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Please... /tg/, for the love of God,

Found it on /x/ which is rather strange

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If you come here you should now who Fuklaw is.

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Yes lets show him fuklaw at his most heretical.

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I've only been on /tg/ for a few months, I've been on 4chan longer of course... enlighten me

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how can you not know who Fucklaw is?

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I've been on for less and I know all about the Angrymarines and Fuklaw.
Shit son, get it together.

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Fuklaw likes jokaeros.

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You need to read this. It is sad and beautiful and angry and Awesome.

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I can haz more lawlz?

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Get lost

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Speaking of Fuklaw, is he hanging out with Raege as a drinking buddy or do they actually have something for each other?

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It was beautiful... but boring when you've just shat yourself (literally) laughing to the first 3 comics in this thread

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buzz off summerfag!

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Don't even-

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There seems to be some old soldiers respect at least between the two that goes beyond the teacher-student thing they had before.

Raege kinda payed for Fuklaws resurrection and juvenant treatment, and they share a appartment nowadays.

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It would be nice to think but we may never know.

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Can someone give me a rundown of fuklaw?

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here's some more Raege and Fuklaw

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bump for godliness

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The only thing i disapprove is how Raege went from badass commisar to hot librarian chick in terms of appearance.

Many of you all would be inclined to disagree with me though.

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He's a Commissar. Possibly one of the oldest ones. You could say he's like Yarrick, but he doesn't have the showy heroics Yarrick has- His courage and valor aren't some he shows off. He fights mostly because he really, really fucking hates Heresy.

He's been attached to the Angry Marines before, where he served with valor- And keeps up with sheer anger. (Though some heretics might argue that he was enhanced like Kasper Hawser. The truth is that he doesn't *need* the enhancement.)

He's simply too ornery to die, though he *is* getting too old for this shit, rejuvenat treatments or not. He's no Ciaphas Cain in swordsmanship, but makes up for it by being incredibly nasty and tenuous in combat, like a pitbull with lockjaw.

His origins, though, are uncertain- It's entirely possible he was just a Guardsman who lifted his identity from another dead Commissar. Still, what he's done is undeniable.

Currently, it's believed that he either died in battle- Or is living out the rest of his life after centuries in service to the EMPRAH, under an assumed name.

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Thanks man

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Oldest memory is of hiding under a soldiers corpse in a bombed out city during a chaos uprising. the soldier had been called Fuklaw. The child took this name as his own. Lazy Adept Scribe gave him the first name of John.

Has Awesome anger.

Given to Commissar Conrad Raege for training into a Commissar.

Becomes feared more than any man, beast or combination thereof by any Regiment he is assigned.

Gets married to Mary. Has a child called James. James dies to a chaos uprising.

Fuklaw becomes even more angry.

Gets noticed by the Angry Marines. Leaves heartbroken wife to do the Emperors Duty. Writes to her every month.

Mary dies a few days before getting the letter that he is coming home.

Carries on with the Angry Marines till age 76. No Rejuvinant Drugs or augmentics. He is a leathery, gristly old man who kicks ass and whose anger and sense of duty puts the Marines to shame.

Get's almost killed saving a marines life at the end of a long campaign.

Given the best of medical care by Commissar Raege

That is it in a nutshell. There is a lot more.

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So are all these lulz comics parodies... the story you told seemed to be really serious.

Have you been the one posting them? If so thanks

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that comic gets me every time.

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continuation of

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The funny comics are equal parts Imperial Propaganda and what actually happened.

The fact that he is a man driven near mad by the galaxy with a need to kill and maim and rend who grew old when he should have died does not detract from the potential of humor, albeit a slightly darker kind.

It is the context.

I have posted a few pictures to this thread. Here is the last one i can easily find. It shows him in context to the story of Commissar Reage.

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The lulz comics came first, then the pathos and seriousness was added and the lulz became in-universe propaganda.

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That ended abruptly, guessing it ain't the end

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Heretics everywhere

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guitar solo

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Why is Fuklaw talking to Jay and Silent Bob?

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rolled 43 = 43

Here's a few more Angry Marine pics...

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rolled 2 = 2

and another...

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rolled 87 = 87

and another...

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rolled 4 = 4

Command squad!

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rolled 68 = 68

Stop! Hammer time!

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rolled 91 = 91

Proof of Sqau... Arrggghhh!

> captcha "by GW his visit"

No Shit Captcha!

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some more Angry Marines

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more Fuklaw

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That story, fucking heretics

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have another Fuklaw pic

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