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So why is the Imperium of Man 'crumbling'? What put it the situation it is in now and why are the high lords of Terra just watching it happen?

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See: Every other codex.

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Assaulted on every front
Emprah is dead and his magic toilet is breaking down
Most of all their own backwards and oppressive thinking

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Too many enemies on too many fronts, exhausted its military resources in too many pointless crusades, and the Astronomican is failing.

High Lords of Terra are lazy jackasses who are only in it for themselves, they're like GW's Board of Directors.

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>So why is the Imperium of Man 'crumbling'?
Overextension and increase in enemy. It feel exactly like EU3 except all the rebels are replace with Necron, Orks, Heretics and Tyranids cult.
>What put it the situation it is in
No advance technology, Infighting between Lords, Enemy that is numberless, Emprah dying.
>why are the high lords of Terra just watching it happen?
Because the threat haven't reach Segmentum Solar yet.

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Is there hope?

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There is no hope in the grimderp of 41st Millenniherp

But since the setting never advances you don't have to worry about it too much

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Only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, and the laughter of thirsting gods.

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Yes if they reduce their defense line and let some planet go. That way they can concentrate their defense. Problem is that some important planet are far a way from Terra so reducing the defense line will leave those planet alone without reinforcement.

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People keep attacking, the jerks

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Surely the Space Marines can make a difference?

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>places supreme faith in the space maroons
>doesn't acknowledge the millions of guardsmen who fight and die protecting the Imperium every day

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From what I can tell, despite having balls of steel, guardsmen can't do shit to stop the tide of heretics and aliens- why? crap technology and crap leaders

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Not really. There's not enough of them. They're vital for the survival of the Imperium, but don't have the number to at once defend Imperial territory and try to claim new worlds. The odd system is brought back under Imperial rule every year, but it's outweighed by how many they lose to Tyranids, Orks, Chaos, or even more mundane rebellions and so on.

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Macharian Crusade. Show me Marines doing the same. In fact, it took the reclamation forces (explicitly made up of Marines when there's little mention of Marines in Crusade itself) 1000+ years to retake what Macharius took in 7.

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There are COUNTLESS worlds that have been held and defended for centuries by these guys and their shitty weapons, on many instances the Spess Mareens have lauded the heroism of the Guard.
It was the death of a single Guardsman that moved the Emperor enough to strike down Horus.

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If they're more of them. Sure. The problem is chaos corruption.

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Have there ever been cases where worlds just say fuck the Imperium and Emperor and no we are not turning to Chaos ( basically declaring independence) and not get obliterated

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there are some worlds that join or at least negotiate with the Tau and are mostly left alone because the Imperium can't be assed to crush em

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How many did they take?

I know the SOB got 100 in one crusade of 1000 people.

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Probably, yes. Thanks to the massive beaurocracy that the Imperium's tied up in, it's quite likely there are dozens, perhaps even hundreds, of independent worlds which quietly go rogue without anyone noticing. Though eventually, the Administratum will realise that they're not getting their tithes from some forgotten backwater, and the Imperium will take steps to retake their world.

One problem, though, is these independant worlds are very vulnerable. They often don't have the capability to detect and remove psykers from the populace, so there's an increased risk of possession or daemonic incursion. They can't call for help, so if they get invaded, they're probably stuffed. And there probably won't be as stringent measures in place for weeding out heresy, so there's a good chance chaos cults might start cropping up.

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Only for his accomplishments to fall into disarray after his death.


What will happen when the Emperor dies anyway

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By the retarded reading of Dorn's quote some fanboys have, a Marine is worth ten guardsmen. Let's ignore the fact that he specifically meant a Company of Marines having the combat worth of a Battalion of Guard, probably with some specific purpose in mind, and just run with it.

There are 14 - 75 Quadrillion humans in the Imperium based on 3e rulebook. Let's say the conscription rates for Planetary Defence Forces are as low as modern, democratic countries (which is stupid, but again, let's roll), ie ~0,1%.

This gives us 14-75 trillion active PDF soldiers. Guard regiments are usually recruited from top 10% of a world's PDF, so 1,4 - 7,5 trillion active Guardsmen at any given time. Assuming 1 SM = 10 guardsmen, and one million Marines in operation:

The combat worth of the entire Imperial Guard is 14.000.000 - 75.000.000 bigger than that of the Marines.

How does it feel to be insignificant, fanboys?

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It's stated as being the greatest single campaign in the history of the Imperium since the Great Crusade. Solar Macharius is 40K's Alexander the Great and the Imperium is the setting's Roman Empire.

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Astronomicon fucked up and that leave the Imperium with a slow as fuck transportation (Which would pretty much doom all the planets). And either the Emprah reborn and guide mankind to GLORY or he just die and go fight something in the warp.
Also massive revolt once the news of his death go out (Probably will never happen since it won't even leave the Golden Palace)

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Couldn't they get masses of psykers and install them into the Astronomicon? I think they did that in Mechanicum.

Also could someone clarify just what the fuck happened to the Sensei? Was it all just a Inquisition cover up or was really just the Lord of Fate dicking around

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thing is guardmen are easier to corruption but then again once teh Space Bareen chapter's corrupted little kingdom of men will be fuck either way

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Yes. Say hi to Tzeentch.

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How? Why would Tzeentch change the situation the Imperium is in? I know he is the lord of change, its just I doubt he would change the Imperium for the better

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Nah, apparently the Emprah's soooooo special that no amount of normal psykers could possibly have his magic touch.

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Tzeentch's greater daemons sometimes help the "enemy," he is the chaos god of Hope, and its been noted that if he ever was about to win, he would give the enemy another chance so that the game could go on.

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It's not that he can't be equalled in power by a big psychic choir, it's that Golden Throne is needed to direct the Astronomican, not to power it. Powering is done by the guys brought in by Black Ships who burn themselves out soon.

But they don't have anyone else besides Emps capable of sitting in the throne, which is needed to keep the daemon-infested webway shut and to focus the beacon.

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>>So why is the Imperium of Man 'crumbling'?
1) Because it makes the fulff more appealing to say this, it gives the Imperium the image of being "underdogs who still fight even tough they are on their last legs." If humanity would be prospering and casually steamrolling everything that dares to raise an eyebrow at them (which actually is the case) it would be boring.
2) Because it creates countless plot potential for writers to work with. "Crumbling" is a word that is loosely defined and any sort of fucking retarded events can be explained with it. Be it humans fighting/killing humans, the recrorvery of something old or a reason for humans being defeated by other races.

>>What put it the situation it is in now and why are the high lords of Terra just watching it happen?
A Wizard did it, ok actually it was because Games Workshop said so and LOLMARKETING. Actually if you count the Emprah as a wizard then he did it.

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Nearly every faction has something going for them except for the Imperium. Why do the Tau and the Eldar have such awesome prospects while humanity is left to face extinction

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>>>>So why is the Imperium of Man 'crumbling'?

Alpharius failed.

>>Is there hope?

No. Might as well join the winning side while you can. Chaos rewards those who don't wait till the last minute to bandwagon jump.

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Because humanity well deserves extinction.

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Instead of joining someone else why don't you just become your own thing and carve out your own fate.

Also enjoy being spawn once the dark gods become bored with you

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>> So why is the Imperium of Man 'crumbling'?

Because star empires are *always* schlerotic crumbling messes, all the way back to Asimov and Poul Anderson.

The shadows cast over pop culture by Rome, Byzantium, the HRE and the Habsburgs are long.

>> ...why are the high lords of Terra just watching it happen?

Ever tried to change the course of a country? Multiply that by a xeno- and neo-phobic theocratic feudalism spread over a million worlds.

"There is a lot of ruin in a nation; but nations do come to ruin." - Adam Smith

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Ha! Retconned, it was a Custodes.

>Laughing GW writer

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The Imperium is crumbling because it loses territory, then a hero rises up and conquers 10,000 planets in seven years and then the Imperium starts crumbling again, a new hero rises up... ad infinitum.

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Ugh, always hating on the lasgun. The lasgun is an EXCELLENT weapon, it is just that excellent isn't always good enough.

Your next dark heresy character will dual wield long lases with pistol grips.

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I prefer the Custodes.

>attack enemy flag ship
>limited possibilities for teleportation
>who do I pick?

>superhuman warriors
>normal soldiers

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Fucking word. People hating on lasguns need to play Dark Heresy.

Lasguns have a good killing capacity. As long as you don't come across Xenos.

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The imperium is crumbling like the egyptian pyramids are crumbling. Local campaigns are performed over the course of decades, and it can take hundreds of years for a sector to finally crumble.

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The Tyranid Hive Fleets are on a slow march across the universe. The Imperium will fall and only the Tyranids, the Necrons, Chaos Demons, and Chaos Marines will be left standing.

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Thetyranids wont be left standing, they'll be floating off somewhere else.

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It's a bit easy to retake worlds when Marines have crushed every bit of high-end resistance beforehand.

>implying that Chaos would survive the depredations of the Hive Mind

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>only the Tyranids, the Necrons, Chaos Demons, and Chaos Marines will be left standing.

Thats an odd way to spell orks.

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>>15767290 Is there hope?

Depends. Is the Emrpah willing to fund this guy? I hear he has a Plan.

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>Assaulted on every front

This is the only valid thing in that shit pile you call a post.

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So does the Imperium.

One of my favorite bits of fluff is from Dawn of War (The SoB expansion), when Spes Marines conquer the Guard home-world.

The Guards who deserted get summarily executed, while all of the Guard who died fighting bravely and following orders got posthumous awards and medals.

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>Eldar have such awesome prospects

WTF! am I reading?

The Eldar are easily the most fucked of all factions, they doomed themselves to extinction long before anyone else and those that remain know it and are too few to stop it, they just live their lives hoping they don't get consumed by Slaanesh trying to keep everyone else from fucking each other up too badly.

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I find it pretty humorous that the 40k setting attract a lot of people who're like "Humanity, fuck yeah! The Imperium takes shit from NO ONE!!!" then the same people rage because the Imperium is fighting a losing battle.

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They fuck up but they also are the only ones that can kill the chaos gods.

Now if the fucking Humans will stop fucking up the Eldar then we can see some progress in destorying Chaos

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Feels completely normal.

Because you know, scalpels will always be smaller than hammers.

Otherwise you couldn't use it as a scalpel anymore.

Why do IG fanboys always think that just because someone plays Space Marines that he must think that Space Marines are the best at everything?

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The Empire is crumbling because of Orks.

The answer is always Orks.

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Why are the morons always the rude ones too?

Read the 5th Edition Rulebook. The Golden Throne IS falling apart. The Adeptus Mechanicus cannot repair it and its complete collapse is inevitable. We wont be able to tell for sure until the Throne fails but the Emperor has probably been an empty husk for at least a couple hundred years as that's when the problem was first reported. The Astronomican is now little more than the death screams of thousands of psykers, rippling through the warp in much the same manner as a hive world of cultists that commit ritual suicide.

Your Corpse God is gone.

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Good thing the plot never advances, or the Imperium might actually be in trouble!

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Or it might be saved depending on who you ask.

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If Emps ever came back and saw what became of the Imperium, he would be disappointed to say the least. Imperium is doomed either way, either by xeno invasion of raging Emperor.

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>Your Corpse God is gone.

Hahahahhah. Picture related.

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