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Daemonette army versus GK.

I'm going to have to pack something besides melee to kill tanks, and more preferably the land raider/transport kind. SO I figure I can take out the idea of taking any kind of fiends and/or seekers. (sad about it)

I really don't want those glaring weaknesses though, especially when I cannot control the attacks and a single daemonette could get 4 daemonettes killed by attacking silver.

So now's the dilemma...

Up to 2 squads of troops can have small units of pink horrors for a single bolt of tzeentch. I don't like taking soul grinders, princes or greater daemons but I guess I might have to now (numbers over toughness, leaves their big one shot guns nothing to hit but a daemonette-ish model)

And then flamers/screamers of tzeentch... Both are very short range and one relies on melee. Bot are high priority targets but one is more cost efficient but may need 6's to hit. I might go for screamers in a full 32 because of their similar cost to daemonettes...

Should I? I mean, they pick to use the meltabombs they get one attack and a 4+ inv save against it...

If I take flamers of tzeentch, I rather pack some Blood Crushers instead at +5 points because of their wounds and toughness value... a wound per 20 points instead of 1 per 35.

Give me incentive to go one way or the other pls.

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Ever considered the changeling? It seemed to do quite well in the WD battle report

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I like the changeling, but I like games without using unique characters too if I can help it. And he does not help the fact my daemonettes greatest nemesis is that damn silver upgrade for GK tanks.

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>vs. Anti-Daemon army written by Matt Ward.

Why not just hit yourself in the nuts for an hour? It'd be the same basic experience.

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This is retarded. You're tailoring your list and you will still lose! haha

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He plays Slaanesh, what makes you think he wouldn't enjoy such an experience?

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Anti-tank? Isn't that what Soul Grinders are for?

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Then he should play WHILE hitting himself in the nuts. Who knows, it might throw his opponent off his gam- phhhhbbbbt, couldn't keep a straight face. How can you throw an opponent off a game when it's just "roll dice to win game"?

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Planning an army based around what I will end up facing is indeed tailoring. But if I take the same thing against everyone else then it's not so much tailoring is it?

I am just trying to decide what my anti tank portion of my army will have to be. Because of the damn silver that cuts down 3/4ths of my codex by merely existing. (And JoTWW/GK Warpfire that instakills multi-wound creatures)

I rather make a better investment then randomly picking things out and regretting it.

GK are beatable. And no, I think a nutcracker would make a terrible gift idea.

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I play both Grey Knights and Daemons. I don't know what you're smoking, but GK are NOT beatable by Daemons unless the GK player's mother drank copiously during incubation.

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Ten anti tank guns with nothing to do but pump into one soul grinder that is inferior to their dreadnoughts (initiative) is a bad idea, many Daemon players will tell you the same.

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Collars of Khorne maybe? (This, obviously, is not advice for OP)

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Also that model has a fuckhueg Deep Strike footprint. I've almost always lost it in terrain.

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Yeah that too, especially when I rely on numbers and half my huge units come in on turn 2, scatter with the run rule and make room for the other units coming in later.

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