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Hi /tg/.

Not much of a tabletop gamer myself but after discovering how fraggen awesome Orks are I just had to know and see everything there exist about them.

So I'm dumping my Ork pictures in hopes some of you might contribute with Orky pictures of your own and maybe other works that involve the awesomeness of Orks, like the comic Deff Skawrdron which I thorughly enjoyed even if I wanted much more of it.

So lets have ourselves a proper Orky general.

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This has got to be the Orky version of Cloud's Shinra Custom.

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Anyone recognize this unpainted Ork?

Otherwise look at the name.

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Needs more dakka.

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Shit thats awesome.

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MFW i saw this thread
let the krumpin' begin

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i like the penis cannon's on gargants

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Sorry, what?

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Hey. That's an old pic of mine. This is the "updated" one. Still needs painting.

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Heh, good ol' killboy.

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Favorite Ork model ever.

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Aside from that, I managed to convert and paint up 36 shootaboyz, to convert 22 Lootas, paint up 6 Kans, and convert 6 Meganobz. I've also built 2 additional warbuggies/trikes for my amusement.

Fear the bunny-ears, gentlemen.

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Are there any comics or novels about Ork besides Blood and thunder and Deff Skwadron.

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I'm looking for a torrent / fileshare ect link for the second edition ork codex. it's to complete my codex collection. also for great justice. can anyone help?

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Those are it, and they're also the ONLY things worth reading from Black Library, concerning the Orks.

I wish I was joking, but sadly this is the case. Deff Skwadrun and Blood And Thunder are the only Ork-related content BL has done that's worth a damn.

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Hold the line!
Deff Skwadron isn't the only one?!

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Supposedly Blood and Thunder is also good (although I cannot confirm this). But other than those 2, there is nothing else worth reading. At all.

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here's the comic after a quick google search for anyone who hasnt read it yet

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Eventually I started making Power Klaws for the "meganobz" in question. I had some leftover tusk-grilles from the Killa Kan kits, so I chopped them up, used gap filler, then found some extra blades to make it a pincer-like thingy.

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You can also find Blood & Thunder in /rs/.

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"Oi, ya git! 'ow're you gonna see where ta aim?"

"Aim? Wot's that?"

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Alright this Orky thread requires a story time of a Deff Skwadron story.

Skipping the first story because I can barely frigin read it.

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"We wear red pantz!
Cause red pantz are da best pantz!
Runnin' fasta den da thunda!
Bashin' gitz iz wat we do ya!"

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Well thats the end of the 2nd story of the Deff Skwadron.

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Post the first one. You may not be able to read it, but we sure as hell want to.

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Alright you sweet talked me into it.

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There we go.

I'm outta here!

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