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>that picture


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inb4 edit

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Needs more Elementals.

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Gold Standard of Battle Armor in the Inner Sphere Reporting for Duty.

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aight lets get some battlearmor dump on!

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1 More mech to do and i'll have a painted lance :3

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going with the tried and true Steiner?

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My IS force consists of:


Yes, not all Steiner - but they all follow the Steiner philisophy of GAUSS EVERYWHERE.

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Young Thomas Hogarth is pleased.

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If only he had hands to grab things with.

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Elementals are like bees on fire, without hands your best options are to stop drop and roll or seek water immediately

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>AP Gauss, AP Gauss everywhere.
This thing and the actions of the Watch in WoR convinced me that the Falcons can fight dirty.

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I love the look of this

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>There is an unsubstantiated report of two Mad Cat II-Enhanceds battling each other following the rules of zellbrigen. Thanks to their armor, this duel lasted longer than the remaining battle and in the end both ’Mechs broke down.

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What is it armed with? What book is it in?

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Energy weapons, mostly. It's pretty much a Zombie.

Btw, how do I find TROs in /rs/? Because "TRO" is too short and "Prototypes" gives me no result. Anyone of you got those TROs in a mediafire folder?

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Search through this thread, they're usually pretty quick in uploading things to mediafire.

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oh god I had those.

well, still have.

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Thank you.

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>mfw I own every single battletech novel

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A fairly useful link appears.

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I've only bought the Stakpole ones. The others were...sort of not good.

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Elementals just hating cuz we mechwarrios be stylin'

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>Shorty Sneede as Inspector Sneede.

Can't find the pic of his frankenmech. Somebody find it because I want some shades and a mustache on that P-hawk head.

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And the drawing:

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Does the the Taihou look like a cross between a Battlecruiser from SC2 and a C-17 Globemaster to anyone else?

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>Still having problem with Elementals
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

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Maybe it's the blue dude with arm guns, maybe it's the grey chest plates, but I'm totally getting a Mega Man X vibe from that. Might I ask if that was an intentional choice or if I'm just reading way too much into your paint scheme?

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Isn't Taihou that thing /jp/ keeps going on about?

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yes... yes it is.

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>Hakuratlas goes inside Marihou
Never gonna stop shipping, eh?

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Guys, give it to me straight.

Is it bad if I want to play Diamond Sharks solely as an excuse to paint shark-faces on all my units?

Pic kind of related.

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I actually know very little about touhou except that people shit themselves because some guy who optimized stuff used them.

Fuck yeah go ahead, or do hell's horses and aint some flames on them bitches. Pic related, I'm attempting to paint this on my P-Hawk

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Post pics when you claim success, shit's gonna look awesome.

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What time period is the best period to play in? And how do I find people to play with?

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Everyone's got their favourites, but any time period is the best time period.

>inb4 "Dark Age" used as a rebuttal

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>What time period is the best period to play in?
Depends on what you like, I like merc campaign with lots of options so i tend to go Fedcom Civil War and beyond. but in most skirmish games it's whatever you have vs. whatever I have.

>And how do I find people to play with?

Check your LGS, I found a group that meets once a month to do couple of pickup matches

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You can also make your own merc unit

I gonna steal your idea for a couple of mechs

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Dark Age would actually be a good way to introduce Combined Arms to a new player with BattleTech Rules. .

Couple Mechs, Few Tanks and some Battle Armor and you got yourself a typical Dark Age force. It would force them to get used to the various unit types that Vet's would abuse meaning they know how to fight once they start getting serious bsns fights going on.

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just got back from gencon.

Battletech all up in that shit holmes-es.

One lady had dressed up her 3 year old kid in a military dress uniform, with davion coloring and insignia, including the spurs, as Victor. Turns out she even named her kid Victor Ian

Got Mike Stackpole to sign a shirt

Got Randall Bills to sign a bunch of TROs

Partied and drank with Klaus Scherwinski

played for hours and hours at the Grinder table

bought a mini from the CSO table

fun times

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That sounds pretty awesome.

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nothing kills the crab

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>One lady had dressed up her 3 year old kid in a military dress uniform, with davion coloring and insignia, including the spurs, as Victor. Turns out she even named her kid Victor Ian
I can't say I'm surprised.

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looking to get into battletech, a couple questions, does any sort of 'battletech 101' getting started or tips exist? general run down on how to properly balance a lance and all that whatnot?

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Well it depends, really, anon. They're any different number of ways you can start getting into Battletech. Do you want to read the core rulebook, Total Warfare? Do you have a particular faction and want to read about them? Pick up their Field Manual (Field Manual: Comstar, if you like the Comguard). Is there a particular era you want to get into? If you want a very general rundown on the rules, there's a free starter on the Catalyst Website


In terms of what lance you want to run, there's a million different ways to run one. Generally, however, you want 1) Some kind of long range punch, whether it be having 4 mechs all sporting one long range big weapon (1 Gauss, 1 ERPPC, 2 LRM20), or bringing just one big dedicated long range mech like a Longbow that just has almost nothing but longe range weapons to protect the lance.

You also want something with good minus to hit bonuses, in case you encounter some very fast backstabbers. It varies depending on what era you're in, but as long as you're playing post 3025 you'll generally have access to things like LBX autocannons with cluster munitions or Pulse Lasers, which are great bodyguard weapons against fast attackers trying to get at your rear armor. 3) You'll need hole punchers, generally. You don't -need- them, but they're very good to have. LRM20's fire 20 missiles, and even though if they all hit they'll do 20 damage, they'll hit 4 different locations and spread the damage out. Bring something like Class 20 Autocannons, Gauss Rifles, Heavy PPCs, or anything really that does 10+ damage on a single location to rip open armor so things like missiles and massed laser fire can critically hit into the exposed internal components.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but that's the very basics I imagine.

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>One lady had dressed up her 3 year old kid in a military dress uniform, with davion coloring and insignia, including the spurs, as Victor. Turns out she even named her kid Victor Ian

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>im so late in replying
thanks man the weapon uses will help alot. i'm quite interested in doing a Davion lance(spent a while on camospecs looking at paintschemes, pic related), mainly for the colour scheme. and thanks for the link.

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Diamond Shark dude, back again. Was looking at paint schemes in Camospecs and read this:

>Warriors with at least one confirmed kill may paint shark-like teeth in an appropriate place: the nose of a fighter, cockpit of a 'Mech, front of a vehicle or faceplate of battle armor.

I feel kind of like a dick but TIME FOR SHARKS

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Where is a good place to get rid of ass loads of Battletech. I haven't played in years, and have probably 100 mechs, every compendium, every map pack, 3d landscape...everything...I was hardcore for a long while...Shit, I am almost sure I have EVERY book as well.

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you are looking to unload?

Ebay is the most common medium. You could try going through BVTraders as well.

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yeah, looking to unload. I don't have friends in it anymore and don't really have time to enjoy a good lance on lance battle or anything. Best I've done over the last few years is a 1 vs 1 Solaris type of game.

I don't wanna deal with Ebay, and I'd rather sell it to someone that wants what I got, and recoupe SOME of my money.

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You might want to to wait a bit dude. From 2004-2009 I just had all my stuff in a box because of Dark Age. (Yeah I was one of those FUCK YOU WIZKIDS I QUIT guys)

Then I got back in the swing of things.

And now my gf plays too.

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If you like trading for games or sell without the hassle of Ebay you should try rogue market, google it . Mostly its 40k stuff but there are sections for other games as well...

Or you could offer to the Elegan/tG/entleman's over here

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Post some pics and I'll even make some offers on stuff here. I still have plenty of gaps to fill in my collection.

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yeah you never know what holds in store in the future. Although you have me intrigued. I've helped Labambaman's LGS out buy helping buy out their BT stock. What have you anon!

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Well, Ill get the collection out and take some pics. Why not. I've emailed the BVtrader guys. I'm open for some offers.

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What are you selling?

>> No.15867632

Everything. I just took pics of the novels. That was easy access. Give me a bit, and Ill organize and take shots of EVERYTHING else.

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yesh, yesh, post those delicious pics

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If you have an armorcast atlas I would be very I mean VERY interested. I want that fucker so hard for smashing puny marines in apocalipse 40k

>> No.15867744

Atlas Titan!

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I have a STACK of all the backer cards that each miniature came with...lol..hand marked prices and all. They all look to be the blue spec sheet atlas background cards from Ral Partha OR the yellow shooting atlas backer cards by Ral Partha.. Here come book pics. Still finding all the tech readouts and whatnot and charging camera battery.

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You have a copy of the Kell Hounds sourcebook, perchance?

(Pic related)

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I think my cousin bought that one. I like Gray Death Legion myself.

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Almost done with novels

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>>15867817 cont

Oh, for a 1st printing copy of any of these novels: Warrior: En guarde, Mercenary's Star, Price of Glory, or Wolves on the Border?

I those are the only books I'm missing from the entire line at this point.

>> No.15867860

Okay...going to charge camera, look for miniatures...remember names..

>> No.15867940

I got some. Warrior En Garde is ollllld and beat. Cover actually just fell off. The others are in pics.
Time to post stuff!

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Forgot...This is a BINDER of the record sheets.
Im pretty sure all of them are there. I hole punched em and we always photocopied...this was before a program where you can print em!

I think this is about all for the rules...There may be more in the set boxes...let me look.

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Hoooooooooly shit.

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I need.

1. Mechwarrior Imminent Crisis
2. MWDA To Ride the Chimera
3. MWDA Dragon Rising
4. MWDA Masters of War
5. MWDA Wolf Hunters
6. MWDA Fire At Will
7. MWDA The Last Charge
8. MWDA Surrender Your Dreams


1. Luthien
2. Merc Handbook 3055
3. Solaris the Reaches

I'll offer you $60 for those. You got other really cool stuff but that's all I need for my collection.

And actually I have some spare old FASA first printings I could sell or trade for other folks interested.

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Sweet mother of god. I get the feeling some of that stuff might be older than me.

>> No.15868077

You fucking said it Labambaman!

>> No.15868084


So, going through the boxes...they are more storage than anything.
Looks like Battletroops and Aerotech are pretty complete...Solaris/Citytech/Reinforcments held other stuff. One was a box of maps which I'll upload, one was notebooks of "custom designs" and the other was just record sheets and a Ral Partha catalog circa 93/94/95!!!


>> No.15868094


I'm sure we can work something out. Not sure what shipping will be like. Ill give ya dibs!

>> No.15868098

I am interested in maps. I've been trying to get my hands of 2 of every run so I can run double blinds at my LGS

>> No.15868119

How should I take pics of maps?
Are there model numbers or something? or open em all up?

>> No.15868136

i've always wondered why we dont have a /tg/ BST thread, and now i know. we'd spend all our time stroking our neckbeards and saluting others' collections.
never change

>> No.15868150


You got an account on LotB, BTU, or CBT?

We could haggle details there.

>> No.15868165

I'm fairly certain the printed maps have the map designation the the bottom trim for example "Open Terrain #1" or "Open Terrain #2" if you got a list it would be fantastic

>> No.15868191


Nope. gah.. I found the maps for reach as well.
wombat801 at yahoo...sigh...

Figured out the maps. Looks like: 8 maps of Map Set 4; 4 maps of Map Set 2; 6 Battletech stocks; and some that I will include with each SB.

>> No.15868223


I'd rather not sell each separately.
Map Set 4;
River Delta/Drainage Basin 1/2
Large Lake 1/2
Heavy Forest 1/2
City Street Grid 1/2

Map Set 2:
Mountain Lake 2
Scattered Woods 2
Desert Hills 2
City Ruins 2
I assume I purchased this with my cousin and we split half/half..lol

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So you oldfags that no longer have any dudes to play with, have you guys ever considered playing Megamek?

It's a Java freeware version of Battletech, that does all the rolling, sheet tracking, and calculations and stuff for you. Suffice to say, it's faster pace, but can be played a multitude of ways over the internet and a ton of people play through it these days to get their Battletech fix.

If you're still craving Battletech but got nobody to play with, its always an option.

>> No.15868277

The other maps I have look to be Solaris Maps
Ishiyama 1/2
Cathay/Davion arena
Steiner/The Factory arenas..

1 Random - looks to be Kurita/Clan attack?
Imperial City/Kado-guchi Valley

>> No.15868284


I sprekken the Megamek. Need to update my version though, I'm still running the Feb 2011 version.

I treat regular battletech like fine china now. Only bust it out on special occasions. And damn do people remember it.

>> No.15868292


I did along time ago. I should redownload!

>> No.15868296

Interesting interesting (stoking neckbear), let me reference what I have. I have also sent a salutatory email your way.

>> No.15868303


The Imperial City/Valley map goes with the Luthien SB.

The Solaris maps go with the solaris box. The first Solaris one might go with the Reaches though. Not sure.

>> No.15868310

Ok...Keeping things moving...I'm gonna go find the mechs and start taking pictures. Damned if I don't remember all the names though.

>> No.15868317

Sarna does a fair good job of categorizing what goes with what set/book. You might want to reference it if you want to sell things as a whole.

>> No.15868324

I eagerly await said pictures.

>> No.15868325

>(stoking neckbear)

>> No.15868332


Offer guy here. Sent you an email with details.

>> No.15868338

dem typos!

yes the minis are interesting what treasure trove might you have?

>> No.15868356

Should I get the popcorn for when the unseens start showing up?

I'm looking for a few Battledroids myself.

>> No.15868365

The HMS Neckbear needs the engines running at full!

>> No.15868397

Once the Miniatures and Books are all on display, there appears to be quite a few people offering the OP some cash for his miniatures.

So how are we gonna decide who ultimately gets to buy these items? A good old fashion bidding war? Maybe if we -weren't- Battletech fans.

Gentlemen, I propose we fight TRIALS OF POSSESSION for the right to buy contested items that have multiple interested people over Megamek. Let us see who deserves to buy these treasures of an ancient past.

>> No.15868412


If bidding starts, I (OP seller) likes this idea.
But ultimately first post works too...I'm not picky, but I am fair.

>> No.15868419

I bid a force of a Griffin a Nightsky a Stealth and Starslayer!

What forces do you bid in this batchall?!

>> No.15868427

Assuming the models are anything I want and have the spare cash to buy, I'd love to do this. Trial of possession for the right to buy BT minis... Fucking awesome idea.

>> No.15868428

Fool. A trial of possession without a bid? You truly are freebirth scum.

I lay claim to these books with my trinary!

>> No.15868450

I lay claim to my book list with paypal.

Good dealing with you Lostech anon.

>> No.15868475

I lay claim to a single unseen, if it is one i dont have!

>> No.15868484

Posting in a Lostech thread. Because Jesus Fuck, Lostech!

>> No.15868500

Attention, anons! I am Star Colonel Nikolai Malthus of the Jade Falcon Clan! A full Trinary stands ready to conquer your collection!

>> No.15868544

Op seller here...Oh man. I hate to delay this....I can't for the life of me find my GODDAMN minis!!!
I am tearing apart my house currently looking for them though. BACK TO THE BIDDING FREEBIRTH SCUM!

>> No.15868548


Nobody is going to fight you. Even if we win, you're just going to kidnap Lostech anon so he can't sell stuff to us.

>> No.15868555

Clearly a diamond shark scheme to have us empty our mech and warrior ranks along with our pocket books! Well played!

>> No.15868570

it's all good, the suspense is painful, but we can bare it.

here's hoping for a shadowhawk

>> No.15868609

You fool! It shall be naught but a stain for the Bigfoot to step upon!

>> No.15868625

any more pics of that beauty? i do enjoy large scale mechs

>> No.15868633

Let the Neckbear Wars unfold! Let it be known... as the WAR OF BEARING!

>> No.15868640


Delicious Master Grade model kits.

>> No.15868664

I wish there was. Alas, these pictures of Bigfoot are all we have to remember her by, apart from the Dougram anime. Let us cherish these tidbits rather than hunger for more.

>> No.15868683


Dude, that's a Gashapon. My favorite Warhammer in fact. N-scale.

>> No.15868703


I have enlisted the help of the wife to scour our 1600sq ft house. The battlemaster was my all time favorite. I have him. I KNOW between my cousin and myself we had all the goodies...Marauder, madcats, shadowcat, locusts, flamers, imps, vultures, warhammers...the robo-tech stuff that was banned...we had all of them. mmmm...Now to continue the search.

>> No.15868729

Battlemaster, lost? LOST YOU SAY?



Yours dearly, 8th Sword of Light.


>> No.15868739


You guys make me want to build my big one....and my little one.

>> No.15868754

why do you wish to see me not eat for a week because i spent the food budget on more "little metal men"

i'd like to know what kind of prices you were looking for.

>> No.15868805

>1600 square foot house

>> No.15868814

LMAO, Coleman is selling off his collection. The War of Bearing intensifies 10 fold!

>> No.15868854

Ok guys, I give up for the time being. I am at a loss of words.

I wasn't looking for specific prices. I just want to clean up around here. hmm...I won't forget about you guys! I will be cleaning more/looking and WILL FIND THEM. We (wife and I) swear to god we JUST saw the boxes of minis...

>> No.15868890



>> No.15868891


Hey dude, one last thing. Be sure to get me tracking on those books I bought.

>> No.15868914

chill nigga OP will pull through, /tg/ gets shit done

>> No.15868936

That sounds a lot like a civil war within the Ghost Beard Dominion.

>> No.15868941


Sure! I was gonna USPS or UPS them. I'm trying to dig up a good box to fit them in.

For those of you that bought stuff and sent me email, Ill reply back with info as soon as they go out.

>> No.15868949

is this nigga seriously attacking my home planet?

he better not be attacking my home planet

>> No.15869028

>Commit Sudoku

>> No.15869034

Speaking of Battletech...


>> No.15869040

Damn me if I had bad reading comprehension but I cant find the contact info for the selling gentlemen,please give me a way to contact you!!

The dude of the Armorcast atlas here...

>> No.15869044

Are there any programs for keeping track of mech damage and shit? I can't print off extra copies, so I don't wanna ruin the ones I got with the intro box. I just need something reusable that isn't me HANDWRITING an entire data sheet, sheet's ridiculous.

>> No.15869046

That takes me back.

>> No.15869060

Just a last pic, until I find my minis!!!!!

>> No.15869065


I was about to make the joke "You ever play Battletech? That many numbers in your head IS committing Sudoku!"

So guess what two lances of machines just arrived at my doorstep?

>> No.15869077

Op seller here.

wombat801 at yahoo

>> No.15869098

op seller here
Are those locusts? I've been outta the game for a bit...but you can't forget them.

>> No.15869109


Just use Solaris Skunkwerks to print out sheets. It has pretty much every mech and variant known to man and prints nice tables from your cheatsheet on there too for target modifiers and stuff.

Oh and 100% FREE.


Sweet, that's the old map that came in the Reinforcements set isn't it?

>> No.15869123


Yep, fansculpted N-scale. Can't wait to start putting them together.

>> No.15869127

I'll look into skunkwerks, but as I said, no printer, so let's hope it's handy to edit in-program!

>> No.15869133

Non battletechfag here. It seems like a lot of these things are really old. Is the franchise dead or something? Most of it looks like remnants from the 80s.

Maybe it's more popular in America, I've seen hardly any of it here in Europe.

>> No.15869145


I think its the map that came with Solaris VII pack. Otherside has Districts of Solaris. Kinda cool.

>> No.15869177

where'd you get those from?

>> No.15869184

Our locusts will blot out the sun!

>> No.15869228


Wombat? Not THE Wombat from the CBT forums, right?


Where the HELL did you find those!? Who makes them? THOSE aren't the plastic BattleTech minis from the 3e boxed set or the PlasTech minis expansion from the mid 90s.

>> No.15869285

Yo not entirely anon........ what you looking to get?

>> No.15869381


It is a very old game, like 40k (about 27 years old). Unlike 40k though the models and rules are still valid from the old stuff and and as it's a living universe with time progression, scenarios and such are usually never reprinted so people fight over the old stuff like rabid dogs.

Or we have mountains of old stuff and sneer and look haughty.

But new stuff comes out all the time. It's just easier to get ahold of and people don't go LOSTECH!

They've also rereleased a lot of old stuff in e format recently but us treeslayers still hunt for the books older than we are, owned by men with great gray lumberjack beards.

There's status to having some of the old stuff.

>> No.15869390


Not THE wombat801..nope.

>> No.15869676

>There's status to having some of the old stuff.

If I weren't broke as fuck, I'd be all over this lot of sales (especially the model kits). The old stuff is pretty collectible. Even so, I use the new stuff for playing.

They're giving Thundercats a second chance, they could do the same for Battletech. A cartoon based solely on the Wars of Reaving would be awesome and actually viable, as the WoR is pretty self-contained (compared to other events like the FedCom Civil War or the WoB Jihad). You are now aware that the Genecaste are Neosapian as fuck.

>> No.15870093

>Cartoon based on WoR
>Wolves final action at Kerensky's Blood Chapel.


>> No.15870208


Who is the scupltor? Do they have a link to where we can get this stuff?

>> No.15870402


I sculpted it (my first too so she's a little rough compared to the regulars like Elfbait and Orco) It's N-scale though so too big for regular btech. The thread is on LotB.

I'm thinking of doing another 3025'er next. Maybe the Commando, or maybe the Urbanmech? Blackjack or Awesome could also be cool.

>> No.15871047





>> No.15871105

Wait... Gemini?

I have never seen this one. Is this actually a 'mech? Sarna has nothing to say about it.

>> No.15871135

It's a mech that Nephanim made up for a mini-design comp, that looked like it had tits. Flying Debris saw that and decided to make one of the "Grab my boobs... ADVENTURE!" comics based off that.

Here's the original art.

>> No.15872264

Yeah, it's something I made up on my own...

Two mechs of different weight classes with as many interchangeable parts as possible, so that maintenance on them could be streamlined as much as possible.

>> No.15872298

At first I was confused... The boob thing kinda came outta nowhere. But then I figured, it's a Canopian design, intentional or not, mech boobs are hilariously thematic.

>> No.15872783

Since we've been posting our collections in this thread, I figure I might as well do the same, since I've finally managed to put all of my collection in the same bookshelf.

The only thing you can't see from my collection in here are my BT CCG cards.

Among my collection are some oldschool comics, one of which I'd scanned and uploaded to 4chan back in 2009 or 2010. I've also got a 15-card promotional set that came from pre-ordering Mechwarrior 4, and some prints of artwork made by Les Dorscheid... but those are all pretty easy to get your hands on...

>> No.15872968

I see library stickers on one of those books.

You dirty thief.

>> No.15873020

Not that dude, but my only Battletech novel has library stickers on it because I got it when they were selling off some of their books. Some of their crappy books, too. Seriously, Ghost of Winter was pretty bad.

>> No.15873050

Nope. Those are all relatively easy to get your hands on. What I *do* have, though, is something that I was hard-pressed to find where I lived... but when shopping second-hand in glorious nippon, well, that's another story.

>> No.15873118

Yes to library stickers, no to thievery. I just happened to be by my public library when they put that particular book out on the "Books for sale" rack. I guess they were making room for other stuff. Likewise, I found the Rifts and Jovian Chronicles books on a similar books-for-sale rack, except those books were 25 cents each.

Included are six RPG supplements, six translated Battletech novellas (Which I'm guessing are abridged versions of Battletech classics), and four original japanese Battletech short stories, one of which shown here.

>> No.15873130

Or maybe his local library, like mine, does book sales every year and he bought them there.

>> No.15873141


Oh god wat

Battletech animu! (Well they're actually light novels, but you know, same shit, a lot of mangas/animes start at light novels.)

>> No.15873142

Also, I was able to find this "Better Understanding Battletech" book, which seems to be some sort of supplement to the core rules.

>> No.15873155

"That Guy" - Apparently the same the world over.

>> No.15873164

I wouldn't call those super-deformed but they're well on their way there.

>suddenly, Battletech in the next Super Robot Wars

>> No.15873200

>Battletech in SRW

>> No.15873333

I think our path is now obvious: we must journey to Japan and get Takanobu Terada hooked on Battletech.

>> No.15873426 [DELETED] 

I'll do you two better.

The girls from Idolmaster teach Megamek.

Touhous playing Battletech

>> No.15873437


>Japan battletech releases

I am super jelly

My rarest thing is an old ,beated ral partha whamy and a marauder, not the originals though and not a rare thing if you were in this game long enough...

>> No.15873439

I'll do you two better.

The girls from Idolmaster teach Megamek.

Touhous playing Battletech

>> No.15873461

The downer is that I wasn't able to pick up the boxed sets. I'd have left all my wardrobe behind if it were an option.

But they were charging out the asshole for a second-hand box on the internet. Likewise, with Mechwarrior, the RPG supplement.

>> No.15873469

FD here

I totally scored a Ghost Bear Gladiator mini from the War of Reaving Camospecs table at gencon.

Its artist traded it to me for 2 11x17 prints and a mech drawing. It was kinda funny. People at the grinder table started buying the prints i was carrying around during BT game and the guy simply asked "do you take payments in minis?"

I said, "I'm listening"

>> No.15873470


Jam Project doing theme songs for the various groups.

>> No.15873473 [DELETED] 


>Mfw the next SRW's central story point being the Clan Invasion of the Earth Sphere

>> No.15873494


Or World of Blake attacking Nerv.

Angels, Angels Everywhere.

>> No.15873499


Any way to watch these without registering? I'm curious to watch these monstrosities.

>> No.15873514


A disposable solution fellow mechwarrior :


>> No.15873521


>> No.15873529


I would totally pay to see the Celestial Series attacking NERV.

>> No.15873601


"Kouji, what's going on, who's ships are those landing outside the Photonic Research Laboratory, were our Orbital Defenses down!?"

"I'm on my way to the Mazinger in the Plider, just hold o-"


"This is Star Colonel Alexi Pryde of the 3rd Falcon Dragoons, Zeta Galaxy. I have with me a full Cluster here at my disposal landed on your planet. We demand a Batchall, and a Trial of Possession be held for this Scientific Enclave. We are aware of a "Mazinger Army," defending here. I bid my best Trinary of Omnimechs against this "Army" of yours. Respond in 5 minutes or be declared dezgra, and forfeit all pretenses of honor.

>> No.15873604


So this leads that there is an underground battletech community right down the glorious nipon....

Interesting , its like reverse-reverse weabo . I bet they are cool cats

>> No.15873632

>people talking Battletech SRW
>suddenly Idolmaster/Battletech video
Holy shit my heart skipped a beat because Idolmaster is Namco Bandai's franchise. And then I realized it was a fan made video.

I think I'm going to lie down for a bit, that's all the excitement I need today.

>> No.15873661



>> No.15873734


Oh gawd even when I cringed at the intro I cant deny the awesomeness that a Battletech anime would have done rigth, kinda like LOGH...

>> No.15873768


Imagine a new MW game made by from software with the help of the guys on Nude Maker studios and.....(wait for it) Steel batalion controls on PC

>> No.15873909


This looks like the tesla capsules 2.5 gameplay I think It could be more than that. Anyone speaks moonrunes here?

>> No.15873998

>Japanese Battletech videos
>unseen everywhere
Just a little bit jealous.

>> No.15874244



>> No.15875071

I speak some moon-rune, but there's really nothing beyond Tesla 2.5 gameplay in said video.

>> No.15875127

I still say that a Clan Goliath Scorpion seeker and his ragtag band of IS bondsmen appearing in a SRW-game after a terrible missjump would be the way to go.

>> No.15875507

Nice clan bro bear design you got there, FD.
What drawing did you do for trade?

>> No.15875523


Nah, clearly it should be the WOB vs a Merc Company that's made up of one person from every faction (Including the Manei Dominei that defects halfway through.)

It wouldn't be particularly serious but it would do a good job of showing off the various factions (If as stereotypes)

The Lyran is clearly piloting an Atlas. It likes to punch shit.

>> No.15875647

i had traded i think a print of the 3058 reprint cover and one for fun piece i did of the skinny green mech firing its minigun. Plus i drew him a madcat on the spot. Though i might be wrong, I think i made like 8 or 9 sales just sitting at that table and it kinda blurs together.

One other guy paid me 20 bucks in quarters. Gave him a print and did his request of a Hunchback iic DFAing a Novacat.

>> No.15875680

you sir are awesome....keep being awesome!

>> No.15876445

I swear, this is the best Battletech thread since the one that gave us Clan Cliff Racer.

>> No.15876614

>Clan Cliff Racer.
Somebody tell me that's archived... It sounds bloody glorious.

>> No.15877816

It might still be, but Battletech threads frequently get the brunt of the Archive Culls.

Of the many battle reports I'd done, I think only two or three were left untouched.

>> No.15877831

I always thought the reason there aren't BT threads in the archives was a general apathy towards the whole archiving trend.

>> No.15877899

>That feel when I got into 40k because Battletech had too much math, but 40k mechs are either tiny or cost several hundred dollars.

>> No.15878002


You could always use the newer Quickstrike rules, or as we call them "Warmageartech 30K"

I still like the math though. The detailed simulation of you splintering a tree trunk across your opponent's cockpit is where all the fun is at.

>> No.15878308

there is nothing like showing some poor bastard hiding behind partial cover that getting kicked in the face is a real possibility. Even if that poor bastard was me.

I love BT

Or DFAing some guy simply because your axeman's hatchet got blasted out of your hands the turn before, causing him to fall off a cliff, watching him survive somehow, as a ragged mess thats limping away missing most of its parts, survive a blistering crossfire for a few seconds, getting knocked down several times over the course of a few turns, then eventually getting ammo explosioned.

>> No.15878527


We preferred using a Battlemaster with a hatchet, in a cityscape, jumping up onto a building, imploding it, falling through onto a light mech, DFA'ing the pilot, getting up after losing a leg, and hatcheting the next small mech running by...those were the days...im nostalgic.

>> No.15878796

Hey /tg/, just getting into delicious delicious Battletech. I was wondering how you guys kept track of movement, because it seems easy to forget how many hexes everything moved if you're shuffling around forces while worrying about that guy trying to laser you from behind. Should I just scribble it down on the top of the record sheet? Surely there's a more elegant solution.

>> No.15878919


I just like "roll to hit, roll to wound (or penetrate armor), other guy gets a save if applicable" better than "okay, my gunnery skill is X, I moved Y, my target moved Z, I'm at W range, which means my to-hit modifier is U. I hit, now I have to roll to see where I hit, and if I got a critical hit. Oh, and make sure I didn't overheat."

And if I had fired an LRM it was just an hour of allocating damage points. :/

A Sentinel with a Multilaser and glued-on Typhoon launchers is a pretty sweet 40k Locust though.

>> No.15878934


What do you mean keeping track of movement? You mean large forces? I typically organize my sheets by lance and move them that way. Maybe put a tick mark on a corner or assign them a number. Once you get used to movement, its really not a big deal. I've even just moved guys from the back (away from battle) in order to the guys at the front lines? Heck, move a mech, put his sheet in the "moved" pile? Just some ideas.

>> No.15878959


Thats the fun part of Battletech though. Your silly pilots skills make for a more entertaining time...THEN they overheat and blow up after you have used all 12 of your medium lasers with 20 heat sinks... It always added a "wild card," but otherwise just use a standard with all the guys at skills at 3's?

>> No.15879018


We usually use dice next to the mini. We use white for walk, red for run, green for jump and rainbow puke (closest name we could use for the color of those dice) for stationary. That lets us easily remember what we did that turn, and we can put our modifier on it to show our opponent.

>> No.15879051


We usually put a "movement dice" behind the piece indicating either how many hexes something moved or the target modifier.

I prefer hexes moved, as I can then tell if he ran or not in a gray area.

>> No.15879064

I mean stuff like the attack phase rolls around and suddenly people are trying to figure out to-hits and there's an awful lot of "how far did you move again?" "oh uh, I turned so I guess I only moved five hexes" and the like.

Maybe we'll get more attentive with time.

Brilliant. If there's one thing we will never have a shortage of, it's dice.

>> No.15879366


Oh god. That's so obvious. I feel mad stupid now.


When I was Clannin', I think it was the Blackhawk/Nova that had a fuckload of medium (pulse?) lasers, and I could fire most of them and not worry about heat. Cheesy? Maybe, but I'm here to play, not do algebra.

That's what I like about 40k, the weapons that "Get Hot!" don't on vehicles because they are assumed to have enough heat sinks to deal. (I do wish for more mechs, though - I'm quite partial to the Marauder style, no weaboo.)

>> No.15879622


Uh, dude that's the tank rules in BT. They have heat sinks to deal with the heat from all their weapons. So do Proto's and Battle Armor and Infantry.

Aero can only fire up to their sinking capacity on a ground map.

Mechs are the only things you have to track heat scale on, on the ground.

>> No.15879658

P.S. Addition is kindergarten arithmetic, not algebra.

In fact the entire game is played with kindergarten arithmetic. You only use algebra when constructing a custom unit.

>> No.15879674

> When I was Clannin', I think it was the Blackhawk/Nova that had a fuckload of medium (pulse?) lasers, and I could fire most of them and not worry about heat. Cheesy? Maybe, but I'm here to play, not do algebra.

The Nova had 12 ER medium lasers, and it could fire around 7 of them without worrying about heat. Of course, the prime is so preposterously overcosted that it costs about the same BV as a Dire Wolf.

>> No.15879976


yeah, something like that. I want to say they were all mounted in the arms, and it was "fire all but one per arm" but I might not've been able to move and do that. (I could move and shoot slightly less though)

>> No.15880497

Hey gaiz, is there like anywhere where I can get a ton of Battletech info? I wanna play but I know fuck all about the setting and what books I need to play and such etc etc... And before you tell me I already tried the intro PDF

>> No.15880534

play megamek
read sarna.net

>> No.15880551


>> No.15880562

In terms of rules and playing the game, a friend of mine pretty much learned the basics from reading total warfare, downloading solaris skunkwerks and megamek, and just dicking around and learning through experience. Pretty much all tournament level stuff is in there.

For the fluff, the TROs are actually decent, as are the various other field manuals. Though by this point, the plot has progressed quite a bit, so you should probably begin at the beginning. The Successor States all have their own manuals which are a gold mine for fluff.

>> No.15880894

>Mechs are the only things you have to track heat scale on, on the ground
The vehicles with fusion engines, I think they track heat too, but not the ones with regular engines.

>> No.15881008

Nope. Vehicles with fusion engines get 10 free HS towards any energy weapons they mount (Energy weapons on tanks need to have a number of HS dedicated to them equal to the amount of heat they produce.) They still don't track heat.

>> No.15881107


Regular engine tanks need power-amplifiers to mount energy weapons too, plus heat sinks.

Kind of the reason all that stuff has autocannons, flamers, and missiles out the wazoo.

>> No.15881634

fucking bump

>> No.15881719

Gotta share my sweet marble N-scale board I just got in the mail.

Cheap and modular.

>> No.15881740

marble is cheap eh?

>> No.15881804

That is pretty damn nice.

>> No.15881887


Building materials meant to be used in 10's of square feet tend to be a hell of a lot cheaper than say dedicated game stuff like heroscape.

In fact all 20 square feet cost me less than 2 heroscape starter kits would.

To be fair I got it on clearance though.

>> No.15882165

I've got kind of a fluff question. In the Succession Wars, the 3rd specifically, mechs are super valuable and irreplaceable, right?

If a mech was disabled, what was the protocol for surrendering? Would the mechwarrior voluntarily give up and let the enemy get his mech, or would he force them to destroy it? Because it seems like he'd want to preserve it, but if they're so rare I could see him not wanting to let enemies get it. Did they ransom people, making the mech analogous to a medieval knight's horse/armor?

>> No.15882193


>> No.15882254

That guy with the Raven knows what you're talking about.

>> No.15882257

What's the tooth on the surface? Would it hold paint/basing material?

>> No.15882378


It's smooth but not polished. Plus it's carbonate so you can stain it very easily with a wash. That's what I was thinking of doing with some tiles so I could have the natural stone show but get some color coding for woods/water/rough terrain etc. But if you want to completely cover up the tile with flock and stuff, I'd say just buy plain old unglazed tile instead of marble. It's like 1/3 the cost.


Many times a MW would be ransomed back with his machine if they could pay the piper. But more often than not, the cost was too high and only the pilot would be returned, Dispossessed and disgraced.

This only applies to family machines. State machines were a bit of a different story. They were almost always claimed as spoils of war. Also mercs sometimes never even got the proper soldier treatment. They were executed and their machines incorporated into the enemy army.

>> No.15882455

Where are people getting these amazing N scale sculpts?

>> No.15882542

I think all those are 1/200 gashapon kits (correct me if I'm wrong).

>> No.15882638


Some are Gashapons (Shadowhawk, Valkyrie, Wasp, Marauder, P-hawk LAM, Warhammer in the mech bay) though the bugs have been heavily modded. Some are the old 1984 Matchbox die casts (Archer and Rifleman) Some are the 1993 Plastic Exosquad figures (Longbow) modded. The Thunderbolt is the old 1/144 Ironfoot kit from the 80's.

And the Quickdraw is a custom sculpt I made out of a Patlabor Helldiver.

I've got something like 1000 N-scale pieces. 100 Unseen kits/toys/gashapons , 60 fan kits/sculpts/customs, the rest are Dark Age minis.

>> No.15882668

source for the love of god source

>> No.15882694

Probably from the dark age mini's + some bits added on to make them look nice.

Problem with N-scale is that you need a ridiculously large playing space unless you want every fight at short range.

40x40 to 50x50 is my personal sweet spot for map size. Deep deployment means you're not too far away from your opponent, but still have room to back up and maneuver around in. This particularly helps if you play Clans, since you need as much time as possible to kite at long range before your IS opponent starts brawling you.

>> No.15882740

Is it really our fault punching is so effective?

>> No.15882760


>Need play area 3x current table size

Yes...in time

>> No.15882791

Physical attacks for Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos)
Brush Off Homing iNarc pod from Team #2 with Left Arm; needs 10, rolls 9 : misses.
Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) punches itself in the HD Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) takes 8 damage to HD. 1 Armor remaining.

Pilot of Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) "Howard Horujev" takes 1 damage.
Pilot of Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) "Howard Horujev" needs a 3 to stay conscious. Rolls 5 : successful!

Brush Off Homing iNarc pod from Team #2 with Right Arm; needs 10, rolls 7 : misses.
Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) punches itself in the HD Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) takes 8 damage to HD. Armor destroyed, SECTION DESTROYED,

*** Penetrator PTR-4D (Demos) DESTROYED by damage! ***
Critical hit on HD. Roll is 7; no effect.

>> No.15882799

Quiet, you.

>> No.15882829

On the bright side, once the section is destroyed, the homing beacon is gone as well.

>> No.15882880

This is why hands and lower arm actuators are important. Also why you don't try to brush off a NARC pod on your head unless your punches are REALLY weak.

>> No.15882928

How does it even manage to reach its head with its arms?

>> No.15882965

Hexagonal bathroom tile as terrain base. That's fuckin brilliant!

>> No.15882979

Man, I was playing earlier and an arctic wolf tried to stand up from going prone. Failed the pilot skill check. Fell. Had critical engine damage. Then was destroyed.

>> No.15883143


There's actually a rule in TacOps that makes having Hands and Lower arms imperative to getting up, things like the Riflemen have a pretty hard time getting up with the rules on, but it makes sense and I like them for that (Not talking about game balance here, just make-sense-itude)

>> No.15883462

That's been something of a pet peeve of mine with quite a few designs. Though the "No/minimal Arms" quirk in SO pretty well reflects that little problem that a lot of mech's have. Arms so poorly actuated they mechanically can't even touch their own knees. At that point, you can't even call them 'arms'.

>> No.15883608


The reason they are still counted is so you don't get that "Near Miss" thing from Maxtech.

Gotta check up on the Stratops update.

>> No.15883674

What is something that a Lyran would have that is either a faster assault or a heavily armored heavy? Looking to replace Sunders. Not a Templar, not a Hauptmann.

>> No.15883692

hmmmmm you are getting rid of your sunders?

>> No.15883698

Zeus and Banshee

>> No.15883743

I don't actually have anything yet, still in the planning stages.

I can appreciate a Zeus. Thanks. I just keep asking because I'm not entirely sure if my grasp on fluff is entirely accurate and you guys are generally quite on the ball.

>> No.15883755

I have had good luck with Annihilators, Axmen, Berzerkers, Devastators, Fafnirs, Gunslingers, Highlanders, and mostly the Thunder Hawk

>> No.15883790

So after playing around with the UltraProto construction rules in WoR, I created a 15 tonner with 3/5/3 movement, 66 points of armor (including 30 in the torso), and an ER Large Laser. Now imagine five of these sniping you from 20+ hexes away.

>> No.15883836

What the fuck is a Zeus X and is it a travesty to use one? Because I kind of like it but at the same time it feels wrong.

>> No.15883849


For the love of god, thats awesome.
Something similar happened to my buddy. He was trying to get up in a warhammer (tacop rules), failed the roll, fell down a hill at the hills angle into deep water (3 depth?), he was already damaged in CT, and got a critical from fall, rolled it and flooded his engine, then proceeded to try and eject, failed that role and splattered his brains inside. We dug his mech out in RP, threw it into battle immediately after that romp, and we gave the person who joined a +1 to all rolls cause they couldn't use the cockpit/electronics. :)

>> No.15883857

Stacy Church pilots one and is ressurecting the Black Widows...shes hot shit, and her mech aint no mad cat but it gets the job done

>> No.15883935

It'd be pretty unreasonable for Joe Blow to have one though, huh?

>> No.15883959

I spent way too much of my birthday money on battletech minis. My pride and joy are my lance of Wasp LAMs and my two Phoenix Hawk LAMs.

Sadly, I've found it impossible to keep a marauder or behemoth mini to stay together.

>> No.15883986

My Lyran regulars have one... but they have a "creative" logistics department.

>> No.15883999

I like to maintain a policy of "fuck everyone else I'm having fun", so joe schmo can have one, for any reason. Its just a zeus built to test experimental tech. take a look at stacy's load out, the blue shield dampener is pretty cool

>> No.15884048

I just like my shit to be fluffy. It brings me joy.

>> No.15884074

I hear ya. Do you run a Lyran lance? If so, take a lance of zeus-x's makes for a good ultralight lance

>> No.15884078

>66 points of armor and an ER Large Laser

>> No.15884156



>> No.15884196

It's how house Steiner rolls.

>> No.15884252

Fuck yeah, from the words of the great Thomas Hogarth himself.

Anybody else find it hilarious that he winds up as Lyran "head of procurement" for the military in the 3080's?

Assault mechs. Assault mechs, EVERYWHERE!

>> No.15884255

Lyran weight classes:
< 80 tons - battle armor
80 tons - ultralight
85 tons -light
90 tons - medium
95 tons - heavy
100 tons- assault

>> No.15884275

I guess, fuck.

>> No.15884306


actually its not hard at all to stand up without using your arms. Try it

if you are face down, you just need to get your knee underneath, and boom, you're up, if you are on your back, just cross one leg under you and roll forward. Its easy.

Wouldn't make any sense to make a mech that couldn't get up from a fall. Granted, using your arms should make it easier, but it shouldn't be impossible without them.

>> No.15884448

The Zeus is a Lyran mech right? So even if Zeus X isn't canon Lyran, I'd imagine they lust after it fiercely.

Can't scratch your nose without arms.

>> No.15884470

Either of these in a combat situation in a few seconds? Pretty damn tough. There's a 'Careful stand' maneuver in TO which doesn't require arms, but it takes the whole 10 second turn, and gives you a bonus to the piloting roll based on how nimble the mech in question is.

Besides, not only would the Houses develop a machine that has a hard time righting itself after a fall, but they have ones that have this problem AND mount weapons whose recoil can knock them over!

>> No.15884582

Zues-X is made on Arc-Royal by Arc-Royal MechWork. One of the most "LYRANS FUCK YEAH" planets in the entire universe and populated by Kell Hounds, Lyran Loyalists to the core. The Kell hounds built it and then gave it to Stacy as a gift to fight the Blakist.

Essentially if you want one you can fluff it pretty fucking easy. Just say you are a friend of Arc-Royal and that you/your unit served in the Arc-Royal Theater or as the Lyran's like to call it "We fight Clan Jade Falcon every fucking day of the week" because The Duke of Arc-Royal, Morgan Kell is a fucking bro to anyone who fights like a boss and can easily gift shit like a Zues-X to decent warriors.

>> No.15884960

So I've been trying a lot of megamek and I guess the only thing I don't like is that the bot seems to ALWAYS place his units right on top of mine. Is this normal in tabletop games or is the bot just a total faggot?

>> No.15885021

I think I found sauce amidst a sea of dead links.

As far as I can tell, that's the cover of a Battletech fan book sold at Comiket '95. Wish I could find the back cover.

Found some other cool stuff while poking around, like I stumbled across some big discussion threads on 2ch and people were linking Sarna pages and stuff. It kind of blew my mind, I didn't think Battletech had much of a following these days, let alone any presence in Japan anymore. But I'm rambling.

Have a... Vulture prime for your trouble?

>> No.15885036


Bots a huge faggot, set deployment zones to avoid it.

>> No.15885059

It sure does seem that way.

Like I just tried a small 4v4 a while ago with a fafnir and 3 ravens and this faggot basically places all of his shit right on top of my fafnir and starts kicking it every turn. I couldn't believe this shit.

>> No.15885614

Blood Spirit fans have always been annoying, but now that their Clan is dead, they've become fucking insufferable.

>> No.15885755

That's pretty fuckin' awesome. Thanks man.

>> No.15886126


Best part of the entire bullshit is the Nova Cats can sit there are go "LOL FAGGOTS we got it easy in the end"

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