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"You are the lucky one, to be honored this day!"

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"All flesh is waste."

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"Drink what this body gives you."

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"Worry not, I shall release you from the indignity of life."

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"Feed the oozing MAW of decay."

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"The dieing envy the dead, as it should be."

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Nurgle thread? Nurgle thread.

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"All life is a lie."

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"In every plague, a warning."

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"Know that your flesh is no different."

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"Death is close enough. Why wait."

For more inspirational quotes, visit:

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You know, I'm quite satisfied with Nurgle daemon lists if they have Epidemius, I just wish they had held onto more old rules that effect daemons, specifically immunity to poison.
Especially against Nurgle daemons.

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I was thinking or running a 1 off IG vs Nurgle game of DH.

I was gonna do it in a few hours or tomorrow. Wanna join, or help me run it?

(be back in 2min)

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>"I feel...the maggots hatching...alreadly...."

Oh god why did it sound like he was having an orgasm after saying that.

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There is no greater gift than the rot of Nurgle.

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Because all he wants is death. His own, his enemies, he doesn't care.

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Hail the Maggot King!

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Right now I have 3 insect bites on my arm in the shape of a mark of Nurgle. I feel special.

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Brothers of the Pox, spread your gifts to our enemies!

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I'd worship Nurgle if it wasn't for the smell and the maggots. I'm deathly afraid of those wiggly little bits of rice.

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And that's all I've got.

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Just wondering how much butthurt would I create if I made a Plague marine army about 750 points and used Sisters of Battle parts and made it look like Adepta Sororitas fell to Nurgle so I would end up with a chaos female space marine army

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Fantasy fluff question:
Can vampires/necromancers be possessed?
How could i have undead connected/in a undivided/nurgle army?

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>Sisters of Battle parts

Here's the biggest flaw in your plan, other than the fluff-abuse. The Sisters models don't really have parts. They're two part models - the backpack, and the rest.

A Chaos Sororitas army, counting as Plague Marines, would probably be easier to do. Remove the SoB iconography, then use green stuff to add corrosion and decay to the armour, along with Nurgle icons. It'd be a lot of work, but wouldn't involve trying to hack up metal models for parts.

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Necromancers could be. Even though they're infused with Necromantic magic, they're still essentially human wizards.

Vampires, I'm not so sure. Chaos seems to have a certain emnity towards the Undead in Fantasy. I'm not sure they could, or would, be possessed.

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Vampires can't be possessed and Norsemen who follow the Chaos Gods (short of Reavers who love the lootin n killin for the sake of crushing their enemies, seeing them fleeing and hearing the lamentations of their women) can't become Vampires.

Black magic =/= Chaos

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