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/tg/, i need help. i'm just dipping into warhammer 40k, and i need help deciding a race. necrons appeal to me.. but i dont like their slow movement speed or their reliance on ressurection. what do? any good resources for unit descriptions?

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Nids, pretty friendly for new players and have more than decent speed and numbers.

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I have no idea about miniatures, but i'll happily bump your thread, sir.

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tyranids did appeal to me too. i like the idea of using the basic units to wall off areas, and having the heavier ones do area damage from afar.

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i love you very much. im sorry about the jar of nickles, i wasnt myself.

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god, that made no sense without the comic.

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Imperial Guard does that also, with loads of flashlight troops running around, with the big tanks shootan stuff up.

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>implying I don't read Boxerhockey

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Try this, hopefully it will be better help than I am.

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Chaos Marines. You will want your heavy hitters rushing into combat while shooting until they get there. Use your regular marines to push the enemy around with bolter fire and assaults while Defilers and Dreads shoot the shit out of them or crunch them up with close combat weapons.

Just make sure to keep your Dreads away from your guys. If they get a crazed roll (1/3 chance per turn) they will beat or shoot the shit out of the nearest unit. If you use them right crazed is the best thing that can happen to you. They'll either get fleet and chew through a squad, or they'll double tap in the shooting phase and cut a gunline or tarpit to pieces.

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OP, your pic made me restart my dorf fortress.

Twil be glorious

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