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40k Art Thread; with all the draw threads I'm in the mood.

I'll start with what I have (mostly Ultras).

But first, Out Great Enemy.

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I'm interested in the Cities of Death rewrite. I figure they really just need to rewrite the 4e stuff. I think I might start a cityfight only campaign.

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His utility belt is like fucking Batman.

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Nomad has some cool stuff, but I can never find his gallery.

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should I keep posting?

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I would play this.

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I've saved 3/4 so far.

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Okay, I'll continue. I don't have much (reason I started the thread really).


Well, until I make 40k friends around here it will give me something to do!

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Had to find one not hidden in another thread.

Probably my favorite here.

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God, I want to do this.

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Fucking flood detection.

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more arts in hi-res, please

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here's the full version.

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Holy crap, now I'm shit a freehand but that doesn't stop me from making a printable transfer sheet to put on the front of a vindicator like that.

What printable transfer paper does /tg/ recommend?

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any you guys know who this is?

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A world eater no doubt.

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A fan image by some fuckhead that somehow managed to fuck up the Khorne symbol?

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that chain axe looks a little retarded as well..

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his sword didn't look much better though.

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If you look, the Ultramarines symbol is fucked up, as well.

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>chaos star with six points
It huuuurts...

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haha. too bad they're the ones awesome at drawing.

I mostly have SW/BA and some pics of the emp, OP. and I'm through half of them now I think..

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where's the star?

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The right.

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That's seven, and the shaft is probably supposed to be the eigth

endemism tzeenche capcha lul

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lolol similar pic is similar

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That's pretty much all I've got.. Probably forgot some, but I don't have the patience to sit and scroll through 600 different files.

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can't have a 40k art thread without some sisters..

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You guys are doing it wrong.

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More CHAOS pics

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...by all means, show us how it's done

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o hai guise whats going on here

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thats Kharn, you fucknuts
he can wear whatever he wants

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that does not make it any different.

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Speaking of Warhammer art, can someone tell me what is this art from?

I've seen a couple of similar pictures, one with the Emperor and Pre-Heresy Horus, one with Eisenhorn with his crew and Old Eisenhorn with his Daemnhost and others.

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It's from this.

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Forgot the fucking picture

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Kharn - pretty nice guy.

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yeah, a real bro!

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Before I start dumping some stuff myself...

Does anyone have pic related in a larger size?

I could swear I've seen it wallpaper sized before, and I want it

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Time to get some Eldar up in this bitch...

I love the way Technomancer does them

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This is an archon for that mandrake kabal, the wraithkind. Pity there's no way of actually representing such a thing on the TT

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A sister of battle in the making, according to deviantart.

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And here's some years down the line.

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Another picture request please...

I KNOW there's a coloured version of this.. I've seen a mock up of a fake Inquisition dex that used a coloured version

Anyone have?

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Majestic Chicken is the guy you're looking for.


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yeah I've seen the coloured version too. I think I saw it on deviantart, so that could be worth a check.

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neato, thanks I-

>realize some of my images already have his name on them

goddamit I feel like an idiot now

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Feeeeeeeed..... Meeeeeeee....

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Does anyone have a dumpable amount of buildings and scenery of the Imperium?

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We had a big thread a while back. There's a shitload.


Unfortunately easymodo only saved the thumbnails. I'll post a few now and see about uploading the lot of them when I get home.

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That's it for now. Back to other stuff.

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Funny enough this last one is the only one new to me.

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nice monopoly thread guys

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Yeah lets make up a new house rule

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Always bet on Duke.

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Here's another Duke that Techno did

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And here's the first one he did.

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Lelith's not a fan of him pushing his drugs on her Wyches, though.

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oh thanks

Didnt have that one

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Cover art from Path of the Renegade.

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It was a little annoying how there were no female Incubus models. Every other Dark Eldar set, bar Mandrakes and Wracks who are effectively topless, has both genders. Seemed kinda odd how the Incubi were left out.

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It might be down to the name. Incubi are, at least in their default fantasy form, exclusively male.

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The previous models had both genders represented. The Dark Eldar fluff mentions that they don't discriminate on gender, with the exception of the Wych cults who rarely admit males to the higher ranks. Nothing in the fluff about the Incubi and their temples suggests they're another exception.

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It's because Incubi is the name for a mythological male demon, so all members are male. Wyches used to be all female, it was a surprise they put in male models too. The dark eldar succubi are always female.

Deal with it, nerd.

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Huh. Well, that's just odd then.

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>Wyches used to be all female

I don't know if you're trolling, or just ignorant. There have always been male Wyches - the original metal Wyches had both male and female models.

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It could be that they're thick body armour simply masks the-

Oh wait... I forgot which setting we were in..

Yeah you're right DLFG, it is dumb

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Does anyone else find the kymera moels incredibly cute?

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Oh god, yes, they're adoreable!

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Okay, it's not art, but it's an awesome diorama.

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Kruellagh the Vile. Cool concept, stupid name, worse model.

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Lelith in her natural state...

killing anything that doesnt have a toughness of 4

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Lelith has wonky rules

like killing guardsmen is something you need an HQ choice to do

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Oooh, very cool.

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She just needs something to get around her low strength. A built-in ability to re-roll failed rolls to wound would, or a "never needs to roll higher than 4+ to wound" rule, would solve a lot of her woes.

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By the way DLFG.

Do you happen two have two pics on hand?

Namely >>15802343

and a large version of that awesome image of Inquisitor Tyrus walking straight towards the viewer? In a decent size? I can only find it in dinky little sizes...

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like if she, the Super Wych, could choose the other two wych weapons?

Lelith with Hydra Flails, how awesome is that?

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>> No.15803268

The removal of weapon strength from 40k always struck me as a really bad idea. As it is a guardsman striking an unarmoured target hits as hard with a power sword as he does with a combat knife.

>> No.15803272


But then she'd completely eclipse Drazhar... who Needs to be in a squad of incubi to be at all semi-worth his points by standing in for the klaivex as it is

>> No.15803281


This pic (minus the demotivator box)... a good sized version of it

>> No.15803289

Does anyone actually have any depiction of the fabled "Pain Glove" ?

>> No.15803295

I'm afraid not. Googled around a bit for a decent Tyrus picture, but couldn't find it.

Yea, just let her always count as being equipped with a pair of Razorflails (her weapons) and a Shardnet and Impaler (her hair). That'd sort things out nicely.

Drazhar is overcosted as it is, and suffers the same problem all the Pheonix Lords do - lack of an Invulnerable save. He has his own issues that need to be fixed.

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>lack of an invulnerable save

Indeed, but if you can rack up that first pain token quickly it really helps his survivability

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>> No.15803341

what pisses me off is phil kelly porting over fucking 4e units into 5e Dark Eldar

he had a chance to make awesome new template for Phoenix Lords

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>> No.15803359


To be honest, there's not much particularly wrong with the phoenix lord template itself... the chief thing that ruins them is their cost

Lower their cost and people would start taking them

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popquiz: who is more terrible, Kheradruakh or Aun'va?

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Aun'va, since when he dies, half your army ends up running away.

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Kheradruakh whould be better if he could assault the same turn he shows up in. Or could join Mandrake packs.

>> No.15803411

>Kheradruakh whould be better if he could assault the same turn he shows up in.

Totally. It's the same problem Lictors have. They're sitting ducks for a turn. Even if the enemy doesn't kill them, it gives them a turn to redeploy away. I almost feel that Kheradruakh's points should be dropped a bit, and he should be an upgrade character for a Mandrake squad.

Also, that's the image limit.

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Thanks for the dump

it was satisfying

>> No.15803457

Good dump was satisfying :)

>steckel RTDirx
Yes, Russell T Davies does irk.

>> No.15803617


The biggest I could find. You're welcome.

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