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My local GW has six gaming tables. They just banned unpainted armies from using all but one of them, and games with an unpainted army or armies are not allowed to use the store's terrain.

Opinion in my gaming group is divided. What think, /tg/?

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I think that's bullshit on so many levels.

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paint your shit you lazy fucker

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I think you better get use to it because you're not changing a goddamn thing unless you own the place.

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Why would they even do that? Is >>15736008 the manager? How is that possibly better for business?

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>I think you better get use to it because you're not changing a goddamn thing even if you own the place.


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On one hand, it'll make people want to buy painting supplies.

On the other hand, it'll probably alienate several customers, which would include me if I was in your group (I suck hard at painting).

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That's basically the philosophy, the way the manager explained it to me: "We want the store to be more about the hobby and less about the game."

Three-color minimum, and must have flocked bases.

If I'm not mistaken that's the same requirement GW tournaments have?

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I completely support the banning of un painted from all but one table but the dis-use of store terrain seems retarded.
Paint your armies and take pride in them.

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I can sorta see what they were going for, but i don't really understand the rationale.

It'll most likely not improve business to an extent that's anywhere near noticeable.

To me this reeks of a purist calling the shots in the shop

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you dont have to paint well.
Spray black, add some color on armor plates, make eyes a different color and bam painted army.

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>more about the hobby and less about the game
The fucking name is GAMES Workshop.
But from a business perspective, it makes a great deal of sense.

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Well, it's not just that, it's that I just don't. find. it. fun.

If you gave me the opportunity to A) study and master a unit completely, or B) paint my minis, I would pick A every time. Painting just isn't rewarding for me.

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People who don't take time to paint their figs because they were bad at it in the past probably tried to paint them in 10 minutes flat.

They're also probably spoiled shitless and bought 1k point armies their first go-round, and realized they had to also put effort into their figs.

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What if you're in the process of painting your army? Are they still going to be elitist pricks to you then? Not everyone's a fast painter, or has all the time in the world to paint.

Seriously; that shit's retarded.

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you may be in the wrong hobby then

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It makes a great deal of sense if you assume your customers are lazy enough to buy GW paint instead of researching other options.

So it probably makes a great deal of sense.

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I'm with you on this.

Sorry if I want to use a proxy base and test out some units before I drop half my paycheck on them. Not everybody can be elitist rich neckbeards.

And then after that, I don't really have loads of time for painting. Sometimes I just want to wargame.

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>Study and master a unit completely

The fuck?
>implying you need to "study" and "master" a 40K mimi

Paint your shit fuckers.

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But gaming IS the hobby. The hobby is "painting little minatures and playing a game with them". I mean fuck, unless their expanding their painting area, and providing even more paints, I don't think it's a good idea.

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To everyone whose response was "paint your minis, you lazy fuck":

That attitude is what's ruining the hobby. YOU are what's ruining the hobby.

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This is not "fuck you, no one needs to paint their armies".

Painted armies are the goal. It just takes a really long time for some people and maybe you want to get some use out of your massive monetary investment before you drop the extra hours on paint.

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Painting isn't rewarding to me at all, I hurt my neck because I look down when I do it. I still paint my figs.

Ultramarines: Black coat, blue coat, white symbol, red eyes, gold trim and chest symbol.

Boy oh boy, that was so hard.

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>recommended game for OP

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Shit, that suvks. My guys are ALL gravel.

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See, proxying is fine and all, especially if you don't own the unit. But you're going to buy it eventually, right? And then what?

For me, the problem is that I always promise myself I'll paint them eventually, but "eventually" never comes.

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Sounds good to me. Stop being a faggot and paint them.

Nobody is asking you to paint every grunt to GD standard.

It's depressing playing against primer black or bare plastic/metal armies.

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This is disappointing. I cannot dedicate nearly as much time as I used to be able to for painting my 40k stuff. Good thing there's no GWs within a mile of me.

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Who says I play 40k? I'm speaking as a wargamer in general.

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Guys think of it this way, lets say that you are running a dealership selling veteran cars (And parts etc), and every month you host a veterans car race to raise awerness of your shop, 20 people usually show up to the race (The race is free, the shop stands for all expenses concerning renting roads, security etc.) and 20 people show up to the race, 10 of them are using polished and nice looking veteran cars (Restored to almost mint condition) while 10 other guys show up with rusty wrecks, without paintjob or detailing (They are still veteran cars though, or used to be, like old car wrecks you see in the forest) and they have fixed the cars to the point that they will run, but that's all theyve done, the cars doesnt look one bit like the original. It's just a shell of a car with an engine.

Would you let the last 10 people participate in the race? (Remember the goal is to get more people interested in veteran cars so that they'll buy parts and tools from you to restore them)

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Stores have the right to enforce policy in their place of business. If you don't like it, take your dollar elsewhere.

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Fuck that noise. The GW by me announced they were going to implement the same thing. Packed up and left on the spot. This is a three part hobby. Building, painting, playing. If I prefer any one step over another, I shouldn't have it forced on me. I paint when I am in the mood for it. And before anyone jumps to conclusions, I have a fully painted 10k points of space marines. Also got Nids mostly painted, and working on Dark Eldar and a fully painted Ork army. So its certainly not that I refuse to paint, or am bad at it, but if I don't feel like painting until the itch comes, so to speak, then don't stop me or segregate me from others that do feel like it or enjoy it more.

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Like a comic book shop.

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This is a terrible analogy, because my unpainted shit will not blow the fuck up or break down. It's just not painted.

It would be like if someone took out a gunmetal grey stock car, with no sponsors or anything to a nascar event, and qualified for the pole.

Which is much closer to the truth then the bullshit you were spouting.

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>implying paint makes your models play better

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>(Remember the goal is to get more people interested in veteran cars so that they'll buy parts and tools from you to restore them)

...So every game I've played at GW, I'm basically free living advertising for anyone who happens to walk in? That's so obvious but I've never realized it. I... I feel dirty.

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That would be a reasonable analogy if GW only sold paint you could use with other company's minis.

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Just dip them in water

Claim you water painted them clear

loophole abuse away!

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You need three colors, though.

Better get out that water-flavoring powder, eh? Then you'll need to use flock. I bet salt will do the trick.

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I feel as long as the majority of the models are painted, the army should counted as painted to use the tables and terrain. But if the whole army is unpainted, theyre in the wrong hobby.

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I remember when my GW didn't allow unpainted (at least 3 colours and a base) miniatures to be used at all.

I was surprised when they had changed the policy to no painting required.

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Just put one red dot, one blue dot and one green dot on your mini. Then glue a little piece of cotton to the base and paint it green. Bam, easy.

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Depends entirely whether or not those 10 guys bought all their engine parts from you or not.

They already spent the money on the army. Yeah if the entire army is unpainted, and is every time they play, then fine. But if still building it, and making progress, then painting it, and making progress, I see no problem letting them play.

My friend who just started skaven still has 10 plaugemonk, 20 clanrats, 3 rat ogres, 8 giant rats, and 3 jezzails to build. Im not enforcing any painting on someone who is working on building the army. With progress.

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Find somewhere else to play. Don't be free advertising for GW.

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The only reason that anyone really believes that models should absolutely be painted is because someone said it had to be that way and expected it of that person (Hint: it's the group that wants your money). It's great if you love, or even like, to do it. More power to you. However, unless you hold equal contempt of the people who paint wargame minis but never play with them, you're a damn fool.

>Play with models, don't paint
You paid for models, not for paints. Someone loses out on your money.

>Paint models, don't play
You paid for models and paint. Thanks for your money!

>Paint models and play
You paid for models and paint. Thanks for your money!

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Its actually really easy to make a basic looking force. SERIOUSLY Washes. i know you wont try, but when you do it. you'll realize just how easy it is.

Don't let your inhibitions stop you, any paint job is better than no paint job. /tg/ might say its shit but so is /tg/ the more practice the better it'll look.

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rolled 5 = 5

I paint alright, because I take my time to paint my minis when I have spare time. I don't rush on, I put effort into my work because I want each of my models look as good as I possibly can paint them.

Yet I'm not allowed to play because most of my models aren't painted while a kid that smeared his spess mehreens in 20 minutes with a giant brush can? That's a cool way of managing a store, guys.

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Question - what's wrong with not painting your minis, besides the fact that you're playing with people that all look the same? I'm no 40K guy, so help me out here.

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It's just not as aesthetically pleasing as playing with painted minis, that's all.

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Nothing at all, people are just elitist faggots.

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GW, oh whoops I mean CITADEL, doesn't get your money for paint.

$15 for primer, can you believe it.

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Painting and customization is half of the game. If you don't paint your miniatures you might as well us plastic army men as imperial guard stand ins.

And before anyone plays the elitist card, it's fine it they aren't show quality, but I believe anyone and base coat, do a basic layer, and add a few details no matter you skill.

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40k and WHFB arent just about the wargame itself.
The hobby is about painting modelling and playing.

>> No.15736360

There's one solution to your problem: Paint your army like a complete asshole.

Say hello to your new color scheme, the Day-Glo Nightmare! Instead of painting like a normal person, apply different color to the zones of 'middle and sides', or just go crazy with it and spray that shit on wherever you feel your heart will take you.

This will be extra effective if you play with an army that's normally supposed to be quite stealthy, or if you paint them in such an awful fashion that they can't tell what a unit is supposed to be, even when they have it in the palm of their hand, because it's too painful for their eyes to perceive.

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Speaking as a guy who has not painted most of his army, I would actually support this; it'd give me motivation to paint my shit up.

>> No.15736373

>Painting and customization is half of the hobby
Fixed that for you.
Like with any other hobby, you can ignore the parts you don't like about it. I don't hear NEARLY as much complaint about people who paint minis but don't play the game, even though they're only doing half of the hobby too.

Why is that? Can you answer that question for me?

>> No.15736380

super camo.
Just kinda dust the models with the paint from far away for better disguising effects.

>> No.15736401

i'd love to see the planet where such a paint scheme is effective camouflage

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I have no problem playing against unpainted armies.

But my god i feel like an ass if my own army is unpainted.

My local GW has the policy that no paint is fine but improvement is encouraged.

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>Still being a tool for GamesWorkshop
C'mon, /tg/. They've said it a million times in the past they don't care about their old customers. They just want to grab new suckers and get them to throw down all of their cash on a new army only for it to be outdated next year.

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I think it's a fair idea. Unpainted armies don't exactly draw customers in, but equally you don't want to alienate the 10-14 year-olds that make up like half of my local GW's client-base. But the flocked base thing is utter nonsense; there's no point giving your army a grassy base if you're playing on a desert world. Simple, clean, black bases won't let you down. Also it lends your Games Workshop this horrible sense of elitism.

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i painted all my shit years ago. ive not bought or painted a model since july last year. if something new comes out for my army, i can get that painted pretty quick cos itll be the only model ill have to paint

>> No.15736436

But paint the round base green. Srs business.

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Its not about them not buying the parts, its about their car looking like shit and not attracting new customers

>> No.15736440

nobody is forcing them to play at the store and the store makes no money off of playing, and painting at the store at a painting table is still free advertising.

the people who just want to play don't have to play at gw personally i dislike playing at my local gw and i have my own table.

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rolled 52 = 52

>My local GW has the policy that no paint is fine but improvement is encouraged.
That is the correct way of doing things.

>> No.15736458

I except your fix, and will attempt to answer your question.

So let's simplify and say the hobby of table top combat has two tiers of interest. Those that enjoy painting, customizing, and detailing the figures (similar HO scale train dioramas), and those that enjoy conducting strategic battles based on a set of standard rules. In this way, the ones who enjoy the combat get less of the experience when the models aren't painted (sometimes paint even effects the rules, red goes faster), while those who simply paint lose nothing if say the rules are unbalanced or change with new editions.

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People having fun and playing a game in your store is bad for business when it shows potential customers how much fun it can be?

Jesus. It doesn't matter if your shit is painted. The effect is still the same except GW loses a small amount of money because you DIDN'T buy their paint.

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Anyway, I'm OK with that. What is the policy regarding partially painted armies?

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to be fair we don't know what the fanbase of the store is like.

If it gets a lot of people then having a people with painted armies getting priority at a table makes a bit of sense. But if the tables are empty the more the merrier i'd say.

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I'm glad my FLGS doesn't have this policy I'm currently in the process of stripping down a good 50% (minimum) of my army.

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The idea, OP, is to shame you worthless niggers into actually painting your shit.

Why thats unfair!!! You scream impotently.

Let me cut down to the brass tacks. Painted armies, even badly painted ones, look nicer than plan grey ones. Nice looking armies attract interest, it makes people stop and say, 'Wow that looks cool.' People who stop and look are tempted to try to play. People who are tempted to play may buy things. Thus earning the store more money and increasing the number of people to play with. Everybody wins.

Lets be honest, if you are not going to paint your army then you might as well play with army men from the dollar store and save us all the trouble.

I'm not a good painter, I don't even like to paint. But at least I try to improve and put the effort in. Its paid off immensely, my skill has greatly improved and people I play with regularly compliment me on it. Just remember that if you don't try than you will never improve.

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I didn't know playing the game required you to be an advertising agent.

Don't play or own any 40k, by the way. But damn, that attitude among with others expressed by GW ensure I never will.

>> No.15736540

I'm not talking about GW specifically, I'm talking about the mindset people have that says your minis MUST be painted.

People playing it for the game may lose out because of shitty rules but it's their decision and there's no reason to ostracize them for it. The people who just paint might not lose out, but they also don't gain anything beyond painting. It's fine if that's rewarding enough, the same as if the play-only feels his experiences are rewarding enough.

>Businesses like money?! JESUS SOMEONE INFORM THE PRESSES.
Your sarcasm adds nothing. The goal is to reveal to people the contradiction that takes place regarding Play-Only vs Paint-Only and to pinpoint the ultimate source. Yes, that source is the company and the motivation is money. The connection between the two is what's important.

>I didn't know playing the game required you to be an advertising agent.
You'd think having the company's distinct miniatures would be enough.

>> No.15736548

Its like that with ANY social hobby. If you don't advertise then no one will play.

Don't like it? Enjoy playing alone in your basement.

>> No.15736555

You know I could get behind OP if basic painting wasn't so goddam easy.
Heres what you need to make your army qualified:
Primer(You can get from an auto store for $5)
3 foundation paints(black/brown, grey, your army color)
a size 0 brush
sand or flock.

Now here's how to paint:
1. Prime
2. Paint your army with the foundation colors. Paint slivers and greys with the grey, paint gold/bronze/brown with the brown, paint your army color on the rest. In that order. Don't worry about being too neat.
3.put glue on the base and shake it in the sand/flock

Congratulations your army is painted. This should take maybe 15 minutes per mini. The best part? you can go back and continue painting after your army is done and make them look a lot better. Add a wash and make your army look cell shaded. Cover the grey and browns with appropriate colors and metallics. Add highlights to your army colors and tada!

Unless you are footslogging guard or skaven, theres no reason not to be able to finish painting the army within 3-4 days.

>> No.15736559

> If you don't advertise then no one will play.
Except that the company and the game store already advertise. There are other much more effective ways for players to advertise besides painting their army. Talking, for example. How is painting an army more social than talking? Have we forgotten about the power of Word of Mouth already?

>> No.15736565

If they pulled this bullshit in my GW I'd complain to head office and warn them that they'll lose all their new players to the hobby.
Also since I use half painted armies and I'm the only fucker who hangs around keeping their store events going instead of playing an apoc game for an hour (seriously I don't know why some people bother) then going home after one turn.
they really, really like me for making sure they're store apoc games don't fall to bits- I got a table at the end of the last game to take home.

>> No.15736576

rolled 61 = 61

>Unless you are footslogging guard or skaven, theres no reason not to be able to finish painting the army within 3-4 days.

Provided you have that much free time on your hands with no responsibilities whatsoever, sure. I don't. I got other shit to do than just paint little dudes. Should I be locked out of playing because of my time constraints?

>> No.15736590

Although my store has a high proportion of good painters so most people have some really nice stuff to show off, me included so people visiting the store look in the cabinets and go wow.
I've seen visiting staff lament that their GW's painting quality is dire.
Also my store seems to have a lot of gamers who just play for fun rather than competitively so they're more likely to spend time painting one army than changing things round every couple of months.

>> No.15736592

I guarantee that the answer you're going to get is "spend that free time painting your minis first." Which I agree is absolute hogwash. I honestly can't understand why people would have someone subject themselves to a part of a hobby that isn't absolutely necessary and that they don't like.

>> No.15736606

Honestly you don't have an hour to spare every few days?
If you have enough time on the weekends to get a game in then you have enough time to paint.
Quit being lazy, you will thank yourself in the end.

>> No.15736612

Heres what I don't get from people like you.

As others have said, its a 3 part hobby. Build, paint, play. The guys who only do build and paint dont take flack.
The hell is wrong with enjoying building and playing but not painting?

I buy the models because I love building stuff, and love seeing a bunch of pieces turn into something.

The way I see it, this is the only decent way to run things.

Also, OP kinda didn't give specifics. Do partially painted count? Does showing progress count for anything?
Need more intel.

>> No.15736629

This is not unreasonable. Not great but really not unreasonable at all.

It is their store space. It is their advertising space.

If they still have free paints at the painting table in the back it is beyond reasonable.

If they charged for their tables it would be unreasonable but they don't so it is.

There are many, MANY legitimate complaints to be made about GW. This is not one of them.

Paint your minis you lazy fuck.

I don't actually mean that, nor do I care and would be happy to play against a bro with an unpainted army but honestly people who say "______ is ruining the hobby" are the only assholes ruining the hobby. Stop that shit.

>> No.15736634

Here's a better, less divisive policy for painted/unpainted miniatures: minor houserule bonus for painted armies.

Keep in mind, I'm speaking as an outsider with minimal experience in 40k (I'd love to get into it, but DEAR GOD THE MONEY!), but hear me out here.

Painted armies facing unpainted armies get a minor starting advantage. Perhaps they automatically get to place their units first, or second, whichever is more advantageous? I don't know, I don't play the game, but you get the idea. It'd be like automatically winning the starting coin toss in Football. A very minor advantage, something to motivate you to want to paint, but not alienate you from the store.

>> No.15736651

But if you prefer playing to painting, why on earth would you use play time to paint?

Thats like giving the guy who doesn't play a rash of shit, and not letting him paint in the store unless he plays too.

>> No.15736659

Really, the people who just build and paint, don't exactly come to the store and sit at a table with their army out, refusing to play anyone.

The reason why it's "ok" to just build and paint, is because these people stick to themself, and nobody ever directly interacts with the result of what they do. They usually just go to the store, buy the model, and then go home. Done.

>> No.15736671

rolled 47 = 47

I don't paint in hour sessions. Mine usually range from two to five hours straight. That's just how I can concentrate on the job and detail properly. Should I hold off from playing a few games with my friends and instead sit and paint because of some dumb shit store constraints?

I understand the large reasoning behind it, yeah. I'd like to get my dudes painted as well, but for me it's a creative, not mechanical process, and I ain't going to turn it into one because some guy has a problem with it.

>> No.15736673

If you have so little free time that you can't spend an hour a day painting to get your army up to snuff, then how the hell do you have enough time to actually play?
I mean yeah it sucks that you HAVE to paint your army, but who really cares? Its not a huge time investment, it will personalize your army to you and will show some respect for your opponent and anyone else who has taken the time to paint their mini's.
And remember you chose this HOBBY. There are other ways to get a wargame fix, (risk, army men, RTSs, even prepainted mini games like AT-43). But you chose the one that will often require painting. So quit complaining and just paint your army real quick.

Also to prove my point I went ahead and painted up the Hunter I just bought using the method I described above. Took about 12 minutes, and a Hunter is a lot more surface area than most 40K minis.

>> No.15736678

>nobody ever directly interacts with the result of what they do. They usually just go to the store, buy the model, and then go home. Done.
So how is this any more conducive to a social hobby?

>> No.15736687

People seem to forget that this is a hobby. A hobby. Let that sink in.

>> No.15736691

Same with me. If I'm going to paint something I'm going to do itas well as I possibly can. that's why it took a week to paint a squad of guardsmen when I know I have hundreds to get through.
I'm not going to do the equivilent of taking a dump on my army because some git can't be assed to wait for my painting.

>> No.15736698

rolled 36 = 36

>you have different way of scheduling your painting sessions
>you must be completely oblivious of the entire concept!

>> No.15736712

>I mean yeah it sucks that you HAVE to paint your army
Except you don't.

>Its not a huge time investment, it will personalize your army to you and will show some respect for your opponent and anyone else who has taken the time to paint their mini's.
But it's okay for those people to disrespect people who choose not to paint their armies?

>And remember you chose this HOBBY.
As such, each person can go about it in his own way. You're not obligated to interact with them.

>But you chose the one that will often require painting.
Only if you want to get in on the company's tournaments. The only real requirement for the hobby is building the model. Or more appropriately, building A model.

>> No.15736717

Learn 2 adaptation
Learn 2 time management

Break up your five painting sessions into 2 2 and half ones. Focus on less models or just paint the grunts. Or just do the base work one day and spend the next doing detail. I manage to do it just fine.

>> No.15736718

i recently dug my old 40k stuff out from my attic with a view to getting going with it again.
it's all really poorly painted.
bearing in mind some of my marines have huge weapons that obscure half their armour, whats your view on trying to repaint them?
is there any way to easily dismantle models?

>> No.15736720

>doesn't have free time
>posting on 4chan

pick one

>> No.15736725

Its not different, I'm just saying take a couple of painting sessions off from how you normally paint.

I assume that you paint in layers when you go all super detailed and artsy on your mini's right? So just quickly do a base layer on all your mini's. Bam, your army counts as painted and you can still go back and spend hours upon hours making sure that each eyelash on your Commissar is pointed the right way.
The only way I could see this being a problem is if you are so anal about finishing each mini before moving on that you would go into convulsions if you didn't have each one painted to perfection.

>> No.15736730

i'm currently at work on 4chan. different guy though. point is. deal with it. not everyone can be a shut in living out of their parent's basement.

>> No.15736732

Isn't providing a free place to play the game that they promote a great deal for both GW and the players? Players get a reliable place to play, and GW gets people who are already sold on their product advertising to potential new players and constantly exposing the players to the good which they would like to sell them. When I played DnD at a shop, I was rather loyal to it, and usually bought at least a booster pack of Magic cards every week.

Giving people a nice place to hang out is a good deal for everyone.

>> No.15736749

>Posting on 4chan at work.

Enjoy your PROMOTIONS!!!
You will have plenty of time to paint then.

>> No.15736758

buy some Simple Green (US) or some Dettol (UK) and search up how to strip Warhammer minis with Dettol etc in Google, it'll give you links to a few guides on forums etc.

As I mentioned earlier, I currently have a good chunk of my army sitting on dettol at this very moment.

I should warn you though, stripping paint is a messy job.

>> No.15736759

rolled 70 = 70

That might work for some people, it doesn't for me. I don't play with incompletely painted miniatures. It's either primed or fully painted for me. Anything inbetween just looks like shit in my eyes. I just hate half assing it, because that's disrespectful both to my army and the opponent. It is debatable what is worse, only primed models or hastily basecoated ones, sure, but to me it's either the very best I can do or nothing.

>> No.15736764

If someone compliments your army's paint job are you obligated to also compliment theirs, even if it looks terrible?

>> No.15736767

You just completely took the argument and twisted it away from what we were discussing.
In fact you seem to have completely missed the purpose of my entire post and instead substituted your own.
1. The OP DOES have to paint his mini's...if he wants to use his GW's tables. Thats what I was addressing.
2. No one is disrespecting you. They are simply giving favorable treatment to those who have visibly put more time into their hobby. and even if you choose to see this as disrespect, doesn't it deserve it a bit? You are willingly not putting in a small amount of work to make yourself and your army look better. Its like showing up to work with a wrinkled shirt. Yeah, you have a shirt on...but people won't respect you as much as the guy who irons his shirts.
3. But I am obliged. Its a social hobby. a hobby with 3 parts, modeling, painting, playing. You are willfully ignoring 1/3 of the hobby just because you want to. There are other hobbies which do not require painting. I am suggesting that those would be better for you and would remove the reason for your discontent.
4.Harkens back to 1. In this case painting is also required for play. If the OP does not wish to paint, he should consider a different hobby.

>> No.15736770


>> No.15736773

ok, is there a trick for painting armour that's hidden behind heavy weaponry though?
i have half a mind to just replace it all so i can paint it before building them, but it's not fucking cheap

>> No.15736778

Unpainted armies look like shit. People come in and see a bunch of greasy-ass neckbeards playing with a bunch of grey plastic, and they turn around and walk away. People come in and see a bunch of greasy-ass neckbeards with painted armies, though, and suddenly it's transformed into something pretty fucking cool. Don't as me how it works, I just know that it does.

Base them black, paint a differeet base color, and if you're feeling really fucking fancy apply a wash. Boom. Painted army.

It's not like unpainted armies are banned entirely. It's just now known that it's not the norm. Now, if you come in to play, and that table's busy, you can just pull up a chair and get to painting.

>> No.15736781

I'm not that guy, but I'm totally on 4chan at worka ll the time. Summer internship that'll end in March anyway. I have no aspirations of remaining with this organization, and my work comes in brief spurts of activity. I often have more than an hour with absolutely nothing to do but wait.

>> No.15736782



Just say "thanks" and move on.

>> No.15736786

I never said it was.

But a store's not going to deny someone from buying a model they want to take home and paint.

>> No.15736788

So then you are unable to play.
You would rather be stubborn about how your army looks and not play, then be able to play while painting your army.

Thats your choice though. Don't complain about your choices.

>> No.15736792


otherwise it's just rude, something simple like "I like your choice of colors" if you think it' custom army, or something like "Oh are those Celestial Lions?" etc" I kinda want to start them up, I think their color scheme is pretty cool".

it may seem pointless but it makes you sound like a nice guy, and it helps for bad painters to hear good painters compliment their stuff.

>> No.15736795

The difference between your average FLGS and a GW store:

FLGS: You can use our tables and terrain to play pretty much whatever you want, so long as you aren't disturbing anyone else and the table isn't reserved for an event.

GW: You can only use these tables for GW games and you must meet our gaming standards in order to use them.

Are painted models better than unpainted ones? Undeniably, yes. That still doesn't mean GW are dicks with this kind of attitude.

>> No.15736802


If you've got time to sit down and play a 2+ hour game with little dudes, then you've got time to sit down for a 2+ hours painting session with little dudes.

And guess what? If that table's already busy, that's just what the OP will have to do. So sad, when people have to put effort into a hobby.

>> No.15736808

use a brush,

if the brush can't reach it, then nobody can see it and its not worth painting anyways.

>> No.15736813

the paint strippers may loosen the glues bonds so try to snap them off gently after you've stripped the models. if not then you can just get a fine-ish paint brush behind it and give it a paint that way.

If it's visible then there will be a way you can paint it. If it's not visible then you really don't need to worry about it.

>> No.15736825


Because the guys who only build and paint don't take up tablespace with their shitgrey armies.

>> No.15736831

rolled 55 = 55

No. That's a "choice" only when a store such as in OPs post imposes a rule like that. My FLGS doesn't have anything of the sort. We've got all sorts of players. Some paint decently, some paint awfully, some play absolutely amazingly. Do they all have their armies fully painted? No. Does anyone promptly refuse to play a grey plastic army? No. Can anyone from the outside dictate them what to do? No, no matter how you might twist this. It's a multi faceted HOBBY, remember?

>> No.15736849

What if I prefer the look of his base over flocking?

>> No.15736854

What I don't get is the "you can take the time and paint your shit you lazy faggot" mentality I'm seeing so much of in this thread.

Some people, myself included, need to be a certain mood to paint. We need to have the itch, as someone else put it earlier, and if we don't have that itch or that desire at that given moment then we aren't going to paint something. Yeah; I might have all weekend free but that doesn't mean I'm going to spend the entire weekend painting if I'm not in the mood to paint. Forcing someone to paint under some bullshit rule or elitist stand-point isn't going to help the situation. If someone is forced to paint while they're not in the mood to do so, whether that be through said bullshit rules or they make themselves paint to appease said elitist stand-point, then in the end they're more likely to resent and even right out HATE painting. That's worse for the hobby than someone who just isn't in the mood to paint during every free second of their day.

So please knock off this "if you can't take 5 minutes every day to paint shit you're a worthless faggot" shit because you're actually ruining the hobby with such attitudes.

>> No.15736861

what does "flocked base" mean?

>> No.15736871

What would everyone's opinions be on charging a small amount for the use of gaming tables? If they were kitted out with awesome terrain, obviously.

>> No.15736872

>three colour minimum.
>play necrons.

Well fuck their shit, I supposed having METAL isn't enough.

>> No.15736877

If you have 1500pts painted you don't need to play a 3000pt game.

Shit, I work shifts at a paper mill and study to become an electrical engineer and I've still managed to get 3500pts of marines painted up to a decent standard.

>> No.15736878

you can buy fake grass/flock powder from various modelling shops (including GW), you just put glue on the base and cover it with flock.

>> No.15736880

Details done to the base that supports your model. Like moss or gravel.

>> No.15736885

I'd be fine with it, if they supplied me with a fully painted army of my choice to use at the time as well.

If they charge like a pool table, I expect all the trimmings of a pool table, not just paying for the table, but the pool queues and balls too.

>> No.15736889


Necrons with metal eyes, cabling, gauss tubes and bases?

>> No.15736899

independant place i went to recently charged 2 quid for a four hour table rent.
came with terrain and buildings and shit.
seems alright

>> No.15736900

What else would his eyes be made of?

>> No.15736902

Our FLGS only requires painted armies for tournaments.

>> No.15736903

Cues, not queues.

Also, anyone with more insight than myself wanna flesh out my idea here?

>> No.15736909

This. So much THIS!

I've had a small warband, for a custom game my friends and I work at on and off, sitting on my table primed and ready to go for about a month now. I've got the time, but I just haven't felt like painting.

Honestly I'm starting to get the itch again, but I'm not making any promises.

>> No.15736910

Nobody is forcing you to game at GW.

My LGS allows unpainted stuff all the time, but there is a significant shame factor that the grognards exude to the young guys with unpainted armies. Nothing major.

Also, you get to use their tables and terrain for free. BTW in Japan, which does have GW stores (frequented mostly by westerners and foreigners) there is a standing rule that your minis must be painted, or you can't use them in the store. The codexes and rule books are free, albeit in moonspeak.

>> No.15736912

You just learned a valuable lesson: In this world the capitalists make the rules. Arbitrary rules. And they don't care whether you like them, even if you give them your money.

>> No.15736914

How a bout a gaming hall that charges for use of a table (minimal fee) provides terrain, books and templates. but also serves beer.

>> No.15736915

Yeah, an army should be painted, and getting it done is something to be encouraged, but it really shouldn't be mandatory. It's a shame your GW has gone down that route, op.

>> No.15736916

>if he wants to use his GW's tables. Thats what I was addressing.
I apologize for that.

> No one is disrespecting you.
Have you looked at this thread?
>and even if you choose to see this as disrespect, doesn't it deserve it a bit?
Absolutely not. It might not deserve more respect, but it certainly doesn't warrant disrespect simply because it doesn't have pigments slapped on.

>But I am obliged.
You are not obligated.
>Its a social hobby.
Yes, but no one is going to force you to talk to or play with an unpainted army.
>a hobby with 3 parts, modeling, painting, playing.
Outside the context of GW tournaments and the OP's store's policy, only modeling is required. The other two are optional, though only not painting seems to get flak.

>You are willfully ignoring 1/3 of the hobby just because you want to.
No shit? Why shouldn't you ignore the part you don't like? There's no universal rule for the HOBBY stating you must paint your minis.
>There are other hobbies which do not require painting.
This one already doesn't. Only certain companies/stores enforce such policies. They do not extend to the hobby as a whole.
>I am suggesting that those would be better for you and would remove the reason for your discontent.
I actually do intend to paint my army at some point. What bothers me is that people have the attitude I've described several times in this thread with some bizarre notion that it stems from the hobby itself rather than one or several companies/stores trying to enforce it with increased revenue in mind.

> If the OP does not wish to paint, he should consider a different hobby.
A different store.

>> No.15736925

I already pay through the nose for the models. It would have to be some pretty fucking amazing scenery and the best looking boards that I wanted to play on are often actually the worst for gaming on so serious games need not apply.
Also most GWs stopped using awesome terrain when they had to keep telling people that they couldn't buy it from the store so now use almost exclusively citadel stuff as more advertising.

Also I hate the realm of battle game board now. Was interesting once but now every fucking board is it and its just bland and boring now.

>> No.15736929

If you can't be bothered to paint your army why should I be bothered to play you?

>> No.15736948

A club does this near me. I like the idea and when I go there I'm rarely dissapointed.
If GW started charging I rage, but when a group asks for a small entrance fee to a hired hall and has a ton of scenery i'm all over it.

>> No.15736952


I am so like this too. Though, sometimes I get the urge to paint one thing, leave it unfinished.. then the next time I get the itch to paint I end up working on something else entirely. Sigh. Really need to get some stuff finished.

>> No.15736954

rolled 39 = 39

Don't. I have other people to play with that aren't faggots about the game.

>> No.15736958

On another note, how much detail should shop's put into painting their boards and terrain?

My FLGS has a fixed gaming table, so yeah same terrain layout for every game, but it's painted to the standard of flat colors and drybrushing, now the terrain i well made but I feel the painting lets it down a little, even more so because it is the main example of 40k stuff in-store.

>> No.15736963

>Spend hundreds of dollars on minis that are actually pretty nice
>Dont even bother to paint them
Seriously? Why would you do this? I could understand if you were in a rush to battle and you fielded a unit of unpainted minis with the rest of your army, but having an army thats just glued together straight from the sprue? Take some pride in your shit and atleast put some effort in, if not for yourself then for your opponent. Nobody wants to fight a plain grey army.

>> No.15736970

Of course you don't have to be bothered to play someone with unpainted armies.Because having a painted army that pumps money into GW is the ONLY valid way to do this hobby. Anyone who thinks otherwhise is CLEARLY a retard.

>> No.15736971



It's three fucking colors and flock. This is not rocket science here. If you don't like it, game at home, or a local FLGS.

>> No.15736972

I have enough opponents with painted armies that I can afford to ignore you until you do.

>> No.15736974

some people don't even take the time to clean the flash off of their miniatures.

>> No.15736976

I remember when GW stores had the "three colous and based" rules for using their tables

didn't mind it then, don't mind it now. If I want to playtest or use my unpainted armies, I go to a FLGS

mind, since they've closed down the Oakville bunker, I haven't gone to a GW store.

>> No.15736983

I would if the player isn't a douchebag

>> No.15736986


I call it a store that will get none of my money.

>> No.15736991

This right here. Some days I just feel like saying "Fuck everything, I'm going to paint" and just do that all night. Other times, I look at my models, but just don't feel any inspiration for it. Painting, just like modelling, should be an organic, inspiration-driven process. That way, you can achieve the best results. If you just do it because you have to, it quickly becomes monotone, uninspired, and most importantly, can become a chore, something one should avoid as much as possible.

Really, as long as I see some progress in my opponent's army, I don't care how much grey plastic dudes he has. I still know he's putting in effort into his army and I can well respect that.

>> No.15736996


I don't care who gets the money for your paints. Buy them from wherever the fuck you like. Just don't put grey shit on a table and expect me to want to play it. I like a table that LOOKS fun as well as plays fun.

>> No.15737001


Never said that.

For me the hobby is about 2 or more great looking armies facing each other on a fully painted gameboard.

Playing against an unpainted army does nothing for me.

>> No.15737016

Why buy models if you're not going to paint them?

You might as well use bottlecaps and cardboard boxes.

>> No.15737017

Maybe because they value the minis themselves more than a paint job?
Some people play for the game aspect. However they choose to go about making a playable army is their business. No one is required to play against them.

>> No.15737039

Yeah I hit the 'its becoming a chore' point when I was finishing off a Vulture painted like a plane. Just sit there for hours each day painting, all the fun bits are done and its just a load of boring monotonous shit.
I still have to paint a few feathers on the body but I've just had to force myself to stop before I paint it in a rush and really poorly.

>> No.15737044


But if I don't just play for the game aspect why should I be obligated to play him or be labeled a dick?

>> No.15737045

The big problem with this hobbypocalypse is for people like me who paint murals and such across their pieces which takes many many hours.

Not to mention for those who play Horde armies and want their armies to look better than ass grade.

I haven't been to my local store in a month since they enacted this policy because I have at least 2 months worth of painting left for my armies and without the incentive to play, I have no incentive to paint either. I'm just losing interest in the hobby with these restrictions.

>> No.15737055

In my experience, the people who never paint their armies are the same ones who tend to:

a. Constantly proxy any shit they can get away with to play with whatever flavor of the month they think is an instant win button (and whines after losing if it isn't/was countered).

b. Argue incessantly over the nit pickiest shit in the rules in an effort to make you concede just so you don't have to keep playing a game that stops every five minutes for a bitchfest.

c. Are 12.

D. All of the above.

Of course, hopefully that manager allows some leeway. Maybe if 75% of your army is painted, but 25% are only primed, he'll cut you some slack. But the unwashed, unpainted masses? Screw that.

>> No.15737057

Because proxying is a pain in the ass to keep track of.
I probably don't mind unpainted armies so much because there are so many people who proxy their entire army and then that is the pits of the game.

>> No.15737059

What a delightful thread!

>> No.15737079


>> No.15737082

>why should I be obligated to play him or be labeled a dick?
You're only a dick if you go about it like a dick. Why is it such a big deal that it's not painted in the first place? Respect someone's decision to not paint their army and they should respect your decision not to play against them. If they can't, then they're at fault, not you.

>> No.15737083


Same reason people choose certain pieces in Monopoly. The color doesn't make the model. I am perfectly happy facing a pure grey army.

>> No.15737089


>> No.15737091


You can CLEARLY see that shit has been basecoated white, painted grey, and given a brown wash. Still need to flock that shit, though.

>> No.15737093

actually most classical statues and buidlings would have been painted, Often in what would seem rather gawdy colours.

>> No.15737095

My only issue with the "no paint, no play" rule is pretty specific, because it applies to my own personal situation.

I am a student, with a very unusual set of classes that keep me away from home 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I do a full work day for NO pay while studying medical lab tech. I come home exhausted and usually nap.

If i want to play with my fresh Aeronautica mini's, i have to dedicate myself to painting them first. Not an easy task for epic scale mini's. This means I am allowed even LESS time to play the game.

Mostly, it is a policy that has been in place before, was very unpopular, and probably will be kicked out again.

>> No.15737099

> flocked bases
Once upon a time there was a man named fuck off. Why would you make that bullshit mandatory?

>> No.15737103

Anything that drives out the aspies is a good thing in my opinion.

>> No.15737117

it takes like 3 minutes to flock a base.

>> No.15737120

Good example of unpainted being okay (and expected), though. One guy decided to have them painted and some artsy people threw a shit fit. Nobody else really cared.

Except it doesn't. Have you ever been to a GW tournament?

>> No.15737126


Your models don't have to be finished, only painted.

A basecoat and some details will do.

>> No.15737132

Don't forget fluff.
Fluffbunny here. I don't flock any of my bases,vbut I paint, play, and fluff up a mean army.

>> No.15737139

By flocked it's not actually mean that the base is covered in flock. It simply means that the base is painted or finished in some manner. It stems from, what now seems to be the old fashioned and ugly method of 'flocking' a base rather than using filler or static grass.

>> No.15737142

I don't care. Pardon me if I don't give a wet fart about my bases. I'm not playing GRASShammer 40k. I'm not playing PEBBLEhammer 40k. I'm playing WARhammer 40k. I want to paint my warriors, not worry about if they're standing on sand or rocks.

>> No.15737145

I thought this rule had always been in effect in every GW store?

Works great for my group, everyone has at least 1500 points painted and most armies look great.

>> No.15737152

I can understand restricting unpainted to one table, but why disallow use of the store's terrain? That's really the only problem I have with it.

>> No.15737158

yeah but flock looks seriously shit and cheap. Bare bases are sometimes better.
If I base a model I put some effort into it.

>> No.15737170

i hope they dont start enforcing this too badly at my store. ive got 16,000pts of orks, all fully painted with at least 6 colours on every model.
not one of them is based in any way.

>> No.15737182

It's the same at my store.

We have several guys complaining about not having time to paint while standing around in the store doing nothing for 4+ hours.

>> No.15737184

One stripe of red paint each base.
It's a blood smear.

>> No.15737190

it takes very little time to base some units. its not that hard to make it look good too.

people like
like to make it a huge deal and complain about being some sort of victim. or whatever but its really simple stuff. and personally i thought the same way until i started doing. it really does make models look better.

>> No.15737193

at my store, if the bases do not match the tables and the terrain you aren't allowed in the store.

>> No.15737197

What do you mean some guy? Tradition dictated that Archaic/Classical and later Greek free standing sculpture/ pedimental and architectural detailing were painted. This then rubbed off ont he Romans who followed on from the Greek cultural traditions. There have been a great number of studies and research projects about the pigmentation of Classical sculpture. Painting was the norm.

>> No.15737200

> standing around in the store doing nothing
Which is the time they WOULD have spent PLAYING... if they could get a table. Instead they get to stand around waiting for the ONE table reserved for them.

>> No.15737203

my current excuse is that theyre standing on a featureless, flat plane of obsidian, or somesuch other rock.
i guess i never got around to basing them while i painted them because i always hated how stupid mismatches look. sure i can base them with grass, but i just cant ignore how bloody stupid that looks on an ice terrain table.

>> No.15737206

>What do you mean some guy?
More recently, not back when they were made.

>> No.15737211


>> No.15737222

> it makes models look better
So does cleaning mold lines and thinning paints. I do those things on a select few important models. Mostly, I just wanna get my chapter colors on them and PLAY. When you're talking about leisure activity, "it's easy" is not an effective counter-argument to "it's not fun."

>> No.15737224


Most of the time they don't even bring models, just some food and a codex to read.

>> No.15737229

>hasn't tried it
>claims its not fun

>> No.15737233

Then they clearly enjoy the social aspect of the game store more than the gaming, and both those things more than painting.

>> No.15737243

But that's an entirely different argument. Thats a modern (read 18th century plus) cultural shift appreciating marble more and copying what still existed. Objects that over the previous thousand or more years had lost their pigment and it was assumed had been unpainted.

>> No.15737249


And thus have no reason to complain about rules that don't even affect them.

>> No.15737252

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>> No.15737256

> hasn't tried it
No, I did try it for my first 5 models. Which is why I've never done it since.
And now I don't flock, base, or otherwise fuck with the little circles on my army mans.

>> No.15737284

But they MIGHT play if they didn't feel like fucking pariahs every time they walk into the game store.

>> No.15737286

Has anyone got some good tips on urban/spaceship/industrial basing?

I've been trying some methods out but I don't really have any that I like so far.

oh and how the hell to people cut perfectly round portions of plasticard to fit their bases? I use a compass to size it and then draw it onto my plasticard but I always end up fucking mine up whenever I try to cut them.

>> No.15737287

Unpainted armies look like shit. Fuck off OP.

>> No.15737297

Paint sprues stone grey.
Create rebar for bases.

>> No.15737323

You can get tools that are a compass that has a cutting edge on it instead of a pencil.

>> No.15737347

Paint your goddamn models.

My local GW has the same policy, and while the enforcement of it has been somewhat lax at times the urel exists to stop what people have done - buy any old shit and never put any effort into actually finishing a few models, let alone an entire army.

If people say "her a derp no time", maybe the time spent playing could be spent painting? Oh wait of course not as logic has no place here!

Christ some of the people in my group struggle to get WYSIWYG even after one player with a huge bitz box gave away a load of parts to one player COULD make their army WYSIWYG. It still isn't over a year later.

Pic is my reaction when people btich that they can't paint their armies for a bullshit reason.

>> No.15737352

You know, for quite a while I myself would go to my LGS and just paint 40k models. I'd complain about new armies, or the rules, as I used to play a lot and know the rules very. One of the staff (and a good friend) said to me that he didn't care about my views on rules, because all I never played and only ever showed up to paint. My response to him was along the lines of "Why do you think I stopped playing?"

>> No.15737387

Painting isn't as much fun as playing.

I don't know why so many 40k players have this contempt for people that like to play the game.

>> No.15737420

Playing isn't as much fun as painting.

I don't know why so many 40k players have this contempt for people that like their models painted.

>> No.15737442

>I don't know why so many 40k players have this contempt for people that like their models painted.
Nobody does. That wasn't as clever as it seemed in your head.

>> No.15737527

>there is only one true way of having fun, MY WAY

>> No.15737541

FLGS doesn't charge to use tables, terrain, or even borrowing a few essential tools should you find yourself a tape or template short for whatever reason, and has tons of the stuff to use.

There are also no arbitrary restrictions on models having to be painted for play, at least outside of official events.

They get their revenue from renting out console and pc gaming stations, along with having a massive stock of product they sell for different things.

Some people just like to convert models and play the game, that's fine. Most people looking for a 1-off game at the store don't mind playing against mostly grey it seems.

Some people just like to model and paint, and are siting about at some tables working on their projects, chatting it up with others at the store while often watching people play.

Some just like to paint and play, and either are painting models someone else assembled(be it a commission in either direction) or are playing a game.

It seems to be a rather solid community based on what I've seen, so maybe I'm just rather lucky to have it?

>> No.15737547

Anyway, I've mostly unpainted models, but I do have some boys painted, along with a bigmek. I like the aesthetics of a solid black base and choose to not flock them. I'll give scenic bases to my important models like HQs, but I'll still leave the rim of their base black.
My reasons for not painting is simply because I want to improve before painting any special models, and that I mainly lack the resources for painting. I can spare 3 hours a weekend once a month or so at most to play game, but school kicks me hard in the ass so I don't have much time to dedicate to painting.

I love converting and find it rather easy to get into, and for some bumblefuck reason get compliments on my models for it.(even though I don't think they're THAT special)

Sometimes I just want a not too indeph game, and if you don't mind having some to face my mostly grey and white models I'm sure we can have a fun time. If my grey and white models bother you to the point of refusing to play, then that's your issue and you won't really offend me for being honest about it.

why can't we all just be chill, maaaaan?

>> No.15737710


If you want a game that doesn't require effort go play magic cards or some shit. None of GW games are "just" games, the rules exist solely so you have something to to recreate/make your own fluff with with and a use for cool models besides sitting on a shelf on display.

People who never put any effort into actually getting their army WYSIWYG and painted usually are hypocritical fucks or those who declare themselves "pro" because they suck on Stelek's cock (or any other internet tough guy).

No, man the fuck up and get it done - even if goddamn pay someone else to paint your army.

>> No.15737751

you are everything i hate about 40k, and the epitome of why people think all 40k players are shithead elitist nerds.

go poop yourself you elitist man child baby.

>> No.15737774

I for one have no problem with block painting my minis so I can play at a GW.

1) Just get an airbrush (I use the citadel spraygun since its sitting in my hobby box) and apply your main color.

2)Then add a little detail (I play Talabecland for my Empire army so I spray yellow then paint red onto the cloth).

3) Finally paint the top or rim of your base the color you want (I paint a different color on each units rim to tell regiment apart).

I just spent 2 hours over the last two nights painting my 3k Empire army (200+ infantry not counting characters, machine crews ect) to the standard that GW asks for. It's not hard, it didn't take any real effort on my part, and I have an army i can play with until I feel like painting the rest of the details on my army (skin, leather, metal, ect). Note that I don't paint unless I feel like it, but as I'm playing in a tournament next month that has a painting score tacked on I'm getting shit done.

>> No.15737818


Elist? Nay.

I just get fed up with seeing fucking grey unpainted models that see literally no effort put to them for months or years on end. Let alone people making WYSIWYG armies which are kinda - y'know - required to play the game properly.

If you want to play like that in your basement or wherever thats fine. Then agai nthe fucking rulebook even says things such as "Warhammer 40,000 is far, far more than just a game. It is an engrossing and fulfiling pastime that allows you to collect and paint armies of Citadel miniatures and then use them to fight tabletop battles."

That is literally the first paragraph in the fucking rulebook in the introduction.

>> No.15738223


That's not the point. THEY are okay if we just paint our models 3 shitty colors. WE are not.

>> No.15738303

You're just making excuses to not paint your models. Like that guy said, it doesn't have to be done. Base coat and start the details, and you can play. At that point, you can take your time to finish. The rule isn't 3 colors and then you can never touch your miniatures with a paintbrush ever again.

>> No.15738565

But what if I... enjoy the fluff and the rules, but would rather use my time to play than paint? What if I finally finish assembling the units for a new army, haven't painted it yet, and really am just in the mood to play?

What you guys are missing is that the issue isn't really "I don't have the free time to play," because you're right - if they have time to sit down and play a game, they can half-ass painting a bunch of minis. The issue is actually "But I... well, prefer playing to painting, and shouldn't -need- to paint to play." Seriously guys, it's a game. Why is your opinion of how it needs to be played any objectively better than anyone else's?

>> No.15738582


"You're just making excuses to not paint your models."

No... No he's not. He's saying he wants to paint his models WELL.

Here is what I don't get. They don't care if the models are some really shitty paint scheme. The models could have a dot of 3 colors on them and that's perfectly acceptable... What does this prove exactly?

I understand that there are people who belligerently refuse to do anything for the hobby, but on the other hand there are those who want to do more (like paint murals), and this restriction does nothing but leaves a bad taste in their mouth when they have so much to get done.

I have a little over 40% of my Tyranid Army painted and I haven't been to the store once in 4 months since the store enacted the painted armies only policy. Not because I wouldn't care to, but because every gaunt takes me about 3 hours to paint, gargoyles are 5 or more hours, carnifex and trygons are about 18 hours... it's just too much... And having not played a game in the last 4 months, I have sadly slacked on painting. Maybe I'm just weak willed to see the long term benefits, but the motivation just isn't there.

>> No.15738616

I have three things to say

1. I don't care what my opponent fields as long as its legal or we've agreed upon it before hand, painted or unpainted.

2. I deeply think that painting is a great way to put personality into your force and while not required adds tremendously to the character and feel of the force. i found i painted a lot more when i put my painting table next to my computer because then i could paint while listening to music and reply to messages on 4chan when i was finished with a colour. even a few simple colours can add a lot.

3. I really like the rule in AK-47 republic that gives an army bonus points for being fully painted, it is justified that a fully painted army is one where the general looks after their men and equipment. A house rule for something similar would be cool

>> No.15738715

Then consider a quick three color job as "the basecoat".

>> No.15738768


Heh, most of my basecoats are some mix of Chaos black and Necron Abyss to form the outer space look on my models. Maybe I'll just add Badab black into the mix and call it good ;p

>> No.15738793

>Hey guys! Let's alienate new players and restrict them to a single table! That's just humiliating enough to sate our repressed power fantasies and could in no way affect our business!

>> No.15738809

Forgive me if this has been mentioned beffore, but this thread is seriously TL:DR.

There are such tings as painting services. It's relatively affordable, and you don't have to do it yourself.

If you can afford to wast $$$$ on minis that never get painted you afford to pay somebody to paint them for you.

>> No.15738820



>> No.15738997


Its space camouflage. You know, for when they fight in space.

>> No.15739007

You would not go on a date in raggy clothes.
You would not enter a car show with a dirty car.
You would not go to a wedding in shorts and flipflops.
You would not buy a boat and not clean it.

Its all about presentation and pride, two things that make the world go round.

>> No.15739053


You really should have read the thread.


All point out that even people who prefer to paint or even love to paint will do so when they are in the mood for it, like an artist with inspiration. They still want to play in the meantime, however, as that helps with inspiration and it would be a less fun game if they were forbidden from playing, and thus they'd be less likely to gain the inspiration for a truly great model.

Especially shows that point.

>> No.15739068

In conclusion: forcing people to paint just makes for shitty pain jobs and less truly great ones.

>> No.15739069

>I must be allowed to play in the GW store
>I must not be rushed with my painting
>I will not make a comprise and paint the bare-minimum necessary.
Entitlement much?

Also, what's the difference between fielding unpainted models versus the doubleplusungood "3 colours and base" minimum?

>> No.15739093

>Its space camouflage. You know, for when they fight in space.

>> No.15739133

Not a damn thing. The GW store I used to game at before moving had the same policy in place since I started playing 10 years ago (slightly more strict, they didn't let you use any tables). Turned out it did exactly what GW had hoped, encouraged people to paint and helped showcase the hobby to the customers that wandered in.

>> No.15739221

Next up:
GW requires customers to bathe and shave properly before using the tables.

200 posts later, /tg/ agrees that bathing is complete bullshit and elitist crap.

>> No.15739256

back when I worked for the company we'd kick people out if they smelled like shit and hung around

I mean, if you just got off work and want to pick up a pre-order? That's cool, whatever.

but if you're coming for a few games and you don't have the time to shower or (god forbid) wear deodorant, there's a problem

>> No.15739289

I love the smell of sweaty boys

>> No.15739299

Yeah that's a complete lie

>> No.15739309

Yeah... no you don't.

>> No.15739391

Could always play elsewhere or online.

Theres vassal for 40k and www.universalbattle.com for fantasy.

>> No.15739407

It's kinda funny. I haven't gotten into Warhammer because I have no time to paint models. Life is pretty consuming and there's no way I could or want to learn how to paint at a level that would satisfy me. If it was as easy to pay someone to paint my shit I'd do it but the willing don't have the skills and those with the skills aren't willing.

It's really too bad that people discriminate against those who don't paint their models. I play Magic. Really, it pisses me the fuck off that people don't use sleeves for their cards. Or worse when they're not sorted and you have to sift through their shit, which has been manhandled by everyone who has searched through it beforehand. Their cards get scratched to shit and I don't want to trade for them because they're mangled. But whatever, it's not like I'm going to stop them from playing the game. Sure card condition doesn't matter in the game but it does say something about a person - like wearing clean clothes.

>> No.15739472


Yeah haha, I have 4 Rhinos/Razorbacks painted up like that. My Stormravens and Land Raiders have galaxies and close ups of planets, comets and suns on them.

I run Grey Knights, but I call them my "Starry Knights".

I run a mostly henchmen army, and I use Bretonnian Men-At-Arms as my Crusaders and I'm painting murals on their shields like Van Gogh's Starry Night.

>> No.15739500

>basecoat primer of autoshop grey
>White surfaces
>silver or gold markings

And there, my whole tau army is done in like 10 hours total.

>> No.15739531

Paint everything

>> No.15739578


Meh... Nothing too impressive.

>> No.15739600

I never liked the game all that much. Just building and painting the models...

I sucked hard as a player but my models looked fucking boss for a 14 year old.

>> No.15739672

I do both but i hate painting 90% of the time.

its the fear of screwing it up + painted stuff sells for lesser than clean plastic ( so waste of my time )

>> No.15739702

>14 YO
>Global rule #2

>> No.15739706


Read his post again, everything he said was in past tense.

>> No.15739709


lrn 2 reading comprehension. Past tense implies this poster is no longer 14.

>> No.15739710


Dude, I'm 23. I stopped 40K, like, 8 years ago. It's been around since the 80's.

>> No.15739723


Haha, All within a second. Shooting 3 for 3.

>> No.15739738

> require armies to be painted or they have to go to the pariah table
Finally, someone makes people have to put forth a little effort.
> flock required
God damn it. Even I don't do that, the mess gets everywhere and always falls off.

>> No.15739796

No wonder people hate 40K fans.

>> No.15739851

>My local Rec Center has six basketball courts. They just banned jersey-less teams from using all but one of them, and members that want to play so called "shirts and skins" are not allowed to use the center's equipment.

>Opinion in my sports group is divided. What think, /tg/?

>> No.15739866

I like when people rationalize ways of shoving people outside of their social circles so they can feel like they got one leg up on someone.

Must feel good.

>> No.15739901

I'd even be happy if people were trying to paint their models.

If they had one unit painted even, and the rest were primed or something, that's completely understandable.

But if month after month not even an attempt is made, it just seems lazy.

Painted models look endlessly better than unpainted. Just do it for us, if not for yourself.

>> No.15739916

>My local chess club has six tables. They just banned piece-less players from using all but one of them, and members that want to play so called "pennies and dimes" are not allowed to use the center's equipment.

>Opinion in my chess club is divided. What think, /tg/?

>> No.15739937

I think you've hit the core of it. Congratulations, but now I'm sad.

>> No.15739990


hory shet

>> No.15740016

since this seems to be more or less a thread about painting, I'm gonna post a few images and ask for advice on how to improve.

these are some of my first orks. how can I improve them to look more orky?

>> No.15740044


>look more orky

get a shitload of bitz for every other faction. stick them all over the place.

>> No.15740048

Also, what is the benefit of assembling a model before painting it? I've been doing it piece by piece and then assembling them before the wash. Seems like it'd be hard to reach a lot of areas with the model fully assembled.

Sorry for the poor quality, cellphone photos.

>> No.15740071

looks perfectly orky to me.

Just give it some basings, or a black dot on the gun barrel if lazy to drill

>> No.15740077

3 colors.
3 fucking colors and people start to bitch.

Spray color basecoat.
Paint boltguns boltgun metal
Paint base brown before glue dipping the top in playground sand.
Tournament fucking legal.

Now from a business standpoint this move is the same as No shit no shoes no service, or Don't sit around with your dick outside your pants. The idea is that when some new customer on the edge of getting into the hobby comes rolling in to the store he sees tables upon tables of painted and eye catching plastic men fighting on fancy GW Terrain. Not a bunch of power gamers arguing about rules over a table of grey plastic space wolves with varying amounts of rocket launchers.

This is exactly the correct way for the store to go about things. They are not banning unpainted armies. Just making it perfectly clear that the players with painted armies are better advertising for the store and deserve top billing.

>> No.15740110

pennies- pawns
nickels- rooks
dimes- bishops
quarters- knights
loonie- queen
toonie- king

mite b cool

>> No.15740143

I'm sure they won't be put off by neckbeards chewing someone out for not painting their models. No siree.

Also, way to miss the whole fucking point. Read through the thread.

>> No.15740147

ameribro's dont have loonies and toonies though. But shit would be cool for us.

>> No.15740150

>They are not banning unpainted armies.
They do
>Just making it perfectly clear that the players with painted armies are better advertising for the store

Definitely this i agree with you. Little Timmy and Parents might be plenty surprised when they open the box to see them on sprues.

>and deserve top billing.
Not familiar with the phrase, explanation please?

>> No.15740166

I would just make Bishops = dimes (heads) and Knights = dimes (tails). Same for King and Queen, but with Quarters.

>> No.15740182

Sounds like they're being nazis.


If GW wants people to use painted minis why don't they reward players who use them? They could have some...discount maybe, for people who have painted stuff. I don't have any idea how that might work, but a positive reenforcement would work better than being cunts and saying 'no, you dont GET to use the terrain. philistine!'

>> No.15740184

Then how do you tell which is is which?
by direction the portrait is facing? what if someone accidentally bumped / poke it?

>> No.15740215

You really don't know the phrase top billing?
It comes from movies or stage productions. The biggest name is the one put on top of all the posters or advertisements for the most draw.

>> No.15740220

Hell if I know. Dot one with a sharpie?

>> No.15740230

Put up front where people can see them, and not at the Grey table out by the dumpster.

The phrase comes from old theater where names with recognition got place on the top of the bill.

>> No.15740242

Sounds like they're being nazis.SEGREGATION.
From GW sales point of view, it makes sense. The more work and effort one puts into the expensive miniature is an attempt to justify with the worth of the product by time spent. Of course this doesnt apply to everyone as gamers dont really care much about painting. And we know warhammer is both a a hobby and a war game. However this argument while extremely popular used by painters. one can easily justify a piece of pebble found on side of road to be painted into portraits which no doubt raises its value....
>If GW wants people to use painted minis why don't they reward players who use them? They could have some...discount maybe, for people who have painted stuff. I don't have any idea how that might work, but a positive reenforcement would work better than being cunts and saying 'no, you dont GET to use the terrain. philistine!'

Thats the problem with powerful companies, they simple "dont have to". They have enough players that does a good job been cunts for them.

GW at the bottom of the day, don't improve because they don't have to. And they make bad corporate decisions because they can.

>> No.15740266

I honestly feel bad about playing games in a GW, because the redshits are staring at you like a wallet, and the blackshirt always acts like he wants you in and out asap.

Play games at home, at your LFGS or not at all.

>> No.15740279

>GW at the bottom of the day, don't improve because they don't have to. And they make bad corporate decisions because they can.
Feels bad, man

>> No.15740328

>Put up front where people can see them, and not at the Grey table out by the dumpster.

To be specific, this isn't a generic game store, its GW battle bunker. And my army was out on the table, im actually in the middle of deploying. The manager Owen ( GW Metro Town go ask him youselves ) walks by, points at my half painted army if they are mine. Replied yes, he tells me i shouldn't game there till its painted. One staff that knew me and my friends promptly came to defend me, tells Owen that i just paint slow ( but do a really good job ). Owen then walks away with a raised eyebrow and twitching lip.

That was the last time i decided to bring my army to a GW owned game store.

>> No.15740334

Paint your shit faggots.

I usually turn someone down when someone pulls out there army and it's unpainted. I spend so much time making mine look cool for the battlefield. Not just for me, but for others in the store. To see the battlefield come alive a bit.

Then you show up with your Lazy Marines, and are diminishing the coolness factor of the Hobby for everyone around you.

Paint. Your. Shit.

Even if it's half assed. Just get it painted.

>> No.15740341

N.America GW?

>> No.15740346

>three color minimum

Okay, fuck with them. Color your army three colors. Make it as hideous as possible. Do the bare minimum of painting, and slather it on randomly. I suggest bright pink, deep brown, and bright yellow. Watch the looks of disgust and just put on a shit-eating grin. "What, you guys wanted them painted, right?"

>> No.15740348

Yes. Why?

>> No.15740369

I would do that to spite them, but it would eventually backfire on me when i try to sell the army.

One suggestion people gave was, just paint 3 dots of different color on the base. But of course the manager was like "..... NO "

>> No.15740387

You can always remove the paint.

>> No.15740393

Because i don't think its a coincidence both of us thinks GW bunkers are **** ( and yep GW Canada here )

because i know GW staff in England are friend folks .

>> No.15740425

I also have to deal with GW canada.

The store is nice enough, and the tables are great, but I always feel like they work off commission, and my being there for any other reason than to buy and get out is an issue.

>> No.15740426

Just for the sake of clarification my posts have been primarily directed at the OPs main post. I certainly don't think unpainted armies should be shown the door, just table priority given to reward the extra time put in to achieve a basic 3 color tourney legal. ie these tables are for painted only, there's a table over there for you to use, there might be a wait.

>> No.15740465

I can beat that. There isn't a single GW in my state.

>> No.15740483

But you know, many painters are smug when it comes to unpainted army.
Im not saying they all are, just very common.

But hey, its a human trait right? People compare bank accounts, compare penis size, compare breast size, compare steam achievements, video game scores etc etc.

And in warhammer we have painted vs unpainted,
or how much titan you own.


>> No.15740494

>not painting the edges of your bases brown so it fits in both grass and desert tables

>> No.15740496

>3 color minimum + flocked base

That's being too fucking generous. First off, if you can't be bothered to do some simple highlights, you are too lazy to play. Second, the base should have sand applied before priming, which is then painted brown and drybrushed with ochre and perhaps a grey, then washed with Devlan Mud and Badab Black. Small patches of static grass should be added, as well as one in every three models having some form of battlefield debris modeled onto the base (such as an extra tank tread, painted to appear damaged and burnt). Also, washes on the model are essential for shading, and if you aren't going to apply a varnish then just get the fuck out.

>> No.15740510

>false flag operations in a painting thread

Go kill yourself.

>> No.15740516

Guys, I think you pissed off Bob Ross's ghost. I didn't know he played Warhammer.

>> No.15740533


oh shit now I wish I played Lord of the Rings so I could convert up some Happy Little Trees out of Ents.

>> No.15740539


I remember you!

Show us your Tomb Kings again!

>> No.15740540

It will be our little secret.

>> No.15740547

>That's being too fucking generous. First off, if you can't be bothered to do some simple highlights, you are too lazy to play.
False and ignorant. You need to realize gamers arnt always hobbiest / painters. Just because warhammer allow both, does NOT MEAN they are viewed with equal value.

>Second, the base should have sand applied before priming, which is then painted brown and drybrushed with ochre and perhaps a grey, then washed with Devlan Mud and Badab Black. Small patches of static grass should be added, as well as one in every three models having some form of battlefield debris modeled onto the base (such as an extra tank tread, painted to appear damaged and burnt). Also, washes on the model are essential for shading, and if you aren't going to apply a varnish then just get the fuck out.

Blah blah , lets see your army + time stamp etc etc

>> No.15740574

noooooo xD

does this count as 3 colors?

Gray plastic ,
brown stone
light gray sand base

>> No.15740584

This is where I find myself completely agasp when people take offence to the elitist mindset.

>How dare you think your better than me in some way just because you put in hours more time, effort, and work.

It just reeks of entitlement.

>> No.15740592

I don't mind policies like this if they look more for PROGRESS in your painting. Not everyone binge paints tons of models at once. I slowly paint a couple every day and finish stuff over time.
Instead of being super nazi about having to have shit painted it tried to get people to paint and make progress rather than be based on pure denial of play.

>> No.15740596

You do have a point.

>> No.15740603

>> No.15740608

Or you can have you sense of accomplishment, grats you did a great job with your army.

But to rub it in people's face is a whole completely different mind set.

How's that for an argument :3

>> No.15740656

That brush is way too big for that painting. Should have gone with a number 4 fanning brush.

>> No.15740665

Pretty poor, actually.

>> No.15740668

No one wants to rub it in anyone's faces, but to spend tens of hours or more painting an army so it looks presentable, then having jr. show up with a grey army is a bit offputting.

>> No.15740692


How is it that you spend any amount of time on /tg/ and get trolled this badly?

>> No.15740699

Just get three different cans of spray paint

And a bunch of cotton.

Line all your army in a row and just walk by them spraying there sides, then walk back with the second can spray the top, then turn them around, and spray there backs with the last can.

Next paint the cotton all green and glue it to the bases of your army

Bam, you're done.

>> No.15740703

>Pretty poor, actually.

Why? im very interested in getting to know the mentality of people regarding this topic.

>> No.15740705

It's more that people enjoy different parts of the hobby. Don't you think it's a waste to put all that time and effort into painting/assembling models but never playing with them? It's one-third of the hobby!

>> No.15740723


Agreed. Hopefully the execution of this rule is handled well, even if logical exceptions get the lazy ass-crowd howling about the unfairness of it all.

>> No.15740724

Truth be told I do get a feeling like I shouldn't be playing every time I put down unfinished models on the table.

>> No.15740729

>reeks of entitlement.
>think that other people owe it to you and everyone else to paint their models
>reeks of entitlement.
I have bad news for you, son.

>> No.15740731

Nope, and also fuck that 1/3 of the hobby shit.

You HAVE to build them, that's the most important part of the hobby.

You SHOULD paint them, that's the most in depth part of the hobby.

You CAN play with them, that's the most optional part of the hobby.

>> No.15740748

What's the whole point of this hobby other than having fun?

Playing is most fun for some people. They're there for the WAR part of it. WAR gaming.

>> No.15740749


Most of the arguments in this thread all boils down to intolerance of how others perceive warhammer.

Pretty much
>my opinion of what makes warhammer fun > yours

/tg/ suddenly feels just like the rest of 4chan now doesn't it?

>> No.15740751


I actually just blue-tac my models together instead of gluing them.

>> No.15740759

>compare penis size

Wait, wtf?

>> No.15740762

I don't care how they stay together as long as they stay together.

>> No.15740769


Wanted to add to your post: It's fine if you don't like painting. But when you're gaming in a GW store, you're a walking advertisement for the game. It's bad enough the way that most neckbeards look. All GW can do is make sure they don't smell too badly, and push rules like that that make the models a distraction from the gamers.

>> No.15740774

>You HAVE to build them
Agreed, though not necessarily how the box says to.

>You SHOULD paint them
You CAN paint them. The only thing that's perpetuating this "you must paint them" is social pressure. That and clever GW gimmicks.
>that's the most in depth part of the hobby.
Purely a matter of opinion. You're welcome to it, but don't expect others to abide by it. Personally, I find assembling/converting to be the most rewarding. Painting, not so much.

>You CAN play with them
>that's the most optional part of the hobby.
Only as optional as painting.

>> No.15740804

Nope that's where you have it wrong. I don't feel anyone owes it to me to paint THEIR models. Only to accept that these tables in the GW store are for me and my friends who worked harder than they did. Also when they have to wait in line to use the single table set aside for unpainted armies to reflect on the idea that the time they are wasting waiting in line I already paid when I worked a few extra hours a day on my army.

>> No.15740812


From GW's $$$ point of view:

Painters - Promotes sales of GW hobby product + free advertisement ( doesnt scare off new commers )

Gamers- Takes up store space.


>> No.15740821

And then some asshole like
with his raggedy ass spray painted army that only took him ten minutes to do and kicks your ass because instead of spending those 10 hours painting, he spend 9 hours and 50 minutes playing.

>> No.15740828


>Personally, I find assembling/converting to be the most rewarding. Painting, not so much.

I don't know how it is possible to not be delighted watching a lump of grey plastic turn into something awesome. There's just something cool about sitting down with something primed black, and an hour later it's got skin, armor, weapons, a giant bloodstained axe thing, etc.

>> No.15740839

In GW owned bunkers, i 100% agree with your last post. Of people with extra painted armys deserve first chance to use a table ( if store have no extra tables )

But your earlier argument didn't include that which was why there was disagreement.

>> No.15740844

>It's fine if you don't like painting. But when you're gaming in a GW store, you're a walking advertisement for the game.
And this is what is so disgusting about GW. My FLGS doesn't view me as a walking advertisement for it's games.

>> No.15740852

Just to clarify, I won't argue about what policies GW has for their shop. I think it's needlessly discriminatory, but it may very well help their sales. I'm speaking more about the hobby in general. Even in LGS there are people who refuse to play unpainted armies and discriminate against those who cannot or choose not to.

>> No.15740877

Because your FLGS doesn't just sell one game.

It probably makes most of it's money off of card games, or maybe P&P.

But most likely card games.

Imagine if someone came in with a deck of magic cards they printed off the internet onto regular paper.

In black and white.

>> No.15740879

Personal preference sir.
I take delight in assembly because it shapes into my army pieces i can game with.

However i do not take delight when my gray lumps turn into colored mix of poop + vomit.

>> No.15740913

>Imagine if someone came in with a deck of magic cards they printed off the internet onto regular paper.

>In black and white.

Yeah, that would be terrible, like if someone walked in with a full army of nothing but folded paper units...

...oh, wait, 40k is the only game where people will get really bitchy about even THAT.

>> No.15740952

>a full army of nothing but folded paper units...

>> No.15740981

Guys, from the bottom of my heart, hear me out.

We'll never have a 100% agreement to what we think makes warhammer cool, because everyone is different.

But please consider this. Warhammer isnt the most popular game, nor is it deemed as the coolest.

If we, gamers / hobbiest of warhammer cant learn to accept / tolerate / respect what each other perceive to be "fun" then our disagreement and bickering will only be detrimental to Warhammer.

Which is a shame, because preference and opinions aside, i know for a FACT we CAN agree with ONE THING.

Which is we all love Warhammer right?

So brothers and sisters, lets be respectful and tolerant towards other's view of fun.

>> No.15741014

Wait, are you seriously saying that coming in with my unpainted army that GW made hundreds off of is the same as coming in with a pirated magic deck?

Do you not see how ridiculous that is?

>> No.15741034

Even then, proxies are often welcome for certain kinds of casual magic play... which could include black and white printed cards, but I mean... you could just use colored ink with no increase in effort...

>> No.15741049


>i know for a FACT we CAN agree with ONE THING.

>Which is we all love Warhammer right?

Bullshit. I fucking hate Warhammer. Too bad I can't stop buying the shit.

>> No.15741053

This has some weird implication that If I'm willing to put in all this extra time painting I'm not committed enough to actually follow through and learn and understand the game.

And by the way you personify the exact opposite stereotype. Unpainted army = "I'll knock your Dick in the dirt Bro!" Melta Spam power gamer.

>> No.15741107


awww... i thought i did a good job writing that ...

>> No.15741118

I think you did. Unfortunately, it's probably only falling on deaf ears (or blind eyes, as it were).

>> No.15741125

Never try to be the referee in a good debate.

Now lemme see them Tomb Kings.

>> No.15741144

is that a homebrew chapter?

>> No.15741145

On the plus side it looks like your intellectual and tolerant attitude drove the troll to go create a troll thread about this very same topic. At least hes over there now *Shrug*

>> No.15741152

That is exactly what i'm implying.

You commit so much to your army you don't see them as the TOYS they are.

>> No.15741168

And what is the purpose of a toy?

>> No.15741177

I havnt painted anything recently, busy assembling vampires.

Unless you want to see skeletons that i probably posted before. Or gray unpainted VC xD

>> No.15741247


As was already said, your
FLGS doesn't just sell one game. GW stores ONLY have Warhammer. Everything that's going on in the store needs to promote that. If you can't accept that, play at a FLGS. It's not a huge deal.


Look, if you want to play with unpainted models, it's fine by me. I probably wouldn't even care if I played against them, even though it looks like shit, simply because it makes my army look that much better by comparison. What's retarded is the whining about getting less table space. No shit, if you can't be bothered take less time to make your army less decent, the store will not devote as much resources for a decent table.

Which really makes me think. Why would you want to play at a store at all? I mean, shit, any flat surface with cups for trees and books for hills/bunkers will give you the same gaming experience. If that's what's really important to you, why not just arrange to play other game-focused players at someone's house?

>> No.15741314



>> No.15741358


Pretty nice! Have you considered painting the bases themselves brown, though? it would hide the sides and small bits where sand doesn't reach

>> No.15741369

Game stores provide a common area for people to meet each other and new gamers. You and your group of friends might know where Jim's house is, but those guys that just walked into the store probably don't. Of course, people do play outside of stores.

>What's retarded is the whining about getting less table space.
In reference to GW, no one cares. Everyone else, bigger deal. Ostracizing hobbyists for their choices in how to approach the hobby is a bad idea and destructive to the community as a whole. They've already paid for and assembled their stuff, so there's no reason not to let them use just as much table space. From a non-GW business standpoint, it's worth doing to keep them around and buying more models even if they don't get paint to go with it.

>> No.15741428


I dont know... they keep falling off and its getting really agitating to redo them.

>> No.15741559


Well, if you're never, ever painting your army, you can still go to that GW, wait/play on the nonpaint table and meet people t hat way. Fuck, if you're having to wait in line you can probably convince the people you're waiting with to get together for a game sometime. And if you don't have to wait in line, then you're golden.

In reference to the second point, I think you're wrong, a lot of people DO seem to care if this thread is anything to go by. I do agree that it's less critical for an FLGS to have that kind of rule, especially since they tend to not need that kind of rule anyways whether it's due to being already widely accepted or rejected by the people who frequent that store.

But since every FLGS I've ever gamed at has gone out of business in the last 10 years, I tend to make sure I have the contact info of the people I like playing with regardless. It comes in handy.


Like, peeling off? Are the sides of the bases covered by the primer, or do you have to use a coat of Foundation (or non-GW equivalent) black?

>> No.15741589

>Like, peeling off? Are the sides of the bases covered by the primer, or do you have to use a coat of Foundation (or non-GW equivalent) black?

Like the large grain of sand is falling off, i guess the glue isnt doing its job?

>> No.15741622

Oh, you mean the basing itself, not paint.

Yeah, that's why I suggest you paint the sides of the base and the bits where the basing fell off brown. It hides the damage pretty well. Unfortunately you'll pretty much always lose some basing when transporting your models someplace. Unless you can invent an actual stasis field.

Shit would be so cash.

Capcha: not offorts

I swear this fucking thing is going Skynet on us.

>> No.15741664


Well here is the problem, not enough glue = they fall off obviously

too much glue = it gets thick and drowns the basing grains ... and only the tip comes up like ice burg....

I cant find a good medium!

>> No.15741816


Having spent the time and money testing and retesting and building and rebuilding a magic deck before settling on an ultimate list and then getting all the "right" versions of the cards to suit my dreams?

I can relate to this when I realize I'm playing A+ versus something 20 swamps and 40 relentless rats would stomp. It's not that I think the opponent's a bad person, or a schlub or a nobody or something.

It's that I spent a lot of personal investment into my deck lovingly crafting what it has become. I feel I do my craft a dishonor by continuing the game.

I don't, however, see a need to ridicule my opponent unless more literally asked for. I mean, maybe they're new? Maybe just not that good, simply looking for fun? Maybe not that mature and still developing full mental and emotional faculties? Maybe a mix- Whatever the case I would politely decline the game and either switch to a more friendly or entertaining deck or simply take my game elsewhere.

I suppose in this comparison I'm up against a 12 year old who's still learning how to play smurfs so I pack up my ludicrous tyranids and plop down my "country bumpkin" themed Ork paintjob. Not the best army, at all, but I got it at a garage sale and had a blast repainting them into something fitting for a leisurely game.

>> No.15741913


Like I said, it'll always fall off. Just paint the black base underneath it some shade of brown. It's like a toupee, it'll hide the face that your base is slowly balding. And you can glue directly over the painted base with no problem if you decide to refresh it at some point in the future.


You see a lot of people in an anonymous image board talking shit, but the reality is that you rarely see people actually consciously mock someone for not having a painted army.

The conflict arises when people who don't paint want to be given the same access to resources (i.e. painted and flocked tables in a public shop) as the people who actually make the shop more appealing just by having their armies on the table. It's not a reasonable thing to ask. The store put effort into making those gaming tables, so they ask that you put in the effort to do those tables justice when you're there. It's really that simple.

>> No.15741932

What if... What if I want my army's fluff to be that they are a group of plastic golems which have been given life to emulate the men they represent? In fluff, they are nothing more than grey masses of plastic which seek to engage in battle?

>> No.15741973

Thats certainly not far fetched.

Cars and tanks are silver ( so gray works ) before they are spray painted.

In a war we can skip a few beauty steps :P

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