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Every faction seems to have an "endgame" scenario where they only have to have this one element mended to their existing lore to give them the ability to fuck slap the rest of the universe.

God Emp finally coming back
Orks stop mucking 'bout
Nids come with the whole damn flotilla
All the Necrons wake up
`ect ect

Who would prevail should say, all those things happen a the same time?

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no one, you fucking retard

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Obviously the emp.

He psychic-god-hell-blasts Gork, Mork, the Hivemind and the C'tan out of existance.

Then he telepathically unites the entire human race, and a new Great Crusade begins. He clones new Primarchs and gives the Imperium tech they'd forgotten.

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Jeremy Newman. He's a low ranking forge world assembly line worker who likes to collect oddly misshapen bolts.

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Op, I honestly I'm more interested in figuring out the Tau's endgame.

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>Orks stop mucking 'bout

I don't think you quite get it. The Orks are already winning.

They have MILLIONS OF ENEMIES from MULTIPLE FACTIONS to ruthlessly slaughter in an unending war for dominance. They don't have an Endgame. They're already livin' the damn dream.

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What part of waxing theoretical makes him a fucking retard?

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Tyranids ultimately, I think.

The Hive Mind operates at an intergalactic scale, which is something no other faction has any concrete grasp on. There is no honest telling what the true extent of the Tyranids is because of that - one galaxies worth of biomass, dozens, etc.

Chaos would come in at first or second if I could figure out the extent of the Warp. The existence of the massive power of the Hive Mind and how the Chaos Gods apparently didn't know the fucker existed makes me think they only influence a small (galaxy sized?) section of the Warp. Fuck knows how big the true power of the Hive Mind is.

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Then why didn't he do all that before he "died"?

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>He psychic-god-hell-blasts Gork, Mork, the Hivemind and the C'tan out of existance.

Gork and Mork are vastly more powerful than any of the other Chaos Gods, including the Emperor.

This is canon.

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don't worry, we're here to make sure none of that ever happens

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A good father lets his children learn how to handle themselves without intervening . Even when he can accomplish the task easily.

Otherwise how will they ever grow?

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'Cos this shit takes time to organise. Once he'd finally got the Imperium in the right sort of order, Magnus and then Horus fucked everything up. He won't make the same mistake again, by allowing compassion to colour his worldview.

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Or maybe because the Emperor was never powerful enough to do that in the first place.

This is the guy who had to be saved from a single ork for chrissakes.

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When have the Orks ever been anything more than comic relief? The Imperium will win because they're GW's main protagonists.

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You misspelled "Ultramarines".

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The orks have already hit end game. It's only a matter of the other races trying to escape it.

Which is unlikely, since they scale up to match any opposition.

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and even if Gork and Mork are killed the Orks are still there and another God entity will be born.

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They might have a good fight against Ork-Tyranid hybrids.

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Couple of points to be made.
1) The C'tan defeated the old ones, a species so powerful as to create both the Eldar and the Orks.
2) The Nightbringer is not death incarnate, but rather the death the first. He is the monster that created the fear of one's own mortality. If he returns to full power, the universe is fucked.
3) The Silver Wyrm on Mars can and will take control of Mars, and use the power it has gained to wreck the Mechanicus and destroy Terra using the shit ton of weapons platform on and orbiting around mars
4) The Deceiver can and will turn the factions of chaos against each other. He did to the C'tan, he can do it to the Chaos gods.
5) A force with unimaginable number of recyclable warriors rises out of the very ground where they are least expected, dealing death and destruction
6) Tyranids cannot, and in cannon have fled and avoided, fighting Necrons
While the Necron Codex is shit, its fluff points it out as the strongest.

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rolled 24 = 24


>Good Father
>compassion to his children

The Horus Heresy and everything that went wrong with the Great Crusade was all the Emperor's fault.

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"Silver Wyrm"? Is that the Void Dragon's new name?

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Sauce? That's interesting.

LOL! +1 internets to you, good sir!

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He was repurposed at the bottom of a warp god scale tequila bottle until GW progressed his plot

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Yeah. The same void dragon that the Emp already whupped and made his bitch.

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There's some bullshit theory of Emp ascending to true godhood once someone lets his body die on the golden throne. That, ironically, The Imperium keeping him on life support is preventing him from becoming something like a Chaos God.

I have absolutely no fucking idea why everyone seems to think the Emperor is some elder god tier ultra-psyker who can think all of humanity's problems out of existence. What in the fuck gives you that idea?

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>choked by ork warboss
>saved by horus

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It probably stems from the whole Astronomican thing.

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Its how the crazy Mechanicus guy refers to it in the short story in the Necron Codex, no?

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Yeah, but Gork and Mork can actually create miracles. If it wasn't for them, pretty much nothing the Orks made would work.
The C'tan might be good at demoralizing, but that won't help if Gork or Mork suddenly decides that dat red stompa over there can now fire Exterminatus-Grade orbital shells.

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Actually, the primarch Ferrus Manus. That's how he got the silver hands.
Also, the Void Dragon has no need for close combat. He controls the Mechanicus. And the planet Mars. That's a fuckton of Dakka.
Also, the other points of the argument still apply. Not to mention that The Outsider, who drives anything that looks at it beyond insane, wasn't mentioned....

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Am i the only person here who finds the Orks to be profoundly annoying?

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...that would make sense, but source.

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Every faction seems to have an "endgame" scenario where they only have to have this one element mended to their existing lore to give them the ability to fuck slap the rest of the universe.

The Hamster Templars find the Master Tubes.
The Angrymarines discover TRUE rage.
The Prettymarines unearth Primarch Bowie.
Cultist-chan does hardcore.
`ect ect

Who would prevail should say, all those things happen a the same time?

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Weren't these othe C'tan eaten by the Nightbringer? I mean, apart from the Deciever and the Void Dragon?

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Yeah, that's what people think Cypher wants to do, fix El' Johnson's sword, and shank Daddy, so he can become the Star God, and fuck EVERYTHING.

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Oh, you mean that thing that only works because thousands of fucking psykers kill themselves to make it work?

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rolled 6 = 6



Orks are awesome.

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The Nightbringer ate the living shit out of the race that MADE the Orks.
Also, ork magic only happens when they have morale. Its a gestalt thing. Deviever fucks up the command chain with JUST AS PLANNED, and then the nightbringer eats the orks.

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It said Horus saved him as the Warboss "struggled to choke" the Emperor.
Soooo, it didn't imply his life was in danger.

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>The Nightbringer ate the living shit out of the race that MADE the Orks.

You keep on bringing this up like it's some kind of achievement.

The Old Ones made the Eldar and Orks to serve as weapons. They were no good at fighting.

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The Eldar gods came into existence solely from the belief of the Eldar.
If you don't believe the Emperor is a god after having completely uncountable humans pour belief into him over ten thousand years, I don't know what to tell you.

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if by "kill themselves" you mean "are forced at spear point down the gullet of the God corpse" then yes

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From Lexicanum
the Great Silver Wyrm, a metallic beast impervious to harm and Ferrus had to drown it in magma to kill it. The melted flesh of the wyrm fused into Ferrus' flesh, giving him the true metal hands his Legion would take its name from.
The Silver Wyrm is what the Mechanicus call the Void Dragon. Its implied. One could argue that the Beast is called Asirnoth, but that might be one in a long list of monikers for the C'tan

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>The Angrymarines discover TRUE rage.
A bookreading of the 'Twilight' saga, as read by Chapter Master Bieber?

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>Cultist does hardcore
Note the Slaaneshi tattoo.
Too late.

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>Culstist-chan does hardcore
>hard core

someone has obviously never read the culstist fan fics

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With technology to create entire races, I would say they should be able to pump out weapons of considerable power. If their science is strong enough to create a race of self reliant fungi that make magic by believing in it, and a race that can use cannons that tear wholes in reality, I'd say they should be worthy opponents. Also, in the Necron Codex, it is descrived that the Necrontyr could not triumph over the power of the Old Ones.

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Warboss ain't no joke, son. Those guys are crazy strong.

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It took a mass robotic lobatimaztion and the harnessing of the essence of stars themselves to beat them.

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Dranon's Delight is fantastic. Another good one is Squad Broken.

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what happened to the 7th chapter of DD?

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Yeah, warbosses believe that they are the biggest, strongest orkz in the warband. Therefore, due to their Gorky-Morky magic, they grow to be larger than other orks, have bigger teef, bigger hornz, and are much, MUCH stronger.
They also believe that they have the shootiest shootaz, and the choppiest choppaz, which is why their weapons are better than, say, a Nob'z equivalent of the same weapon.

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Search me.
That one was underwhelming, though, take it from me.
I wonder if most of /tg/ has read the other two chapters of Squad Broken.

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Fuck, there's two more?


>> No.15838116


Anyone mind linking these?

I would actually contribute, but the whole thread seems too opinionated. Opinions based on GW's shitty bias and varying writers.

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no idea about squad broken though

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I can dump all three if you like. It's best taken in the full swoop.
Chapter Two is really short, by the way.

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Chapter 1: Squad Broken

As soon as he heard one of his comrades scream "SQUAD BROKEN!", Eduardo the Space Marine knew that he was doomed. He charged forth in a panic, firing his plasma gun wildly into the air. Somehow the orks had surrounded them! Eduardo's teammates ran shrieking into the depths of the abandoned tanker, the grunting lustful orks in swift pursuit. Soon Eduardo was alone.

The brawny Space Marine collapsed against a wall, panting raggedly. His plasma gun had nearly overheated, and his com units were malfunctioning. No use even if they worked. By now, his whole squad was surely dead.

Lost in his thoughts, Eduardo did not hear the ork creeping up on him. Stunned by a blow to the head, Eduardo was thrown violently to the floor. The ork grunted in amusement, bending down and straddling his body. Dazed, Eduardo turned his head to look up at his enemy. The ork fellow was huge, well muscled and even attractive for his species. Right now the ork's vibrant green skin was flushing dark in arousal. Eduardo whimpered as he realized what was about to happen.

Summoning up his powers as a Blood Angel, Eduardo bellowed in the Black Rage and began to flail about under the ork. The ork simply grunting, riding the panicked Space Marine like a rodeo bull. Already weakened, Eduardo simply did not have the strength to dislodge the much heavier ork.

All that thrashing around served to arouse the ork further. His name was Gurk, and the friction as the puny Marine flopped around between his muscular thighs was giving him quite a respectable hard-on. Gurk had meant to save the Marine for his own squad, but he couldn't wait any longer. Whipping out his own plasma gun, Gurk seared off the back of the Marine's armor, leaving his shining buttocks bare to the ork's lustful gaze.

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My favorite part of Squad Broken is the fact that he's called Eduardo.

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What's everyone else's endgame? I can't even think of one for Eldar.

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Eduardo moaned in fear, his virgin asscheeks clapping firmly together to deny the ork entrance. Gurk simply laughed, ripping off his crude orkish loincloth to reveal a thick green meat pole, nearly 12 inches long. The ork stuck one calloused finger down his throat, bringing up a thick vomit slurry which spattered down into the crack of Eduardo's ass. Smearing the foul vomit around with one brutish paw, Gurk prepared the Space Marine's tender anus for playtime.

Much to Gurk's frustration, his cock was simply too large to fit inside Eduardo's tight man cunt. He grunted furiously, screaming "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" in his deep orkish voice as he battered his fuckmeat against Eduardo's tightly sealed pleasure ring. Suddenly the Space Marine's portal gave way, and the swollen head of Gurk's cock popped through into the forbidden halls of his anus. Gurk's pleased snort was drowned out by Eduardo's scream of agony.

The ork began to pump away in earnest, his bulging muscular hips and thighs slamming brutally against Eduardo's ass. His heavy, furry balls slapped against the human's ass merrily, creating a calypso that pleased Gurk mightily. Blood, a thin smear of feces, and Gurk's own oily yellow pre-cum lubricated Eduardo's asshole until it was as hot and slippery as Gurk's own mother's cunt.

Poor Eduardo was swiftly going into shock from the pain. His mind growing dim, he screamed "SQUAD BROKEN! SQUAD BROKEN!" over and over as the ork thrust brutally into his bruised insides. The ork's massive cock had caused a large degree of internal damage, and Eduardo was close to passing out from blood loss and fear. If his squad didn't find him soon, Eduardo knew that he would soon die. His poor plasma gun discharged into the floor one final time, overheating from a mix of pleasure and agonizing pain.

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Die out and summon Ynnead, God of Death.

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The Space Marine had been a good fuck for Gurk, but he needed something special to truly finish. Gurk's heavy balls drew up close to his body, and he felt himself tensing, about to cum. As Gurk's thick semen roiled up out of his cock and into Eduardo's battered body, the ork slammed his powerful hands shut around the Marine's neck. With a vicious jerk up and back, the ork crushed the Marine's windpipe and vertebrae, swiftly ending his life. Eduardo's anus clamped shut around Gurk's cock, the painful tightness almost causing the ork to pass out.

Gurk roared out as he climaxed in the dead Marine, his beautiful green cock pumping load after load of thick ork jizzum into Eduardo's lower intestine. The ork pulled out as Eduardo's anus slowly relaxed, releasing Gurk's cock with a wet sucking sound. Gurk used the sleeve of the Marine's uniform to wipe the thick scum of blood, shit and cum from his swiftly withering ork meat. With a satisfied grunt, Gurk walked slowly away from the Marine.

Eduardo's corpse lay cooling on the floor of the tanker, the charred remnants of his uniform stained dark with the foul fluids of both the ork and himself.

Squad broken.

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Bonecraft a death star powered by a few dozen full infinity circuits

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Chapter 2: Regrets

Ever since meeting the handsome space marine, Gurk had been feeling decidedly un-Orkish. He often found himself writing poetry and weeping black salty tears. Much to the dismay of his fellow Ork fellows, Gurk even began to wear mascara. A lesser Ork would have been torn to pieces for showing such weakness, but Gurk's extraordinary horniness and sorrow lent him the strength of a dozen Orks. Still he sulked, thinking regretfully of his too-brief encounter with Eduardo.

Gurk had never known the meaning of regret, but the fact that he had killed his lover tore at his oozing black heart. It was only now, some time after the act, that Gurk realized his only chance at happiness had died along with Eduardo.

Orks weren't supposed to be capable of love, but emotion had finally begun to flower in the garden of Gurk's withered breast. And it had all begun with the sight of a young man's pale buttocks, gleaming coldly in the starlight....

Gurk wept himself to sleep every night.

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This is so good

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Chapter 3: Romance Blossoms

For weeks now, the foul magic of the Necrons had clouded his mind. When they reanimated him with their life-giving skelecum, he couldn't even remember his name. He had vague memories of fighting and dying, but he had no idea of who he had been in that other life. The newly-risen Necron didn't even know what he had looked like.

The awakening of the young Necron had unexpected consequences. Unfortunately for the Necron Lords, their experiment was doomed to failure. The nameless one had been risen too quickly. As the Necron magics brought his soul back to his body, they also quickly undid the damage, leaving him perfect. He was no shambling skeleton, but a fully-fleshed human being. To all appearances, the fellow was human. Black magics had given him a second life without turning him into a mindless zombie soldier.

It wasn't long before the traces of undead magic vanished even from Eduardo's mind.

He was on a nameless planet, hunting Orks through the wilderness and dispatching them. The Necrons had destroyed the main Ork force here and the green-skinned survivors were left to fumble their way through the woods. Escape was futile. Eduardo knew this. He and his Necron masters would destroy the last of the Orks and claim this planet in the name of Death.

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Eldrad stops being a dick and comes back from the future.

>> No.15838207

When the burly Ork fellow Eduardo had been hunting burst from the trees, the scales began to fall away from Eduardo's eyes and heart. Literally. The silvery flakes of Necrodermis which had fouled his humanity rotted and flaked away from him. His heart began to pump with the sweet-sour juices of love. Love is stronger than death, so they say. Eduardo's love was.

The Ork, for it was indeed Eduardo's swarthy lover, fell to his knees with a howl of anguish. Surely Eduardo must be a ghost! As Gurk babbled his apologies and wept for Eduardo's forgiveness, the Space Marine fellow knelt and embraced Gurk in his strong magical arms. The two fellows clung together in a massive pile of man-brawn and sweet tears. Their relationship had been forged out of violence, but the love that blossomed in their hearts was true.

As the Ork and human held each other, the heat of their bodies merged and began to intensify. Eduardo and Gurk felt strange stirrings at their groins, and grinned at each other lustily. Eduardo shoved Gurk back onto the ground, ripping at the Ork's loincloth with his supernaturally strong fingers. "I forgive you for killing me, Gurk," he breathed, "But this time I get to be on top!"


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In addition, Harlequins have some sort of secret plan that has yet to be revealed, or so says Gav Thorpe

>Which brings us to the Harlequins. They see themselves as the future of the Eldar. They look upon the other Eldar societies and see that all of them are simply trying to survive rather than change. They are the true radicals of the Eldar, and they have a plan so audacious it fills other Eldar with horror. Their plan, their existence, stems from the myth of the Laughing God. This myth tells us that the Laughing God, Cegorach, eluded Slaanesh’s grasp and survives to this day. He is the only god to have properly survived the Fall according to the Harlequins, and in this lies their secret.

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Everyone loves a happy ending.

>> No.15838230

Why is this so good?
Why boner why.

>> No.15838236

The Emperor is a corpse silently howling on a golden toilet. Chaos already won, its just savoring the flavoring.

>> No.15838241


My god

1d4chan wasn't lying, he DOES come back from the dead

>> No.15838250

Of cause Cegorach is still alive, he plays 3 card monte with The Emperor, and Tzeentch.

>> No.15838277

Believe it or not, that is not my favorite mangogirl fic. As someone who fapped twice to "Celebrian", I think myself uniquely qualified as a connoisseur, you might say.
No, the best by far is New Beginnings, some kind of fucked up crossover Silent Hill fic that managed to beat "skelecum" for my favorite phrase. That being, of course, "virgin he-pussy".

>> No.15838288

Whatever happens Tzeentch will go 'Just as planned'.

Then giggle.

>> No.15838317


>No, the best by far is New Beginnings, some kind of fucked up crossover Silent Hill fic that managed to beat "skelecum" for my favorite phrase. That being, of course, "virgin he-pussy".

"OMFG", cried James as he flopped in the monster's strong arms like a fish. A fish that was about to be raped.

>> No.15838337

The scent of the jizz made James' flagging cock perk with interest. It smelled of rotting ham and gasoline and old, milky, fermented pears.

>> No.15838383


I'm so tempted to put these phrases in Google search

But I'm afraid I might find the fic

>> No.15838397

Suck it up, pussy.
Read New Beginnings, it'll make you a man. Or at least desensitize you to virtually anything else.

>> No.15838446

I've searched on and off for DD7 for a good while now. Whoever did the purge was very thorough.

>> No.15838485

It's a meme, there was no 7.

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>same thing

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It took Slaanesh ages to come into existence, and Ynnead is still powering up after 60000 odd years.

Granted, there are more humans than there are Eldar (well, post empire eldar, anyway) but they have a smaller warp presence.

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Mass produced XV-9s and other leaps in technology

>> No.15838520

One can be desensitized and still a whiny babby.

>> No.15838559

Would still amount to "Yay, all dese robots, all dese hamboigahs, wait, why is the drone saying something about us touching its mind, fumbling in ignorance, incapable of understanding?"
The Tau don't have an endgame. They are on the knife edge of extinction for dozens if not hundreds of reasons.

>> No.15838595

Actually, the whole "mass produced XV-9" thing rather blows the ork endgame out of the water, since, you know, an endless stream of ork boyz is still pretty fucking harmless unless you run out of ammo.

Conversely, the human endgame as presented by OP is not quite enough to be on par with the necron endgame; a better analogy is "find the lost STCs plus Emps awaken plus humanity evolves into a fully psychic race"

>> No.15838604

>find the lost STC system
This would result in the Imperium effortlessly purging everyone except probably the Necrons. The Emperor waking up is just a plus.
And what I'm saying is that in 40k, AI inevitably turns on its masters. Every time. It's inherently evil, or something.

>> No.15838612

Humans because the game is written by humans.

>> No.15838619

rolled 89 = 89

Isnt the ultimate goal of the Necrons/C'Tan to permanently separate the material universe from the Warp? Wouldnt that kinda fuck up.....everyone?

>> No.15838623

That's why they are not good(ish) guys.

>> No.15838637

Well yeah. I'd assume that the point of calling it an endgame, is the different factions achieving a parity of nigh-omnipotence... the ork endgame doesn't really compare to the tau, which (unless something changes) doesn't really compare to the necron/imperium one.

And the whole "AI turning on its makers" thing is hardly an invariable rule of the setting; the Imperium has everything from land raiders with AI to genuine DAoT kill-ships that are cloaked, exterminatus-capable and completely uncrewed and controlled solely by AI, which has never, afaik, backfired on them, even though it sounds like the dumbest possible shit you could ever do ever in 40kland. And hell, people say chaos auto-corrupts AI, but chaos only corrupts AI when a sorcerer actually does weird shit to it. Chaos land raiders don't even seem to have AI anymore.

>> No.15838648

What? Land raiders don't have actual AIs. They're just really well programmed.
Imperial Robots aren't AI, either, yet they manage quite well.

>> No.15838655


And Chaos Androids that the Chaos Squats created were also possessed by daemonic entities.

That's why you're never going to see a possessed drone, or even a possessed Eldar ghostship even though those are controlled by actually psychic wraithbone circuits that by all accounts should attract daemons.

>> No.15838660

They can experience grief, go drive off on killing sprees to achieve vengeance for their slain friends, and their chapters will die to save them in turn. The whole irony of the admech shit is that the line between AI and Machine Spirit is purely subjective.

>> No.15838693

That wasn't a sign of anything but exceptionally good programming.
Did it stay there and nudge its dead Battle Brothers?

>> No.15838697



Would an Ultramarine do that? No.

>> No.15838706

No since running over your allies isn't considered a very affectionate sign (although I can imagine the nonexistent off duty space marines owning ordinary civilian cars and running each other over as harmless pranks)

>> No.15838764

All that was said was it killed all the xenos by itself.
This does not imply emotions.

>> No.15838795


I know Gav has written bazillion Eldar codices and articles, but "a secret and horrifying plan that scares other Eldar" still sounds like 40k hyperbole.

You do know that Eldar endgame plan of Ynnead revolves around their entire race dying, and that the species is living under constant threat of Slaanesh, the worst fate imaginable awaiting them after death?

As for Dark Eldar, what could be a horror they have not experienced or about to experience at this point?

>> No.15838814

Consensual sex through a hole in the sheet in the missionary position with the lights out for the sole purpose of procreation.

>> No.15838840


This. I am entirely sure that doing this will have you executed (not tortured, but rather killed as fast as possible). Hell, this is probably worse than having an Alpha Plus Psyker in Commoragh for the DE.

To get serious, the DE would probably shit enough bricks to build a second Terra if any Slaaneshi Army ever found a way into their city.

>> No.15840333

Word down the 40k fluff grapevine is that next edition they plan to royally fuck current lore.

Rumor has it Emp wakes up, Ultramarines are nearly wiped out by World Eaters (I am interested in this one, being a Ultras fan), and Abaddon is replaced by some chaos faggot character from the Dawn Of War 2 games. Inheritor, or something. Can't remember his name right now.

Doot doot. As for endgaming, I don't see Tau as really having one.

>> No.15840454

Tau map out the flow of warp energy through the various races with significant warp presence and become a race full of Kenshiros?

>> No.15841540

oh god what

i thought the current rumors were returning primarchs and the ultramar region becoming imperium 2.0 after the astronomicon dims

>> No.15841564

As someone new to 40k, why are all the races so overpowered? I hear tyranids are from another universe and have an endless supply, Necrons are old as fuck and are buried everywhere and instantly rape anything, some dudes send some probe out and found only orks out in the galaxy, etc etc

>> No.15841600

God Emp finally coming back
Orks stop mucking 'bout
Nids come with the whole damn flotilla
All the Necrons wake up
Tau unite all xenos
Eldar find War of Heaven weaponry
Superman returns
Jesus decides to stop turning the other cheek.

>> No.15841699


When everyone is over powered, no one is.

>> No.15844480

Fukken Syndrome.

>> No.15845054

Funny thing.
The STC is the key. If they find an STC, they can wake up the Emperor. with human hypertech.
The Emperor is just the icing on the cake. Not really filling, but holds it all together.

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