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After Spess Mareen, THQ and Relic have had enough of your complaints about too many Space Marine games and agree to make a non-SM game. Since you complained loudest, they ask YOU for the premise of this new game.

What do you pitch to them?

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Posted before, but I love posting it:

>a slightly more humorous FPS style 40k game (think Caiaphas Cain style jokes). The trailer goes something like this:

>(Dark, "Epic" music) The scene is of a battle. Chaos Cultists, CSM, and countless Daemons rain down fire and destruction all around. In the distance, with a loud, overblown yell ("FOR THE EMPRAH!"), four Space Marines (preferably Ultrasmurfs) charge the Chaos army.

>A Dramatic voice over ensues "These are the Space Marines, the Elite, the tip of the spear of the Imperium," We focus in on one Ultrasmurf, he cocks back a fist while running, the camera zooms in on said fist as he punches forward, sonic ripple form in the air around his fist "This Game..." a rather large daemon catches the fist with his claws and the "Epic" music comes to an abrupt halt "...is NOT about them."

>The monster picks up and spins the Space Marine in the air before hucking him off into the distance, we see the Marine land behind six Imperial Guardsmen who watch the smurf crash with a loud thud. One of them (the Sarge character Archetype) pulls a cigar out of his mouth and shouts "ALLRIGHT BOYS! THAT'S OUR CUE!" (cue lighter more upbeat music, think the "TF2" theme).

>Scenes of IG (specifically our main six heroes (and heroines) dominating in battle against Chaos forces by use of superior numbers, creative combat, and heavy weapons.

>From (insert competent FPS company here) and GAMES WORKSHOP


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A survival-horror style rpg (minus most of the horror element, since you're part of "the horror") in which you play as a worshipper of Tzeentch infiltrating an Imperial planet to try and establish a cult and corrupt it. It would be linear and story driven, with a greater emphasis on subterfuge and scheming than raw combat, although combat would definitely play a part.

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GTA Gommorragh

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Assassins game. You get to pick which one (eversor, callidus, vindicare, cullexus) you want to play before each mission.
You know how all the game ads for the new Deus Ex claim that there are different ways to get through each obstacle? It is like that, just with more drug-addled gene-altered super killers.

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Imperial Guardsmen meet Rainbow Six/Ghost Recon style game. Simple as that.

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Sounds good!

In an ideal world I'd get a sandboxy style Rogue Trader game. Dynasty management, ADVENTURE, intrigue and reams of heresy all rolled into one. Some scripted events form the metaplot, lots of randomly generated stuff, exploit the unknown as you see fit. Probably something like Pirates! but a bit less arcadey and some extra crunch. Not too much, though.

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Love it.

But hell, I'd play any game that wasn't so grimderp.

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Ork Action RPG/RTS. Sort of like Brutal Legend you start out as a puny git, but eventually work yourself up the ladder recruiting memembers such as a weirdboy and a big mek under your entourage.

your clan choice at the beginning determines the overall bonus of the boys under your command. You will eventually work your self across the entire planet and will ultimately have to face the Imperial forces and their Imperiotr Titan as a final boss

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This with Stormtroopers.

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an open sandbox rpg with GTA elements set in Commorragh.

You take the role of a miserable slum dweller who must rise through the ranks of the kabals or the covens or the arena's in order to take your place amongst the Dark City's elite.

Murder, assasinations, gladiatorial combat, daring space raids, espionage, high speed racing... take on the role as one of the most evil creatures in the galaxy and have the time of your life as you cut a bloody niche for yourself

It will be called: Commoragh

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GTA Commorragh would be so cash

>Be a kabalite warrior.
>Do drugs that would fry the brains of humans from the bare ass cheeks of soritas slave.
>Go on raids and slaughter mon keigh scum, just for the pleasure.
>Even if somehow you manage to get yourself killed, your kabalite bros only need to bring back a litle bit of your flesh, for you to be regrown by the haemoculi.
>After the raid, sell slaves, have crazy sex with biches, torture slaves, just for shit and gigles.
>Go to wach arena maches, where half naked wyches fight gladitorial battles agains all kinds of things.
>Fap furiously when Lelith Hesperax gets on the stage.
>Go to parties in the high spires of Commoragh, and watch from the alcoves the rotting slave scum that festers in the undercity being harassed by reaver and helion gangs.
>Go home
>Do drugs that cause your eyes to bleed and skin to burn.
>Wake up, when your mate calls you.
>"Hey Mon'keigh fucker! It's raid night tomorrow, are you coming?"
>Living the dream.

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Yes please. But for Commorragh, I'd much rather it be a Mass Effectish rpg, working your way up from a newly promoted Syrabite to Archon of a Kabal however you see fit.

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>do some missions for one faction
>conduct a series of daring raids that critically injure one of the big name Kabals
>get your money and go on a pleasure binge
>step out of your hotel the next morning
>Drazhar is waiting for you

game over man

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I was actually thinking about an ork roguelike a while back. You'd start out as just a Boy, and the different skill trees would have stuff from the different kinds of boyz. You'd have an inventory squig that could destroy gear you didn't need to make bitz for upgrading other gear, or you could just sell it for teef.

In the end you'd fight damn near everything, loot damn near everything, and become the warboss.

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Ork one. Where you are a Mek. Start out with shootas as a spanna boy, make gargants as Big Mek.

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Company of Heroes, but in modern day.

Or homeworld 3.

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A Rogue Trader point and click adventure

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Inquisitor game
Sliding morality bar determining if you're a radical or puritan
Recruit characters to be in your retinue
Customize your own ships
Gameplay is half investigating and half shootan

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Another spess mehreen game.

But you're a raptor marine, and have been dispatched to a planet in order to single handedly liberate it

You must use your wits As well as your strength in order to survive

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Mek Puzzle game.

Both players take parts from the center of the screen to collect appropriate junk to build their stuff. If any items of 4 colors touch they get to pull the parts out.

you can also delay the opponent with various weapons you can build from the scrap.

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FPS game where you fight in the civil war on Krieg.

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The adventures of Virpeniculus Trespnemus, Rogue Trader Extraordinaire.

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>Sliding morality bar determining if you're a radical or puritan

Don't do this. Instead have several factions that you can alter your reputation with. Some people might think you're a paragon of puritanism while your rival might know you for the filthy radical that you are. The most important thing is that if you keep your methods secret and/or spread propaganda you'll have the reputation you want, not the one you warrant.

Really, fuck sliding "morality" bars or similar.

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Fuck that. Use all six. Include Venenum and Vanus
Bam, two separate Hitman-esque playthroughs that still are very different.

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A God of War clone. Except this one stars everyones favourite Phoenix Lord Maugan-Ra. The first one could be about him rescuing Craftworld Altansar from the eye of terror. Start it off on an Imperial World, with Orks v Imp guard that the Eldar are messing with, but you dont spend the first 10 minutes as Maugan Ra, just some nameless Exarch then you see Maugan Ra blasted by an orbital barrage and the Exarch's last act is to go over to the armour and join. That way you have a rational reason for why such a powerful character stars off with only limited access to his abilities (or all that could be done in a CGI fest). After messing with Orks/Imps the Speesh Marheens show up (all in the name of diversity). Then onto the Eye of Chaos and the rescue.

If the first one is a hit, then the 2nd could be about him vs the Splinter from Hive fleet Leviathan. That way you get an individual doing unlikely stuff within the 40K universe that doesn't rape fluff, it builds upon it.

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I like this idea. Though making space elves look badass is a virtually impossible task, even if it would star Maugan-Ra.

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If any spess Eeelf can be said to be and look bad ass, it's this guy.

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He uses a fucking cannon as a scythe how the fuck is that not badass.

>Chapter frotto
uhh... Is this a sign the the next game needs to be about squats?

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Have it be a mix between TF2 and the furious four and you can take all my money.

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Titan based shooter. Lots of you in your Indomitable God Machine raping small little infantry and tanks, or slugging it out with other opponents . Slow, Methodical game, as each Titan would handle differently and gunnery is important.
Kinda imagining Chrome Hounds and Mechwarrior having a Child with Skulls emblazoned on it.

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Maugan Ra and five Dark Reapers are teleported into the guts of a hive to destroy a long-abandoned Webway gate that is about to be used by genestealers to invade Alaitoc. Gomeplay takes a que from Crysis and STALKER.

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>GoW clone


>phoenix lord


>Maugan Ra


wait a minute... no.

Maugan wouldnt really suit a GoW style game... he puts more emphasis on shooting.

Someone like Karandras, Jain Zarr or Baharroth would be better (the latter opens up aerial combat even)

Maugan is still my favourite phoenix lord but.. nah. I just dont think it'd work

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This. A thousand times this.

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Why not just make it where you play as a penal legion member?

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Deff Skwadron: The Game

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Dear god this

Make it something like MW4 Mercs, only instead of buying stuff, it's favor with the AdMech. As you defend and liberate planets, your legio is able to land more titans. Maybe set it during the Heresy, and have the final battle be the battle for Terra, putting you up against all the traitor titans.

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Or as one of the traitor titans depending on what you did in game.

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I'd like those. Straight-up guardsman FPS would be dead fucking boring.

If you do guard, make it a strategy game, with the player as the commander; think Kindum Under Fire style (so you can fight, but most of the game is ordering troops around)

I'd also play a Battlefield; 40k

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Final battle is you in the best titan in the game, trying to keep your ground while the Emperor duels Horus. Simply survive until the Chaos forces hear of his death and retreat.

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Maybe that's one of the characters. I imagine the main characters hailing from a variety of battalions, allowing you your Cadian-Kreig-Catachan-Valhalla-Tanith dream team.

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a game where you play as Sly Marbo.

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All valid points, and I'd love to see any of them in a game with high production values. It's just that of the Phoenix Lords Maugan Ra (my equal favourite with Karandras) is the one who has the feats in his backstory that match up with a game like this.

I know he's more shooty, but in the name of video game adaptability you could do so much with him. Shooting while they're at range, melee combos while he's in melee.

I just think the Phoenix Lords are criminally under utilized in the Lore / Marketing of the game. They could do so much with them.

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Single player and cooperative shooter, based not only around Titans, but also Imperial Knights. Single player units are Knights, and Titans are run by teams. The Princeps controls movement and designates target priority, the moderatii control one or two weapons systems each.

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Remeber, the key of >>15835969 is more humor in the grimderp then actual grimdark.

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Forge World. city-builder RTS with some combat elements

You start with control of a single factory complex on a distant Mechanicus controlled world, and have to construct and manage your factory, bringing in shipments of materials, maintaining a production line and a worker base (as well as supplying according to demand) whilst also occasionally having to deal with off planet threats or even rival factories vying for influence.

Gradually you expand until you control the entire world, and then have one big final boss battle where the forces of chaos descend upon your thriving world or something

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The key of it is making the Guard look like ultimate badasses so that /tg/ can sate its hateboner against Space Marines.

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Sim Forge World.
if faith gets week heresy breaks out
random bad event can be alien invasion or full blown revolt.

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We already have that game though.

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Also comes with a Dark Mechanicus expansion set

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Id make a fps from the point of a fire warrior

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So Mount and Blade...with Orks?


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forgot my fuckin pic

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40k Total War
Play as Imperium, Chaos, Tau, Orks, Eldar/DE, maybe Nids. If Nids aren't playable, at least make them some sort of random event. Build armies, Risk-style like Dawn of War, but more involved and overall better.

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And the entire game is an escort quest where you have to keep an ethereal alive as swarm after swarm assaults you

Only the Ethereal is equipped with an honour blade... and so has it in his head that he's tooled up for combat.. and so will rush in to face Carnifexes and Hammernators and Incubi and the like

you are armed with a pulse rifle

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I was thinking of a variation, involving Genestealers.

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somehow, first three things which popped into my mind, would be like playing the gaunts ghosts story with mates in fps style. 2nd armaggedon styles mankind vs orks a la battlefield/stalker mix. 3rd somehow fps like being in a hive city arbitrarywise, defending against riots, secret cults and shit like this or going against them in street gangs (mmo?)

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Also it's underwater. And timed.

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The player is an ork big mek.

The warboss wants dead killy choppas and dakka.

The game consists of designing, testing, and using right flash war machines.

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and you have an annoyi-*cough*ENDEARING drone companion that constantly reminds you of your next objective

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WH 40K: Titan

You are Princeps John Doe. You start with your trusty Warhound Scout Titan. Through various Campaigns, you upgrade your titan to become more and more devestating, finally leaving your Warhound behind as you're given command of a Reaver, and so on, all the way until you get a Warlord Titan.

Epic battles, cities in flames. Thousands crushed underfoot. You are the Emperor's Holy Wrath.

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Warhammer 40K: Seer Stones

You're an Eldar Farseer and you have to match all the fabulous gemstones in order to protect your craftworld from the evil chaos!

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You are a big mek. You wanna get da boyz ta space! But first, you wanna experiment. So you grab three of your trusty grot riggers, and stick'em on a haphazard rocket you built from scratch. If it launches, mission accomplished! If it crashes, it was a right good larf!

OH WAIT. They already made this game. It's called Kerbal Space Program.


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And the Ethereal dies at the end anyways.
Also, the most common enemies are underwater versions of Cliff Racers that stunlock you while screeching annoyingly. Meanwhile the Ethereal whines for help and the Drone tells you that you have been stunned every time it happens.
The storyline is eight hours of incoherent, shitty cutscenes that are completely unskippable and interspersed with quicktime events that ifd you miss you will die.
Checkpoints are few and far between.
The final boss is incredibly fast, instakills you, is only killable via a tiny weakpoint open for an instant, and taunts you the entire time.
There is no ending, just this.

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A Necromunda game. For the love of the Emperor, a Necromunda game.
I know, I know, not really big license stuff, and I know turn based strategy isn't really the hot thing right now, but come on... they did a pretty fantastic job with Cyanide Studio's Bloodbowl, and just think of the possibilities...

Randomly generated Underhive levels, or just throw a level editor in there...
Competitive Multiplayer Campaigns built like Bloodbowl's leagues...
Just like with Bloodbowl, an opportunity to rekindle interest in other Specialty games...
As far as singleplayer went, I'd be happy just with a no-plot-added campaign mode like they had in Bloodbowl, dealing with the triumphs and heartbreak of watching the RND run my gang to glory or straight into the ground

...Well, I'd buy it

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>Sandbox game
>Player is a Rogue Trader
>Grimdark is played for laughs not super serious
>Classic space sim (think Freelancer or X series) with fully customizable capital ships, mixed with graphically updated M&B-style engine for ground combat/boarding actions
>Trading, exploring the depths of space, committing war crimes, getting rich. Fuck yeah.

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How's Reddit this time of the year, faggot?

>> No.15836794

Actually never been on Reddit, faggot. I just thought it was a stupid idea, faggot. I happen to enjoy Futurama, faggot. I did a search for "not sure if troll," faggot. I posted that image, faggot. Sorry you thought that faggot had a good idea, faggot. Maybe you should take some time off the internet, faggot.

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I will pay you for this.

>> No.15836805

Wagon an' Choppa: WAAGH

You play a fledging Warboss amongst several other tribes of Orks, choose to work under a Warlord as one of his Warbosses and slowly make your way up the ladder until you're the new Warlord or just carve out a place on the continent yourself until you unite the entire continent into one great WAAAGH!

>> No.15836809


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A game in which you play a guardsman that advances up the ranks. The tutorial mission has you as a conscript, with barely any equipment, charging headlong into an enemy position with like fifty other guys. You later become a regular trooper, and you work with your squad to clear out some urban setting of some kind, and eventually you get promoted when your corporal bites the dust.. Now you're in command of a fire team, still under your sergeant, and can lead your other guys around, kind of like Republic Commando. Eventually you get promoted to sergeant, and you command the squad. You get better gear and can break it up into fire teams and do this and that. You're promoted again, eventually, and now you're managing a platoon on the battlefield. You get get better gear, a map, you can order your squads around on the map, maybe have some chimeras you can order around, etc. Eventually you're promoted again, to levels where you have to deal with logistics, ordering ammo, equipment, and rations for your men, etc etc. Perhaps you eventually get promoted high enough to become a general! Managing armies across star systems, working with the munitorium for logistics stuff, leading entire campaigns

I'd like some little RPG elements too, getting better in between missions. Boosting your strength or accuracy as a trooper, Leadership as sergeant or captain, charisma as general and so on. Maybe upgrading your armor/weapon a bit, or choosing sidearms and such.

>> No.15836823


I'd like for each rank to give you like a small version of what you'd get in the next one, if you know what I mean. As a conscript, you get a taste of combat, getting the basic "Press this to shoot gun" and "Take cover, holy shit you're retarded" stuff down. As a trooper, you get the basics of working in the squad, and it's primarily shoot this guy, take cover over here, lob a grenade. Corporal would be an introduction to commanding mans, still a lot of squad stuff and shooting mans focus. Sergeant would focus more on commanding your men, still having shooting, and maybe a little logistics stuff, scrounging around for extra rations or ammo or grenades. And so on and so on, until you're a general.

>> No.15836824

Let us forget that game ever happened.

No seriously, lets just forget about it.

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>> No.15836844 [DELETED] 

I've always wanted something that manages to blend an open ended space game with Mount and Blade's FPS/RPG style for planetside combat.

The fact that it would be a 40k game is just a bonus at this point.

>> No.15836845

I can't recall the name but there's a really detailed and realistic game about the Battle of the Bulge... I'd like to see something like that for the Second Battle for Armageddon. From either side. Maybe even do something like that Joan of Arc game where it's part RTS and part third/first person.

>> No.15836852

was i the only one that enjoyed fire warrior sure the graphics sucked but so what

>> No.15836854 [DELETED] 

My god... captcha ate my face.

>> No.15836860

Gorka Morka...almost made it...but got the axe...the demo is out there, glitchy.

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>> No.15836884

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Battlefleet Gothic as a good vidya idea?

>> No.15836892

naw im fucken wit yaa
no idea who devin is

>> No.15836918

I can just imagine how messed up that would be once everyone figures out the orbital strikes and starts getting tanks.

It'd be worse than Swadian Knights in Warband.

Sounds like a good idea though. There is a wide world of expansions they could add in and depending on how its made, it could be awesome.

>> No.15836937

If BFG were to be made, I would hope it would be THQ making it: they have experience with making first-class full 3d RTS's

>> No.15836963

>It'd be worse than Swadian Knights in Warband.
I always find it funny that Swadian Knights kick ass, but Swadia itself almost always ends up getting owned by its neighbors.

But yeah, I'm not quite sure how to have balanced ground combat while still including vehicles and bombardment.

>> No.15836975

Make tanks hella expensive, and make orbital strikes a once-per-week or something ability.

(Week in game, that is. )

>> No.15836987


>A God of War clone.

Why would you base it on God of War when God of War is already a shitty clone of Devil May Cry?

My vote goes for Hack and Slash game starring a Striking Scorpion, based on Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta.

>> No.15836999


gameplay sucked

lore sucked

>> No.15837219

Perhaps it can be improved upon...

You play as the ethereal being escorted, for the first 5 minutes. When the last other member of your escort takes a chainsword to the skull, you pick up his pulse rifle and get revenge for your fallen allies. Then you fight your way through enemy lines, scavenging weapons from dead allies and enemies alike. You can also use your ethereal charisma-powers to give orders to any surviving fire warriors.

When you finally rescue yourself, you're told that your methods are too violent and you're to be shipped off to live the rest of your days in peaceful relaxation. (Then the ship is boarded or something. I'm not going to spend hours writing the plot to a game)

>> No.15837237

Space Marine II - The Deathwatch Edition.

>> No.15837254

Remember lemmings?
That, except with orks.

>> No.15837270

The Sims:Warhammer.
You play as the God emperor. Hopelessly trying to guide humanity from fucking up.But hopelessly they fuck up everyday

>> No.15837276

Why in Terra's name would it be Maugan-Ra and not Kharn the Betrayer?

Kharn's Fury II: The Bloodining

>> No.15837279

Gorka Morka: The Video Game.

Persistent semi-sandbox MMOTPS.

Players are encouraged to form warbands with other players, but can enlist NPC boyz to help them if they don't have friends. Think Red Dead Redemption's multiplayer, but way more fleshed out.

Areas that can be cleared out for loot/teef, forts that can be commandeered/reinforced to defend against other warbands. Vehicles, customizable to a small degree if you've got the teef. PvP is high-risk/reward.

>> No.15837282

Impossible. No one'd buy a game that shifts genres like that.

>> No.15837318

Is it wrong that I imagine just about every game I play as set in the 40k universe? For example, I'm playing Crysis now. I think of myself as an Inquisitor or Stormtrooper and it makes it so much cooler.

>> No.15837398

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
You play as an aspect warrior. You change aspects every so often, but still need to use what you learned from the previous ones.
2nd to last stage you mess around as an Autarch.
Last stage you are the Avatar of Khaine, and fight Chaos Titans á la Shadow of the Colossus. Then you fight a 2v1 cage match against a Bloodthirster and a Keeper of Secrets (kill animations are tearing out the Thrister's spine, and impaling the Keeper into the ground on the Wailing Doom, before tearing it in half, vertically).
Or a space combat game with Yriel.

>> No.15837676


Because Maugan Ra > Kharn.

Besides, Kharn is just a naughty Speesh Mareen with extra spikes.

>> No.15837680


>Autarch to Avatar

That's not how it works silly...

It goes

>aspect - Exarch - Avatar

>> No.15837731

Retcons, dude. I've heard that the earliest Autarchs were Exarchs that just became Exarchs, switched to a different aspect, Exarch'd the shit out that, switched again, etc. It's a video game, we can spin this to be awesome. Your dude just ended up being stuck on the Path of the Autarch, which is basically a mortal Khaine (seriously, their runes are almost identical). That would hardly be the largest leap of logic 40k has pulled.

>> No.15837733


I mean't GOW clone in the sense of the epic storyline. Instead of facing down the Gods you're facing the Splinter Fleet / Chaos.

I'd give all my $$$ for a Striking Scorpion game like you suggested as well. Fuck Relic for ignoring them in DoW2.

>> No.15837757

A dating sim/waifu simulator where you can choose between characters such as a sister of battle, a female guardsman, female inquisitor, etc.

You know you want it /tg/

>> No.15837791

I want an Ork FPSRPG

Start off as a Yoof on an ork world, grow an develop, fight other boys and deadly native creatures, and end up a Boss leading a waaagh against a chapter of marines and regiments of guardsmans

>> No.15837820


>I've heard that the earliest Autarchs were Exarchs that just became Exarchs, switched to a different aspect

That's NEVER been what Autarchs are.

The entire idea of Exarches is that they NEVER change their aspect.. their lost along one path forever

Autarchs are intended to be the complete opposite of this... warriors who have walked the path of many aspect without losing themselves down either one.. increasing their versatility but ultimately meaning that they can never be quite as effective in a particular school of combat the way exarchs are.

Autarchs are leaders of their society. Exarchs are psycopathic elite warriors.

>> No.15837842


An Inquisitor RPG. Collaborate with Bioware.

You're an Interrogator. An investigation goes skids-up when your Master discovers a conspiracy. He gets shot- With his dying breath, he gives you his rosette. Now, you're on the run (On Special Condition). No-one can be trusted. You must gather your warband, including a cynical guardsman, a lovely psyker, an autistic Savant, a Howling Banshee, and an Eversor assassin...And find a way to the dark heart of it all- That a secret Chaos cabal plans to awaken the Reapers...I mean, a Necron C'Tan...from slumber.

Will you be Radical or Puritan? In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there are only romantic subplots. COMING SOON: INQUISITOR.

>> No.15837868

>Chaos cabal
>ressurecting a C'Tan

I know you're troll, but srsly bro, try being a little less obvious next time.

>> No.15837869


So, Spore.

>> No.15837889

Space Marine Tycoon.

Yeah, I know you said no SM game, but I'm breaking the rules here. (AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO STOP ME, MUAHAHAHAHA!!!!!)

You'd start as the chapter master of a newly formed Space Marine chapter.

You get to choose name, heraldry, and which of the loyalist legion you descend from. You start as a fleet-based chapter, but over time you might end up getting a planet for your chapter, depending on your progress through the game.

You make various deals with other Imperial forces and increase your reputation and standing, allowing you access to more shit and to get aid from friends, etc. You could do missions for AdMech and increase your reputation with them, giving you access to better technology, power armor, dreadnaughts, etc. Or fight alongside other Imperial forces, from other Space Marines to Sisters of Battle, and form bonds with them, which would allow you to call upon their aid in times of need.

And there would be plenty of different times of need. It would be somewhat random, as in, there would always be a chance of a WAAAGH! forming, or a Tyranid hive fleet attacking or the Magpies coming to meet with you and stealing all your shit, etc.

You would also be able to deal with Eldar and other forces, but if you act too friendly towards them, you might attract the attention of the Inquisition and other Imperial forces.

All in all, it would mostly be a sandboxish game, kinda like Paradox games, Europa Universalis 3, etc. Only listed the basics in this post because I can't be bothered in making multiple posts and it wouldn't fit in otherwise, but you get the idea.

>> No.15837905


It's part of the joke- You know, Mass Effect and all that. I do think the general outline would be plausible, however; Though probably not Necrons. Let's say a Greater Daemon instead.

Oh, also, you're being pursued by your childhood friend, also an Inquisitor, who's hell-bent on hunting your ass down. She's romanceable!

The Eversor Assassin is recruitable by finding his Stasis Pod...And the meme-words to control him. Otherwise, it's too risky to release him, but he's a combat monster.

So...After your master gets shot, you and his surviving companion- A grumpy ex-guard Veteran- end up on the run from cultists and the big bad, a renegade inquisitor. On the first planet, you pick up a Servo-skull, a waifish Psyker, and the Savant- Before escaping on your master's ship. This is shortly before the planet is blown up by EXTERMINATUS.

Now you must travel the stars- With the help of a flamboyant Rogue Trader- and get the parts of the MacGuffin before the bad guys beat you to it. So, basically every Bioware game ever.

>> No.15837927

Squad-based FPS, in the vein of SWAT, the first few Rainbow Six games, and Star Wars: Republic Commando.

You play as an Imperial Guard Stormtrooper, a Harakoni Warhawk specifically. You play as the leader of a small squad currently embroiled in a sector-wide conflict in region X. The campaign will be split into five "acts", each act taking place on a different planet in the sector.

You'll actually be able to interact with different Imperial Guardsmen, Stormtroopers and footsoldiers alike, throughout the campaign. Some missions will put you deep in enemy territory, some will have you fighting directly alongside the bulk of Imperial forces, they'll all have you fighting closely, or somewhat-


Fuck. Basically, this.

>> No.15837937


>Inquisitor RPG mass effect style

Romanceable Kroot sniper anyone?

>that feel when you already requested this idea from a drawfag and cannot locate the pic anymore

Goddamnit I know I have a pic of Karrus around here somewhere..

>> No.15837953

Fuck the 'no space marines' part

You know what needs a videogame?


>> No.15837959

Inquisitor based game

played like Syndicate Wars

Inquisitor Wars...root out heresy and purge one citizen at a time

>> No.15837962


>> No.15837972


You know. I had an idea for a Space Marine RPG using the DoW-2 engine. We start off with a Dreadnought battling a Daemon Prince...And we cut to primitive inter-tribal conflict. You, one of the survivors are chosen to be a Space Marine.

Eventually, you get promoted to Sergeant...And pick your own ten-man squad. At the very end, on a mission to recover Chapter Relics, you're hideously wounded- Forcing the Techmarine to inter you in the sacrophagus of a Venerable Dreadnought.

Cue final boss battle, and TANKRED ENDURES.

>> No.15837982

Well, don't I look like the stooge. I certainly haven't been into 40k for too long.
Still, Exarchs only represent a single aspect of War, while the purpose of the Autarch is to seamlessly blend those different pieces together (and every path has those that are lost to it). Fuck, make them all different characters, with the Autarch as the set-up to the Avatar. Whatever works, man, I'm just trying to describe an awesome game possible with Eldar. Because being the Avatar would be awesome.
It is this bit from the Epic rules that had me thinking that they used to be Exarchs.
>Autarchs do not permanently maintain their rank. Each is an Exarch, and when not at war will return to their shrine to rule them as an Exarch would.
I like this, though I thing 3rd person would be better, for melee combat (no matter how cunn'in you are, melee is important to orks).

>> No.15837983

>Kroot cannot be seduced.
Directly from RT.

>> No.15837988

Kroot don't have genitalia. Or, to be more specific, their male genitalia are on their hands, and the female ones are on their backs. Kroot sex looks like a back massage.

>> No.15837994

They can't be seduced by humans, but they're perfectly susceptible to other Kroot (and possibly Slaanesh daemons).

>> No.15838000

rolled 24 = 24

I'd ask them to hurry up and finish the 40k MMO.

>> No.15838003

But you are not playing a Kroot. Or a Slaaneshi daemon.

>> No.15838031

Rogue Trader or Inquisition game.

Plays like Kotor and Mass Effect


Ork Game
Plays like a better version of Overlord.

>> No.15838032



I will find a way to love my Kroot.. and love him I shall

>> No.15838039

Fallout: Cadia

Except instead of radiation, the warp.

>> No.15838053

No, goddamnit.

>> No.15838056

That picture is going to end very messily, with a confused Kroot wondering why everyone is screaming at him. Blue blood EVERYWHERE.

>> No.15838061

Men of the 89th. I've pitched it to them before.

>> No.15838063

NCR dude as CREEEEED!, Mr House as Eldrad, and Abaddon as Caesar?

>> No.15838090

It'd essentially be a highly tactical RTS based around, unit design, roles, and combat execution.

It'd be kinda like Close Combat but in 3d with destructible environments... and Imperial Guard

>> No.15838135


Stormtrooper FPS, lots of QTEs and 'cinematic moments' like Modern Warfare 2. Hence switching from the ground to a battleship millions of miles above.

'Press 'X' to declare Exterminatus.'

Also- A game where you're a Commissar might be cool.

>> No.15838166

Play as one of 4 characters.
Each level/map has multiple ways to complete the objective, depending upon which character is played.
Characters are the 4 main assassin temples.


>> No.15838189

Will probably get shit for this but I would play the fuck out of a Bioware RPG styled Inquisition game. Seriously. The best part about it would be that instead of good and evil or paragon and renegade or some shit, there'd be Puritan and Radical. All the Puritan stuff to start would be like, shoot this mutant psyker baby, keep a bunch of mutants in their place. That kind of thing. The Radical thing would to be nice and try to find compromise. Eventually things slide further and further skewed and the Radical characters have a Daemonhost in their party and a mutant third eye or something.

With Puritans you know you have done some horrible things but those horrible things kept you and those around you pure. The Radicals tried to be nice, tried to find the middle ground and let the horrible shit in the galaxy drag them down to their level.

>> No.15838192


>play Culexus
>no psykers


>> No.15838203

Anyone ever play Kingdom Under Fire? If it were up to me, the next 40k vidya would be just like that, except 40k. You would have access to at least 3 factions in the vanilla release (ideally more but you know these fatcats are going to want to do expansions), each with its own force.

For those who don't know KUF, you play as the leader of an army and if I were to briefly sum it up I guess I'd call it a third-person RTS. While controlling your character it plays like a crowd fighter, but you can always order your other units around at the same time as you lead your own retinue.

>> No.15838213

I demand you include Vanus and Venenum.

>> No.15838240


That's super-old fluff. Autarchs have been since retconned quite a bit and aren't quite as badass, I suppose. Exarchs seem to have gotten nerfed from mighty heroes that could take whatever the fuck they wished from whichever aspect shrine to... space marine sergeant knock-offs.

>> No.15838254


Vanus I could see being effective against vehicles and facilities and being able to sabotage wargear and the like.. not to mention boobytraps that you can lead enemies to

Venenum? eh.. you could probably just make them combat oriented with poison weapons.. but that sounds boring

>> No.15838276

Kill team, the way it should have been.

You play as Lieutenant Adrian Kraige, leader of firegroup Talon. Years ago, the Elysian 99th regiment was decimated by war. Now it serves as D-99, the spear of the inquisition.

Think rainbow six with Stormtroopers. The single player campaign features 22 individual missions along a broad arc, culminating in a no-holds-barred knock down drag out with a risen daemonhost for the fate of Sepris V. The campaign would pit player's hand chosen teams against tau auxillaries, eldar strike teams, chaos heretics, and ultimately the horrors of the warp.

Does Kraige make peace with the tau to secure their aid fighting the daemon? Can the eldar be convinced that the only chance for their survival is to set aside their past differences, or will Kraige stay the course and lay low all xeno scum? An agent of the inquisition has many unusual choices...which path will you choose?

-Multiplayer support for kill-team vs kill team featuring Tau, Eldar, Chaos, Marine, and Ork kill teams

-Evac mode challenge for single and co-op play: Make it to the evac point before time runs out!

-Bastion defense mode - six kill team commanders set their forces to repel a limitless tide of enemies from a well fortified position

-Free for All mode: players pit themselves in a vicious game of hide and seek through hives, jungles, and cities.

>> No.15838308

Da Freeboota

Story focus on a yoof freebota, in first person and alternatively third person views for aiming and looking at your flashy gear and dakka from alternative view.

Similiar vein to Oblivion, Fallout 3. You're at a Rogue Trader station enjoying some fungus beer until some Kayoss boyz rush in and start some brawl, instead of kicking the table over for cover you kick the table AT the gits and tutorial fights start until you get to your boss back at your krooza just before entire station is destroyed.

>> No.15838322

you now realise how awesome many of these ideas are and how almost none of them will, under any circumstances, ever exist

>> No.15838327

You are now playing Hitman. A Venenum Assassin once poisoned an entire parliament at once.
And Vanus is not what you're thinking. They're the guy behind all your conspiracy theories manifest that just caused that skimmer to crash into you. They're assassins that kill with preparation and information, instead of blowing your brains out.
Vanus wants you dead, it will be an accident. Nobody could say otherwise.
Else, you disappear and so does all trace of your existence.

>> No.15838334

Guys, guys. Have you all forgotten about 40kart racing?

>> No.15838351


Oh no, I've known it for a while now man. The gaming industry died in 2007 with the release of Call of Duty 4. Fallout 3, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and of course all the subsequent Call of Duty games were just nails in the coffin.

>> No.15838354


That's a nice setup for the Vanus...

Now.. please explain how the fuck that's even remotely translatable into a videogame?

>> No.15838361

Yeah, all those games are WAY too mainstream for ME, too. I only play superior retro games

>> No.15838366

An fps as a Necron Lord. Everyone's loves the LOLHEALTHREGENINCOVER mechanic, so it fits in for once. Command your small army and conquer the universe until the eldar show up and fuck your shit. WITHATWEEST you for in the end. Multiplayer would be CoD inspired Necron vs Elder SHENANIGANS

>> No.15838376

Set up this guy's death and make it not only look like an accident but BE a legitimate accident is untranslatable into a game?
It'd be a puzzle game with many different solutions, some better than others.

>> No.15838377

Inquisition strategy/tactical hybrid, essentially XCOM. You must defend a hive world against alien and heretical intrusion being masterminded somewhere in the system. There is a Corruption percentage mechanic not unlike Alien Invasion's Infection mechanic. Other Inquisitors also touch down on planet as the game goes on, setting up their own bases and doing their own thing. Like XCOM Apoc, you must juggle diplomacy, launch raids on your rivals, and still fight back the rising tide of heresy. Oh, and you can use your Inquisitor in tactical battles as a heroic officer with a penalty if he is "wounded" (and unlike your disposable rookies, he is only ever wounded), and possibly recruit some heroic characters as throne agents.

tl;dr an Inquisitor strategy/tactical rpg incorporating XCOM, JA2, XCOM Apocalypse, and UFO: AI.

>> No.15838398

A Dark Heresy-based single-player RPG game.

And a Rogue Trader-based management/strategy game.

>> No.15838400

You play Gav the Ogryn as part of Traela's Inquisitorial Retinue.

Same fighting engine as SM.

Sometimes your mission goals disappear because...well, you're an Ogryn. You forget.

Sometimes you have to be sneaky-like and pretend to be someone else so Traela can do something important. Gav loves pretending, but sometimes he's not very good at it.


>> No.15838434

>A survival-horror style rpg (minus most of the horror element, since you're part of "the horror") in which you play as a worshipper of Tzeentch infiltrating an Imperial planet to try and establish a cult and corrupt it. It would be linear and story driven, with a greater emphasis on subterfuge and scheming than raw combat, although combat would definitely play a part.

That reminds me: Back in '09 /tg/ came up with the idea for a survival/horror FPS set in a ship where the Gellar field failed.

Basically a game where 'hide in the closet and hope they don't find you' is a viable play option.

One of the things suggested was a mechanic wherein the player could 'fall' into certain Chaos alignments due to their actions.

Archived thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/4686070/

>> No.15838441


Well I was trying to translate it into the format that >>15838166 pointed out

I could see an entire game structured around what you said.. but not the same game as one that included all the other temples

>> No.15838442

"I is a 'errytik, yerr? Don' see me, lads. I'fn yer do I'll smash yer."

>> No.15838451

I read that story earlier today

I still cant stop crying tears of manliness.

>> No.15838467


"I is the mater dee. You wanna table, sarr? Traela tol' me to seat ya hirr, so da snipah can see ya."

>> No.15838481


We already have that. It's called EvE.

>> No.15838489

Ogryns: masters of disguise.
Why do we even bother with Callidus Assassins?

>> No.15838495

That's nice. Now how about a game that ISN'T a spreadsheet simulator?

>> No.15838511


> spreadsheet simulator

Obviously you are not playing this game right.

>> No.15838512

You are now imagining an eight and a half foot ogryn in a fancy suit splitting at the seams waiting tables.
His ripper gun is stuffed down his pant leg.

>> No.15838530

Yes, I am.
The game is crushingly dull and amounts to "suck the dick of the big boys so you can join their secret club and not get ganked by some asshole and all your shit taken".

>> No.15838550

Yeah, you're really not playing the game right man.

>> No.15838563




A combination of sandbox, space combat (in two or three dimensions, either could work) trading, third person action (SPEHSS MAHREN-derived combat would work for this) and the GRIM FUTURE OF THE FOURTY-FIRST MILLENIUM. Eldar corsairs, Ork freebootaz (it's the namesake) Rogue Traders, Imperial pirates, Tau 'merchantile' vessels and what have you. Not very different from PIRATES! essentially, but refined, with the 40k universe and real-time ACTION ACTION ACTION combat instead of directional-key fencing.

>> No.15838573

Oh god, I am laughing for real right now.

Kharn is better known and far more fun to imagine tearing through hordes of crappy Guardsmen.

Hell, you could have him fight his way out of theWarp, taking out Slaaneshi Temptresses, Tzeentchian Sorcerers, and Bloated Daemons of Nurgle.
There could be huge fights held atop an Imperator Titan as it strolls along a battlefield, mowing down shit with its Turbo Destructors.
You could ride a shell of a Planetary defense cannon into its target, and slaughter your way through your own troops, only to find yourself on a poor Ultrasmurf Battlebarge that had boarded your craft.

Shit just gets much more epic with a ludicrous character that doesn't fear death like Kharn.

>> No.15838579

Impossible Creatures 2.

What? Didn't have to be a 40k game.

>> No.15838586

What people are forgetting itt is that, like Hollywood, the videogame industry these days is based on franchises. Call of Duty. Pokemon. Even great games like Fallout and Mass Effect. The days of the standalone game are gone.

But there's a solution to this: make a 40k game series. This works best with the Assassin temple ideas and the Pheonix Lords.

You could have something like:
Your pod has been high-jacked by Dark Eldar who want to make you a gladiator. They've sent you reeling into withdrawal from combat drugs, and while you've secured some substitutes, you've gotta find a way to escape Comorrah. Combat drugs would work as a meter that gets recharged once spent, like the Form Drives from Kingdom Hearts, but more prominent. Feel free to rage at this, and suggest a better mechanism. At the end of the game, you can escape the city, or stay as a gladiator or in the employ of a Kabal.

Love Can Bloom, the Game

You are a noble socialite who is the toast of the town! No, wait! You are a young but ambitious patron of a Rogue Trader dynasty! No, not that! You are the newest member of that Tzeentchian cult in the underhive!

No. You are all of the above, and none. Working for a radical (and maybe even heretical inquisitor), you are an assassin with Temple Vanus. You job is to kill, intimidate, and conspire the three groups into killing each other.

>> No.15838608

>love can bloom

>> No.15838620

>kidnaping an Eversor
The DE may make some dumb decisions, but they are not a race of clinical retards.

>> No.15838624

You are a fucking Culexi. Get on a ship, pick your target and try not to get torn apart by the angry mobs that follow you (including that Rogue Trader working for the son of your first kill, a traitorous Astropath)

I'm sure I could come up with something better but it's late, so for now:
Killing Konrad Curze, The Game

Shit it's late.
Poison the Toilet Seats, The Game. I'm thinking an iPhone minigame for this one. Someone please build on this or replace it with something that works.

While I think all of the Pheonix Lords should have games to themselves, there should be one that ties them together. To that end, I propose: Phoenix Lord: Arhra. Go through the entire timeline of The Fall, from the very first Aspect Warriors, to the founding of your Temple, to your final confrontation with Karandras. Then keep going. Show Arhra fall. Not some bullshit "So-and-so Farseer made this happen!!". Make Arhra fall all on his own, and make him fall hard. Hard enough that he's one of the few Eldar to canonically fall straight to Slaannesh. And then make him fight Karandras again. Ends with Arhra finally becoming Drazhar, leader of the Incubi.

>> No.15838629



That would be awesome, because you get to fight everyone and everything. Also a mission where you smash face-first into an Imperator Titan's cockpit and kill everyone.

>> No.15838642

>it's late
Fag. Sleep is for weaklings.
Culexus assassins are not going to be followed by anyone, because you are terrified of them by just being in their vicinity.
And you honestly can't come up with a good game for SHAPESHIFTING FEMALE ASSASSINS THAT HAVE A HAX SWORD, or take a page off Hitman for Venenum?

>> No.15838724


>Culexus assassins are not going to be followed by anyone

Did you somehow miss the fact that they generate loathing and hatred in people around them?

>> No.15838728

Not when you have a cycling race the next morning at six, and it is 2 30 where you live. We can't all stay up 'til 4 and sleep in 'til 12. Some of us have lives, as proposterous as that sounds.

We'll say Vect or Eldrad did it. They would pull that shit.

>> No.15838954

Grey knight game, to bad grey knight might as well be smurf+ now...

>> No.15840355

Fire Warrior. Do it again. DO IT RIGHT THIS TIME. Moronic AI, repetitious combat and terrible voice acting. Looking at the game and thinking "I dunno, these are a bit crap" and then applying minimal elbow grease would have been all it took.

>> No.15840818

I'd rather play as the Death Korps of Krieg.

>> No.15840827

A Macha Dating Sim

>> No.15840829

1 - Mass Effect RPG 40k style. Just switch Paragon and Renegade with Puritan and Radical.

>> No.15840838



>> No.15840873

The wacky hijinks of a googly-eyed Ripper, abducted from the battlefield, used as a pet by some rich governors daughter. This is the story of his long way home.

Alternative games:
Captain 'ardtoof an' his Krew - Lootin' an' Shootin'
Bob the Ogryn and how he became a hero of the Imperium

>> No.15840883

a FPS where you play as a Firewarrior

>> No.15840899

There's no way that one can go wrong.

>> No.15840916

A general Piratehammer game would work, one which expands on the canon/interactions between the various groups of pirates and how they interact with each other. (Farsight Mercs, Ork Freebootaz, normal renegade pirates, Eldar/Dark Eldar corsairs, Renegade Marines, and other minor alien races). After all, just because they all sail the high Immaterium doesn't mean they all get along, and chances are there will be some Space Hulks or re-emerged Maidenworlds that they'll want to beat each other to the punch for.

Can you survive this cutthroat underside of the 41st millenium?

>> No.15840929

I would play the ever-loving fuck out of this game

My idea? Essentially Battlefield 40k. You could campaign across multiple worlds and systems.

>> No.15840935

First idea I had was IG-based shooter.
I see this as the first reply. Glorious.
Why not just play as Ciaphas?
>Running around hacking with your trusty chainsword
>Bullet time laspistol shenanigans
>Instead of heavy weapon upgrade, unlock Gunner Jurgen and his melta
>Upgrade to hellpistol and power sword
>Implying Cain will ever give up his trusty chainsword and pistol
>It's a game take some liberties
>Meet Amberley Vail
>Fade to black

>> No.15840947

Mission based, over-the-top Hackan-slashan game, think DMC or Bayonetta.
The missions in the beginning of the game have next to no connection to the later missions, because the time between missions are spent in stasis, often for years.
Around midway through the game however, you discover a dastardly plot and the rest of the game leads up to that.
You are an Eversor Assassin. That wisecracks and talks shit about the enemy.

>> No.15840948

Also, any possible adaptation with Cain better include this scene
>'Blood for the Blood God!' A red-uniformed trooper came screaming out of the endless night at me, his old-fashioned autogun held across his chest like a pole arm, apparendy intent on using the wickedly-serrated bayonet clipped to its barrel. I assumed at the time that he was out of ammunition, but for all I know he was just carried away by bloodlust.
>'Harriers for the cup!'* I riposted, shooting him in the face.
>*A reference to a scrumball team in the subsector league (who were knocked out in the semi¬finals that year, incidentally).

>> No.15840954

Dark Heresy: The RPG




Driving as fast as you can = more waaagh
Firing full auto (Not necessarily hitting anything) = more waaagh
Hiding behind shit and sniping = less waaagh
More waaagh = more dakka

Encourage players to crash their warbikes into the enemy after flying through the air firing all weapons and yelling as loud as possible should be the main aim of the game.

>> No.15840956


Guys. Guys. I have a great idea for KHARN OF WAR.

We start off with a massive fucking space battle. A World Eaters battleship rams an Imperium cruiser, and Kharn spills out and kills everything inside, before setting the conjoned mess crashing to the surface below, where millions of Guardsmen and Marines do battle in constant warfare.

Kharn doesn't fuck with health potions and the like. Killing things gives him health back, and the objective is to have as long a killer combo as possible- To keep moving forward. Cover-based shooting? Pah! You plough through cover and mess people up with Gorechild and your Plasma Pistol.

The overarching plot, though, is that the cowardly Tzeetechians are *plotting* to free a Greater Daemon. To do this, they need one item from each of the four powers...Hence, after Kharn brings down a Titan, the world begins to get all warped. Also, Kharn's nemesis, the Khornate Greater Daemon known as the Skulltaker, seeks to do battle with him once more.

Here's the thing- The Khornate focus is nothing less than Gorefather, the chainaxe used by Angron himself. When Kharn gets his hands on it- HE CAN USE TWO CHAINAXES AT ONCE, HOLY FUCK.

You can swap out Kharn's off-hand pistol for a POWER FIST or other weapons, if you like- Probably a Thunder Hammer or twin bolt pistols. Also, when daemons are summoned, Kharn leaps onto the back of a rampaging Juggernaught, corrals it, and takes on a Dreadnought in chainaxe-to-sacrophagus combat.

>> No.15840959

fallout + gta + borderlands + orks = gorkamorka

>> No.15840967

I like yo style.

>> No.15840970


The best part; In between each level, the cutscenes are all HERO OF THE IMPERIUM propaganda. Also, it turns out that Cain is narrating the whole story- So when he dies, he backs up and corrects himself. After all, he lived through it!

New Game+ mode: Play as Jurgen.

>> No.15840980

In short...Cain lives?

>> No.15840988


We'd probably end it off accordingly: Kharn fights his way to the heart of the planet, and the uber-powerful Daemon Prince is awakening. The Prince is like WHAT CAN A SINGLE MORTAL DO?

Kharn's like FUCK YOUR SHIT! MAIM BURN KILL! and murderates the hell out of that giant bird, possibly harder than he killed anything in his life.

After he kills the bird, he dedicates the planet to Khorne- And the seas turn to blood, apparently swamping the cavern and killing everyone. At the end, we see that a Greater Daemon of Khorne (Or a unique Bloodthirster) has landed on the planet...And Kharne claws his way out of his impromptu grave, and takes him on in a final epic clash.


>> No.15840989


Why the holy goblindicks haven't I thought of this before? This could be the best game ever.

They should just scrap Dark Millenium and make an open world desert planet that's god damn huge and let you loose.

>> No.15840992

Deus Ex, except with the Imperium, Necrons, Tau, and Eldar.

>> No.15840996

While we're at it, we can bring back the Star Children and the Illuminati.

>> No.15840997



Maybe squats can make an appearance too, as an easter egg where if the main character says anythiing they

>> No.15841003

Phoenix Lords game.
6 part campaign, 6 different styles of gameplay.
Start off with Asurmen, dualpults and sword of asur, mixing shooting at 2 targets and heroic melee, leading dire avengers against hordes of enemies.
Next up brutal, fast paced CC with Jain Zar and the angry ex-wives. Preferably slicing up marines.
3rd is Fuegan, and a small council of fire dragon exarchs going up against an entire armored company of IG/marines. You know how in the movies a hero smashes the front of a car about to hit him and stops the vehicle? I want to do that with Fuegan's fire axe.
4th is Baharroth, combing aerial combat, both ranged and melee, grenade pack bombing dround targets, fighting off an entire aerial battlegroup with haywire grenades.
5th is stealth/mash melee. Karandras can sneak up on anything and then go dakkaface insane with claw and sword, a real whirlwind of gore.
Last, Maugan Ra fighting off an entire hive fleet splinter. Alone.

After finishing the game on the hardest difficulty, you'll unlock "the court of phoenix". You get to play as the Avatar of Khaine with all the phoenix lords fighting beside you. final final boss is an An'ggrath equivalent Keeper of secrets. This time, the Avatar doesn't die.

>> No.15841004


Shhh! Spoilers!

The thing is- After you complete a level, the wrap-up is how the *Imperium* tells the story, with a ridiculously manly Caine scowling as he purges countless heretics.

New Game++ : Play as Yarrick, who has been having an incredibly bad day...And is immoderately pissed. Alternatively, Gaunt.

>> No.15841015


Just read through the entire thing.

I want this game to exist.

>> No.15841027


Ugh, this squat shit stopped being funny years ago, can't you guys come up with

>> No.15841029

Give me a 40k version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell.

Except it's set in a mother fucking jungle.

And you're a MOTHER FUCKING LICTOR. Up the violence by 894%.

You've been secretly deployed to an imperial garden world to wreak havoc while the rest of the hive fleet catches up to ravage the sector. Said garden world is a paradise for rich Imperials, guarded by their elite cadre.

I want to be able to breeze past a few guardsmen as they whimper, "What was... what was that!?!" while a third (a Tyrannic War survivor) starts going into PTSD relapses as he realizes what's actually stalking them. I want to be able to sneak up behind them and simultaneously gore both of them with my large preying mantis-esque claws.

The final level you infiltrate an Imperial pleasure palace and systematically rip EVERYONE INSIDE TO SHREDS.

>> No.15841038

>In between each level, the cutscenes are all HERO OF THE IMPERIUM propaganda
I like how you think.
Maybe include documentary-style interviews with survivors saying "I saw it with me own eyes, the Commissar clearly beheaded that CSM single-handed!"
Also a Cain-sense, which lets you duck and cover a la
>"We exchanged a few words/ I said, shrugging. 'He seems to think the shooting's about to start-'
>The bark of a bolt pistol going off echoed around the ballroom, and I dived for cover behind an over-stuffed sofa even before the rational part of my mind had identified the source of the sound. I may not be a paragon of virtue, but I like to think my survival instincts more than makes up for any moral short¬comings I might possess.
Squad-based, issuing commands to members as your retinue grows
Initially you're just Cain, slacker commissar
Then you get trusty Gunner Jurgen
Then you build up fellowship with other officers/guardsmen
Finally you meet Amberley
You get to switch between core members later (Cain, Jurgen, Vail, etc)
Commands are tongue-in-cheek, such as meat shield, cower, to the nearest hole!, etc
But when he issues them it's more heroic, like "You two, advance on the enemy! I'll cover you."

>> No.15841043

star wars battlefront 40k

all factions available (no chapter bullshit for individual factions outside of cosmetic) host can pick 2 factions to duke it out or mag style multiple factions in an epic team battle with killstreak bonus (in a point system that the player can spend whenever they want. ex: 1 pt 1 terminator armor useage, 2 pts bikes, 3 pts dreadnought, 4 pts land speeder ect ect)

>> No.15841054

I want this.
Use Red Dead Redemption's Deadeye system for targeting multiple things in melee/close range with all sorts of nasty weapons, then slink back into cover... like Hitman with a shit ton more gore and awesome.

>> No.15841069

I'd just like to see a MMO RPG similar to Morrowind. Its rules are based on DH, your allowd only one user area with your CD key, you can pick any carrier path, but you start as a 20 somthing imperial citizen on a hive world. If you manage to kill ten heretics before your 21 you get recruited by the space marines. Every citizen can have psychic powers as long as they buy the spook drug, dangerous corruption ensues which is why its illegal and those taking the arbits career have to stop those taking the scum career. Those in the IG career are periodically transported to one of the massive battlefeilds between them and AI opponents. In expansions users can take up the opponent classes. Techpriests can craft, adepts do everything ellse. etc. Real organisations whith employees and managers producing tanks which spawn in the IG battle. Clerics can despence emperor blessings which grant special powers different to psychic powers.

Shit would be so cash.

>> No.15841078


Bonus: Each level, you start with Cain's hat. If you get hit, his hat can get knocked off. Completing the level with your cap gives you a bonus.

>> No.15841079

Remember Gladius? The old console Tactics RPG about gladiatorial combat?

Anima Hekatrii: The game where you play the Succubus of an up-and-coming Wych Cult; to keep the fights interesting, the arenas have sanctioned the training of pit fighters and champions from the 'lesser' races taken from raids, or bred for the task.

You'd go around the tournament circuit, paying to enter certain invitationals or matches, and to see your underlings, if not thrive, give the best performance to the end, while you collect the earnings to keep your school well-stocked, and well-trained.

Keeping to cover is important. Choice of weapons, and martial styles is also important, as is choosing which of you warriors is worth sacrificing for the amusement of the audience; exceptional feats of bladesmanship and acrobatics may rile the crowd to a fervent pitch, yet even Dark Eldar can appreciate the humor of a Ratling being eaten by a curious Krootox.

Of course, there are other options for backstory and plot, including being recruited for Realspace Raids, or involvement in Vect's rise to power, which can be interwoven into the main game of "build up school, beat stuff up."

Or barring that, we could make it a tabletop game.

>> No.15841102


That would be pretty awesome. It would play like an unholy cross between Diva simulator and God of War.

...Hell, you could even make it a rhythm-action game!

>> No.15841106

The Ongoing Adventures of Kaptin Bluddflagg and his Krew: a Castle Crashers (or Golden Axe) style game with Bluddflagg and co. showing up, smashing their way though a bunch of humies/eldar/space marines/nids/chaos space marines/other orks/necrons/tau, generally wrecking the place, stealing someone's hat and buggering off to the next planet.

Also, some kind of Devil May Cry game but with orks. Or Kingdom Hearts with orks, if you only keep the RPG and fighting bits.

>> No.15841113

The coat too!
And tanna tea pots restore health!
Imagine Cain under fire hiding behind a sofa reloading on tea while Jurgen gives covering fire and pours the tea
"Jurgen, I think now would be a good time for tea!"
Jurgen burns through cultists with his melta and turns
"Very good, sir"

>> No.15841124


Dance Dance Dismemberment

Coming soon.

Also, I really want a Space Marine Harvest Moon.

"On some worlds, the battle is for land: Here, the battle *is* the land!"


>> No.15841141

Orks; The Game

You play a Mekboss who is stranded on an Imperial world after a failed Waaaagh! Your only remaining ally is your pet grot, who's a coward and a terrible fighter.
It's an over-the-top shooter with some tactical elements and dozens of wacky weapons created by the Mekboss whenever he defeats a tank or a Dreadnought, or simply finds the right trash. You get your powerklaw, combishooters, and of course a warpthrower, once you free a horde of captured snotlings.
The game sometimes switches to the Gretchin, who sneaks through air-ducts, lays traps, retrieves items, and occasionally drops on an unsuspecting Guardsman to knock him out with his wrench.
There's at least one part where you get to control an improvised machine with improbable weaponry.

Your goal?
The Waaaagh! ain't over 'till the last Ork is dead.

>> No.15841149

Third-person action adventure set in schola progenium. It will play out like bully/canis canem in 40k.

Your character is a commisar cadet. Possible shenanigans are stealing your tutor's liquor, seducing the Sororitss girls, planting heretical books in someone's locker.

>> No.15841153

An Arkham Asylumn style game where you play as an Eldar Harlequin Solitaire, even the Dark Eldar are scared shitless of these guys, The game would utilise predetory tactics, stealth and Psykic trickery, it would open to a naration abridging the fall of the Eldar and the birth of Slaanesh, with a shot of what looks to be the god/ess itself, until it's reveald to be the protagonist playing the roll in a play (as all Solitaire's do in peac time) towards the end you would give your life for somthing important, fight within slaanesh's realm for some time until Cegorach himself steals you back, the final leavels have you play as a Spirit Walker.

>> No.15841154

Rune Factory 40k
Wake up an amnesiac marine, don't know your original chapter or anything
Assigned a plot of land equal to a small village
Till the land with all your might
Acquire tools and weapons, even unearth an ancient suit of battle armor from your farm
Forge your tools into master-crafted weaponry
Crusade in dungeons
Daemons and xenos as dungeon bosses
Waifus include the peasant girl who found you, an inquisitrix seeking the root of the recent phenomena, a SoB, commander of the local Guard regiment, and more

>> No.15841161

Gladius...actually had something like that. They had timed meters where "Press X button while your slider is in the red" would ensure a Critical Hit. It was simplistic though but added a nice touch.

Horrid thought: Rhythm-action+combo-mashing after both sides have declared actions for the turn...Eh, maybe it should only depend on the combatant in question. For example, intricate attack patterns would fit a wandering Harlequin more than, say, a captured Ork Kommando.

>> No.15841172


You know, the 3rd-person slasher would work well for a Harlequin. You're a psychotic ninja clown. GO TO TOWN.

I do think, however, that an Assassins game would work best. I'd love to see a QTE with a Culexus sprinting across the surface of a warped planet, leaping from building to building as an alpha-level psyker boils the fabric of reality...Then pouncing on him and breaking his neck.

>> No.15841174


>> No.15841178

Rainbow Six Rogue Spear + additional stealth elements.
You play as Pathfinder squad.

Planning Phase, Sneaking around the battlefield, Hiding from big shit, Lighting up targets and watching death rain from above.

Would be awesome.

>> No.15841184

Hive Fleet: Anachronus

The game can be played from three different perspectives, with radically different mechanics for each.

The title faction will be a tyranid hive fleet, and will be a combination of army/fleet management, and naval/land based warfare. Your fleet will have a resource management system, by which I mean a single resource - biomass. Biomass will be expended to create armies and ships, and can be 'reclaimed' by destroying both, as well as by harvesting defeated enemies in space and upon planets alike. Land based battles would play like a real-time analogue of the epic tabletop game, and similarly, naval combat would be analogical of Battlefleet Gothic, in real time. The ultimate goal would be to consume the entire series of solar systems that the game would be set in, with Tau and Imperial forces being your primary antagonists, with some cursory interference by the pesky eldar. The campaign at large for the Tyranids would probably be reminiscent of the Total War games, with a graphical turn based map showing the movement of armies on planets, (when zoomed in), and fleets in space.

>> No.15841185

good point I just felt that if you'r playing Eldar, it should be the most badass option avalable.

>> No.15841187


Playing as the imperial guard would entail a game whereby you played on the same campaign map, but when it came to conducting battles, one would instead play the role not of the commander, but of a single squadron leader - either of fighter and bomber craft in naval engagements, or of a platoon of men, on land. The latter would likely be modeled in similar fashion to the gameplay from the Xbox Kingdom Under Fire games, with you being able to issue orders to squadrons and have them move independently of you, but also being able to personally participate in combat, allowing you to feel the terror of facing that horrifying carnifex in grizzly close quarters. It'd also provide neat justification for having you being genuinely mindfucked when one of the squadrons you sent in to that house over there to cover your advance starts screaming, and lictor rape ensues.

And of course, the Tau side of things, which would be played from the point of view of a single fire caste Tau. For game play reasons, this would entail repeatedly changing which battlesuit you were in for the sake of interest, but would primarily revolve around stealth suits, crisis suits, and broadsides. One would acquire more optional equipment and promotions as the campaign wears on, until eventually you could be surrounded by a swarm of shield and gun drones while you fire your optimized layout of smart missiles and plasma guns, or whatever you might choose from the Tau armory. This would feel like a bastardization of mech games like chrome hounds and such - particularly when in a Broadside suit, and would focus mainly on pitching the player against the gribblier things the Tyranids have to offer, such as carnifexes, lictors, tyrants and whatnot. Although sections where a kajillion gaunts or genestealers hurl themselves at you could be thrown in, just to make sure we get the satisfying ability to unload explosions in to swarms of tiny monsters and what not.

>> No.15841193

Calldius: The Dark Project.

Actually, fuck it. I want a 2d sidescrolling shoot-em-up with plenty of Dakka, characterful cannon fodder, and larger-than-life bosses.

Metal Slugga.

>> No.15841199


Perhaps most importantly would be that the battle system would be designed in such a way as to allow all of these different means of functioning on the battlefield to be compatible with one another in multiplayer.

Those guardsmen would, in a multi player campaign, include a platoon commanded by a human player, moving around the map independently of AI control, and probably with a suspiciously accurate junior officer with a bolt pistol leading them. Or that one crisis suit that seems to just barely stay out of combat with your genestealers all the time. For the tyranid player it would be all about trying to outwit their counterparts by surprising them with expert maneuvering, or occasionally just overwhelming them with sheer numbers thanks to their success in accumulating so much delicious Biomass!

>> No.15841202

Battlefield: Krieg

Mind is blown.

>> No.15841206


Hm. That was an awful lot more text than I expected.

>> No.15841232

Metal Slugga: Bluddflagg's One Ork WAAAAGGH
Pistol = Bolt pistol
HMG = Bolter
Flamethrower = Flamer
Etc, etc
Bosses include imperial titans, daemon princes, and even rival ork gargants!

>> No.15841233

Grimdark Sim City.

>> No.15841241

>What do you pitch to them?

Make something that doesn't involve 40k. That is my only stipulation.

>> No.15841259

SHOKK ATTACK GUN (with secondary self-teleport feature).

There would be other options of course. If you find mega-armor, you would be able to punch enemy vehicles open, or fling enemies at each other (or use them as body armor. Even a dead Marine can serve as ablative wounds),

>> No.15841314

Deff Dread Vehicle bits

>> No.15841345

Non Spess mehreen you say?

Guard is my first choice. Imagine Call of Duty 1 and 2's massive battles and replace them with Guardsmen. Shit would be cash as fuck

Dark Eldar Sim City or Roller Coaster Tycoon. But instead of city it's a Kabal. Make your piece of Commorragh the place everyone goes too. Buy up land using slaves as currency. Build area's and fill it up with slaves. Adopt policies, trade resources with other Kabals. But be preparred, occasionally there will be slave revolts or even your right hand man will try to coup you.

>> No.15841361

A first person shooter where the player is a tyranid warrior. Before each mission you get to choose biomorphs and what weapon symbiotes you start with, then you get jettisoned down to whatever planet your hive fleet is nomming on and kill the poor bastards defending it in gruesome ways. If wounded, you regenerate health by feasting upon the defenders, and if you die, you just take control of a newly hatched replacement, which could be the lives system in this game. Some missions allow you to play as lictor, carnifex, infiltrating broodlord, and a zoanthrope. The last mission should have you play as a hive tyrant and tear up whatever the imperium can throw at you. The tutorial should be the tyranids attack on Tyran, then there could be some missions like the Battle for Macragge, the attack on craftworld lyanden, Gryphonne IV, etc. There should be a free play mode where you can fight against any chosen faction, and some fun objective style multiplayer.

>> No.15841428

>wanting a Imperial Guard game

How are you going to justify doing anything other than dying in the trillions? Spess mehreens, as overused as they are, are one of the only Warhammer dudes who can conceivably survive more than a fucking day on most battlefields.

Unless you play as an assassin or a tank commander or something I don't see how the hell you make it work.

>> No.15841447


Gaunt's ghosts.





Just be heroic enough, and none of that grimderp will affect you.

>> No.15841450


>> No.15841455

>>Knight Commander Pask: Leman Russ Tank Ace

I want that.

>> No.15841473

Sidescrolling IG game done in the style of Prinny: Can i really be a Hero.



>> No.15841480


Pikmin with a Commissar as the Olimar.

>> No.15841491

I think a Guard game could either do really well or flop as a generic CODesque shooter.

Orks could conceivably be a good pick. The whole game would be heavy on the dark humour of 40K with a lot of slapstick.
Imagine Bulletstorm with Orks and funnier. Then you have the basic concept down.

>> No.15841498

Tomb Sprynter all day erry day

>> No.15841505

An RPG/RTT(in an X-Com vein) hybrid where you play a Seer trying to guide a dilapidated craftworld ravaged by war back to recovery. You decide how to level your farseer- perhaps by making him a combat beast, or taking inspiration from Eldrad and try to divine the future. Maybe your farseer will focus on manipulation or you might turn to the grave and become a Spirit Seer guiding the dead to protect your living.

Diplomacy plays a huge part as you must decide what factions of the Craftworld deserve a more prominent place and which ones should be denied it. They will represent your craftworld and will have an effect on how others see you. Turning to Wraithguard en masse will lose respect from many Eldar craftworlds as the idea of robbing the Infinity Circuit of souls is deplorable to them. Likewise, giving the Banshee Shrine more power will result in losing respect from many outside the Eldar- Tau will be less likely to negotiate with a craftworld willing to embrace such a brutal and warlike warrior and those in the Imperium willing to turn a blind eye and even negotiate with you will be less likely to do so if it looks like you are preparing for war. The Banshee themselves will lose respect for you if you act as an apologist trying to please these races with flimsy excuses for their presence. However, the Harlequin's may be more willing to give you aid if you can produce expert warriors for their ranks.

To begin with, you must choose your battles and allies carefully as your craftworld is severely crippled. Little equipment works, and much of the old teachings have been lost. Over time, however, you may gain more knowledge than your world previously knew, and you may become a power to be reckoned with in the sector, perhaps even demanding tribute from those you had to beg at the feet of in the beginning of the game.

>> No.15841507

Oh! Just remembered this idea:

Imperial guard side-scrolling 2D shoot-em-up in the vein of Contra and Metal Slug, with a bit of Splatterhouse horror tossed in, since you'd be fighting Chaos.

Pic related. It's player one and two.

>> No.15841520

A game where you play as the Orks would be awesome. Ever play Blast Works on the Wii? Or the original freeware version? Basically, when you kill enemies, you can catch them so they stick to your ship and use them as a weapon/shield. Imagine something that, but being able to build your own equipment and vehicles out of scrap metal and Spess Mareen parts, powered by WAAAGH! it doesn't matter if it breaks the laws of physics, if you say it's a bolter, than it's a fucking bolter.

>> No.15841522


Orks would be a good pick if you did it a bit like Bulletstorm. Get extra gubbinz for krumpin the umies in funny ways. Shooting them gets you gubbinz yes but shooting the exploding barrel next to the box full of hungry attack squigs which then devour the umies is gonna get you bonus gubbinz from the boyz cos its got explodey and funny.

>> No.15841531


Call of Duty: For the Emperor

A traditional shooter in the CoD vein. Game has 5 chapters, each focusing on a particular battlefield in the Imperium.

Chapter 1. Armageddon: Begins with a ponderous intro where a narrator tells the events of the Armageddon Wars with a gravely voice while grainy "documentary footage" scenes play in the background. The player starts out as a member of the Steel Legion, recently drafted. In a series of missions you push back the Orks, but end up outnumbered and cut off from reinforcements. Last mission is you becoming an Ork Hunter, painting yourself green and skulking in the sewers, then dying to a Warboss after skewering half of his retinue.

Chapter 2: Vraks. Player is a Krieger, and this chapter is very WWI with plenty of trench warfare and combined arms. Possibly insert a vehicle sequence here where you drive a Malcador or something. Last mission ends with you dying of a nuclear bombardment since you take out the AA defenses of a heretic fortress, enabling orbital strikes on your position.

Chapter 3: Some unnamed jungle world. You're playing a Catachan, fighting Eldar. Lots of Vietnam-style jungle warfare, trapping, getting your squad shot to hell by stealthed snipers and monster flora and fauna. Also, flamethrowers. Last mission puts you up against an Avatar of Khaine. You lose.

Chapter 4: Damocles Gulf crusade. You're a Vostroyan, fighting Tau in a heavily industrialized forge world environment. Chapter ends with you captured by Kroot.

Chapter 5: Cadia. You fight back the hordes of Chaos during the latest Black Crusade. Chapter ends with you mindwiped after having killed a Bloodthirster with an AA gun.

>> No.15841560

I Wanna Be The Guardsman.

You take part in a battle that only lasts... say... an hour.

However, the game is so frustratingly hard that practically every step can kill you, restarting you at the beginning of the battle. There are no heroics, no moments where you rip off a daemon's head with your bare hands. Just surviving is an achievement in itself.

There are no saves, no extra lives and no continues. If you die, you're back at the beginning. And you will die a lot.

>> No.15841567

>IWBTG in FPS format and 40k setting


>> No.15841660

Warhammer 40k: Commissar.
Imagine Republic Commando. Now imagine you are a Commissar instead of the lead guy and you have a large squad of guardsmen with you. Between each mission the number of guardsmen you have replenish.
Through your HUD you can see their HP and morale: If their HP reaches 0 they die(obviously) if their morale reaches 0 they will either break off and retreat, stay in one spot unable to move, or will be taken by Chaos/Warp and turn on your squad. To counter the morale bit, you either have to inspire your squad by doing something "heroic" such as a melee kill, having their squad kill an enemy, or executing a soldier for cowardice.
You can outfit the guardsmen with specialty weapons or have special members(Ogyrns, Stormtroopers, Ratlin snipers, etc.) for a cost predetermined before each mission. Same sample mission ideas include:
-Ork Waagh attacking an area;
-Finding and putting down a Chaos cult(requiring some RP and some investigation);
-Rescue a noble(along the way you may or may not find that he is corrupt(either Chaos or normal corruption) if you stop to read. If you think he is corrupt and have proof, killing him is a good idea...);
-A duel request from an Ork Warboss. You can accept it or set up an assassination, full-out assault, etc.;
-And the interrogation of an Eldar.

>> No.15841723

Sounds good, but you should change the focus from spec ops missions like Republic Commando had, to leading a squad in larger engagements.

>> No.15841729



>> No.15841759

Honestly, it sounds more like it should be Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor...

>> No.15841785

you guys are asking too much

all i want is angry birds but with your choice of tiny warhammer units like squigs, rippers, scarabs , skull probes, tau drones ect ect

>> No.15841803


So why would you want to play that? it would just be Modern Warfare 40k.

If I want an FPS, I want to be something more than human. Guardsmen is just unimaginative shit that is exactly what I expect of /tg/ when 40k comes along.

>> No.15841817

Most people on this board are humans. Humans can sympathize best with a human protag.

>> No.15841833

Eldar or Tau.

Eldar for the myriad of weapons and Tau for the whole progression of warfare thing since they actually have a system of progress.

I.G can piss out. If I wanted a generic FPS I would go play Black Ops or MW2. The only way I would tolerate playable I.G is via RTS or a Battlefield style FPS based around warfare. What /tg/ is suggesting is pretty shit when the key factor for guard is weak and plentiful which is the opposite of FPS gameplay.

>> No.15841839

You are the reason the transformers movie have that faggy kid as a star.

I hate you.

>> No.15841864

I didn't say I agreed with it. I said that's the reason. Incidentally, I didn't watch it.

>> No.15841880

You want another Firewarrior?

Just make another Republic Commando using Storm Troopers.

>> No.15841888

Eldar Action RPG. From the start, to the fall, to the current events, becoming a Dark Eldar or staying "light" depending on the events during the fall.

>> No.15841907

I would like a stealth based infiltration game, a la Metal Gear Solid, where you play a Vindicare Assassin.

Alternately, yeah, Guardsman Squad Shooter would be fun. Cover Based Shooters are way overdone, but meh.

>> No.15841932

>implying the best part about firewarrior wasn't playing as a bunch of marnies with bros and spamming taunts while blasting the shit out of tiny aliens with bolters
multiplayer in that game was great

>> No.15842127

Necromunda/GorkaMorka/Commorragh sand box RPG.


God of War clone about Draigo, because fuck you I want to kick Khorne in the balls.

>> No.15842149

I want to hurt you.

>> No.15842179

what is it with you vindicare fags

the first choice should always be the goddamn eversor!

>*walking around*
guard: what was that noice?
codec: beep beep
>operative snake this is inquisitior campbellius the basics of CQC blah blah
*in a quieter tone* wrryyyy
>guard: just my imagination

>> No.15842181

Draigo hate aside, it could be interesting .

>> No.15842247


>> No.15842263

It'd be cool to see the Realms of Chaos and fight some giant daemons.

>> No.15842298

Assasination type in Commorragh where you are a mandrake.

>> No.15842452

I want a 40k spaceship combat game. You are an imperial navy pilot, and you control a relatively small space ship for reasons of maneuverability and fun I don't think your ship should get too big). You participate several campaigns against different enemies. Enemies could include rebel humans, tau, nids stuff like that. Some cool game mechanics could be using boarding parties to take out enemy ships, transporting and dropping troops planetside and stuff like that.

>> No.15842724

Inquisitional kick squad? Inquisitional kick squad.

>> No.15842867


>> No.15843101

Sim Hive World, where you are an Imperial Magistrate, and you build and administrate a Hive World, and have to manage PDF, Guardsmen Recruitment, planetary defenses, the seemingly capricious whims of the Techpriests, and deal with all sorts of 40k-ish invasions and situations.

There would be a battle mode similar to Shogun: Total War, and you could still play if your planet became a Chaos World.

>> No.15843346


>And the interrogation of an Eldar.

and now my pretty, your going to tell me everything... I want to know...

>> No.15845095


>An action game requires players to use quick reflexes, accuracy, and timing to overcome obstacles.
Beat 'em up
hack and slash
Fighting games
Maze games
Pinball games
Platform games

>A shooter game focuses primarily on combat involving projectile weapons, such as guns and missiles.
First-person shooter
Massively multiplayer online first person shooter games (MMOFPS)
Light gun shooters
A shoot 'em up (or shmup for short)
Tactical shooters are variations on the first- and third-person shooter genre, which focus on realism and emphasize tactical play such as planning and teamwork (for example, co-ordination and specialised roles).
rail shooter
Third-person shooter

>Action-adventure games combine elements of their two component genres, typically featuring long-term obstacles that must be overcome using a tool or item as leverage (which is collected earlier), as well as many smaller obstacles almost constantly in the way, that require elements of action games to overcome.
Stealth games
Survival horror

>Adventure games were some of the earliest games created, beginning with the text adventure Colossal Cave Adventure in the 1970s.
Graphic adventure games
visual novel
interactive movie

>> No.15845103


>Role-playing video games draw their gameplay from traditional role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Most cast the player in the role of one or more "adventurers" who specialize in specific skill sets (such as melee combat or casting magic spells) while progressing through a predetermined storyline.
Sandbox RPG
tactical role-playing game

>Simulation video games is a diverse super-category of games, generally designed to closely simulate aspects of a real or fictional reality.
>Construction and management simulation
city-building games
Business simulation games
government simulation game
>Life simulation
god games
Pet-raising simulations
Social simulation games
>Vehicle simulation games
flight simulation
Racing games
Space flight simulator games
Train simulators
Vehicular combat

>Strategy video games focus on gameplay requiring careful and skillful thinking and planning in order to achieve victory.
4X refers to a genre of strategy video game with four primary goals: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate.
Artillery is the generic name for either early two or three-player (usually turn-based) computer games involving tanks fighting each other in combat or similar derivative games.
"real-time strategy" (RTS)
real-time tactics
Tower defense
"Turn-based strategy game" (TBS)
turn-based tactics

>Other notable genres
Music games
Party games
programming game
Puzzle games
Sports games
Trivia games

>Video game genres by purpose
Adult video games
Art games
Casual games
Christian games
Educational games
Electronic Sports
Serious games

>> No.15846626

I'm gonna go along with the Splinter Cell-esque suggestions already made ITT.

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