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Sup elegan/tg/entlemen?

This is my new tattoo. I so do love Ravenor! Who else has Warhammer 40k themed tats?

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what a great tattoo sir

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Not me because tattoos are ugly and dumb.

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Why thank you good sir! Warhammer 40k stuff makes for great tattoos, and it allows me to express the innermost neckbeard within me.

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wtf OP where is this at on your body? Weird looking limb you got there

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I was about to ask this myself. Arm/bicep?

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looks like calf, maybe?

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Bicep. It looks odd because the artist cut around the arm area to emphasize the design, but skin and muscle moves a lot, so naturally you can't get a nice flat picture. For anyone who is wondering, it's a custom color scheme. The original was all steel colored. I love how the gold and red pop.

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Actually it does look like a deltoid/bicep, note the shoulder blade

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it's the arm i got a tattoo there too and looks like this

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Correction. Left shoulder, not bicep. Sorry.

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i have one space Marin shoulder plate

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Yes sir, you are correct. I need to lrn2anatomy.

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>Who else has Warhammer 40k themed tats?

Real many ass men.

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Great art, OP.

I'm thinking about getting some nerd ink myself.

Thinking about doing a mix of /tg/, /v/ and /co/ art mixed together, forming one big colourful tat.
My friends think it's stupid, but I really want to make some 90s cartoon characers as well, like dexter and courage. And also jake from Adventure Time sretching in spiral around my forearm, that's my favorite idea.

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you're fucking gay

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I don't have a proper pic of it nor is it finished
But yeah its my Inquisitor mark

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Thanks! Honestly, if I were to get a Jake tattoo, i'd have it where Jake is peeking out of a front pocket on my left pec muscle. Sup Jake? -phhrt-

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I am sorry if my ideas offend you.

Oh, wait...No, no I'm not.

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Wow, tits man.

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I am so stealing that idea.

And the Iron Cross ring.

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OP here.

It's great to know that i'm not the only one with so much love for 40k that i'd willingly de-face my body to show my affection. My next tattoo is going to be on my back with that image (pic related.) the only downside I can see to that tattoo is if I ever went to prison. Someone might mistake it for white supremacy because of their fucking ignorance and I might get raped. And yes, I am serious. That is going on me back...with a few changes of course.

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I have been toying around with the idea of getting the empire laureled skull over maltese or iron cross on my back. The 2 inhibiting factors are cost and me being a pussy around needles

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My brother has the Chaos star on his calf. The guy he went to was stoned to fuck when he did it so it's all wonky and wavy and shit. Looks awesome though.

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Well, Chaos isn't perfect.

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haha, don't be so paranoid.

Anyways, yeah, plenty of people love 40k enough to make a tattoo.
I am having a hard time deciding, because in one hand, I am ultimately in love with the universe and lore. I read the books/comics and play the video and roleplaying games.
On the other hand, I have a profound hate for GW and their greedy marketing moves, and don't play the minis game either, because it's hard as FUCK to find minis, and even harder to find players in my country.

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My nigga.

It's not that bad really. It's just like a cat scratching you for a little while. It's not a terribly invasive pain because the needle is only hitting dermal tissue, not deep tissue. Man up. Or woman up. either way.

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mine got it back in 07 gonna get it touched up within a month or two

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Grats OP, you got a 40k tattoo that doesn't look like absolute shit. That's an achievement in itself.

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A good artist makes the difference.

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>the only downside I can see to that tattoo is if I ever went to prison. Someone might mistake it for white supremacy because of their fucking ignorance and I might get raped.

Odds are if you go to prison you'll get raped anyways, but yes most people who see that will go OMG NAZI.

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That makes no sense. Like at all.

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Yiff in hell with you terribad tattoo furfag

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Well yes. You are correct. 40k fanboys aren't known for being Alpha male, if you get me. Still, yeah White Supremacy, suburban ignorance makes for an asskick cocktail that I might have to drink. But that's okay! It's such a badass tattoo, and the phrase along with it is always going to be awesome.

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like i said im getting it touched up that was done spur of the moment by a terribad artist. im getting it done this time by an old family friend who did this one on the 18th for me.

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Getting a tattoo will in no way aid GW, so why are you caring about them?

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Yiff in hell

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Oh, I don't know...
Wouldn't it be kinda like a "poser" move to do that?
Like, I love the universe, but I don't even play the miniatures game (except for Inquisitor, which asside from the assault on black reach set, are the only minis I ever cared to import)

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>Still, yeah White Supremacy, suburban ignorance makes for an asskick cocktail that I might have to drink.

Less violence from random assholes and more it might severely hurt your social life and job opportunities.

No really, even if it's wrongly being associated with nazis it can still screw you over. Even if your version has two heads and one of them is wearing an eyepatch.

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>space wolves

you sure know what a furry is.

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Um, no? I have friends who love BL novels, love the games, love the lore, but have no interest in the TT whatsoever. If you want to get the tattoo, get it.

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Op here.

Honestly, I don't care much for Games Workshop. Not once did I play by standard rules. More often than not, I prefer being the characters as opposed to commanding them. Therefore, I usually use d20 or an improvised system to participate in the WH40k universe. sorry, but I will -not- allow Matt Ward to sully my experience. Tattoos are just one way to celebrate WH40k without giving Games workshop one red cent.

Incidentally, my verification code had ASCII in it.

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Understood. I'm still getting it though. It's not like my employers are going to see my tattoo and if they do, what are they gonna do about it? Fire me? Please try it. I'd love to get some easy litigation money.

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>It's not like my employers are going to see my tattoo and if they do, what are they gonna do about it? Fire me?

While they probably wouldn't say they're firing you because they think you're a neo nazi, it might encourage them to find reasons to fire you.

I'm not saying it's not an awesome tattoo, just be ready for some bullshit.

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Life is bullshit, friend. Nothing is truer than that in WH40k.

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A friend of mine (female) and I heard that this guy I work with was looking to DM some 3.5 and that he was really great at it. we both joined up, along with three more of his buddies, and we had our first couple of sessions.

Everything seemed to be going alright the first session.My ladyfriend was playing a male character, and one of the other guys was playing a female character and was having his character come on to hers very tactlessly, but it was mostly played for laughs.

Second session was yesterday. The DM and some of his friends had already been drinking for a while when we got there, and wanted to smoke weed during the game. Neither I nor the girl smoke (it makes us anxious and not much else) but I don't mind if other people do most of the time.

I don't know why I'm giving you all this lead-up. Long story short, we went into this kobold slaver's manor, and we came upon some slave woman naked and chained to the wall, who the DM described as the hottest woman we have ever seen, and proceeded to describe her more intimate bodily proportions.

Then he made us all do a will save. Ladyfriend was the only one who failed.

To the hooting laughter of all of his friends, he describes how her character is totally unable to resist this woman's hotness and walks over and just starts raping her while everyone watches. Her mouth is just kind of hanging open at this point as he asks her to make a fort save. Almost in a daze, she rolls again, and fails, and he describes in graphic detail how her character prematurely ejaculates. The other three guys are rolling with laughter and she just stands up and walks out. I follow her and they tell me to come back and not be a little bitch.

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