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I want to start Warhammer 40K with a Chaos Marine Army.

I know some fluff but never really played the game.
What should I get for a start? What are some good strategies.
Anything else I need to know?

I really like heavy bolters, Terminators, jump packs and bikes.

also post some chaos marines, please
illustration, army, models, color schemes ... doesn't matter

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Jump packs and bikes suck in the chaos dex.

Heavy bolters are only good in a select few places, non of which are in the chaos dex.

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Check out the fallen chapters and their primarchs on the Lexicanum (http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page) and see if there is a chapter that really appeals to you. If you are going to play you might as well enjoy your army.

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A short dump by me.

Two questions OP: why do you want a CSM army and have you read any of the Black Library novels?

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I also like noise marines.
What about those guys?

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Speed bikes are never a good idea.

A buddy of mine who plays Tau shot up a couple and then they fucked up on their Ld role. 3D6" move right off the fucking board.

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rolled 2 = 2

Death Guard are best. Take them in Rhinos, with Defilers or Obliterators as long-range backup, and a Daemon Prince in the lead.

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That's a product of 40k's shitty ld and morale/flee rules, than that of the bikes.

Try more. 1 unit of bikes is a 'first target'. 3 is saturation.

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Use lots of dreadnaughts. They are really good and reliable

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If you like bikes, take a Khorne Lord with a Bike and a Daemon Weapon. He puts out a ton of swings with 2D6 extra attacks, however, if you roll a 1, you can't attack. Then you put him with a decent sized bike unit, like 5-10, and give them mark of khorne, and now you have a sweet and fun bike squad of fuck.

Then take a Chaos Slaanesh Sorcerrer, give him Wings, give him Lash of Submission. Then put him with a 10 man raptor squad with mark of Slaanesh.

The rest of your points should go into things like plague marine troops and obliterators/3 deepstriking terminators with combi-meltas or 2 combi-meltas and a heavy flamer.

Heavy Bolters aren't bad, but everything you have in the dex is good at killing infantry, so what you need is anti-tank. Load out the plague marines with meltas too, and a fist if you have the points.

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Because I prefer the greater amount of detail and individuality they have compared to space marines for example.
I also like the brachial look and they allow for some nice color palettes and costumizations.

I've just listened to Throne of Lies.

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rolled 47 = 47

also make sure your plague marines have a melta per squad to deal with armor

there are rumors of a Codex: Traitor Legions coming out at some point; could make the main legions more powerful.

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Have you read the previous Night Lord novels (Lord of the Night, Shadow Knight and Soul Hunter)? Also, there's that other short story, "The Core" from "Fear the Alien" anthology, and "Blood Reaver" as well.

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Sound tactical advice right here, but not very fluffy, as Slaaneshi and Khornate forces would never work together unless it was under a strong Undivided leader.

What you should take really depends on whether you want a really powerful army that goes against the background, or a decent army that goes with the background.

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By the name of the holy God Emperor, what is that monstrosity?

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can't you, like, make your own fluff for your legion?
like you're using khorn and slanesh models but remodel them to something else?
or is this frowned upon?

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Fucking field too long.... Screenied it, I refuse to post twice on this one wall of text.

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dem shoulders

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It's true, it doesn't go well together. I guess he can have another Khorne based lord with a jump pack with the raptors with MoK. I was just trying to include stuff he liked while also being effective.

You can monobuild them fluffy if you like OP. Nurgle bikers are tough as hell, Slaanesh troops are great with I5. Slaanesh terminators with lightning claws are also balltastic. So yeah. Good stuff.

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OP, start with a core of Chaos Marines. Add Berzerkers. Add Plague Marines. Add Obliterators. Add Daemon Prince or two. This is your base army. Feel free to add fun (but not necessarily competitive) units as you see fit.

Thousand Sons, Possessed, Tri-las Predators, Terminators, and Defilers are all frowned upon by the WAAC crowd. Fuck them, they're all playing Blood Angels and Space Wolves. They're fine in casual games. Summoned lesser daemons can fill a tarpit-assault out of deep strike role, and as far as bikers and raptors, well, fast attack isn't all that great for Chaos, but Nurgle Bikers are worthwhile, and enough Raptors can make some difference in assault.

Just avoid Spawn. even fluff wise, they're awful.

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For more good DA stuff of Chaos Space Marines and 40k in general go visit slaine69's page there.

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fucking deathshroud.

goddamn bearmode armor
wish there was more art for them.

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This is my mono nurgle build that I always have a blast with. My opponents seem to like it too. It's not an ideal competitive build, but it does fairly well.

Daemon Prince 110, Wings 20, Nurgle 20, Warptime 25 - 175
Chaos Lord 90, Mark of Nurgle 20, BIke 30, Daemon Weapon 25 - 165
Greater Daemon 100

5 Terminators 150, Icon of Nurgle 50, 4 Lightning Claws 40, Chain Fist 5, Champions 50, Land Raider 220 - 515

6 Plague Marines 138, 2 Meltas 20, Champion 15, Fist 25, Combi-Melta 10, Rhino 35 - 243
6 Plague Marines 138, 2 Meltas 20, Champion 15, Fist 25, Combi-Melta 10, Rhino 35 - 243
6 Plague Marines 138, 2 Flamers 10, Champion 15, Fist 25, Combi-Flamer 10, Rhino 35 - 233

7 Bikers 231, Icon of Nurgle 50, 2 Meltas 20, Champ 15, Combi-Melta 10 - 326


My favorite thing that happens is when I turbo-boost my bikes near their lines sort of out of LoS, then the Greater Daemon appears the next turn, because sure, I lose my Champ, but suddenly MC out of no where.

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I love making a 9 man squad of noise marines, giving the AC their ap3 flamer, and shoving them in a rhino with either a sorcerer lord or a chaos lord

The majority of armies i fight are blood angels, space yiffs, or other chaos. and man does this unit make back it's points.

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>I'm not fat, that's just the armor

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And my last image for tonight. I'm tired and off I go to bed. Hope you got some new images that you didn't have before.

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>Want to make a fluffy word bearers army
>thinking of 12 man squads
>look at rhino capacity

I managed to get mark troop choices in fluffwise the squad size thing still irks me

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is it just me or do you too think that klaus scherwinski's style isn't suited for warhammer?

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Heads are too small. So far, the one I love the most is slaine69. Him and a few others seem to get the proportions right, amongst other things.

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