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Greetings Teegee!

I come from /lit/ asking "advice"

I picked up the Horus Heresy book series as I had a keen interest in 40k for around 1 year, debating whether or not to buy the books, needless to say I gave in and bought no1.

I'm halfway through Fulgrim (not very far in the series I know) and I've seem to hit a wall, is the rest of the series just book 1 with new characters?
It appears to be a the same sort of layout (Rembracer+SpaceMarine character+Primarchs story)

In Short, I've got Descent of Angels on my desk at at the moment I will be ending the series there at this rate. Its repetitive.

As a visitor I bring gifts of image dumps!

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Mechanicum is nothing like that.

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If you're from Yorkshire, shouldn't it be pronounced "Tuhguh"?

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2/40k (teehee)

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I suppose your right.


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Any requests for specific images?

I have quite a few.

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>Descent of Angels


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Please Elaborate?

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So whats the point of this thread?

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No-one read them?

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Not above anon, but basically some of the HH series is excellent.

Others, less so. I assume that DoA is under the latter category.

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Tell me if the Horus Heresy series is worth finishing? or if its utter shit repetition.

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Why? You said so yourself you won't be reading anymore.

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Descent of Angels is good though.

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It's considered by many to be one of the worst in the series.

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Ok so far I will still be leaving my decision up to whether or not I like descent of angels.

How far does the series go? Will I see my beloved Garviel Loken or Nathaniel Garro again? :(

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>Descent of Angels

No. It's not.

It is not good at all. It is a bad book.

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This is a good image.

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Horus loses and dies, Emperor is crippled and basically dead for at least 10,000 years. There, you don't need the novels anymore.

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Loken hasn't shown up again. Garro has a whole mess of audio books though.

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But it was good.

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We don't know. It would seem that Black Library made so much money from the Horus Heresy that they've decided it should NEVER END.

And are basically now just tossing out books without any regard for the series and hoping they make money off the tails of the first couple of stories.

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>Ok so far I will still be leaving my decision up to whether or not I like descent of angels.

You may as well just give up now. I'd recommend The First Heretic and Thousand Sons though.

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Idiot, I'm not a moron, I've done my research.
Thats like reading about WW2 in 2011 and wondering how the outcome went

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It stops being "repetitive" after Fulgrim.

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Wow, we're hardly giving any good advice to this guy at all.

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I know he is in the Grey Knights because Garro recruited him as Chapter Master (I believe)

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Descent of Angels is dreck. Don't judge everything on that. Also if you want a a change of pace try the CIaphas Cain novels by Sandy Mitchell. A bit more light-hearted and swashbuckling perspective on the 40k universe but lots of fun and well written. I might be just the change of pace you need.

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Cain isn't part of the Heresy series though.

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Please tell me what you liked about Decent of Angels.

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This might be a bit of a stretch too far but could anyone post the remainder of the books (after Fulgrim) and highlight the key legions in each of them?

Also Im pretty certain Ill finish Fulgrim then, after finishing Catch-22, read Descent of Angels and call a close on the series.

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Another request, does Fulgrim highlight the full extent of Genetic modifications that Fabius performed?
If not where can I find out what he did before the whole RAWR CHAOS thing.

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Right, but it's still 40k. If he's getting bogged down he might as well switch things up a bit and come back to HH.

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I highly recommend just the Dan Abnett and Aaron Bowden novels. Those move the plot on admirably. Currently, the metaplot is just past the Siege of Prospero.

(I think Prospero Burns is better than A Thousand Sons, though.)

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Please don't read "Legion"

Many people adore it like people adore M. Night. Shamaylan movies but it's so unnecessarily gimmicky it ruins the credibility of the Alpha Legion by turning them into double-heretic anti-heroes to try make them something more than they are and falls flat because of it.

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They mostly stop with the formula after Fulgrim. Machanicum and Legion are both badass. I thought DoA was shit.

I've always loved that image for the bonding moment the Imperial Fist marine has with the CSM in the bottom right.

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It was generally good. Sure nothing really special happens, but I enjoyed how the book delivered a pleasant story page after page on how the Dark Angels were back then. I only wish some other books in the series could of done the same.
It wasn't great, but it certainly wasn't bad or dull. It delivered a solid story I liked reading about.

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I believe that so far WH40k has become stale to me and I will take a break from it all together (a few months at most)

I will most likely continue to read the HH series though.

<< Current wallpaper

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Descent of Angels - Dark Angels
Legion - Alpha Legion
Battle for the Abyss - Lots of different marines
Mechanicum - Not about marines
Tales of Heresy - Lots of different marines
Fallen Angels - Dark Angels
A Thousand Sons - The Thousand Sons
Nemesis - Not about marines
The First Heretic - Word Bearers
Prospero Burns - Space Wolves

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You, I like now.

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I believe that is Heresy that marine is committing.

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The only 3 that appeal to me there are Mechanarium and The First Heretic and Prospero burns.

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This, Legion destroyed the Alpha Legion forever.

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I forgot to thank you.

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Then read them I guess? I still don't know why you couldn't keep your original post straight when you created the thread.

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A Thousand Sons is basically the other half of Prospero Burns.

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Its cool though, since I never liked them anyway.

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A request.

Anyone got that image of the female drawn space marine pointing her finger saying "thats heresy"

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Seriously? The Alpha Legion had absolutely no characterization prior to Legion, and that book is interesting on it's own.

Indian Imperial Guard versus Muslim Heretics? That was pretty awesome. Same for Grammaticus, who had one of the most unique powers I'd ever seen.

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Keep it straight? wut?

I wouldn't like to deviate through the series picking up the last few books just because I like the prospect of them. The series is designed to be read from 1st-last. (It is right? :P)

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No problem, there's also lots of audio books but I've not listened to any of them.

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op if you dont read any others, I seriously recommend you at least read the 1st heretic.
One of the best 40k books imo

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When I meant straight, I thought I made it clear when I refereed to the points you made in your post.

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IG, Spaaash Mareeens Bitches.

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I found it hard to word what I wanted to ask.
In short:
Is the rest of the series repetitive?
Should I read past DoA?

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Loken is recruited to the Grey Knights in the latest audio book.

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He fucking survived after Galaxy in flames?
What the fuck man.

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>Is the rest of the series repetitive?

Not really.

>Should I read past DoA?

If you enjoy 40k then sure.

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Man that book was good, too bad it made Magnus look like a bitch who hardly used his pskery at all.
Fuck that.

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Yeah, go check it out, its called Legion of One. Pretty sure its on /rs/. Its pretty damn awesome.

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They did have characterisation though. They used cultists and insurgents. They were basically a terrorist cell. Claiming terrorist cells have no characterisation is absurd, the mark of a good story is knowing that there IS a good story in something simple. They didn't need the ostentation, it just wasn't required.

I know it's an unpopular opinion but everything I've learnt about a good story tells me I'm not wrong in this.

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>Books that are only on audio

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why couldn't this have been the boxart for space marine.

the current cover looks like shit.

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Of course he did. It never described him dying.

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Seeing as I got what I wanted can we describe some of the most amazing moments from the first handful of books?

When Angron storms on the the alien fortresses and gets covered by 1000's of tonnes of debris and throws it off himself just to slash the envoy in half.

In Fulgrim when the Artist lures the poet to her room and "rapes" him and then slits his throw to use his blood and fecal matter to paint with.

When abbaddon fights Loken and co.

When Tarvitz goes to warn those on Istvaan.

When the Rogal Dorn rescues Garro from the uncharted Space.

The favourite of mine is after the virus is released onto to Istvaan the Dreadnought pretending that his armour will save him despite knowing he had a crack in his casing because he wanted to die.

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What about the whole battle for Murder?

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The series doesn't REALLY need to be read from first to last, and as many people have said in this thread already, it stops using the same formula after Fulgrim.

Don't read Descent of Angels, please. Or Battle for the Abyss. They are both terrible. I skipped the Fallen Angels because Descent was so bad.

Thousand Sons and the First Heretic are both amazing, and its worth reading through the whole series for those two alone.

I also thought Legion was fucking awesome, but some people hated it.

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Too much xenos, not enough Marines.

>> No.15796973


I thought it was Alright but seemed a bit, distant, You know?

I did like the fact the Xenos where there because the Interex (was it them?) let them live for beign a worthy foe.

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op, if you're game, i'd really appreciate if you could upload high res black library wallpapers from years past.

i lost all of my official 40k art when my storage hdd died. ironically, it happened RIGHT after i decided not to back up the data.

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I think after the month or so off reading 40k stuff I will come back to either Legion or Mechanarium.

Another request for the image with the fem space marine saying "Thats heresy"

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Skraal telling Zadkiel to go fuck himself while using Angron's axe to escape in Battle for the Abyss

The last Titan fight in Mechanicum

Qruze fighting Maggard in Galaxy in Flames

>> No.15797008

I'm so sorry, I have not got any of the official stuff (that I know of) though I know a lot of them are phenomenal and I intend to get them.

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Qruze is a favourite of mine. That is such a good bit.

I liked Maggard though, a regular human fighting as well as a Space Marine could showed how good he was.

The bit where the Luna Wolves get there first marine transformed by Chaos was good. ( I can remember the planets name) but Keeler got the Picts of it.

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Anyone have any other requests?

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Read the books and make your own opinion about them. Alot of the books in the series are either loved or hated, but not fully. Like Legion and Prospero Burns for example.
Theres really no guarantee that any of the books you read will be good or bad, since theres so many different opinions on each of the books.

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The three Custodes fighting off all those daemon-possessed fuckers in the First Heretic.

Everything that happened in the last half of Thousand Sons.

The end of Legion.

The Garantine being a fucking bro in Nemesis.

Space Wolves tellling a Lord of Change to go fuck himself in Prospero Burns.

Emps making the Word Bearers kneel in the dust of their failure.

Garro fighting the Lord of Flies on the surface of the Moon.

Fulgrim fighting Ferrus Manus.

Russ fighting Magnus.

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You guys bored of me yet?

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>The bit where the Luna Wolves get there first marine transformed by Chaos was good. ( I can remember the planets name) but Keeler got the Picts of it.

The part with Samus? If so then it was world Sixty-Three-Nineteen

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The Lord of Flies bit was good, I would have preferred him to have kept his helmet though. I dislike some of the more trivial ability's of regular space marines.

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>Space Wolves tellling a Lord of Change to go fuck himself in Prospero Burns.

Wasn't that a Great Unclean one?

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I was so close, I thought 63-18 in my head but thank you.

The description was good at that part, describing the bolter rounds punching through the chest of the other squad members.

The first battle is good as well in book #1. Describing the bolter rounds turning people into a pink mist.

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Couldn´t find it in /rs/, only Oath of moment, but I'll look for it elsewhere later.

Anyway, I find it hard to believe that Loken survived after being:

-Brutally beaten by Abaddon
-Crushed under a building
-Left alone in an exterminatus'd planet (and then being bombarded again)

Even if he survived the collapsing building (Abaddon and Aximand did, after all), with the only other possible survivor buried deep beneath the city, Loken could have only waited there for rescue, and personally I liked that he died at that point, after giving all of himself to delay the traitors.

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Tzeentch < All
Grey Knights < All

Of the original 20 legions though

Imperial Fists > All

>> No.15797143

>Ultramarines > All


>> No.15797146


>Imperial Fists > All
>Imperial Fists

That's not how you spell Iron warriors...

>> No.15797153

Generic Marines FTW?

>> No.15797156


The daemon practically SCREAMED Tzeentch, but they never say exactly what it is. Tzeentch is heavily implied though.

>> No.15797159

Nope. Prospero is the homeworld of the Thousand Sons, whom are aligned to Tzeentch.

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>Greatest Marines FTW?

FTFY. Again.

>> No.15797236

The Ultramarines to me scream Quantity > Quality.

I dislike Chaos but I do like the original Deathguard.
Maybe if Horus didn't go Chaos for the sake of wanting to over throw the emperor and Fulgrim made the first step in that direction for the sake of becoming perfect I think it would have made for a better timeline.

>> No.15797242


Yeah, it was a greater daemon of Tzeetech. It was even using sorcery. (Enuncia, from Ravenor.) That's the only kind of daemon that makes sense, in the context of the story.

>> No.15797276

Ill be stopping the image dump soon to go to other things unless theres a few people still wanting it. (I'm about halfway through)

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>> No.15797305


I dunno,

"The air filled with swarms of flies...It was tall and misshapen, a shadow cast by shadows. There was a suggestion of anatomy that was both utterly human and corrupt beyond any organic limits. Everything about it had been put together wrong, so that the sight of it dislocated the senses and depraved the mind. It was gristle and rancid meat, blisters and herniated intestines, ulcerated tounges and rotting teeth. It was blinking eyes that were as large as drinking bowls or clustered like the spawn of amphibians. It had horns, two large upcurved horns."

Prospero Burns page 437

kinda sounds like a Great Unclean One.

>> No.15797322


Im no expert but Im thinking Nurgle

>> No.15797326

>The Ultramarines to me scream Quantity > Quality.

You wrong.

>> No.15797344


Never been shown otherwise.

Movie worth seeing?

Also give me a run down of Ultras then.

>> No.15797346


>> No.15797371

plz continue.

>> No.15797373


While it was inside Kepler (?)'s mind it was shapeshifting from memory to memory, it described itself as some kind of God, and was using sorcery all over the place.

Its description resembles a Great Unclean One, but its actions scream Lord of Change.

And shit, its a LORD OF CHANGE. It could look like that just for shits and giggles.

>> No.15797381

>Movie worth seeing?

I thought it was kinda funny in parts, but...

>Never been shown otherwise.


>Also give me a run down of Ultras then.

I would, but I gotta go to sleep. Just don't let Ward haters taint your view Ultras are cool.

>> No.15797406

Great Unclean Ones use sorcery too you know. It also originally wanted the Sons to be completely destroyed so no Legion for Tzeentch.

>> No.15797407

ok I wont watch the film but Ill read about them.

>> No.15797417

I have alot of shit orc images so Ill pick those that are above 7/10

>> No.15797436


>> No.15797461

about 7 images left.

Getting ready to leave you folks!

>> No.15797476

Ultramarines till seem meh.

Im not keen on Tyranids so that might be why.

>> No.15797480

Read Lord of the Night if you like Night Lords.

>> No.15797497

Almost gone

>> No.15797517

Read the Ultramarine series by Graham McNeil bro.

>> No.15797524


Holy Shit that is insane I was just reading a page about the Assassin that kill Konrad Curze (the primarch of the night lords)

>> No.15797544

Considering reading it.

>> No.15797549

The Ultras thing is that they're the best of the best and very by the book. They're friendly and honour-bound but also highly strung and often perceived as arrogant.

They brought order to the Imperium after the Heresy and are a highly influential faction in the modern Imperium. There's also a bit of a political schism building up in their ranks though.

>> No.15797558

But they do seem generic.

I dont mind the over the top stuff.

Deathguard being stubborn.
Imperial Fists defensive work.
Emperors children's perfection.


2 left

>> No.15797572

I like the fact they would work with xenos if needed.

>> No.15797623

>I dont mind the over the top stuff.

Then you gonna love us.

>> No.15797670


Already stated my love for Grey Knights.

I think I will return to /tg/ in future, you seem like nice guys.

>> No.15798577

My favorite moment from the series so far is the Drop site massacre from the First Heretic including the Curze Corax Duel.

>Night Lords > All

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