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Rage image thread

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Yes please.

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Someone got their weeaboo in my HALOs.

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That second one sounds pretty trolly

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Rage? No, not really.

Saddened by indignant ignorance everywhere? Yeah, feels bad man.

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Have a classic

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>By the year 2547, Muko had become a tactical genius.

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i love that one it's not really a rage image tho ...

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And the sword to go with it.

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that's hilarious

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this shit never ceases to anger me. NEVER.

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Not rage

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This is more funny than it is rage inducing. The derp face, oh the derp face.

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>stanless steel

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i don't kown , sure it's complete shit but the "creator" enjoys what he's done that's cool.

I think the real crime was him deciding to share it with the world.

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I have no reaction image for this.

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ITT and every RAGE thread: Stop having fun that isn't to my taste, people I've never met.

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haha what a champ

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Words don't even...

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What is this? Context would be helpful (maybe)
For instance, if a 12 year-old girl did this, OK. A 20 something hambeast? NOT COOL.

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How the fuck is someone supposed to wield that piece of crap?

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telekinesis, kyle

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>brasilianoids comics


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It is from a hambeast.


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Not /tg/ related, but still makes me scratch my head.

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Does anybody have the one with the woman being convinced to leave her husband just so she'd get child support?

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I know exactly what you are talking about. Sadly I do not have it, I tend to black out from reading it.

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Ok, that one hurt a bit...

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This was just so stupid I couldn't stop laughing at it.

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there apparently was a campaign back in the day by most of 4chan to find out where the boy lived and rescue him and get child services onto his parents.

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I don't have many rage images, but this is a true story.

>Playing 40K with bros
>12 year old and friend walks in
>Glances around the gaming area
>"Why would people play this when we have Starcraft"

All of my rage /tg/, all of it.

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Wasn't it eventually determined to have been a trollpost set up by a furry to incite rage? That's the last I heard about it anyway.

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His scientific holiness, Space Pope Carl Sagan.

Who's the dumb-looking bitch?

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That is what I heard as well.

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Someone who inhabits the same island that I do and happens to have a television show.

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I think it is one of the Jersey Shore bitches.

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Is that one of those Kardashian girls or whatever? Kim, right?

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Jersey Shore people, the majority of them happen to be from Staten Island NY, which is where I live and where they are the most popular.

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fucking tripcode vanished

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That can't be real. That's got to be some kind of parody.

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Funny, but a little too obviously written for entertainment.

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I actually live right next to this girl. Every time I see this I cringe, and then every time I see her now grown up and at the local FLGS Top Cut Comics playing Pokemon TCG on saturdays I cringe even more.

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That's been floating around the internet for years, and was probably written sometime around the mid 90's, if not earlier.

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he makes it sound like killing the dragon is hard. hell even king picolo did it and his power level was only a few hundred

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Thank you kind sir, /v/ was looking for that earlier and I lost it.

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Does she know people all over the world think she's an idiot.

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Makes me rage

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Well, you can't have that can you. Make sure everyone knows who it was that made such a profound post.

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This man is normal.

He just admits it.

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If you can, get some ADF funeswhatever the fuck his name is. Tranny bi "communist" who bastardizes everything. Good for rage inducing.

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No clue. I'm not going to be some creepy 23 year old who randomly goes up to a 16 year old hambeast of a girl and asks her if she regrets shit she did five years ago.

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New profile:


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kickass, i live in rochelle and always wanted to go to her house in a sonic costume or someshit and fuck with her

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This one gets me every time. What a self-absorded dill-hole.

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Didn't this dude revealed to be a troll?

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actually due to modern medicine constantly advancing you could very well live to the point where we learn how to download/upload entire minds and grow new bodies. so as long as you have the money and don't get killed you may very well make it off of terra

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It probably wouldn't be that hard honestly. She's extremely furry and I've seen her wearing those fake tail things some furries wear.

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I was not expecting to rage that hard. This kid needs a smack in the mouth.

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Well, he's right in that Western Animation is forced to be childish or comedic while Japanese Animation gets more freedom, but you can't make blanket statements about that. I mean, anime has"GitS" but it also has "K-ON".

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A public flogging is in order.

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What's that, /tg/?

You seem mad.

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> (...) you turn 360 degrees and walk away

Okay there's no way that's not a fakepost.


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Man, the most watched anime in the history of Japan is Doreamon, which is as childish as any American Cartoon.

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Confirmed for never going on /b/

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I've heard other human beings use that phrase in complete seriousness. There might be other fakepost indicators in there, but that phrase is not necessarily one of them.

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...and that's a bad thing?

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Y'all upstanding gentlemen of african-american descent that are mad.

I just facepalm. Hard. On the inside.

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I love the hell out of this picture.

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But /b/ is shit. Of course we don't go there.

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There are also plenty of retarded children/teens that are aware of memes.

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implying that we dont have /b/ and /tg/ both open at the same time, one for random shit, and the other for whatever /b/ is for.

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this thread is kinda shit, most are just trolls posting as weaboos, furries, and christians and reposts I have seen already.

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Female gamer judge at local gaming shop.
Killed Commander/EDH by always bringing copy-pasta'd top tier Azami/Sisay decks.
Everyone there has played top tier decks in the past. We just now prefer more casual decks as they lead to more interesting games and not just "whoever gets their combo or answer first wins".
She actually started crying after no one signed up to play and we decided to play in our own group, before anyone reprimanded her, going "I just don't know how to suck like the rest of you."
She walked out in a rage.

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I don't have aids or punch myself in the dick either.

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Man, why we gotta be ragin'?

Here, have a nice LOLWUT moment.

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At least none of these are posts from forums about gay men trying to spread HIV.

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Everyone should have spent time in at least one baww thread and rage thread from /b/.

Damn shame /tg/ doesn't have baw threads

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Well yeah. Anime has plenty of childish stuff, but it also has stuff like Grave of the Fireflies, Gits, Akira and, err, NGE. In the west there's a stigma against cartoons. They have to be funny or childish. Look at Titan A.E, which tried to be slightly darker than the average cartoon. Executives forced it to be more childish and the final produce bombed.

I'm not saying that anime is automatically better than western cartoons. Just that anime is more free.

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Not really tg related but it may be rage worthy.

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Christians you say?

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That stuff isn't even rage-fuel. It just makes one want to brutally murder as many of them as possible.

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I think a blood vessel just burst in my eye from pure rage.

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More creepy as fuck than rage worthy.

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Sorry, just picking at random from some things I found on /cgl/.

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the fuck.

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This thread is totally TRADITIONAL GAMES

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wait till STALKER shows up , that fucking Russian has gigs of this shit that will make you want to kill baby deer.

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I would agree with that to a point. While anime may be more free to have truly adult movies like Akira, western cartoons aren't all just funny or childish. Look at the Lion King for example, sure it's funny, but at the same time serious adult things happen. Or pixar's UP, that deals with adult issues as well. Not every western cartoon is smiles and rainbows, theres quite a few darker things in them too.

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excuse me while i VOMIT RAGE

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This. Western animation's made some good progress in climbing out of that trap recently. And even not that recently--a lot of classic Disney movies had some dark as fuck themes.

>> No.15730467

well Hans Christian Andersen wrote most of the bases for the early Disney stuff. and they are filled to the brim with Victorian morality and culture which was not really a friendly place

>> No.15730488

some sort of seven deadly sins themed posting, iirc this was gluttony

who gives a fuck, it's deviantart

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The older Disney stuff was better than the newer stuff, thought that may just be nostalgia talking. However, even the darkest cartoons were cleaned up for children. Compare the Lion King to Hamlet, or many other Disney films to the brothers Grimm versions.

UP was fairly dark at points, I'll give you that. Pixar really pushes at the boundaries at times.

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DeviantArt does have some really good stuff on there. It's really sad that it's buried in so much ultra-crap.

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That boyfriend has a lot of restraint, I would have murdered them

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because Pixar refuses to make bad movies.
They've made movies I'm not terribly interested in (cars 1 and 2), but not bad movies.

There is also of course the batman exception. Mask of the Phantasm was really good and quite dark for a movie aimed at kids.

Hell even Hunchback of Notre Dame is pretty good and dark at times. Not as much of the original story sure, but Hellfire is an awesome song.

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sturgeons law. Once you remove any sort of editorial control this goes up to 99%

>> No.15730541

How does one get through primary school without learning something that basic?

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>(cars 1 and 2)
Apparently, they were made for merchandising purposes to help fund their other movies. As the total revenue of Cars was on the order of a billion, I can respect them for that.

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My god, people really are this stupid...

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>quite dark for a movie aimed at kids.
This is my point. Western Animation can be very good at times, but it always either has to be aimed at kids or it has to be funny. Anything isn't going to succeed at all, either because the executives won't ok it or the public won't purchase it. The only western exception that leaps to mind is Aeon Flux, which was hardly mainstream.

Not that anime is magically immune to similar problems. They are constantly pandering to fanbases, but they get a more freedom.

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God dammit, weeaboos are so fucking stupid.

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>> No.15730594


I only know Carl Sagan from 4chan and i dont even know who this bitch is

Is Carl Sagan really popular in America?

>> No.15730595

>or it has to be funny
Counterpoint: Seth MacFarlane

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Anti rage
Mr. Rogers kicks ass in the senate

>> No.15730599

Watership Down
Animal Farm
Wizards, or hell anything made by Bakshi
Heavy Metal

and depending on how you define "western animation"

A Scanner Darkly

>> No.15730601

it's also a larger industry.
Still yes there is a problem with western audiences and producers thinking that animated movies have to be aimed at children.
We went through a similar problem with sequential art (ie comic books), but it's a bigger problem for animation because that takes much more money being invested.

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It comes to something when one realises that /b/ is more intelligent than some other parts of the internet.

To those who have never been to /b/, I would recommend spending at least some time there. It might be a hard time, but when you come out of the other side you're a worse person all around, but at least you should be more resistant to the slings and arrows of life.

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This one isn't rage worthy at all, just hilarious.

>> No.15730615


Is more weeaboo horror wanted?

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>Wizards, or hell anything made by Bakshi
Good point. "Fritz the Cat" is about as funny as an accounting spreadsheet.

>> No.15730623

That's a /v/ meme

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>> No.15730629

I still don't know why you would need a list for that. That's just dumb.

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We don't BAWW in /tg/. We MANLY TEARS.

We Gav and Bob.

We Son of a Woodsman.

>> No.15730636

mass effect version of this please

>> No.15730637

You realize that guy is a troll right?
There's more posts from him and they're all well educated posts with a hilariously stupid opinion.

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>> No.15730643


Wizards fuck yeah!

>Be powerful mage. Confront evil magician brother. Kill him with a Luger.

>Be 600 years old. Still get the girl.

Just awesome.

It also makes me chuckle when I hear Peace on Earth every goddamn time.

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>> No.15730653

>> No.15730658

Wizards is a fucking travesty.

>> No.15730659

Don't forget Moral Orel. That show is the most depressing goddamn thing I've ever seen.

>> No.15730670

Here's some more anti-rage. This one makes me smile.

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>> No.15730674

Fair enough. But:
>Watership Down (1978)
>Animal Farm (1954)
>Wizards (1977)
>Heavy Metal (1981)

I'm only commenting on tendencies, which seem to have intensified in recent years.

I wouldn't count Beowulf. While it is motion capture it wasn't presented as an animation, it was essentially a real-action film with fantastic elements, like the Pirates of the Caribbean.

A Scanner Darkly is weird, I'll give you that.

>> No.15730690

He's more troll than man.

On /a/ he's known as Park Ranger. He supports Naruto by being anti-One Piece and pretending to be a Bleach fan supporter of Orihime. I can't follow his thought processes, but I suppose he does have the MENSA select award. Which is only given to board-games.

>> No.15730691


Total fucking train wreck but I still like it.

>> No.15730707

>girl is pregant and desperate for help
>acts like a total asshole
>girls also acts like a asshole
>both are asshole
>guy acts like asshole again
>supposed to make me smile

>> No.15730724


I tried to reach troll mastery through perfect deception. But then i witnessed people just going along with it, not even knowing you trolled them.

Back to the basics. You have to enrage like a fucking forestfire, with the hint of trolling but with the badge of the real deal.

A perfect troll i a mix between stupid and average intelligence, no evolved or grown up moral standpoints and a childish attitude to lie and commit fraud. Goddamn.

>> No.15730730


...that's Park Ranger?

Fuck, that man is an Ultratroll.

Other trolls should look up to him as their Spiritual Liege.

>> No.15730766

Park Ranger x Jim Profit OTP

>oh god that's a terrifying idea

>> No.15730769


I never saw this tripfag on /a/

>> No.15730772

Luck is with you, for it is not a pleasant sight to behold.

>> No.15730775


I witnessed Jim Profit, but he was more annoying than a troll

>> No.15730785

A Scanner Darkly is rotoscoped.
Rotoscoping is to 2D what Motion Capture is to 3D.
So if you're not gonna count Beowulf then you probably shouldn't count ASD either.

In fact Beowulf almost certainly had more genuine animation.

But yeah, America doesn't like animation.

>> No.15730797

they were simpler times

>> No.15730804

This greg doesnt seem very intelligent.

>> No.15730807

>But yeah, America doesn't like animation.
Yeah, you'd think that if you didn't know anything about the history of animation and you believed all that fat self-loathing American "otakus" told you about how Japan views animation.

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>> No.15730871

Guys, /tg/, are you even trying? This just makes me more sad...

>> No.15730878


What university is this? I think an orbital strike is necessary...

>> No.15730881

eh, it wasn't horrible but it wasn't amazing either. It was just extremely dull and mediocre. The only reason I got through the whole thing was because I was bored out of my mind. Bella is a terrible, unbelievable character. More so than Edward and he is fucking sparkly vampire.

>> No.15730884

I like to hope that it's being held up as an example of how bad writing can be.

>> No.15730887

anyone got the kender image, they make me rage.

>> No.15730889

I hate to defuse the potential rage, but IIRC, it was being used as a perfect example of how NOT to write a book.

>> No.15730891

Context is need. I heard they were forced to read it so they would know what NOT to do when writing.

>> No.15730893

Here, have some Youtube rage.


>> No.15730902

261 sounds remedial. Chances are it's to teach retards what not to do.

>> No.15730903

>> No.15730911


We can only hope.

>> No.15730922


Depends. The H tacked on the end means it's probably needed for a general ed credit, and in some systems 200s/2000s are sophomore level courses

>> No.15730924


>> No.15730926

Much of America (especially the kiddies) likes animated movies about things that aren't people but act like people. We also tend to like animated television programs with a focus on toilet humor.

Long story short, America loves animation as long as it's funny and usually fairly light-hearted. I'm not whipping out the "durr, superior nippon animation is more mature and complex than pig disgusting amerishit" thing, but I do feel obliged to mention that the closest we've gotten to something like Grave of the Fireflies (dead fucking serious through and through, commercially successful, lauded by critics everywhere, regarded as an instant classic etc.) has been... Well shit, what movies HAVE we done on the serious end of things that are worth comparing?

>> No.15730946

There are people in America that like animation a lot.

But your average American doesn't particularly care for it. You and I are not the average American.

>> No.15730952

Made up dialogue by a misogynist who thinks that's what's said in typical female conversation makes you blackout?

>> No.15730956

At my school, all the classes are 4-digit, first number refers to year. If there's no first digit, it's not a standard class.

>> No.15730962

Was the Secret of Kels an American animation? All I have to say is; fuck those vikings, fuck them with a white hot poker.

>> No.15730966

>my school is all schools
Or maybe it's college where it uses the 100 = freshman and so on.

>> No.15730972

>> No.15730980

this thread has given me an unending desire to go out and beat the living fuck out of furries and weaboos.


you win /tg/

>> No.15730987

Oh that's just typical JC Staff QUALITY

>> No.15730989

Irish and French

>> No.15730994


Sell me that sword, would you?

>> No.15731019

only at an appropriately high price... unless youre on of my adventurers and its better than what you use. then its 1 pix...

>> No.15731021


Actually... this got me thinking...
Weeaboo horror
That could be a rather innovative horror sub-genre, don't you think?
Combine >>15730374, >>15730448 and >>15730316, and you get a chilling plot about a young couple of cosplayers who go to a con and decide to stay at some friends' friends' house. Little do they know...

Not horror per se, actually, more like Hitchcock'esque thriller stuff.
Infantilism and social inadequacy can be much more terrifying than birds, maniacs and evil truckers.

>> No.15731029

University of North Texas, for reference. Other local universities number differently, but most colleges do the four-digit system, afaik.

>> No.15731033


>> No.15731034


But didn't you know swords are at blue?

Also is for my mother in law.

>> No.15731039

I'll start dumping what I have.

>> No.15731070

By the warp.

I... I think my ears are bleeding. My left eye wont stop twitching, and I want to scream and vomit.

1000000000/10, all my rage, fuuuuuu-, etc...

This bitch had best be a parody.

>> No.15731072

why boner

>> No.15731076

It's a troll.

>> No.15731081

>> No.15731103

>> No.15731115

>> No.15731117

Most of these are just hilarious.
>Rage thread
>Post furry images
>Meh at least they're really shit ones that people are raging at.

>> No.15731136

what the fuck is it with cosplayers and getting raped?

im not letting my kid ever try this shit until he is over 18 and can break skulls with his fists if he has to

>> No.15731151


>> No.15731157

I want to kill. I need to kill.

>> No.15731178

>>15730608 Last comment, best comment.



>> No.15731193

I know that feeling bro

>> No.15731211

They're almost as bad as some of the That Guys you hear of.

>> No.15731224

>They're almost as bad as some of the That Guys you hear of.
I don't think I've read any "that guy" stories that involve a 15 year-old being raped by two older men at the same time.

>> No.15731236

True but the potential is there. They're as maladjusted as the weeaboos.

>> No.15731246

Thank God, I thought I was the only one around here that felt this way.


>> No.15731253


>> No.15731262

can i use the new summoner paladin rules from ultimate combat?

>> No.15731269

>> No.15731278


>> No.15731283

YOU HAVE MY AXE. Also, we should get /k/ in on this.


>> No.15731292

Wow. This story. If this is fake, god fucking damn. But it doesn't matter if this particular story is fake, not really, because this stuff does happen anyway.

And that older brother. What a thoughtless idiot. If that had happened to anyone I cared about I'd be serving hard time right now.

>> No.15731297


Why do people keep thinking this is real? It's written in microsoft word for crap's sake

>> No.15731316


This one was just a troll. The guy admitted it and everything.

>> No.15731317

Every time I hear about something like that kid being raped, I think, "Why hasn't someone made a 'righteous' gang?" Vigilantism on a whole new scale, basically.

>> No.15731325

why boner

>> No.15731329

i can't stop laughing

>> No.15731347

Actually, what does it to me, it's not even that the kid got raped.
It's that the dipshits who did it to him, got released scott free.
If fucked up shit like that can't be prevented, there should at least be justice afterwards.

>> No.15731355

suddenly punishers. thousands of them

>> No.15731369

Has anyone archived this yet?

>> No.15731370

>Implying the Punisher doesnt always find the right target.

>> No.15731378

>archiving a rage thread

>> No.15731380

when did i imply that? i'm saying the world needs more

>> No.15731391

Same. I don't care if you're homosexual, bisexual, furry (extremists are fuckheads all around, also Chrome recognizes fuckhead as a word, cool beans), but the second you do something like that you ought to be punished. And don't give me shades of grey. Don't give me that horseshit about different cultures having different morals. Murder and rape are pretty much universally abhorred.

>> No.15731392


>Which is only given to board-games.

I laughed far more than I should have.

>> No.15731412


Dog fursuit in alley this morning, tire tread on burst zipper. This con is afraid of me. I have seen its true face. The aisles are extended gutters and the gutters are full of blood and when the drains finally scab over, all the vermin will drown. The accumulated filth of all their infantilism and fetishes will foam up about their waists and all the creeps and hambeasts will look up and shout "Save us!"... and I'll look down and whisper "No."

>> No.15731418

Beautiful. But yes, like that. MAIM. KILL. BURN!

>> No.15731421

What is up with creeps and anime?

Seriously, my daughter is only 2 but if she even conciders going to one of these conventions within the next 16 years then I will lock her up in the basement.

>> No.15731422

Oh sorry, misreaded you.

>> No.15731425

I now know what I must do as a brother, to be absolutely badass when protecting my sister.

>> No.15731447

His last lines about "I'm going to END YOU" etc were probably too much, but well, can't blame a nerd for a bit of showing off when doing something badass.

>> No.15731455

You've only realized this now?

My older brother was once chased home by a bunch of thugs. I chased them off while screaming my lungs out swinging a wood axe around my head.

Family should be protected. Male, female, older, younger. It doesn't matter. Protect your father, your mother, aunts, uncles and cousins. You can lose friends, the security of wealth and the law, but you should never lose family to anything other than death itself.

That's just how I see it anyway.

>> No.15731457

Are you Austrian?

>> No.15731459

Anti-rage time.

Me and 3 friends went to a national con, cosplaying. As there were 4 of us, we decided we were going to all go as Chaos Cultists, one of each god. We all decided which one was going to represent each god. I was Nurgle, I'll just refer to the others as their god. Anyway, so the day rolls around, and we're at the con, costumed up. Tzeentch in particular went all-out, painting himself blue from the waist up, and wearing a stocking stuffed with socks over his arm, to look like a tentacle. Anyway, me and Khorne decide to go get something to eat, so Slaanesh and Tzeentch decide to go check out the MtG stuff, as me and Khorne aren't into MtG. Anyway, me and Khorne go get our food and walk over to the MtG stuff. We find Slaanesh with a busted lip and no sign of Tzeentch. Turns out someone thought he was cosplaying as a Na'vi, and punched him out, so Slaanesh carried him to the first aid stand, and he was getting checked over. So we rush over to it and find out he's OK, just a bit shaken up. This typical neckbeard rolls on over, screams "I FUCKING HATE AVATAR" and tries to swing for him again. Suddenly, apparently Khorne was possessed by a bloodthirster or something, stepped forward and kneed the neckbeard clean in the stones.

And that's the day I saw a Khorne cultist being arrested for assault. He was let out the next day.

And that guy REALLY hated Avatar.

>> No.15731469

My sister and I hated each other growing up, but it's taken all the restraint in the world not to bust her dirtbag husband's knees with a shotgun.

And if anyone glances at my niece in an untoward way, it will be silent, and then, fire.

>> No.15731478


Also, when the kneeing took place, at least half a dozen people all shouted "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD". I was in a mixture of shock, and pissing myself laughing.

>> No.15731480

someone had better have cried BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD or else i'm gonna be very disappointed

>> No.15731493

For all that it's awful to be raped, it's also pretty disturbing how readily people seem to be advocating straight-up murderin' people based on a story someone reposted on a 4chan board. Either

a) people are serious about this, and genuinely think that vigilantism is A-OK - basically you're a psycho who's convinced he/she's the lovechild of Batman and the Punisher, or

b) people are disconnected from what mob violence actually mean, and are just going along with the general violent suggestions anyway, because it's just a thing to say, and because they don't have the maturity/sense to realise that it's in terrible taste, and helps to create a society in which vigilante violence is more acceptable.

Don't know really which is worse.

>> No.15731498

I feel the need to spill blood now.
I sort of want to go to a convention of some sort (Probably dressed as a STALKER) JUST to encounter fucks like this and see if it's possible to get in a nice fight with them. If it escalates, I go Varg on their asses.

>> No.15731516

The public has never actually cared about vigilantism's obvious catch 22s. If someone who they decide deserves to die, dies, they do not give shit whether or not it was an executioner or a gang of men with bats. And they never have, because the ape in the back of their head still roars in joy when it happens, and nobody's going to argue with a gorilla that lives inside their head.

>> No.15731518

we're talking about murder on 4chan

where we also advocate forced sexual intercourse on elves as not being rape. In a similar manner, we're not going to go out and actually start campaigning for the deaths of rapists in fits of moral outrage.

>> No.15731536

The story was fucked up and people are letting off steam, in an exaggerated fashion, it is not but talk meant to show frustration. Like talking about shooting someone you hate that married your sister. Except under incredibly dire circumstances you do not really mean it, or at least will never do it.

tldr; it is the internet, nothing is serious, chill

>> No.15731539


>> No.15731541

I went dressed as the Medic from Team Fortress 2 to one and was tempted to stab several people with the prop Ubersaw I was carrying. It can be a lot of fun, but you also meet the worst nerds at them.

>> No.15731563


You're a fucking faggot.

As an older brother myself that entire story made me want to hurt someone, if someone fucked with either of my siblings in that sort of fashion I would beat them to death. Makes me mad as fuck.

I want to beat the kid's brother as well.

>> No.15731583

You know justice sociopaths are the best sociopaths.

>> No.15731630


And? We're better than that. Or should be. Pretending that we've got some unconquerable animal nature that somehow overwhelms our society is just letting it happen. Also nice generalisation of 'the public' into one group that speaks with one voice.


Yeah, but elves aren't real, whereas spectacular and awful outbreaks of mob violence/intimidation vigilantism (this was the only example I could think of, but it's still pretty terrible/hilarious http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2000/aug/30/childprotection.society) are real, and do happen. That said I regularly slaughter great swathes of xenos for nothing more than the green colour of their skin and I am also a member of the EDL, so ... ?????????


Well, I'm glad for you if you're above being influenced by the media you consume. But if this story, accreted together with all the other books, news stories, films and games (and hell, even the many, many stories on /tg/ about redemptive violence against neckbeards in their FLGS) mean that you shrug and say 'he had what was coming for him' rather than 'this is an outrage' when you read about a rapist being beaten to death, then yeah, 'jokey stuff on the internet' is having an effect on you.

Oh, and don't worry about me being chill, I'm sitting here cackling with glee at the chance to be judgemental.

>> No.15731656


its you your the heart of darkness that lurks within us all

>> No.15731667

If a mob kills a rapist rather than the usual looting and rioting than I consider it a pretty fucking big improvement.

But then I had some fairly hard line views on punishment. Castration seems like it would be the better solution, though obviously only testicular. Prevention is better than rehabilitation, which is better (but more expensive) than punishment.

>> No.15731671


would have been better if you would have given a more sympathetic victim.

>> No.15731683

A rapist being beaten to death is no problem at all.

An innocent man being beaten to death because the mob thought he had done it is a very big problem, that would happen often in a mob justice situation.

>> No.15731693

Okay, this HAS to be a troll.

>> No.15731708

>He doesn't believe in purging the wicked after the law has failed us in this "Civilized" age
You know that's part of the reason why we have the second amendment, right? To maintain "a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State".

>> No.15731721

>purging the wicked
are you suggesting exterminatus?

>> No.15731722

Not anything that's done using vigilante methods is vigilante justice.

>> No.15731729

Why do I keep reading rage threads? Ow.

>> No.15731742


This duder has a good point (though not about beating rapists to death, sorry). To >>15731667, castration's not very reversible, leaving aside the fact that it might be quite cruel. What about all those cases where people are falsely convicted? There are a LOT of examples of people being wrongly convicted (at least 170 since 1973 in the US alone - and that's just the ones we know about, http://www.amnestyusa.org/our-work/issues/death-penalty/us-death-penalty-facts/death-penalty-and-inn
ocence) - with something like castration or execution, you're going to kill a lot of innocent people. Perhaps it is you who is the monster ??????? (nah, fuck that, that's an annoying argument)

Even if you believe that mob justice is a good thing and is better than due process/the court system (spoiler - it really isn't), does it even work that well at catching criminals, rather than just killing members of the community who are easily scapegoated? People are just going to lynch the Jews/witches/gay people/foreigners whenever something goes wrong, because that's how mobs work - pick an unlikeable person and put the blame on them.


Who are you talking about, the rape victim or the guy who people want/say they want to beat to death? It doesn't matter, actually. People shouldn't be denied justice (if they're the perpetrator) or denied sympathy (if the victim) because you don't happen to like them that much.

>> No.15731743

I dunno, Whaddo you think?

>> No.15731757

I think people who say they wouldn't gladly beat a rapist or child molester into a bloody pulp have never had it happen to anyone close.

When I was 18 I was abroad doing charity work when a 15 year old female friend of mine was sexually assaulted. A creepy local guy had been flirting with her all evening, trying to get her to drink alcohol, being completely inappropriate. I tried to warn her about him, told her I was worried for her but she got angry with me for 'trying to spoil her evening' and basically told me to fuck off. I think she was just enjoying the attention and the novelty of being away from parents and family for the first time.

In the end I left her and this creepy guy with some other adults from our party asking them to look out for her.

Two hours later she turns up at my hotel room crying and tells me happened. The dude had lured her to her car away from the other adults with promise of a gift and had proceeded to assault her. It took nearly and hour to calm her down. She blamed herself, but I knew really I should never have left her. Told myself she wasn't my responsibility.

I never caught the bloke who did it. He ran as soon as he saw me with a machete I'd taken from some of the work tools. I still might have caught the bastard if the others from my group had jumped on me and held me down under a dog pile.

But at least I saw his fear. A little taste of what he did to a 15 year old girl. Even if it wasn't enough.


>> No.15731767

Read link.

>> No.15731779


YOU may have the second amendment, but not everyone does. And even in a time when you need a body of armed citizens, for civil defence against an oppressive power, an undisciplined rabble of Frateris Militia isn't that good at maintaining justice and rooting out heresy, witchcraft, and mutation. They have the Inquisition and the Arbites for a reason, citizen.


I know, but what's the difference really? Who decides whether something's 'legitimate' vigilante justice, or just mob violence. It's almost as if there should be some sort of impartial official body that determines whether or not people are guilty or not, and then metes out an appropriate punishment ...

>> No.15731782

Too bad your country doesn't let you have any good guns for shooting these punks.
You want a nice club recipe for future purging?

>> No.15731790

Mob justice is fucking awful and is one of the key reasons I think anarchists are retarded.

Still, castration is a good way to deal with rapists. Possibly only repeat offenders, however.

>> No.15731795

gotta work on your cardio man, you need a pretty high agility score to effectively use melee weapons in this edition, otherwise you have to use the ridiculously OP ranged weapons they've increased recently.

>> No.15731796

Eh, but is you not heard? You are symptomatic of a societal problem or something gay like that. You should instead reel yourself in, and leave it to the impartial professionals.

>> No.15731807

Yeah because the gunlaws in norway/iceland/sweden makes it easy to get ahold of powerful guns.

>> No.15731819

>I think people who say they wouldn't gladly beat a rapist or child molester into a bloody pulp have never had it happen to anyone close.

This is a terrible argument. Everyone throws out the, "You wouldn't think that way if it happened to YOU!" line as if it were an absolute truth, but the fact of the matter is that your viewpoint is in the minority. In modern society, most incidents of rape or even murder do not end with a lynching. Most people accept the legal process as the arbiter in society. This is what separates developed states from tribal societies. If you want a place where you can freely beat others when you or someone you care for has been wronged, move to Africa.

>> No.15731820

>I live in Minnesota, USA.
>I can have a fucking missile launcher because of the laws here
>trying to figure out how I can legally put together a full-auto g3 for an okay price

>> No.15731823


Castration isn't a fair answer. Unless you are willing to sew a woman's pussy shut. The issue is that it only affects one sex (and there are a reasonable number of sex offender females as well), and often doesn't remove the urge. And assuming you cut off the penis altogether (not just balls or chemical castration), he still has access to hands, tools, toys, whatever. He can still get some kicks.

>> No.15731825

I cannot in good conscience support any corporeal punishment except shooting the subject in the head. I maintain that if you are going to mutilate someone, you might as well just kill him in a dismissive fashion instead. Removes the problem permanently, takes less time, and requires a lot less expertise.

>> No.15731829

Looking back at this thread, most of this was just either general stupidity on the RAGE, or was more of a joke. I've barely felt rage, but more of "Meh/Lol/WTF?"

This is propably one of the few things in this thread that's got me in rage, and that's kinda hard to pull of.
Also, it's a shame he managed to somewhat get away with it. But in future, please TRY not to chase him with the aim of murder? And If you can't, can you try to main/cripple him instead?
And by that, I mean horrible torture with the Cheshire Smiles. Or just lobbing of the offending member away...

>> No.15731836


My cardio was fine. It was the three people on top of me yelling 'He's not worth it' and shit like that that stopped me catching him.

Still I haven't forgotten. I'm joining the army in September. I know exactly who and where he is. The local was importantly locally and the police refused to do anything. They blamed the stupid western girl and her lax morals. So one day. One day, I'm going to go back and kill him.

>> No.15731857

The legal system isn't made to do justice.
It's like saying a cow is made to give milk.
Justice is a by-product of the legal system, a beneficial by-product we enjoy.

The justice system exists to make sure people follow laws.
Laws are created to make order.
Laws may be just or not just.
Yes, most of time they are just, because that's what would make the order more tolerable.
But they're still not always just.
E.g., accusing a consensual couple of 17-year old lovers of pedophilia isn't just.
But it's the law, it's the order, whether you like it or not.
The laws are here so that the order stays.

Sometimes, you have to sacrifice a bit of justice to get order.
Sometimes, you have to sacrifice a bit of order to get justice.

>> No.15731870

>I'm joining the army in September.
Are you going to declare war on his country?

>> No.15731875

Never Change /tg/ never change.

>> No.15731879


Just for that i want a full zombie apocalypse anarchy reign, so in the middle of the chaos some people just see the horrors and think "Fuck the law, I want justice"

>> No.15731884

>Too bad your country doesn't let you have any good guns


>> No.15731898

>They blamed the stupid western girl and her lax morals.
Damn, what kind of backwater shithole was that?

>> No.15731905


I wish.

No, I was hoping to become a bit more of a threat than I was at 18.

And well this guy amongst his other business interests ran a scuba diving centre and was an instructor. And well...

It's a dangerous sport scuba diving. Everyone knows that. Accidents happen...

>> No.15731907


Actually, many African countries are more like a whole set of competing legal systems of varying degrees of sophistication, which often mandate self-perpetuating systems of punishment and retribution, but since you're one of the few people agreeing with me, I'll shut up now ...


Exactly. Not all rapes are about power/humiliating the victim, I grant you, but a lot are, and castration wouldn't stop them. The incidence of rape with a foreign object, for example, suggests that people aren't just interested in their own pleasure when committing a rape. Good catch on female rapists, too.


There's an argument that execution by firing squad (you need a firing squad to lessen the psychological damage to the executioner, imo) might be more humane than a lot of the torture-style punishments that people are advocating, which the victims would have to live with all their lives. Certainly, a bullet to the head is more humane than electric chair and lethal injection, both of which are very painful, messy, and, well, expensive.


Sure I haven't had anyone close to me raped (that I know about, and I think I would), but I hope that I am a good enough person to not think that murder was the solution. If someone's been raped, then does it make things any better to go and enact bloody vengeance? (I admit that it's pretty dodgy for me, rather than the victim, to dictate what would make things better). They're still left with the trauma of the assault on them. Much better to support the victim, and use the (admittedly very unpleasant and unreliable) legal system to ensure that the perpetrator a) doesn't commit the act again, and b) can be encouraged to become a person who doesn't rape people and chat up underaged girls.

>> No.15731920

Although he's not a Viking.
He's pretty much the opposite.
Part of the reason Norse started going on raids was because they were sick of taking shit from crazy christian fascists like him.

>> No.15731974

Awww... Dan wants to have more of a riveting discussion about what-ever-the-fuck

>> No.15731987 [DELETED] 


And what would that 'justice' be? Use your (no doubt finely honed in /k/) martial skills to go kill all the niggers and the faggots? To take food and water at gunpoint from your neighbour because he/she owns more than you, and it's just not fair, because she's an unpleasant person?


OK, well, if the local police weren't cooperative (hmm, maybe that's a good target for future NGO/charity work), then what about the girl? You spent 'nearly and hour' comforting her and calming her down. Fuck, nearly an hour? Wow, you're pretty damn supportive. Nice one bro, I know that if I was raped or attacked, I'd know that I can find 45-50 minutes of solace, comfort and support with you. Instead, you decided that a better use of your time and liberty was to murder the rapist with a machete, and then to join the army to commit premeditated murder against him.

I'm worried that you're more interested in making sure that your vision of justice is done than giving the victim the support she needs. You want to help prevent rape/deal with the aftermath, so badly that you're willing to take lives, go to prison? Why not become a campaigner on violence against women/rape, instead of joining the army? You'll help a lot more people that way, a lot more. If you feel really strongly about rape, then that's the path to follow. Hell, even go become a public prosecutor/NGO legal advisor. 'Avenging a friend' is a pretty decent origins story, if you want it.

>> No.15731992


Again - who decides when to sacrifice legal order for justice? You? Some racist dude down the street who thinks that a black person did him some injury by not getting out of his way, and the pinko justice system won't do anything about it? Let's say you're level headed, perceptive, and thoughtful - you seem as much - and maybe you are qualified to choose when. Aren't there better ways of achieving justice - and healing for the victim, community, and perpetrator - than 'sacrificing a bit of order', which, if I understand you, means breaking laws and beating/killing someone?

>> No.15732001


I didn't say they should. I was saying a lot of people dont give a fuck about what happens to rapists. If s/he would of given an example people would be more sympathetic to say an innocent man his/her argument would have had more mass appeal.

>> No.15732098

It doesn't always have to include killing or beating someone.
There are many ways to get justice, and not all of them are very orderly and lawful.

>who decides
Good question.
But who decides on what the laws should say?
Maybe in your country/state laws are mostly just... at least to the people of your race and income.
But it's not always the case.

The people in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Greece.
Yes, the could have filed a case to a constitutional court or whatever, and go about their lives, losing work, losing money, losing future.
Yes, they could swallow their pride, emigrate, get work in some international organization for the betterment of poor countries or some shit like that, and spend their life gleefully producing reports to the UN.
They decided to get justice some other way. Here and now.
I dunno if they'll get justice in the end... maybe they'll get screwed again. But at least they tried.

>> No.15732125


Legally speaking in Canada, being a woman is much more beneficial.

>> No.15732167

Sometimes laws are unjust.
But you can fix the law, improve it. It can learn, it can change.

Mob rule is often unjust.
You can't fix mob rule. Mobs never learn, and they never change.

You can have one or the other. Choose carefully.

>> No.15732282





>> No.15732417

False dichotomy.
There's no such choice between "only law" and "no law whatsoever".

Laws and vigilantism are mere instruments, that a clever society knows how to wield.
When you lack order, make more laws.
When you lack justice, add a bit of vigilantism.

I never said "law = bad, mob rule = good".
All I said is, sometimes laws are unjust.
Because laws are made to create order, and justice is only a welcome bonus.

I never said that a society without laws is a good thing.
Laws create order, and order is necessary for a society to exist.
But sometimes you can't get a just result, or change an unjust law through lawful means.
That's where vigilantes may step in.

Remember, many of those things we take for granted now, like the limited work day, social guarantees, human rights, gender and race equality, were added to the law system because of vigilante acts like unsanctioned strikes and protests (if not even more radical acts).

>> No.15733545


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