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You are now a government hitman specializing in vampires.

Your latest hit is on a pair of power hungry ascending vampire lords. Tracking them down you burst into their hide out and slaughtered them in your signature gruesome fashion.

After the act you notice their trueborn daughter huddling in the corner shaking uncontrollably. She's at the age just before the thrust developed, so she probably has no blood on her hands yet.

What would you do /tg/?

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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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Is my trade assassination, or is the goal genocide? Cus I mean, if I'm already a genocidal fucktard... you know.

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What any good hitman would do. You take the girl and start brainwashing her to be your successor, making her a hunter of unequaled prowess.

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Wait for her to develop the "thrust", then buy condoms.

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Will they pay me for her?

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This fucking thread again? Grow some originality.

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Keep her until the Thirst and let her decide what to do

I dare that little bitch to eat someone

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Awww fuck, you know what I mean

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Am I getting paid to kill the little girl?

I'm not a charity.

And little girls don't develop thrusts.

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Yes we do, you pedo.

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On the one hand, I'm not getting paid to kill her. On the other hand, leaving her to develop her powers and a grudge against me in the future is a really bad idea.

Solution: kill her and charge my employers a penalty fee for not informing me that there were THREE vampires on the premises, not two. I don't work for free.

Go on vacation in the Bahamas with my cash safely deposited in Switzerland and wait for my next contract.

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Professionalism FTW.

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>Attach her to chest
>become a Dreadknight

My body is ready!

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Raise her as your own.

Feed her off medical bloodpacks, so that you won't end up having to kill her by hit-order.

Totally create the most badass little girl ever seen.


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Crap, I'm going to end up like this aren't I?

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it's a bloody vampire!!!
We cannot allow them to exist.
then again, we could learn alot from this easy-to-capture specimen... bring it back to base for horrible scientific studies and later termination

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Will she develop killer instincts? If theres a chance of her not degenerating into a murderer, try give her a chance at a normal life. If not, then lead the girl somewhere less traumatic and leave it to the authorities or whoever the fuck deals with this stuff.

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Burn her. At the stake.

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Kill her. I just killed her parents/guardians what have you. She's not going to be happy.

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What alignment would the action of killing her be? On the one hand she's vampire, but on the other she's innocent of any evil act at least for now. All she did was being born to vampire parents.

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Cuff her and bring her to my boss. It's his problem now.

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>Having children.

Dude, the Camarilla's going to be PISSED

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Kill her, for the sake of the contract. It's simply the professional thing to do. I don't particularly like killing kids, but these are vampires we're talking about; Not to mention- You know, no witnesses.

Later, though, I start to re-evaluate my life, because if my job means capping kids, I might be getting too old for this shit.

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You weren't hired to kill her

Do nothing but what the contract states, necessary blood is unprofessional

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I fuck her in the ass.

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She's going to grow to be a killer. Period.
Killing her is the right thing to do.
Stake her, decapitate her.

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Tactically it's always good to have someone on the inside. Being a professional vampire hunter I would know a lot about them but surely I would pick up some new insights living with one.

Plus she will be very useful for infiltration. Like say I need to kill an elusive vampire boss and I got wind that he's at this vampire night club. I can then send her in to scout him out first instead of go in guns blazing. That way I don't alert the target that I'm onto him if the information turns out to be wrong.

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Uh huh.
In case you forgot, she has to kill people to survive.

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>I will sacrifice thousands of people over her lifespan for information
>I'm totally cool with that
>fuck those guys

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See here >>15801817 for non-lethal bloodpack idea.

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Not my problem

If she becomes a problem for my employers, then I get paid to take her out. I see no problem with this

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It doesn't matter how many bonus vampires you kill, if you don't take out your target you still fail your mission.

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rape her
leave laughing

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And thus you are fine with the creation of more vampires via her existence.
I'm talking about her prey. Bloodpacks just don't work. The blood has to be fresh. It's always been like this.

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hahahhaha no it hasn't

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Indeed, it means more money

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Is there any kind of reward on killing trueborn childer?

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Even then, direct transfusion would work and still not kill anyone.

Stop trying to make the vampires look like some sort of instant meatgrinder. I hate the Twilightfags as much as any other guy, bud DAMN, the thing with the bloodpacks even worked in Hellsing, and that is one of the darkest vampire settings I know.

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Actually, I have a question. Why do you have to feed her with human blood? Is the blood of other animals toxic to vampires?

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>I'm talking about her prey. Bloodpacks just don't work. The blood has to be fresh. It's always been like this.

I don't know, you could always do the responsible parent thing. Tell her sips only, no drinking people dry. When she goes out to hunt follow her, and if she gets too into it and forgets your rule then show up and slap her shit.

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Anne Rice vampires can drink animal blood, it's just not very tasty.

Not sure about older vampire lore, and anything past Anne Rice is just watered down teenage romance shit.

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I spare her. Sauce on OP's pic?

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you think she'll be able to control herself!?
Vampires are nothing but predators of the night and the RAGE of a BEAST!

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Depends on the situation. If it's a sort of "standing bounty" situation where the government want vampires dead as a rule, then she dies quick and painless and gets included within the proof-of-kill package I bring back, so I can negotiate my fee. If, however, my job is just to kill high-provile vamps who threaten the balance, then I can't kill her when she hasn't hurt anyone yet. Standards are the only things standing between what I do and what they do.

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Yes it has. Almost every setting says old blood tastes like dick to them and they get nothing from it.
Hellsing is also an mango with a Marty Stu vampire.

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Yeah that's right. What's that sauce?

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what is the ethnicity of the vampire?
You cant kill spanish vampires you know, only immobilize them. Bulgarian vampires, I think, ypu can oly cut the head of... I had a list of how to kill different vampires lying about..

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Blood Alone, it's kind of like Leon: The Professional meets Blade, with less grimdark and more dawwww.

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>anything past Anne Rice
>watered down romance shit
>calling V:tM watered down romance shit

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I'd be suspicious about who runs this government.
>Anne Rice
>not stupid romanticized bullshit
>despite her vampires having few weaknesses
It's literally the precursor to Twilight. With the same fans.

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>almost every setting


This is 4chan. It was literally build on the premise of bringing japanese shit to the west/America. You got problems with dat?

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Kill her. Leaving her alive give her the chance to take revenge for her parents. I'm not taking that chance.
In fact kill her. Take the body. Burn the body. Burn the hide out. Then scatter the ashes into the sea.

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I assumed V:TM was older than Chronicles for some reason, my apologies.

It's the precursor, but it's romanticizing the monster, and the moralities of it done right unlike so many other rip-offs that came after it.

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Old Man Henderson?

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And that was when I disregarded your opinion.

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stay away from drugs and vampires, kiddo.

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>>15802056 Much appreciated.

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>Alucard shreds EVERYTHING he goes against with no trouble whatsoever
>he's totally badass by the way
>did I mention our protagonist is awesome?

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I don't think there's a PC term for it

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Shouldn't you be?

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Anderson fucks him up, and then he gets poisoned by Millennium

Not to mention that every "real" vampire in that setting is implied to have powers like he does.

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Put her down.

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Out of how many?

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I get a pair of pliers, rip out her teeth (all of them), then hogtie her and send her to my employers in a crate.

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It's never said how many "natural" vampires are in the setting, but there's apparently a sufficient number to warrant a vampire-hunting organization.

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in most of the old lore of vampires there is no mention of fangs or sharp teeth

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That artist, he's a troll.

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Scrape and lick.

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>That rape scene

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It's not rape if it's an vampire
I'm ok with this

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It's not rape if it's not human. FACT.
So that applies to every single form of creature like that. Including vampires.

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In that case, it'd be "it's not rape if she's dead", to be exact.

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either she's veerrryyy ok with near-rape
or she finds the irony funny

either way, i got a boner

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From straight up lolfail to massive d'aaaw. I need to read this mango.

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have movies, games or anything TAUGHT YOU ANYTHING AT ALL?

You DON'T let the little girl who've you just killed her parents of live. You ESPECIALLY don't bring her back for experimentation in your 'secure' facilities.


Fucking kill her and make sure of it.

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good point.
rape and kill

>> No.15802212

Can a vampire get a hickey?

Or even blush for that matter?

>> No.15802221

Take out the teeth first. Safety is key.

>> No.15802228

can vampire get a boner?
can vampire sparkle?

to be fair, in bram stokers dracula it seems they could be VERY frisky indeed.
But they were more dark magic then undead
allthough they were undead...but you get my point

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Never watched Lucky Number Slevin?
When you let the kid live and raise it as your own, it won't hate you. It will hate the people who ordered the hit.

And since those organizations are massive backstabbers who try to murder you when your usefullness has run out, this is the best insurance you can have.

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dipshits. You'd all be second-rate BBEG's.

While she's shaking uncontrollably, you kill her. You don't rape her because mark my words, she will find a way to either screw you over and take revenge while you're fucking her OR she tries biting you or something.

You plain and simple kill her, make sure she's dead and then dispose of the bodies in a way that absolutely ensures a permanent death.

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and whatever you do, dont stick it in her mouth

unless youre a lesbian...I guess lesbo-rape is a bit hard tho...I dunno

>> No.15802256

well if youre gonna kill her you might as well have fun first

>> No.15802258

And unprofessional attitudes like that are how you get killed.

>> No.15802264

you just buttmad because youre too much of a do-gooder to mad her butt

>> No.15802271

you monster

why would you kill a cute little girl?

>> No.15802272


With Rape Factory, everything is possible!

>> No.15802282

Or I'll stake her, paralyzing her completely.
Or I'll have a nice garlic rubdown first.
Not to mention tearing her teeth out.

>> No.15802288

Stake. Decapitate. Burn. Crossroads.

Hitmen hate complications.

>> No.15802289


It's the scanlator actually, I bought that volume and neither of those bits of text appear in the official translation.

Also, how the hell am I supposed to trick people when you post the follow-up page right away?

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>kill parents and spill their blood anywhere
>grab loli daughter
>smash in her teeth
>rip apart her clothes
>throw her on the dead carcasses of her parents
>fuck her full force in her ass, mouth and vagina
>kill her afterwards

That sounds.... kinky...

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Watch that, and ignore the music

>> No.15802295

Monster? Human, Tribute, Enough Talk, Have at you and etc etc.
WELL ANYWAY I'm human. She's a vampire. So she's the monster here.

>> No.15802301

You forgot the part where I fuck her in the butt.

>> No.15802312

rrrubbing her with garlic.
goood idea.

oh i got one!
use holy water as lube!

>> No.15802318

Then I of course torch their corpses. Safety first.

>> No.15802321

>Goodkat kills the Boss's henchmen and takes him hostage while Slevin kidnaps the Rabbi. Both men awaken restrained to chairs in the Boss's penthouse. Slevin appears and explains the overarching twist: the ill-fated Max was Slevin's father, the mobsters who killed him were The Boss and The Rabbi, and Slevin's own murder was never completed as the hitman hired to do the job, revealed to be Goodkat himself, found compassion for him.

>Twenty years later and with Goodkat's help, Slevin assumed the identity of Nick Fisher and killed The Boss's son and both mobster's bookies. As gang warfare loomed, both mobsters independently hired Goodkat, who insisted as a part of payment that both call in Nick's debts. Thus both Goodkat and Slevin gained access to the otherwise unreachable mobsters, allowing them to set up this final confrontation.

>After this revelation Slevin kills The Boss and The Rabbi, asphyxiating them in the same manner by which they killed Max.





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Niiiiice. Or how about this: use a crucifix as a dildo and/or gag her via forcing it down her throat. She doesn't need to breathe, after all.

>> No.15802345

cross in her twat, dick lubed with holy water in her butt, rub her hips with garlic, is there some kinda holy object resembling a rubber ball?

>> No.15802356

rape factory!
Now with 89% more rape

>> No.15802368

Use a silver ball.

>> No.15802373


I've come to expect /tg/ being like /d/ sometimes but never so unprofessional and incompetent. You keep the relationship between you and vampires strictly one that involves them being dead and you being alive.

You never allow yourself to be emotionally or sexually attached to your target, much less an inhuman, monstrous, abomination which feeds and kills on your own race.

>> No.15802380

are you joking me, little man!?
I am BEING professional here!

>> No.15802381

don't forget the bollock daggers, straight from the Rape factory

>> No.15802386

make her deepthroat a stake

>> No.15802397

And just when you orgasm, you hit a switch, which opens some blinds which then let in a good dose of morning sun.

>> No.15802403

>implying I'm not gonna cut off her limbs and burn the stumps
The fuck is she gonna do, fart at me?

>> No.15802405

and when the other vampires hear this they'll know to fear STEEF KOKK of the RAPE FACTORY

>> No.15802406

Fucking retarded editors. I'll stick to Kotonoha and Nomad Soul, fuck.

>> No.15802415

Goddammit you guys, what happened to standards?

I swear you guys give us all a bad name.

>> No.15802421

You know what? Get your dick sanctified and pierced with a silver Jacob's ladder.

>> No.15802425

Says the crazed gunman.

>> No.15802427 [DELETED] 

>mfw rape factory makes twice the ammount of money you do

>> No.15802430

well you're the exception, raping things is your job and I commend you for your dedication- although I worry about your cavalier attitude to things.

>> No.15802433

It's a quick job, is the thing. Couldn't get a thorough job of it like with the parents.

>> No.15802435

And have a crucifix tattooed abover your dick, that way you can even facefuck her, if you first force her eyes open.

>> No.15802438

Oh yeah, another would be morality thread. How cool is this.

>> No.15802448

I just enjoy my job and try to be good at it
rape is quite the art... im sure you understand as a fellow professional

>> No.15802452

Ah yes, the Rape-based economy.

Good stuff, that.

>> No.15802453

Gist of it is if you're A) a contract assassin, you do your job. No more, no less. You get paid for two vampires, you give them two vampires. They want more, they gotta pay.

B) If you're actively operating under a more wide-spread effort to curb vampiric activity, you need to put her down. It's terrible that she's a little girl, and she might not even understand the current situation. But blood is blood, and you need to do what you do so no more little girls have to go through the same thing.

Eventually cubs grow up into pissed off crazy Kodiak bears and no amount of moralizing changes that fact.

>> No.15802466

I don't pretend to understand your art but I figure you don't understand mine. But I guess we can all appreciate the dedication and finesse we have towards our respective arts. So tldr

brofist to a fellow professional

>> No.15802478

woo! and you dont even demanded that I was my hand!
srsly tho you might want to wash that hand now

>> No.15802483

but the argument against A) is that the assassin still values his own life or that the people who called the contract don't want it to get messy with witnesses or loose ends.

I mean sure, you could send in teams later to deal with the girl, either by disabling her mentally or physically, discrediting her trustworthiness etc.. but killing her in the first instance is just so much more easier and effective.

>> No.15802500

Well in either case it's either a matter of the employer fucking up and giving him intelligence that was flawed (the girl is there when she wasn't supposed to be) or the assassin himself sucking (not bothering to make sure the targets were alone).

In either case, there are bigger issues than a crotch fruit standing around while mommy and daddy congeal on her still traumatized face.

>> No.15802504

>r the assassin himself sucking (not bothering to make sure the targets were alone).

fucking good point.

>> No.15802511


Yes, but then you have to consider self-preservation. You really don't want to be hunted down like a dog at some inopportune time in your life, when you're living off your ill-gotten gains. Not to mention; She can still finger you to normal authorities, as a witness.

Take no chances- Put two rounds in her head, and one in her heart. Don't make the one mistake that comes back to haunt you later.

I mean, even if you're not getting paid for her...Them's the breaks. Better to do a thorough job than a sloppy one. (You probably should mention to the client that there was one extra, though.)

>> No.15802521

>rape-based economy
You see, there's this sex-based currency.
Petting is the smallest currency, 5 Pettings equal one Footjob, 2 Footjob equal one handjob. 5 Handjobs equal one blowjob, 2 blowjobs equal one 69 -or- one penetration.
10 penetrations/69s equal one Gangbang.

So, assume you want to buy a pack of coffee or whatever, you go into the shop and see it costs 3footjobs, you only carry a gangbang with you.
So you go to the clerk, and declare a gangbang, the clerk than owes you 9 69s, penetrations -or- a mix thereof, 1 blowjob, three handjobs and one footjob.

>> No.15802525

i don't even

>> No.15802536

Wouldn't it be ironic to rape the vampire girl and use rape-oil as lubricant?

Think about it, vampires will shit their coffins in fear of the rape-rapist

>> No.15802582

if she says NOPE
use some ROPE

>> No.15802621


Damnit, I've been getting a lot of handjobs. I swear, with this inflation on...

>> No.15802664

>> No.15802794

Did you always tip the other person? At least with a bit of petting?

>> No.15802803

>What would you do /tg/?
Wake up.

Hahaha! Vampire assassins!

It was a cool dream, though.

>> No.15802837

Of course, time is money so really we're just going to be looking at receipts for the particular sex acts required. And you probably need a central authority to guarantee such currency, so I doubt sex acts will be happening at the local store, but at the Sex Bank.

>> No.15803194

>I can then send her in to scout him out first instead of go in guns blazing

You all know how this kind of thing turns out
>loil vampire goes in wearing a wire
>"Hi little missy, all here by your lonesome? Want to hang out with us?"
>your loli tries to talk her way out but is surrounded and cornered by a group of horny vampire guys, rape imminent.
>you curse and bursts in guns blazing and save your loli, your target gets away
>awkward drive home
>"Bawwwww you spared me just to use me? I'll rather be dead!"
> But inwards she can't get the scene of your smashing in and saving her all hero like out of her head

Search your feelings /tg/

>> No.15803219

So when do I rape her?

>> No.15803220

....my feelings say I should stake her and let her burn in the sun.

Yep, looks like I was right.

>> No.15803307

>Write book to attract loli vampire
>Act pacifistic while village you hate goes to hell
>Become immortal
>Run with the loli
>everyone else is dead
>just as keikaku

>> No.15803405

Why, I'd take her under my wing and train her to be my successor of course.

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