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What's up with Nurgle? He's a fucking god of pestilence and stagnation; why would anyone want to join up with someone who doesn't want you to change? I mean, all the other chaos gods purviews seem to be enjoyable. Want to slaughter people and feel their life's blood showering you? Khorne will help you with that. Want extreme progress and backstabbing? Tzneetch will give you a hand. Want to be a paragon of debauchery and perfection? There's Slaanesh.(I know they encompass more than that but I'm just generalizing.)

tl;dr: Why the fuck would anyone join Nurgle?

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Nurgle is the only god who views you as more than a tool, the only one of the four who actually gives you respect and attention, the only one of the four who isn't completely capricious.

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Want to live foreever? Nurgle will give you the best chance of that. You are immune to all diseases and ailments.

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People join nurgle because they're forced to join him. People with terminal illneses pray to him to take away the pain or to let them live. It's the fear of death through disease that grants him power.

Unless you're born on one of the worlds where the dark gods whole sway, then you see nurgle as some sort of fertility god who spreads plagues around which are good. These people are 100% crazy.

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Read the Liber Chaotica and become enlightened

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Even lowly cultists?

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Er. I was led to believe that, you know, on top of Nurgle offering eternal life, most people joined up with him because he's the "nicest" of the Chaos gods -- ie: he sees his followers as being part of his family, not just things he can use to fuck people over.

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The Beasts of Nurgle are
incarnations of the Plague Lord's own bountiful
excitement, in turn a manifestation of all mortals'
desire for energetic life, social interaction, affection and
fertile endeavour.
^straight from the Daemon Codex
Make of it what you may

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Because Nurgle loves you, that's why.

Think you'll get that from your false emperor and his angels of death?

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That's funny. Family is the one who will fuck you over the fastest.

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Well, sorta. You still get diseases, and you're still contagious, but they won't kill you and the symptoms won't be such a bother.

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So if a cultist gets an STD and goes around spreading that STD to EVERYTHING, what god would they be helping out?

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Say you're chronically depressed. Say one day it get so bad that you decide to kill yourself. So you're standing there with the gun to your head, wallowing in despair, telling yourself things like "I might as well do it, what's the point of life anyway? I'm just gonna die in the end and nothing I do will matter afterwards, may as well end it now and get it over with."

Then a voice speaks to you.

This voice sounds like a fat, kindly fellow with unconditional interest in your well-being. He sounds avuncular, like a doting uncle, or even your favorite grandpa. He tells you that it's alright to be miserable, to feel the way you're feeling now, because it means you've finally figured it all out. You've discovered the truth about life once and for all: that it ends. Everyone dies, everything wears down and disappears, and there's nothing to be done. There really is no point to any of it. Unless...

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That's still Nurgle.

It's not like Slaanesh is the only god with followers that have sex, you know. Anyway, STDs are aesthetically unappealing and imperfect. Slaanesh does not tolerate that sort of thing.

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Where is the question?

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What are some "gifts" followers of Nurgle would be blessed with? What would be some ways to praise Nurgle?(Rites, prayers, etc...)

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Slaanesh is neutral to Nurgle.
If someone, say, had a fetish for diseases, Slaanesh would be down with that.

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Gifts are generally mutations and toughness.

Rituals are spreading of disease.

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What about the fucking everything part? I mean everything,it has a hole it will be fucked and if it doesn't they'll make one.

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The "false" Emperor, who is referred to by daemonkind as the Anathema, sheds a microscopic tear every time a man dies in his name.

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please continue, it has been too long since someone writefagged about Nurgle

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Unless you can find a purpose in all of the pointlessness. Unless you can dedicate your life to spreading the great truth to everyone around you. Unless you can make it your driving goal to hasten the end of absolutely everything--clearly the only worthwhile goal in the face of the universe's overwhelmingly inevitable entropic decline.

But how best to embark upon such a monumental undertaking? Ah, says the kindly voice with proud paternal glee, I have just the plan for that. Stick with me, buddy, and I'll help you out. Trust in me, son, and I'll see you through 'til the very end. And when the end finally comes, I'll be so proud of all you've done.

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Nurgle grants resilience, strength, endurance, and Health.

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>"Looks like the Guard are going to war again"
>"Let me get a bucket"

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...Not really. His most common gift is diseases and symptoms of diseases. Mutations are secondary to that.
Really? When was the last time someone properly writefagged Khorne?

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Slaanesh is not about aesthetically pleasing forms. The daemonettes and some of the other daemons of Slaanesh are only appealing in the sense that they release a powerful musk that causes them to appear so, not because they actually are.

Other than that, what in God's name is appealing about the Emperor's Children form?

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They use vials, actually.
And yeah, the way the Imperium works, the vials fill rather quickly.

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I dunno, I'd hit it.

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Say some cultists wanted to summon high "ranking" daemon of Nurgle. Would this rite be strong enough to bring it forth:

People afflicted with various rare diseases are crucified around a giant symbol of Nurgle. All the excrement(pus, blood, urine, etc) drips down into basins underneath the sacrifices. The cultist are chanting praises to Nurgle the entire time this is happening until the last person expires. Then the cultist push the basins over so the fluids fill groves the create the symbol of Nurgle.

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Slaanesh isn't a god of sex.

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This this this this this this this
A hundred times this
This and only this
It covers everything
Quit your bitching

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No one cares about your Warp porn star. This is Grandfather's thread.

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Because he is a song of salvation to those who would hear it, no more sufering, woe, or anguish. His kisses grant you life eternal, and a means to spread his blessed gift to those around you unable to listen to pety words. you see his works around you everyday, the sick and downtrodden, his cancerous boils mark every world, and ever space ship, for he is everywhere.
only the initiated realise what life truly means, his suffering shows them how to truey live. To Embrace Nurgle is to embrace the truth of eternity.
How vain you must be to think your flesh is more important than your should, how ignorant you must be to not spread the truth through the galaxy.
we weep for you

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Greetings. It is me Azariah Kyras.

I have felt Nurgle's embrace and affection, and I have found it....lacking compared to the glory and might that Khorne gives his chosen.

Why watch the galaxy slowly decay, When you can set it a blaze with carnage and mayhem and watch everything fall down and burn to ash?

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Nurgle is a complete and utter bro, that's why.

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If you're happy with the gifts Khorne gives you, then I'm completely okay with that, man.

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you have not seen the beauty in an elegant plague, you have not drank the despair of the stars. the song of the End has been sung for eons, and you never lent an ear to hear it

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Liber Chaotica is for Fantasy, where the chaos gods have differences.

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Who said this thread wasn't about fantasy?

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How can you possibly refuse? Here's someone who will never judge you, never put you down, who--as sickly and cliched as it sounds--loves you just the way you are. He doesn't demand that you change for Him, that you be someone or something you don't want to be. He knows what you're going through like nobody else ever could. He raises you up from the ashes of your despair, wraps you in the warmth of His approval, and imbues your lethargic, pointless, random existence with purpose, vitality, and objectivity.

So you accept. You welcome His embrace with abandon, seizing His outstretched hand like a dying man clinging to a last hope. You surrender to the inevitable, and revel in the unexpected--yet glorious--sense of utter freedom that floods through you.You can't help but laugh joyfully, for the burden of terrifying, subjective choice has been lifted from you. You raise your voice in grateful praise to your savior, and his proud, satisfied laughter echoes in your ears as you take your first steps on the long road ahead.

There is much work to do.

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Dumping Nurglite art, mostly fantasy, a little 40k. Get ready, assholes.


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I will.

>That fucker also made Warhammer's Khorne a Tsundere to Slaanesh. In addition to making fantasy Daemons completely overpowered.

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>In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death.

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>Let us play hide and slay!

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The bolts from our guns shall be as thick as flies on a corpse, our followers shall be as numerous as maggots on rotting flesh and news of our victory will spread through the armies of our enemies like a plague.

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The universe is dying a slow, inevitable death of entropy, and Nurgle's followers shall be the doting caretakers that help ease it into the merciful darkness of oblivion.

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The flies are my heralds.

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Despair all ye Nations, deny not that we're sick,
For our blood is like water where once it was thick.
And our minds grown leaden, our bodies gone weak,
And venom pours from our lips whenever we speak.

Despair all ye Nations, for the time draws apace,
When the rot of the cynic shall steal our good grace.
And our sweetest of dreams shall fade to lost hope,
Our pride and our arrogance; Our noose and our rope.

Despair all ye Nations, see the years drawing on,
Our great cultures are fading and soon they'll be gone.
So conceited our Scholars, they jeer through their teeth,
With their theories so shallow - Quite soulless beneath.

Despair all ye Nations, for the ending is near,
When the Lord of Lost Heart shall govern us with fear,
Our weakness unfetters as we face this unknown,
And our faith trails to nothing; we stand here alone.

Despair all ye Nations, the Corruptor has come,
And the sad days of this world are nearing their sum.
For the shining ideals through endeavours we sought,
Grow sour as he passes and are coming to nought.

Despair all ye Nations, there's no hope for us now,
For we made this monster, placed a crown his brow.
He fed on our apathy; our pain made him swell,
We gave him Dominion, he gives us his Hell.

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>Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours

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Nurgle is awesome. When you join him, your body carries a very unique toxin that he has created; no two Plague Bearers or Plague Marines carry the same contagion and each of them are capable of incapacitating a normal human or eldar even with a single touch. To serve Nurgle is to embrace acceptance and love for although each new concoction is his current favorite, picking a true favorite would be impossible. His warriors protect his gardens where all things are created. Truly there are fools who believe that Nurgle expresses death, but he expresses all things that is life! By spreading his germ to the masses he is combining the life of his poisons into the lives of humans and always trying to make the perfect brew in synchronization between mortality and immortality. Each time a human dies because of Nurgle's failure to create a perfect being, he or she is reincarnated as a Plague Bearer - as is the point of their name - and is granted Nurgle's love as a tribute to his own personal suffering that you had to suffer a pain more terrible than what Khorne or Tzeench could ever offer you. He doesn't want pain, he wants peace.

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>A seething mass of boils, lashing limbs and diseased mouths, the Plaguebeast of Nurgle is a Chaos Spawn devoted to the Lord of Decay.

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And a wallpaper to top it off.
Keep it trucking, fellow Death Guard.

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Other chaos gods treat their followers like total shit, lie and manipulate them, and get off on their pain and suffering as much as their enemies. Nurgle honestly cares for his followers, doesn't manipulate them, and is actually saddened by the loss of his followers. Sure, he makes them into diseased ugly-as-fuck freaks and infects them with horrible diseases that do some seriously messed up shit to people. But that's par the course for a Chaos god.

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Nurgle is also the god of Despair. Through disease and stagnation you crumble towards his will. Basically as you become weaker from the plague and eventually become consumed to it, you'll beg nurgle for his "love" and he'll take all your pain away. Literally Nurgle is emo as fuck. There is a reason why he is the most "loving" of the chaos gods.

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I for one, would never take stock in ANY chaos bullshit. Imperium forever!

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I thought Nurgle's whole thing was punishing those who want to die by forcing them to give life?

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uuuh, no. Nurgle's diseases only shorten the lifespans of non-followers. And following is completely optional. Sure his followers will kill you if you say no, but they're just cutting out the middle man that way.

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Truer words have ne'er been spoken ;__;

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All is explained

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Without Nurgle the Chaos family would fall apart.

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Dat heresy

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>Psyker worshiping Khorne

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If they had a sitcom, I would watch it.

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I always thought the Sign of Nurgle looked a bit like a penis in some instances of that book.

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Khorne doesn't hate pyskers he just hates the use of sorcery in battle because he views it as cowardly.

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Well true, Khorne-worshiping Psyker could use only his martial skills to murder stuff without the use of his powers

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interesting read

what about guns

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Guns are okay but melee is preferred.

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Nurgle actually loves all who follow him. Does that mean that if an Eldar worshiped him, his soul wouldn't be eaten on sight?

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Nurgle gives you what everyone truly craves...unconditional love.

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No he could use his powers as well, as long as they augment his killing power and not anything tricksey like stopping time or turning invisible.

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Good old fashioned buff spells are no different from a power fist or a daemon sword to Khorney. Shit even fireballs are tolerated in limited quantity. But Kharn (hell of a guy) help you, if you cast Hold Person or Phantasmal Killer!

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Bumping in the name of the Pestilent Grandfather, let's get this thread back on topic!

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