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ITT: Genuinely Odd Weapons. Which is to say "The sort of thing you rarely see in games or other media", not "Absurdly ornate and unwieldy 'fantasy' shit". Practical fictional weapons are acceptable, though. Niche weapons that never gained widespread popularity are a good place to start.
For example; the Short-Hafted Naginata. Pic is related, but features modern reproductions with affected "battle damage", not actual weapons.
What even is this thing? It totally defies my melee paradigm. Is it a short sword with a really long handle, or a short-hafted glaive? Is it for slashing? Cleaving? Stabbing?
In fact, it's a hybrid originally developed to give swordsmen on foot extra reach so they could unseat a mounted opponent: they were created by simply sticking the a Katana blade on a much longer hilt. It's primarily used as a sweeping/slashing blade as opposed to thrusting.
Due to certain tales in Japanese mythology the Naginata (and to a lesser extent all long-handled Japanese weapons) are closely associated with female Samurai (yes, they existed) and is considered to be a primarily defensive weapon. Variants of the Naginata have handles ranging from about double the length of a Katana grip all the way up to pike lengths. Regardless of handle length, use of the Naginata is a Martial Art distinct from both Japanese swordplay and spear use, and inherits elements with both.

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Cool machetes bro.

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The urumi. It's a bladed whip-sword that was a popular dueling weapon. It was often concealed as a belt.

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Machete's almost never have more than a single-handed hilt. They're meant to be used for bushwhacking after all.

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I always liked bladed tonfas, but that's just me.

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>>15776450 Pic is related

What? Pic is, if anything but fantasy, very much based on the Chinese dadao, not anything Japanese.

A "short hafted" naginata of proportions somewhat akin to what you posted, or a very long gripped katana or odachi for that matter, makes a nagamaki btw.

>>with affected "battle damage"
All I can see is that they apepar to have left the sides of the blades as-forged, but the pic isn't very good, so...

>>and is considered to be a primarily defensive weapon
Not really, that's taking things too far. Mention an armed woman and people would think of the naginata, but mention that naginata and odds are they'll put it in the hands of a (male) warrior monk, or just a samurai in general. This as the naginata is to have been the weapon of choice defending the estate while her husband was busy elsewhere, but it was also very widely used by others, and that for fighting in general, not just defence.

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>genuinely odd weapons
>asian machetes

Yea ok, whatever.

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Dadao trio.

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How about something a little more brutal?

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I raise.

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Oh god, Benkei's face.

No monk should have a face like that.

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>old and busted

Pic related, it's the new hotness.

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What're the rings on the end for, anyway? Keychains?

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See, this is an ODD weapon OP. Not your stupid sword dilemna. I'm not even sure what the fuck it is.

>"Oh is it a short glaive or a short sword with long handle i dont knooooow"

Answer: Genuinely no one cares.

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I like this one.

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"I pooped a little..."

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Unknown, but they do add a bit of weight (pommel), you can attach a tassel or lanyard there, or you can hang them from a peg or a pole for storage.

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>mfw these weapons

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If this thread is still alive tomorrow I'll dump what little I have. Notable entries include dinnerware with guns, knives with guns, and guns with guns.

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If I was to hazard a guess, I'd say it was a late hand-gone - basically a hand-held cannon that were the precursors to proper guns (notice the name).

Since I can't read what's written underneath the picture, I guess the development went something along the lines of "this thing is heavy, and cylindrical, so lets put spikes on it so the knight that uses it can also use it to hit people with, and you know what, let's put a few more barrels in it so he'd be able to shoot three more times too before having to bash people's skulls in."

That, or it's some 16th-17th century "let's combine this mace with flintlock pistols because hey, they're both relatively straight, and it would mean you have two guns in one!" May or may not have been used by sailors.

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A gun that is also a axe? Or a gun that shoots axes?

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Hi there, you know your crescent axe? It's now a sword, bow before the Khopesh bitch.

And the pic related Khopesh knife.

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An gun-axe that shoots axes.

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The "what s it" was probably his rewriting of OP's text. However, as for >>15777005 it's a spiked club with four built-in guns, ca 1530. No locks or anything such, just simply touch-holes, you can see one of them in that pic in the close-up. Top there shows the total length of it.

This pic helps give an idea regarding the size.

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I see your Khopesh and raise you a hungamuna. (throwing dagger)

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Have a hurlbat.

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Cant go wrong with shao-lin hooked swords.

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Perhaps, but yours aren't odd enough.

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>19th century

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>Have a hurfbat

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Odd, not old weapons.


Swordbreaker! Not even sharp.

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I guess they're not technically weapons, but for fuck's sake.

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Wait, wait, wait, I just watched the whole thing.
Yeah, they definitely count as weapons.
And fucking weird ones, at that.

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I love those things. It's every dual-shields shield-basher's wet dream.

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notice that in movies and such only bad guys use clubs

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african throwing knife

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Because they're primitive and unrefined.

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Killing is savage business.

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so that good guys don't bleed

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eah, like axes and maces and morningstars..
nothing says kid friendly like broken bones and blunt trauma!
not to mention that you'd be hard pressed to find a warclub that wasnt spiked

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When in doubt, carry a weapon that shouts to the world: "IMMA FUCK YOU TO DEATH, AND IMMA DO IT SLOW"

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The Lucerne Hammer, it's not actually a hammer.

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Project Pluto. It's genuinely odd by way of sheer "Oh what the fuck, Humanity, I thought you were cool and this is the kind of shit you dream up‽" factor.


Short version: unshielded nuclear reactor used to drive a ramjet engine, which would then push a cruise missile through the atmosphere at a low altitude at supersponic speeds, potentially for MONTHS. Each missile was actually to be regarded as an unmanned bomber, capable of crisscrossing hostile territory lobbing its payload like some kind of apocalyptic Johnny Appleseed, except the apples are thermonuclear holocaust. Any single missile that came out of Project Pluto would have had the potential for rendering large chunks of any given continent literally uninhabitable for decades.

It's funny, really. The Davy Crockett man-portable nuclear warhead was a pretty damn good bad idea. Atomic Annie, a cannon that was designed to fire nuclear warheads, was an even better terrible idea. ICBMs are a GREAT bad idea. But to this day, Project Pluto is very likely the single best terrible idea that anyone has ever had.

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And yes, I'm including those bee-filled mannequins that the Mayans used to fend off nighttime raids in the great terrible ideas hierarchy.

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...Somebody actually TRIED the Missiles On Patrol?

My face.

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bees. my god

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You know something's fucked up when a military cancels a project for being too goddamn terrifying.

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Technically, Project Pluto never made it past engine tests. It turned out that ICBMs were easier and cheaper to develop than a nuclear ramjet, which posed some major technological issues (like producing a metal that could withstand the heat of a supersonic nuclear ramjet for durations of months at a time). Between that and nobody wanting Russia to feel like THEY needed to have a supersonic continent-fucker too, we narrowly avoided the thing actually having been built.

It's things like this that actually reaffirms my faith in humanity, in a twisted way. We have the technology to wipe out our species, and we certainly have the creativity to do it in the most brutally efficient (and yet batshit psychotic) way possible... and yet every time we've come close, we've stepped away from the point of no return.

>> No.15777743

now a nuke filled with irradiated mutant bees....

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The only reason we step away from it is...fuck, I don't even know. Why do people step away from blowing things to kingdom come?

>> No.15777757

The cost of blowing shit apart.

It is far cheaper to not kill everyone, so we don't.

The moment Armageddon becomes cost-efficient we are totally fucked.

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That's so fucking sexy. I must have one just to have it on my mantle.

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I dunno. I tend to think that most people would actually prefer to live to see another day instead of tipping things into Mutually Assured Destruction, and by and large the people in charge are just petty and self-serving enough to stop before they push the big red button and think "wait... destroy Earth? But that's where I keep all my stuff!" at the very least. I prefer to think, though, that most people would actually rather give peace a chance...

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I like how the acronym for "Mutually Assured Destruction" is MAD.

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Somehow I doubt that wicker shield will be that whole lot useful.

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It must be, or they wouldn't keep using it.

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That is just some crazy shit. The reason I was shocked is because, basically, I GMed a game of M&M where the BBEG basically had this sort of thing as his primary Dastardly Scheme (tm). He used a super-science power source to permanently send a fleet of stealth missiles in orbit around the Earth and any country that didn't meet his demands would see their capitals and a HUGE chunk of the surrounding geography rather brutally leveled.

The plan was called "Missiles On Patrol", and while his warheads were finite he had more than enough of them to wipe out every last large center of civilization, and plenty of not-so-large ones.

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I don't know the story behind this, but I'm willing to bet the Dutch made it. They're the only motherfuckers crazy enough to have thought something like this up.

>Hmm, I love Landsknecht pikemen...
>And I also love muskets...

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I forgot the name of this show and it's bugging me. Would someone be so kind as to tell me what it is?

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How's the second season? Haven't watched it yet.

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Nah, they weren't the only ones crazy enough, the chinese had a flametrower version.

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I'm know I'm not supposed to talk about or Commissar Mod will blam me, but is season 2 on that done? Are the links with english subs?

I've completely lost track after the mod declared a show about a world about fantasy not /tg/ enough for /tg/.

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keep it secret, keep it safe.

>> No.15778204

It's okay. Personally I still consider the first season better, but it's okay.
Everything available up to now.

Now back to wacky weapons

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Here's a Qing dynasty version. It's what the LotR elf swords were based on

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Holy shit, those were used in Seirei No Moribito/ Guardian of the Sacred Spirit. That series was awesome, especially considering it had a very strong female protagonist (seriously, don't fuck with her), and it was very low fantasy.

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These are just like my Japanese animes.

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reality is often stranger than fiction.

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fuck if I know how that ring works

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I've seen a few times when fiction managed to be weirder than reality, but more often than not reality is the more bizarre.

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It's an experimental pizza-cutter.

>> No.15778344

Anyone who uses that shield obviously has enemies who like to rely on light-missile troops. The small rocks flung from slings or the darts used by more primative armies bounce right off shields like that. Also, wicker is hella less expensive than iron or any other metal.

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shields are disposable, Wicker works good, and in melee you can get the guy's weapon stuck on it,

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The best part are the cows on fire.

>> No.15778447

the experimental pizza cutter is a Chakram, right?

Recognized it because of Dynasty Warriors

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More like Wind and fire wheels

>> No.15778522

Gotta wonder who thought that one up, and why.

>> No.15778554


probably somebody from the 3 Kingdoms

not enough men, adequate cows, left over spears

>> No.15778643


It was probably absolutely brilliant in the situation it was invented for, and then people would have thought "Oh that worked well, now lets do it always"

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I know it's not really relevant to the Maki itself, however:
>Due to certain tales in Japanese mythology the Naginata (and to a lesser extent all long-handled Japanese weapons) are closely associated with female Samurai (yes, they existed)
1) The 'female' aspect is a rather modern thing. Warrior Monks (Benkei for instance) were famous for their naginata combat. Also the Naginata and Yari are part of the 'rokugû' and thus standard weapons for samurai.
2) As far as I know there's more or less only one really popular female samurai and even that is not really certain.

pic related to thread, any player character that would come upt with such a design would be boo'd away from the gaming table as powergamer.

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One, that's just the Japanese take on the Dadao.

Two, shortened polearms were no unknown in Europe too, and I would say in any part of the world were polearms were used. (ex. shortened volgues, glaives, war-scythes)

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Talhoffer illustrates the firehorse.

>> No.15778802

Wouldn't you be hanged for that kind of thing, given how expensive/near sacred horses were back in the day?
Or did that already blow over by the time trollhoffer came around?

>> No.15778857


I was under the impression that you couldn't spit in medieval europe without hitting a horse.

Either way, we generally don't hang people for doing whatever they want with their property anyway.

>> No.15778869

I guess having 'shortened' weapons comes naturally once their shaft has been broken during combat. You simply saw off the broken bits et voila:
Finished your shortened weapon for greater killing power.


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the romans drenched pigs in oil, set them on fire and let them run into enemy formations
captcha: included roffire

>> No.15778918

So what exactly is the idea of this thing?
By having the horse go superpanic mode it will run around and stir up chaos?

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At one thread someone claimed there were roman soldiers that would stand atop a testudo and jump down on the enemy....

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Hey why one pic is named 1kl and in the other 15kl?
It isnt the weight is it?

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I assume the 'Kl' is for 'klein' meaning small in german.

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This is real.

Razorwhip. (Urumi)

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File: 148 KB, 1000x832, weapon 1286422809239.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 93 KB, 500x342, tv-antenna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Uhm ok, I'd like to see the other 13 pictures then.
Yours is a nock gun by the way. Fires all seven rounds in a go, issued mainly to the marine. Generic defence weapon, one guy loses a shoulder, but the enemy gets fucked 7 times.

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regarding "long-handled" weapons.

a swedish sword, blade relatively normal length of about 32 inches / 70cm.

and the handle... hrm. yes. well. enough said.

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File: 39 KB, 470x994, so halt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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how about arbolest's = all metal crossbows
atlatl = a sort of hand held lever to throw spears further
how come no game uses a shot put?
a caber
bolas are in games, but rare
same with boomerangs, but most are represented as the one's meant to scare birds which 'return', instead of the arm or leg sized ones which just work like a plane's wing making them aerodynamic and go far

>> No.15779079

The Dark Eye has Atlatl like spear throwing thingies.

>> No.15779098


hahahaha, oh wow


Shot put? I don't think just throwing balls of iron has ever been a particularly effective method of fighting.

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You are at least 1000 years off about the "near sacred"
Horses sure are expensive, but nobles sure are rich, and the fire horse idea used a wild horse anyway, so good riddance you get rid of a crazy horse and set stuff on fire at the same time, is amongst the siege weapons in the thott codex, together with a lot of other crazy stuff, check it out


The translated and commented version is also avaiable around the net, maybe even on /rs/ google it.

Warhammer/corsesque all up in this bitch!

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File: 25 KB, 412x361, Wagh_nakhi_Tiger_Claws_Weapon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The arbalest has metal bow (and eventually the firing mechanism), as opposed to the composite wood and horn of smaller/earlier crossbows.
The main body of the weapon is still wood.

Pic related, the blades are concealed inside the hand to surprise slap people and then say it was a tiger.

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Average Chinese Infantryman of the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period (pre-Qin). The shield is patterned like that to catch blows. By Han dynasty, it grew to the size of a Roman Legionaire's Shield

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File: 35 KB, 450x270, da-dao-with-mauser1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chinese civil war and anti Japan war had a lot of pistol+sword or dual pistols or One Big Choppy Sword armaments for guerrilla soldiers

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Any info on those

Thought it was the scabbard, given how small it is.

>Implying metal shield
Wood eventually rimmed or fully covered in leather. Metal shields are for show.

>> No.15779373

Afaik, the shields part that actualyl does the work is the leather. The wood is merely something to glue the leather onto.
Mileage may vary on era, area and purpose.

>> No.15779654

I know, but sometimes the leather wasn't available.

>> No.15779664

I love how LARP-shields tend to be thicker and heavier than their historical counterparts...

>> No.15779750

The Bayonet.

Essentially a method of turning a rifle into a spear, they just don't appear in media very often, and yet until the advent of the automatic rifle they were utterly essential and they are occasionally still used to this very day.

>> No.15779791

It's cows that fart fire.

Just run.

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While wicker shields seem to work very nicely, I think that's the scabbard.

>> No.15780040



What. It's one of the first weapons humanity ever invented. It's older than the bow, for fuck's sake.

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And yet when was the last time you saw one in an rpg or a vidya or movie, serie, anything but an history book or the internet?

>> No.15780189


They're in the Jean M. Auel books.

Yes, I am going to admit to reading that shit just to score a point.

'sides, obscure != odd. It's a basic application of leverage.

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OP's weapon also is really simple, common and not odd at all, the theme got changed in "The sort of thing you rarely see in games or other media" only.

So, I say there should be more scissors as weapons in media. I fucking love scissors.

>> No.15781418

Rocket propelled bomber plane. Japanese combined the bomber and the rocket into one pathetic enbodiment that reached 600 miles per hour but if it didn't hit it's intended target would end blowing up within 1 minute.

>> No.15782548
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Alright, so.

Who wants to cut their dinner with bullets?

>> No.15782593
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>> No.15782602
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>> No.15782611
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>> No.15782621
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>> No.15782644
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>> No.15782655
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>> No.15782704
File: 33 KB, 640x480, whip-pistol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Without the out of place unfunny caption.

>> No.15782713
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>> No.15782724
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>> No.15782743
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>> No.15782842
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This is my personal favorite.

>> No.15782852
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>> No.15783002
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>> No.15783032
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>> No.15783046
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>> No.15783073
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>> No.15783151
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>go to wikipedia
>search for Bonnacon
>shit FIRE

>> No.15783181
File: 133 KB, 1044x883, vintage gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vintage Grenade Launcher.

>> No.15783219
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>YFW you will never have fire shat at you.

>> No.15783227
File: 57 KB, 640x306, rat grenade.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you look for odd weapons, then there's stuff like the Bat-Bomb.
A bomb that deploys a shitload of bats, all armed with little incidiary rounds. The idea was to spread them over a huge area and cause a massive fire in urban japan during WWII. The whole thing was scratched when a batch of armed bats escaped and caused a fire on the army base it was researched at.

Also pic related: it's a handgrenade camouflaged as dead rat.

>> No.15783242

No, that program was an astounding success, and burned down a simulated Japanese town. It was canned because of the A-Bomb, damn atomic age ruining everything cool.

>> No.15783243
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Not a weapon but still somehow awesome and silly:

pic unrelated, it's two M4 that fire together.

>> No.15783363
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Hey, it's still old-timey

>> No.15783411
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>> No.15783414
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>> No.15783447
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>> No.15783490
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Tell me you wouldn't want one of these.

>> No.15783495
File: 73 KB, 800x600, 800px-Meteor_hammer[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Note, they are typically lit on fire as well.


>> No.15783516
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>> No.15783531
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>> No.15783535

I'll wear that when I have a STR mod of +5. Anything less will probably have serious neck injuries/ death.

>> No.15783538
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Because screw your Keyblade.

>> No.15783554
File: 106 KB, 900x1140, Gun Knuckle Duster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15783568
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>> No.15783592
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>> No.15783593
File: 61 KB, 800x535, 800px-Twin_sword_mg_3371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A rapier that splits into two for dual wieldan'!

>> No.15783688
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>> No.15783697
File: 104 KB, 960x702, Gun, 3 Barrels, 4 Back.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Backside of >>15783688
Someone with the skills should actually splice these two into one picture.

>> No.15783745
File: 522 KB, 1600x1320, Punt Gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15783895


Cold I have some info on any of these?

>> No.15784107

Got 'em all here a few days ago, sorry. However, the Punt Gun and the bike gun I know can be found here:


>> No.15784124

Well, the last one is a punt gun, used for duck hunting. They were generally mounted on long, narrow boats in the 18-19th century, I believe, though anyone is welcome to correct me on that.

>> No.15784139

Wait, scratch that, the Punt Gun is talked about HERE:


Sorry about that.

>> No.15784173

You're pretty much right. Punt guns were basically giant muzzle-loading shotguns that were mounted on small, flat-bottomed boats. They were used by professional fowlers to harvest waterfowl.

>> No.15784294

Now that's what I call a


Fowl doing.

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