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So I'm making this fantasy rpg platformer. Is there any /tg/-related character that you'd like to see in?

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Cultist-chan. Killable please.

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Make sure there's a very girly man who ferries the party across a river in his rowboat.

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not sure about this but - heck - why not?
Any story or link about him?

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Goo girl with romance options.

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Old Man Henderson.

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This may be a lil' too much but I've just completed the slime cave so goo girl merchant will be there

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What engine are you using? Custom made?

I never took any kind of math past elementary school so programming an engine is to darn hard for me, I just want to make a simple little RPG.
So far I've been checking out Game Maker, Open Hamster Revolution bla bla maker, RPG Maker VX.
The latter seems to be the best one so far.

But man, I wish I had stayed in school as a kid, maybe learned some math and programming instead of getting waste, fucking and getting into trouble :(

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Also Doctor Thelonious Girth

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don't forget dem fucking dorfs

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Come to think of it, everything but Dr Thelonius is either stuff requested from drawfags, like character portraits, or blatant fap material.

/tg/ has no characters that aren't about sex.

Perhaps cutebolds, but people seem to be inclined to have with with them too.

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Game Maker master race here, bro.

Also, you can draw your own character and post it with a few lines.

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He's a pretty nice guy.

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Oh wait, silly me I forgot that crazy hassan guy that sells camels

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Already in, bro.
Added to the list
I like him.

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RPG makes does it easier, plus everything seems to tiiiiiny in game maker :(

I made a game about a bear eating pies in GM, that's about it though.

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mite b cool for boss rush mode

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What about the Rape Factory?

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Looks good man. Perhaps some dirt/grime to the bricks to make it more atmospheric.

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Too much but a giant harem seems more plausible

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Include the option to seduce and do her for discounts.

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Carl Sagan

I know he's not /tg/ but I saw a thread on here once with a quote of his being the catalyst so we might as well toss that in there.

"If you want to make a setting, first you must create the universe."

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>Any story or link about him?

He's surprisingly well liked by the people of Ultraheim, the nearby town. Despite his effeminate mannerisms and simple life he's seen as a paragon of the virtues, a few even going so far as to call him their spiritual liege.

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Thanks, also changelog for the first seven days

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Might as well make it Bob Sagan and have him be the most likable guy in the game.

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you using flixel?

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Quite some time ago /tg/ made a space opera setting. And in it Holy Mother Church had a transhumanist revolution, and the sitting pope had taken the title of Pope Carl Sagan the 4th. In honor of the saint of discovery and invention.

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I approve of this.

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>Is there any /tg/-related character that you'd like to see in?
Please don't. It's fine to come here for critic and ideas but for the love of God, don't include /tg/'s "original characters" in your game. Especially since it looks nice.

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Nope, Game Maker, already said that
Owner of the huge art gallery full of paintings? In.

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Only as a small tribute or easter eggs, thought it would be nice

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An Orc should give you a quest. And when you finish it and return, he'll say, 'Remember me? I'm DaQuestOrk.'

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Wait is your game Cave Explorer or did you just insert Humphrey?

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>laser eyes
Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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Tesla beter be in it!

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Commissar Fuklaw as a captain of the guard type character

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I did insert him, there should even be my sprite on his fanart page as author asked for it

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That reminds me, a while ago we came up with the Humanist Paladins of the Order of Saint Carl but never fleshed them out. If anyone's interested give me a minute and I'll post some shit.

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muscle wizard?

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if I ever add secondary attack - yes
mite b cool

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He's not a cameo.

He's an enemy type.

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Rood the Door Forged

The One-Eyed Blackvomit Mouse

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I suggest a sparkledog boss encounter.

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nope and nope.
If anyone wants to play the older version here is the link - http://www.mediafire.com/?zoc3pt1x8b6x33u.

Any problems, ideas, other stuff? There is my e-mail.

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Maybe put 2 cats in the village somewhere, something subtle.

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would be pain the ass to draw
there already is Dorf location
Doorforged as a type of enemy - I like it.

12 characters from this thread should make it to the full version, thanks all!

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nice, keep up the good work

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Looks like a Delve Deeper royal jelly.

Should add a fairy dragon from there too--loved those pink fuckers.

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And Lobstermen. Or both?

Both at once?


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Perforator from Dungeon Siege 1.

Adjust and shape it up a bit and you got an awesome enemy / mini boss

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Maybe a CoC stage, where you battle cultists and deep ones, while great Cthulhu devours 2d20 investigators in the background.

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Give me a nice cult idea and you get this job

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If you have a WoD inspired stage, might I suggest including Mr. Bombardini and his friends?


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I'm digging the style of your overland map. The birds are a nice touch. I highly recommend having a browse through www.wayofthepixel.net for some ideas.

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A giant who forges swords out of concepts.
I can't seem to find the original thread.
Also, Crazy Hassan.

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How about Alphonse Kapown or Oscar?

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There could be a level thats a cave you enter by diving. There could be creatures that survived the meteor that killed dinosaurs and things that evolved there (slimes, crab-mutations)

The Red X:s mark place for three items that the player needs to get to:

The Boss - Could be a green Crystal in a perfectly shaped square room with alien scriptures on the walls.

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I think I love you, any nick or anything?

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How about a cave full of traps and kobolds with Pun-Pun briefly appearing at the end just to laugh at your efforts being futile, summoning a boss for you to fight while he watches, him being amused and letting you go with some treasure (if you win, of course)?

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I could keep these coming, how many do you need?

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The Mad Doctors Keep

filled with armored soldiers with medieval weaponry & alchemists in hooded robes who throw vials of acid or such at the player

the room with the unkillable monster is where the player has to avoid the monster and get to a door eventually leading to a room:

1 - a storage with vials & artifacts, where the player finds an explosive to blow up the wall and get to:

3 - a prison-room for a princess who gives the player boots to jump a bit higher & move a bit faster, and now he can get to:

2 - the Mad Doctor himself experimenting with capturing the power of lightning - something the player will use against him in the battle... He drops a key that unlocks the door to:

4 - the real vault of all the precious items of the Doctor - player gets to choose one fit for his class.

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Fun and addicting!

Cannot wait for the newest edition

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Man, I love threads like that. That one was solid gold.

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A Ship in the Docks

The guy with the sword is 3 times the size of the player - just to tell that you need to find another way into the cabin

1: a Parrot that holds the key into the "hull" - the player needs to answer a riddle (or catch the flying parrot)

2: a Foreman thats protected by 15 fairly easy enemies - drops keys to the second floor

3: a Jailor thats protected by 20 a bit harder enemies - drops key to the holding cells where the pirates & prisoners are, they are fighting elite sailors up on the staircase wich leads to:

4: The Captain of the ship, who is grateful that you saved his ass, and pays you handsomely

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OP is here, thank you Rayne those are awesome.

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also, some of the sprites are ready:

Goo girl - done
Cultist-chan - done
Kharn. - done
crazy hassan -done
cutebolds - done

Doctor Thelonious Girth - wall of text
Old Man Henderson. - wall of text
muscle wizard

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So here's a little lighting test. It's going to be just an alpha channel picture in the front layer.

Dynamic lighting was too hard to optimize. We don't want lagging games, aye?

I'll be working hard on making nice lighting png. files for each map (I'm not an OP)

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These are fantastic.

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Thread is still up? /tg/ sure is slow these days
demo from the day 7.

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This looks pretty awesome. Ive been hearing about game maker for years, but never bothered looking it up, spent more time on RPG maker, making crappy final fantasy knockoffs.

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GM is still cheap way to create anything. RPGM has this advantage you don't have to draw anything and the engine is ready

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I hope there is a level that's just about murdering cutebolds.

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and how does game maker work? is there a scripting language or is it like RPGM where you have a kind of logical interface that you build events from?

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The tutorial needs to be Marneus Calgar (just paint him as a big blueberry) reading from the Codex Astartes.

The BBEG is Mat Ward.

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If you can think of cutebold boss - sure, seems easy enough to create it in the next version that will have overworld.

>> No.15806260

You can use premade "blocks" like "create something" when "collision with object" or pure language (which looks like C or so I was told)
Not enough fantasy

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typhus/or plague bearer

>> No.15806291

Sure. It's a huge cutbold that looks exactly like the others, just larger (maybe wearing something to differentiate itself, up to you). It would attack by summoning hordes of other cutebolds and either launching them directly at the player or simply having them attack the player. It would also run around trying to damage the player, jump, and so on.

>> No.15806294

as far as dungeon theme goes, a city like new york 1950ish where the main enemy's are cultists, and the boss can be cuthulu

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Idk if this has been suggested, but it needs crazy hassan

>> No.15806360

Already here, bro
mite b cool

>> No.15806442

and give the player a choice of Zoot Suit as armour and Tommy Gun as weapon

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Oh, one more thing. It should have a crown. The Cutebold KING!

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>GM is still cheap way to create anything. RPGM has this advantage you don't have to draw anything and the engine is ready

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Dem nurglites.

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