marines, they would be perfect right?

>> No.15857012


That's one interesting possibility - because Space Marine power armour has a neural interface, could you train a Marine to operate non-bipedal suits?

For most purposes the time and training required to map your thought patterns to a wholly different control interface is probably impractical and not worth the effort (which is why vehicles are driven conventionally rather than just having a crew member plug himself in), but if you could have a few dedicated specialists who could use alternate forms of suit, it could add a lot of versatility to battle.

>> No.15857025

Probably. It'd be heresy, of course. I also imagine that going from a suit that mirrors his own physical form to one that doesn't would cause some grief.

>> No.15857058

>(which is why vehicles are driven conventionally rather than just having a crew member plug himself in)

Well, actually, Vehicle Interface Mind Impulse Units are quite common in the Imperium of Man.

>> No.15857107


True, but people like Princepi are dedicated operators - a Marine has more things to do with his time than learn how to make a God-Machine walk.

>> No.15857529

there are already those in 40k they are called the Loxatl (spelling may be off) they turn up alot in Gaunts Ghosts

>> No.15857563

loxatl are just lizardmen in space right? they seem like that to me.

>> No.15857570

>True, but people like Princepi are dedicated operators - a Marine has more things to do with his time than learn how to make a God-Machine walk.

That's not what I meant. MIUs are in common usage both among the Astartes and ordinary humans. Quite a lot of ordinary vehicles and tanks are driven by Mind Impulse Unit using operators.

>> No.15857634

well i tend to get them mixed up with the Skitari but based off the way they where described in Sabbat Martyr they have a snake lower half with four limbs on the torso one of which has a cannon grafted to it

>> No.15857656

MIU's are virtually unheard of in the Imperial Guard. Something like a superheavy tank might have one, but even then that's a rarity. They see common usage in the Adeptus Mechanicus and Adeptus Astartes, of course, and the Imperial Navy will make more frequent use of them as well, though even then it's not ubiquitous.

>> No.15857736

I'm blatantly stealing the lamia shock troops for my fantasy game. Too awesome not to use.

>> No.15857778

OMG a SAVANNAH F1! The largest, most expensive, most awesome breed of housecat! It costs like $5,000!

>> No.15857791


A barely domesticated wild cat does not a housecat make.

Maine Coon up in this bitch.

>> No.15858066

Hybrid cats aren't wild cats. It is perfectly fine to call them housecats, even though they're not simply domestic breeds like non-hybrids.

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