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Ok, that's quite enough sitting around from me. Time to work on Magnus.

Today - the legs.
I intend to wrap a robe around them, but I was going to leave it open at the front so he wouldn't look too similar to Mortarion. This means we need to do something about his feet and hobo pants.

My initial plan was to use the arm guards of the plastic Daemon Prince (the ones with the face on them) as shinguards, and sculpt some sandals.
Anyone have better ideas?

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lol, hobo pants and giant crotch.

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so thats why he cant beat the space wolves? he got hobo pants

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Space Wolves stole his pants to humiliate him.

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Prospero never had libraries, only massive warehouses full of pants.
After the Space Wolves burned it down, all Magnus had left were scraps he made into hobo pants.
Here ya go

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Derailed at the first post, what the fuck?

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Wow, nice.

I love the use of McDonald's toy wings.

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Oh this is far from the worst derails that have happened in my threads.
As long as that one photo is not posted, we should be fine. If it is posted, I might as well just start a new thread.

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They were the right size and pose, and on hand. A lot easier than getting a Lord of Change just for the wings, with the added bonus of never having to hear "HURR WHY U PUT TZEENTCH WINGS ON NURGLE DAEMON IDIOT!?"

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Could you post up Pertuarbo? Never saw his finished model.

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Damn, now I can't find a picture of your Hitler painting anywhere...

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srsly, stop worrying about the legs, and do something about the hips. the guy looks like he's got a HUGE ass.

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could you paint this please? looks awesome, would love to see it finished

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Here ya go
I think I removed him from my gallery, so you might need to dig a little to find him.

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I like that you gave him a forge hammer as he did receive Forgebreaker (Ferrus' hammer) from Horus during the heresy.

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Hmm, true. Not a whoel lot I can do though outside just reculpting the entire ass.
I can't paint for shit mate, they'd look horrible.
I could take the time to learn painting, but that would mean contributing less conversion threads...

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greenstuff faces onto the pants to make them look like they're made from humans

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Thanks mate
Actually, I kinda like this. Even though I can't scult for fuck, save for semi-decent fur.

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Hey look, it's Chaos Blastoise.

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I was just thinking that, holy shit.

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Notably, Blastoise was pretty much the first thing I based it off of.
Later it took on some aspects of a Warhound Titan, but at least to me he will always be Blastoise.

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did someone say spiderman derail?

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i really dont see it being all too hard to paint that model tbf, maybe get some tips and pointers from a gaming store?

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Hey Scripty, have your previous threads been archived? I haven't been able to keep up with the WIP threads that pop up ever so occasionally.

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Noone said that because we are not that cancerous shit board known as /b/ and we have an IQ over 60.

Fuck off and take your spiderman shit with you.

Sage for shitpost, not for thread.

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At least make it misnamed reaction images or something.
Spiderman is fun and all, but I see those way too often.
I probably COULD paint it. Thing is, someone could paint it a lot better, and would probably be willing to do so for me. This would result in a far better final product.
See: the badly painted Looted Carnifex.
Also, a sample of what is probably my best paint ever.
I don't archive my own stuff, and the last thead on sup/tg/ to have me tagged is a Emperor's Nightmare thread where I discussed converting some EN minis.
Before that, the previous one is last year's Xmas thread, so no, I doubt they are archived anywhere.
Bunch of my older threads are in there though. Not sure if my quality has gone down or if the people who archived my stuff have left, but in either case, no, not archived.

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lol nigga u mad

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Getting back on topic, let's hear some more ideas for the legs and feet (and ass)

So far we have pants made of faces and sandals + shinguards.

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Bummer. Anyway, what's the deal today? Just working out what's happening with this dude's DAT ASS?

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Some reason not to be, yo?

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The goal would be to have the legs and robes done by the end of the day.
If I still have steam left, maybe fix up the head a bit and think about the wings.

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I just want to stop by and say that your conversions are so inspired and "right", that, in my mind, they are what the demon primarchs are truly supposed to look like, even knowing that these are fan concepts.

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dem tusk nipples

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if you know people who are good/acceptable painters, then ask them to paint it for you! i wouldlove to paint some awesome models like that, and things look so much better finished (also painting is a big part of the hobby, practise is the only way to get better)

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If the legs/ass are being a pain, why not go the other route entirely? Like, giving him a Flamer's lower body, or make his legs melted into a large, spiky Tzeench disc?

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Maybe a tabard with heiroglyphs carved/embossed onto it? If you brought the material around at the waist, you'd cover that massive join, and if it was just a tabard at the front and the back it wouldn't be too cloaky. Dunno how that design fits with the hobo pants though.

As for the wings, are you just going to use the Lord of Change, or something else?

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Speaking of which, how is Angron coming? Has his messed up arm been fixed yet?

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I second this notion. With a vengeance!
>all who oppose, say die!

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I like the idea of flame legs.

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rolled 8 = 8


out of interest, why hitler?

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Flame legs could be cool, but as far as I know scripty avoids large scale sculpting.maybe if you took 5 or 6 large rolls of greenstuff and twisted them together, feeding them into Magnus' waist?

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Don't even start.

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Thanks mate.
Don't really know what else to say to that.
To me, those were always the most definign feature about Magnus.
I mostly don't want to ruin my good conversion with bad paint. I have a full Blood Ravens army on standby to practice on.
Also, the ever helpful That Paint Guy is doing my Primarchs for me. I might look into more painting contracts after all the Daemons are done.
Those were discussed, but Mortarion is already doing the torso-on-tornado look. Since they share the torso bit, I need to give magnus proper legs to make him look different.
Other than that, good idea.
Tabard might work. I'm thinking about taking the open robe look used by some Dark Angels. Possibly I might layer 2 robes over eachother and not give him much visible legs at all.
As for wings, Galrauch is my current top idea.
Well, there we go then.
Nope, his arm (and legs, and neck, and sword) will be fixed after Lorgar is done, who is next in line after Fulgrim, who must wait until Magnus is done.
As stated, it's a good plan, but really hard to do without making him look a lot like Mortarion.

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so much money spent to just end up with ugly model.
Hobo pant giant legs look nothing like a daemon prince primarch would.

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>> No.15756837

you could make pointed armored boots with green stuff around the feet at the bottom
the robes parted at the front with a decorative loin cloth coming down the middle

see pic

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MFW Ctrl+F "tusk nipples" reveals that someone got to it before I did.

Anyway conversion-friend, keep up the good work, these conversions are truly stellar. I hope you send them off to get professionally painted.

Make a pay-pal or whatever the F that "give me money" start-up website is, /tg/ might throw a buck or two your way to get these done right.

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>13 mins
A friend of mine is a historyfag and a painter. He gave it to me as a gift. It's a copy of some obscure painting of Hitler made by an art student in the 40's. He told me he saw a picture of it in some book and wanted to reproduce it, since the proginal was probably lost, and he liked it.
I avoid large sculpts for 2 reasons: I don't stock lots of GS at once, and the only things I can use GS for are filling holes and sculpting fur.
As with painting, I could learn to be a better sculpter, but I'd need sacrificial projects to practice on, rather than ruining my good models.
Someone always does.
At least he went the polite route rather than sagebombing the thread calling me a neo-nazi.

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Its a roll cage for when he trips over his torn hobo pants. He'll just flip right over back on to his feet.

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Or, you could dip cloth in PVA and use that. Would save on a crap load of green stuff.

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ohhhh! this. You could put all sorts of Tomb King's stuff on the center cloth, and the pointed boots would be a nice touche peaking out from under the robes

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Gee, might that have something to do with the fact that I intend to cover them up? Like I explained in the very first post?
No, I'm sure I was going to leave it like this and call it done.
Fun fact: The original plan was to give him a robe made out of corpses, or a CORPSE TORNADO if you will.
Hmm, I'll see if I can get that to look right.
I do have a paypal, but somehow I never really felt like it was very correct to beg for money on /tg/, even if it was going to be used on future projects.
Speaking of which, I need to raise about 50£ for the FW shoulderpads I need for Round 3 of Project: Primarchs.
If anyone thinks they might want to buy something off me (or just donate cash, but I don't expect anyone to do so), I can post my gallery and my paypal.

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Amazingly, that was my plan.
Or, well, soaked tissue, but still.
I do have fuckloads of TK bits left over from the 2 Necrosphinxes. So yeah, I'll probably use those on the robe a lot.

Also, more of Paint Guy's WIP shots.

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omg dat fulgrim!

>> No.15756934

Hey Script. Haven't seen one of your threads in several months. Nice to catch one again, particularly with this subject matter.

Keep up the good work.

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I take it there's no huge cloaky bitz in the necrosphinx set?

How thick is the tissue you're going to use? I wouldn't have though it strong enough, to be honest...

>> No.15756961

Thanks mate, I will.
I'll also try to get a few more threads posted in the future. Work has really eaten up my time.

On an unrelated note, I'll be visiting San Diego in 2 weeks, incase any people in the area want to meet up or murder me or something.

I'll check for more ideas for another 15 min or so, then get working on the model itself.

>> No.15756966

Nope, just ropes and skulls and scarabs and bling.
As for the tissue, it's the usual stuff you blow your nose in. If I keep it folded over 4 times it should be more than strong enough. Emphasis on SHOULD.

>> No.15756973

Pointy shoes rather than sandals. Those are some ugly feet. Although would sandals fit the fluff more?

>> No.15756990

Marine style armoured boots would fit the fluff the closest, I think.

>> No.15757016


Daemon Prince scale armoured boots? Those are som fucking big boots. Is the cloak gonna go all the way to the ground, with just the feet poking out?

>> No.15757025

Why are they all so fucking huge? Primarchs were large, sure, but they weren't fucking monsters.

>> No.15757029


Daemonhood: Side-effects may include huge.

>> No.15757031

Also, with the cloak and DAT ASS, you run the risk of looking a bit like pic related.

>> No.15757037

we'll need to see how it looks
but a cape may work?

>> No.15757041



The Primarchs have been done, marine-scale. These are the Daemon Prince versions.

>> No.15757049


If that is OP's then you are correct, you can't paint. Congrats on being able to stick plastic together though.

>> No.15757053

If I use the DP arms to make shinguards, and sculpt the other parts, they will go up to his knees.
Here's a shitty ghetto mockup of the tissue that in no way looks anything close to what it should.

>> No.15757058

Referring to the blog. So far I've noticed that Alpharius and Omegan have hair. Why?

>> No.15757062


Omegon. Whoops.

>> No.15757063

trim it up a littl so that it clings to the lower legs and drapes at the back, makes it look like theres some weight to the ABYSSAL FABRIC FROM WHICH HIS DRESS IS SOWED

>> No.15757076

First Blastoise and not this. It's just an endless parade of hilarity with this project.
And most of them are getting re-done. I'm only happy with 7 of them.
Only if he doesn't have wings. All the others have wings, or other things sticking out of their back (Perturabo's guns), so Magnus should probably keep the wings.
Yeah, I did mention that a few times.
Kitbashing it what I like about the hobby, and it's the part I've had the most time to work with.

>> No.15757079


While imaginative, your greenstuff/kitbashing skills are rudimentary at best. Going through your blog I've noticed a lot of unfilled gaps, especially on your commissions or models you've sold.

While I wouldn't discourage anyone from the hobby, I have to question who is buying these and why you don't fill in gaps.

>> No.15757094


This makes me seem like a dick. I apologize.

>> No.15757107


Nice catch.

>> No.15757109

Artistic lisence and bitz limitations.
I ran out of bald head variants, and I liked how the placeholder heads looked, so I kept them.
There are lots of small things here and there that go against the fluff, but I don't really mind them that much.
For instance, Dorn has a 'stache, Mortarion has a bionic eye, Horus has hair, etc.
After the Daemons are done, I'll have a fixing round on the Primarchs.
-New halo and hip plates for Lorgar
-Back horns on Magnus
-New arms for Konrad
-New arms, details and cape for Khan
-New pads, details and arms for Lion
-New pads, details and arms for Rowboat
-Total rebuilds of Sanguinius, Vulkan, Corax and Ferrus
Indeed. I'll need to shorten it quite a bit to make it look less like a bridal dress.

>> No.15757112


Well, it's hard to give criticism on something such as this when I know a lot of people's minds work like "WELL YOU DON'T LIKE IT SO PISS OFF" or "WELL IF YOU THINK THAT WAY MAYBE I SHOULDN'T DO IT ANYMORE"

I'm not trying to be a dick, just trying to give a bit of criticism.

>> No.15757115


Seriously, gtfo.

What business is it of yours who he sells to and who buys it? Vast majority of the conversions i've seen are really awesome and definetly not the norm you see in the game, as would most people who follow Scriptarius. I am by no means a fanboy of his, but i appreciate the work he puts into these projects and have not seen anyone else do a better job of making the primarchs (which is no small task in itself)

Honestly why do you even bother to post such pointless critiscism? He has already stated NUMEROUS times his reasoning to not paint/scult more.

Heres an idea, if you think you can do it better, go ahead, until then. stfu.

>> No.15757119


Wow, I didn't know see that coming: >>15757112

>> No.15757120

Woah, calm the fuck down. I don't really see how this criticism is pointless.

(Today, Scripty became aware of his cult)

>> No.15757133

wooooaaah nigga chill
Im a big fan of Script too, but criticism is good, it brings attention to things you miss and lets you improve

now quick hide, I think I hear the inquisitors sniffing out cultists

>> No.15757141

As the guy doing the criticism, I feel a little bad now. I must say though, your gingerbread 40k stuff gave me a definite chuckle. I'd honestly like to see more of that happening.

>> No.15757147

Cheer up, yo. Everyone needs a bit of criticism now and again.

>> No.15757163


I feel as if I came off a bit harsh.

>> No.15757177

Some of those photos are WIP shots, some models were never 100% done anyway. Really, the whole gallery is full of little marks of lazyness, since I never expected to use it to sell my services or seek a job or anything.
As for the commissions, those were a rather short-lived venture. At least everyone who bought a mini was happy with it (or at least told me so). All the buyers were from /tg/, as I don't really actively hang out anywhere else.
And yes, as I already mentioned in this thread, my greenstuffing is on par with my painting. Lack of practice means I can't really do anything more than fur and gap filling, and even then I might forget some gaps.
I do know I need to improve a lot if I want to be a truely high-tier mini artist. Thing is, I never really came into this wanting to be the very best like noone ever was. My stuff was always fairly simple and easy to copy, and this has always been my intention.
For an example of this, compare these Primarchs to mine. They have lots of custom sculpted parts and great paintjobs. They are objectively better than mine, but I like mine because anyone with the parts could make a similar set. I seek to do the same with my conversion advice.
...why did I turn a simple "I agree with your points, thanks for bringing them up" reply into a novel?
Not really sure. Sorry about that.

TL;DR: Yeah, I need a lot more practice if I want to be a good sculpter or painter.

>> No.15757182


and then I pictured in my head a bunch of space marines battling chaos marines for the burnt surface of a planet thats so close to the sun that you can see the fire lashing out towards the surface of this desolate world

>> No.15757190


I see. Well, always strive to improve and you'll get there. Like I said, your stuff is pretty imaginative and I'd like to see you a few years down the road. More gingerbread stuff though. I command it.

And thanks for taking the criticism like you did. I feel like you're already leagues ahead of the other people that will do this simply based on the fact that you can take criticism.

>> No.15757230 [DELETED] 

And I appreciate it. This isn't Deviantart where people block you for so much as pointing out they drew two left hands.
You made some perfectly valid points.
Chill out mate, even if I did already mention I can't paint or scultp very well, he did bring up perfectly valid points.
I think it's been here since 2009 or something. Having people who devote time to following your work is fun and all, but they can get a bit out of hand at times.
I do love all my bros though. They are great people. Sometimes a bit overprotective, but they mean well.
We must remember this is 4chan, where GTFO NIGGER is a fairly polite statement.
Taking my current title into count, I think we should be safe from the Big =][= if we just claim to be a Machine Cult.
And so you shall.
Every year on December 23rd I bake something for /tg/. I've been doing for 3 years already, so why stop now?
It's fine, guys, no need for anyone to get mad about it, ok?

>> No.15757242

So scripty, you actually working on this bad boy, or just having a philosophical discussion about your shortcomings as a sculptor?

>> No.15757253

Horus needs more bald.

>> No.15757259 [DELETED] 

A lotta unappreciative cuntbags on /tg/ today. Ignore them. You rock.

>> No.15757284

Fun fact: While the tradition of /tg/canon has changed a bit over the years, now focusing more on armies and systems rather than individuals, I was going to write up a short story of the tech-adept Scriptarius and how he became to hold all his titles.
It would be based off the actual events of my time on /tg/, modified to fit the 40k setting.
Problem is, after looking at it I realized it came off reeking of near mary sueness.
Among the worst offenders were the part where the Techprist protagonist escapes his Chaos captors and ends up living with some Orks who keep him around because the Meks like him. (I left /b/ for /tg/, and even though I namefagged people accepted me because I made conversion threads)
And later he builds a Titan on a desolate planet he names The Oven of War.
I'm here to serve, not to rule. And don't take that as a bible quote. It's honestly how I try to work here.
As for the gingerbread stuff, be sure to check in a day before christmas eve for my baking thread. This year I'm making a 1:1 Bolter, and some other stuff.

>> No.15757291

I always try to reply to all posts in my thread. It feels terribly rude to ignore people.
But yes, I need to go work on Magnus some more.
He needs 100% rebuild.
It is a bad habit to ignore critics. Only by understanding out shortcomings can we truly overcome them.
So long as noody starts throwing empty insults around, I'm willign to listen.

>> No.15757389

nipple HORNS

>> No.15757453

Ok so what should I do to the legs?

>> No.15757486

Use the shin guards, and use less tissue. Maybe a skirt with a long tabard-like piece in the front and back. Strips instead of that massive dress.

>> No.15757511

Thing is, the shin guards only cover the front, so we still have about 66% of the hobo pants visible.
Unless I make tissue pants for him, and then add a tabard and ass-tabard.

>> No.15757590

Could you a mock up of the shin guards and take a rear shot? The DA robes idea could still work, but it still might end up looking like a wedding train.

>> No.15757597

use a front tabard swaying with his steps to cover the front and hide the shame of hobo pants
then apply boot to hide an suspicion of shameful hobo pants
regardless Id have probably enjoyed it, maybe not the Ork part

>> No.15757619

oh and Im not pushing the pointy boot idea, I just like the design of pointy plate boots

>> No.15757689

Here ya go.
The shin guard works, but I need the full robe to cover up the fact the rest of the legs are still hobomode.
I like the tabard idea. I'll see if I can find good bits for it.
As for the boot, that's a maybe. Depends how the robe turns out.
If I can make it look good, I'll use it.

>> No.15757706

With the tissue so white and clean...

I can't help but think he's being fitted for his wedding dress.

>> No.15757721

Kinda looks like Magnus is doing a pelvic thrust.

>> No.15757741

Does it drive you insa-aa-aa-aa-ane?

>> No.15757748


>> No.15757769

Great, now all I see when I look at him is
>No, no the cake goes on the right, presents on the left, oh, Fulgrim this dress has too many rhinestones, I look like a damn Eldar... MY WEDDING IS RUINED!

>> No.15757774

Seeing a colossal daemon primarch doing a pelvic thrust while wearing hobo pants might just do that.

>> No.15757801

Have you considered... a toga (and laurels)?

>> No.15757820

The thought did cross my mind, but the over the shoulder bit would be hard to blend into the robe if it was GS, and even harder to make good lookign if it was tissue.

>> No.15757914

>there there Magnus my dear Im sure this can be fixed with more rhinestones ... maybe a codpiece, a tiara, SOME RINGS, A BRACELET, SOME POINTY RHINESTONE SHOES!! IS ANYONE ELSE FEELING HOT?! IM FEELING HOT

>> No.15757934

But who is Magnus getting married to?

>> No.15757945

seriously, a toga would be fitting.

but not in a greek way, in an Indian way.

Seriously, he already has a tiara, an ornate oriental armor, bare arms and stuff.

Do him a looong necklace of stuff and a complicated toga like a brahman

>> No.15757959

But he's an egyptian wizard.

>> No.15757968

...Leman Russ?

>> No.15757970

some upstart Rubric, an immigrant fresh off the warpstorm!
most unbecoming of a Daemon Prince to marry into such a commoner

>> No.15757996

He's getting married to his brother

or his son.

This is why Chaos isn't invited to all the cool parties.

>> No.15758003

What if I gave him more egyptian looking robes? Closed at the front, layer it at around the knees, decorate the hem...

>> No.15758013

If you want
But he doesn't look so. He looks Indian.

>> No.15758127

It's an arranged marriage to Russ, but the single Thousand Son marine will burst in dramatically with a shotgun, and demand his primarch's hand in marriage.

Then Russ and him will duel with guitars in a magical manly rock battle.

>> No.15758154

that would be good

>> No.15758163

it only looked indian because of the tusks, it all depends on the robe style to make him Egyptian

>> No.15758215

Ok, what's the best way to harden it?
Dunk it in a vat of watered down PVA, then drape over the legs, or drape it first, then apply the watery pva over it with a brush?

>> No.15758224

I'd say PVA it first, then drape.

The buddy is supposed to be twenty-meter-tall, not twenty centimeter, and cloth simply won't fold realistically on it if it isn't weighted down with liquid.

>> No.15758227

make it a bit ragged a torn.

>> No.15758313

meanwhile Slaanesh is laying in a pile of cocaine, rhinestones and cum going "this is delightful!"

>> No.15758448

For back horns on the non-daemon primarch model you could possibly use the horns off the Tzeench icon that comes in a CSM squad. When I made a sorcerer for my army I chopped those off and glued them onto my model behind the back, in front of the backpack. Had them coming forward and curling back slightly at the tips. Worked out great and used the Chaos Undivided icon to kind of be multifunction as an icon or staff.

I'll have to take pictures of some of my models next time I go to my friend's house. Unless I'm working on something I keep my things at his place since we game there anyway.

>> No.15758462

Ok, now I need to wait for it to dry a little before I poke it further

>> No.15758736

ohhhh! I like that
and it hides the shame of hobo pants

>> No.15758773

All this talk of rhinestones got me thinking - should I add some to Fulgrim?

...on second thought, no, that's just make painting impossible

>> No.15758779

Now they're hobo-bloomers!

That's a good looking robe, Scripty. Has everyone come up with ideas for the feet yet?

Captcha: decedly cafe
Decidedly so. Like a shoeless hipster in an internet bar.

>> No.15758827

It does it almost amazingly well.
It did turn out quite well.
As for the feet, right now it looks like either the sharp-tip boots or the sandals.

>> No.15758892

Why not just, ya know, NOT USE the hobo pants? It's a really ugly bit that's really out of place, and also with the way the hips are set it looks really fucked and unnatural.

I'm sure there are other legs out there that you wouldn't have to fight so hard.

>> No.15758917

sup kanweelan

@ scriptarius, are there anyway to toughen the tissue to be used as robe so no GSing would be involved?

>> No.15759067

The key reasons I went with the hobo pants are that 1) I had them on hand, saving me a shopping trip and 2) they were the correct size for my needs.
Beyond resorting to using 3rd party stuff or cannibalizing action figures, I can't think of all that many humanoid legs of the same size.
And in the end, I like how it turned out.
I could layer some glue over it, or use a second tissue. However more tissue would make it look thicker as well.

>> No.15759238

Well not much I can do to the robe for the rest of the night since it seems to be slow to dry.

So, arms, head, legs, bling.
Right now I think his robe needs some extra TK decor, and his left hand needs... something.
I like the head as it is, but the hair needs to be made properly and not just with blutac.

>> No.15759349

I liked the previous head
I like the one arm without armor, maybe the other should be armored for contrast since it has the glave(this is ma fightin arm)

>> No.15759622

I want him wearing Elvis Sunglasses.

>> No.15759773

The hobo pants are a non-issue.
The feet on the other hand...
I'm wondering why you didn't use Lord of Change talons instead of the fuck-ugly giant hobo-feet. That said, the robe/towel looks nice.

>> No.15759816

I was thinking for the hobo pants you could just green stuff demonic faces and what not on them, I mean he is devoted to tzeentch.

>> No.15760293

I could try adding some Horror bits to them, like faces.

>> No.15761431

Hey script - what was Mortarion's scythe's spine bits from?

>> No.15761468

2 Necrosphinxes

>> No.15763560

If you dont mind my asking, how do you afford all this stuff?

How much of your 'budget' goes on kits?

Is this your main hobby in terms of time/expenses?

I have seen your corner of sprues etc, but you must spend a fortune on kits for new parts.

>> No.15764142

I was going to ask about the staff myself; was trying to describe some of your recent conversions to my gaming buddies but realized I didn't know half the bits you used. As for the giant legs, I think they're completely fine if you cover them with the folded robe and I feel the "giant" feet are fine, though sandals would give him a little height and add to the Egyptian feel of the model as a whole.

>> No.15767411

Yeah, it's my main hobby. I do spend quitw a bit on kits, but that's what hobbies are for.
The only other things I really burn money on are video games and drinking.
If there are any other bits you'd like me to ID, I'd be happy to do so.

>> No.15767450

Hey Scriptarius.
Hey hey Scriptarius.

Did you show the littlest warboss my picture?

>> No.15767650

Not yet. I haven't met her since the last thrad.

>> No.15767742


Just want to say rock on, been a fan of your work for a while and think you do a pretty damn good job within your limitations.

How's the progress on getting your models painted going? I know Paintguy isn't the most motivated of people, but he's become a pretty damn good painter with all his free time.

>> No.15767770

He does a lovely job, doubly so seeing as he has other things to do as well.
The main problem is time zones, which leave us a very limtied window to communicate in.

>> No.15767801

He's playing Black Ops now and he'll probably be up for another half hour, if you want to pester him.

>> No.15767828

I believe I heard you mention you work as a developer for a video game company. I may be completely wrong, but if so, whats your companies name?

Also, you could scavenge the feet from the necrosphinx for his feet. I think you'd have to do some greenstuffing to get the feet bent the right way, but they look more egyptian.

>> No.15768518

The company I work for is called Supercell, although I'll only be there for one more week.
Good call on the feet, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.15768620

GW should just hire Scriptarius to design their stuff for them. He's clearly better at it than they are.

Now if only he'd do some IG work. :(
SPASE MAHREENS get all the fun.

>> No.15768638

The reason for that is simple: Marine kits are abundant and fit together well. They are also easy to spice up with other bits.
I do have an IG army in the works, but it probably won't have anything special beyond being all-greatcoat winter Cadians.

>> No.15768726

No fancy weapons for the officers?
Lets be honest, they're the only ones who can afford them.

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