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Why DOES it look like that?

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I didn't get this one. Is the author claiming that vaginas don't look good? Her's doesn't seem to be weird.

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That dude ain't down with the lovin of a cave-chick. He's obviously screwed in the screwer.

I guess it's just funny to see a chick shouting at her cooch for once instead of another dude talking to his dong.

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Nah, blackstone is obsidian, which can be used to make razors. Since she's hairy as fuck, he knows she's got no idea about the blackstone.

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I think it's because the woman doesn't understand anatomy?

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The joke is that she's insane and trying to con the adventurer into fucking her, the adventurer sees through her con and decides to seek information elsewhere.

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I want to see more of this girl.

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... does a guy on a motherfucking not willing to screw a random girl who claims to know stuff that she problem doesn't confuse people that much?

guy not willing to screw for loot is the character's joke

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I don't think the author is making any statements at all. Just joking about a cave-woman who has no idea that that is how it's supposed to look.

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Where are the mods when you need them?

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>Expecting Oglaf content to be modded


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Summerfag detected.

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>Image gets poster hard
>Anything that gives me an erection is the work of satan.

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There will always be bitches, but quests wait for no man.

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>does a guy on a motherfucking not willing to screw a random girl who claims to know stuff that she problem doesn't confuse people that much?

is this one of those "have you been even to look more like" things

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I'll admit, a girl talking crazy shit like that who had green skin would frighten me

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I find your lack of xenophilia disturbing.

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For a long period of time and, in places, continuing today, women have been told that their vagina is a filthy, disgusting thing that women should be ashamed to have.

Ideally things like sexual education would get people past that.

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While I have nothing against vagina I find cock more aesthetically pleasing. Cock however is really the only part of a man I find attractive.

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Must suck to be you, then.

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I find your fondness of the same revolting and one notch above furryshit.

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Why would you say that?

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Vagina are aesthetically pleasing. But they are biologically disgusting.

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Because the large majority of a man's anatomy isn't made up of cock.
Can't be fun to be around something that doesn't attract or interest you.

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You must frequent /d/.

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Yeah I can't imagine how your friends can stand it.

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You hear that a lot, do you.

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Well, it's easy.
You see, we're what people think of as 'normal.'

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I wish I was a herm. Then everyone would love me.

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Would you be one with or without balls?

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>>I wish I was a herm. Then everyone would hate me.


Contrary to what 4chan has told you, most people find hermaphrodites creepy as fuck (when they realize you are one).

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This is man is right, everyone else is wrong. If phallic objects weren't more appealing than non-phallic objects, then why are there so many phallic objects?

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Because cocks symbolize power.

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Without. Would make things a bit easier to manage.

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Then how will you cream people?

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...because anything that's taller than it is wide is a phallic object, and anything wider than it is tall is a phallic object on its side.

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Full of normal people.

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It's clearly a conspiracy by the decaying patriachs, cleverly put in place to keep the working, proud, strong, and INDEPENDENT woman down forever, and make her fully aware of her meaty, hairy pussy.

Is this where I insert obligatory whining on the new battle sisters codex?

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If I want to, I'll find a way.

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You should totally keep your balls. Half the fun of having a penis is ejaculating. The other half is getting there.

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Yeah. But if I was a herm, I'd want to be clean shaven. And shaving your balls is fucking hard.

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Why do I get the feeling that alot of the people in this thread browse /a/ frequently?

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is it like a cum reserve in your newly transplanted womb, or would you develop these really huge skene glandes for holding all your female ejaculate?

Maybe if we find a way to mix the plasma with this saliva-like substance.

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Wise words, sir.

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more like /d/

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If we take into account how long the typical male orgasm is - in the realm of mere seconds and then DOUBLE it, then well...

Sir, I have come to the conclusion that you suffer from premature ejaculation. They make a cream for that. You should totally check it out.

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It's a girl thing. All girls go through a development phase where they are certain that "there is something wrong with them". That is because they grow up thinking of pretty princesses while being fed metaphors about flowers and blooming. And the vagina is a slimy piece of flabby meat. So they feel there's something wrong going on.

The joke is that the woman in the cave is still in that phase. Which means she doesn't know a lot. So the guy knows to look for wisdom elsewhere. A correct analogy would be if you were to speak to a wise ermit who reveals he has puberty-related uncertainties. You would probably stop seeking advices from this ermit.

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Maybe it's just me but I never found Oglaf particularly entertaining. It often relies too heavily on nudity and sexual humor, basically a better-drawn Moon Over June and without the overt misandry.

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It's made by a female neckbeard. What do you expect?

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I always thought people watched Oglaf just for fap material, although I've seen things that made me laugh a bit.

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speaking of supersoldiers clobbering furries, whatever happened to the TrollGM running MD Geist as the BBEG to a pseudoEclipse Phase game populated by gamergurl, druidgurl, and two furfags?

I always hoped for an after-action report.

more on topic, kinda wish I was herm too, but yeah, I'm already foreveralone as is, no need getting extra parts when you can't even use them properly

also, Oglaf, fuck yeah

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The ones without sex are pretty funny. But what people think is funny is different between people.

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It all makes sense now.

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Years of going to /d/ and a degree in biology tell me that there must be a logical and biological way to make this possible.
Without balls, it goes roughly along the lines of "Be a girl, enlarge clitoris, change ovaries for balls."
With balls, it's like "Be a boy, make a fuckable hole."
And of course, hormones.

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>>15717778 It often relies too heavily on nudity and sexual humor.
It's a porn comic. Porn comics rely heavily on nudity and sexual humor.

>> No.15717823

It has two things that every other porn comic out there doesn't have.
1. Quality artwork
2. Decent writing

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You'd just need really large skene glands, which most women don't come equipped with.

>> No.15717847


oh wait

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Holy shit /tg/. Where did you guys go to school? Balls have nothing to do with ejaculating. You can still jizz with no balls.

>> No.15717883


You won't have much liquid to jizz.
That's the problem.

And if you're jizzing clear girlcum, is that really you jizzing, or you making a weak attempt at it?

>> No.15717888

Hardly, over half of the content is produced there.

>> No.15717896


Pfft, you must believe that seminal fluids come from the prostate and other glands. What a silly fish! /sarcasm

>> No.15717911

>You won't have much liquid to jizz.
No. Stop spreading this lie. Ejaculate comes from the prostate and a few other glands (Cooper's gland, etc).
There is absolutely no noticeable decrease in cum if a guy has a vasectomy or no balls.

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I can't wait for Chekov's sprite filled shelf to fall over.

>> No.15717927


While both Oglaf and Moon Over June rely heavily on sexual humor, I think that Oglaf pulls it off rather well.

>> No.15717934

I hadn't thought of that. Now I'm certain that it must happen just for the 'Mistress covered in a pile of goo' panel that would result.

>> No.15717940


>Over half

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Sperm is not that important to ejaculation, just ask all those guys who have had vasectomies.

>> No.15717960


Are you suggesting you're waiting for someone to utter the phrase 'squirting bitches?'

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What thatfag said, you just need them for sperm production. Is anyone else enough of anatomyfag that fapfics describing the protagonist's balls as "heavy" and "throbing" in regards to their load to be mood-ruiningly annoying?

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Just that the Mistress character is going to have a bad day when it happens.

>> No.15718031

It descriptive of the feeling. Have your balls never felt weird after particularly massive loads? "Massive", in this case, being within the human limits, not the several gallons produced in fapping media.

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>implying my biology classes taught about sexual organs.

>implying sex ed taught anything except sex is evil and anybody who does it before marriage is going to hell.

I'm fucking lucky I know what hole to even stick it in, thanks to public school.

>> No.15718046


The smallest one right?

>> No.15718054


Yes... but neither 'Heavy' nor 'Throbbing' are especially accurate

>> No.15718060

>MFW this actually happened to my GF once

>> No.15718064

>implying sex ed taught anything except sex is evil and anybody who does it before marriage is going to hell.

I'm curious what it was like there. Here they actually explain everything and hand out free condoms from when we're 13-18 every year.

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They get a 'heavy' and 'throbbing' feel when you're close, so uhhh, no?
Not really.

>> No.15718069


... a guy seriously tried to fuck her urethra?

>> No.15718070


Yeah, the smallest one. God doesn't want people to have sex so he made it as difficult as possible.

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Yes, this is what happens when you have horrible Sex Education classes.

>> No.15718085


It's good girls are always educated far worse than boys, so they know how to use proper protection, and that buttsex still spreads diseases.

>> No.15718094

Do you know what the extent of my high school sex ed was?

Color slides of stds and genital fungi.


We also had to carry around the robotic baby that cries and monitors how well you take care of it or dropped it.


Yep. My education was rich and fulfilling.

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At least you didn't have to watch a really terrible and embarrassing movie about the magical wonder of the female orgasm, while all the girls were smelling like drippy pussy, and the boys were collectively snoring due to the heavy use of big words, and uninteresting attempts at romance.

>> No.15718112

At least you had pictures, at mine the basically said, "Um, your virginity is special, so yeah".

And the female science teacher showed us how to check for testicular cancer, the horror...

>> No.15718114


I had that but without the robobaby.

Which is good, because I would have shaken the thing till it stropped working.

>> No.15718124

We got to watch a woman shriek in pain as a slimy, alienesque baby was expelled from her vagina. We saw everything.


>> No.15718128


We just got plastic vaginas that came apart to look at.

"AND THIS.....IS.....THE CLITORIS!" It was like in south park, only not funny.

>> No.15718135

We had penis inspection day at my school after gym.

>> No.15718136

Did they show her voiding her bowels as well?

>> No.15718139

I had a something similar, only it was just a normal baby doll that was creepy as all get out. I threw the damned thing in the microwave and said it suffered mongoloids and anacephalism when asked. Christ, the junior year was fucking weird.

>> No.15718142


>like in south park, only not funny

So...it was exactly like South Park?

>> No.15718148


I was 15 years old, and when the nasty, old lady came up to me, I yelled out 'rape!' Then I never had to go to her again, ever.

To this day, my prostate remains untouched by uninvited hands.

>> No.15718152

I don't remember. But I do remember watching the placenta. Afterbirth is disgusting.


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Fuck you guys.

Fuck all of you.

We had slides pertaining to anatomy, practical assignments, and we even had a demonstration that can only be described as "pornographic" performed by a teacher.

So quit complaining.

>> No.15718171

So is this why tg is so rabidly against sex in games, because it reminds them of their horrifying sex ed experiences?

>> No.15718181 [DELETED] 

>mfw I got a 7-day B& for posting oglaf
Eh, whatcha gonna do.
Be careful kids!
Polite sage.

>> No.15718183


You clearly don't understand the horror of being forced to look at girls' pantylines ON DEMAND, and letting them fondle you WITHOUT IT BEING ON YOUR TERMS, while old, decayed teachers give you that pedosmirk.

The shit they put you through. Man, I've seen some shit, but school.
That'll never be topped.

Those 'nam veterans had it good.

>> No.15718190

So it was like this?

Anyway, besides the demonstration, sounds better than getting nothing and having things like >>15718060 happening.

>> No.15718201

>>15718168 and we even had a demonstration that can only be described as "pornographic" performed by a teacher.

>> No.15718203

How long ago? It was probelly one of the old janitor's who got butthurt about /tg/ related content being on /tg/.

>> No.15718207


My sex ed consisted of nothing more than incredibly detailed lectures by a 26 year old woman who would be easily ranked as a high 8 or low 9.
Every 14-15 year old male in that class passed with flying colors.
I do feel bad for the rest of you, though. Honestly.

>> No.15718208


Yes, it is.

That shit would leave mental scars on a grey knight.

At least we can all go to our graves happy in the knowledge we sorta knew what to expect the first time a girl got naked for us.
"IT GOES WHERE!? WHY!? HOW!?" And the squealing.

>> No.15718210


I need help

>> No.15718227 [DELETED] 

It was three weeks ago. Maybe four now? The time doesn't drag on like it did for those horrible, horrible hundred and sixty-eight hours...

>> No.15718231

That actually almost sums it up.
Not QUITE at that level, but it's pretty darn close.

And as for practical assignments not being a problem.
You try filling out questionnaires, and making models of things pertaining to sex with pubescents.

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Oh, this isn't good, I thought we had a decent moderator now. God forbid we have /tg/ content of fucking /tg/!

>> No.15718248

Where was this, so I know where not to send my potential children.

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Public school sex ed was terrible. But my mother set me straight. She is the one I can thank for teaching me about my body and how it works. She pulled no punches and told me everything I wanted to know and didn't want to know. She told me about sexuality and biology and the psychology in between. She taught me about being responsible and being safe. She taught me not to be ashamed about my body and to respect myself and to make sure that others respected me. She taught me that what I felt and thought was natural and that I shouldn't be ashamed of it. Just to be safe and to be careful. I fucking love my mom for teaching me those things.

>> No.15718278


...huh. I don't really remember my sex ed. Probably cause it was fairly unnecessary - when I first started asking questions about sex, my mom took me to the library, I got a few books about the pertinent biology, read them, shrugged, put them back and got on with my life. Was sex ed really that traumatic for most people?

>> No.15718281


Sex ed is about as useful as PE, or black history.

>> No.15718294

fat white male detected

>> No.15718295

When people make such huge deals about it, yeah.

I don't really remember not knowing about sex. Knowing my parents (both teachers) I must've gotten a very clinical PENIS GOES IN VAGINA, WOMAN IS IMPREGNATED explanation.

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>> No.15718305

lol, my PE teacher was my sex ed teacher. actually, it was called health class, but the majority of it was addressing how not to address sex. I still remember that we spent most of the year on the chapter titled "abstinence"

>> No.15718306

Traumatic? No.
Pointless, Embarrassing, and Unhelpful? Yes.

>> No.15718307

Nonmerican here.
Why does "Black history" exist?
Shouldn't it just be taught in regular history classes? And if it doesn't get mentioned there, then either the curriculum itself is corrupt, and the problem can't be solves simply by adding a new class, or it's not significant enough.
And if it's not significant, why does it have it's own class?

>> No.15718319

Non-fit non-black is likely more correct.
He could be Hispanic, Asian, or Native American.
Either one have a much larger reason to call bullshit on the "Black history" phenomena.

>> No.15718324

It isn't its own class, it's a "cultural awareness" month. Curriculum's that do cover black history tent to teach it then.

>> No.15718330


That's not the problem, or why we're all so itchy about this.
Even when you were 10, you knew boyparts go into girlparts. Maybe if you were a girl, you didn't really have it figured out, but only the densest girls wouldn't have realized this when they were like 15.

No, the problem is all the plastic pussies, terrible movies from the 70's, old, ancient people wanting to 'inspect' you, being forced to touch tits, and in general having your body all evaluated and stared at. Remember how sensitive you were about even your ears when you were that young?

Now you're having old people you don't really know, and don't really want to know, show you all this shitty porn, while the teen girls near you instantly start smelling like pussy, and looking mighty confused and embarrassed.

>> No.15718339

My sex-ed was basically sit in a room roll tape, shows the penis, named a few things, lights back on, out the door.

Nothing about safe sex, or anything like that. Then again they did show this to us in like 3rd or 4th grade. They wonder why the schools turned 90+% black and teen pregnancy hit all time high each year.

>> No.15718346

White Man's guilt.

>> No.15718354

black history is a course designed to make black kids feel like they mean something, and aren't just descended from a long chain of slave babies. unfortunately, most of the time the class has the opposite effect.

>> No.15718362


Is there a white history month, where they teach 'cultural awareness' about how the white man invented everything? Because it's kinda unfair if there isn't.

>> No.15718366

In all fairness, the thread was reported like a gazillion times. If I'd been sober I would have A) not posted it or B) deleted it. Still, it was a good thread to go out on.
Also, it appears that it was archived *after* my post was deleted. No great loss.
"History classes don't tell the full story!"
"Uh how about we add a 'black history class,' will that shut you up?"
"That makes it sound like we're more important. Yes it will."
"Alright, another social studies class with piss-poor standards and no attendance coming right up."
And so America got a little bit worse, because it seemed more important to cater to a vocal minority than actually teach children the truth.

>> No.15718372

for the longest time i was confused about "girl parts". I thought the clitoris was some kind of retractable mini penis; i couldn't grasp how they could pee if they didn't have a penis

>> No.15718381

/tg/ hates it because many of them are Americans, and despite the sexuality in every aspect of our society, we are taught from an early age that sex is something to be shameful of.

That is why they believe things like: nudity is worse than violence, rape is worse than murder, and children having sex is worse than children killing people.

>> No.15718389

ignorant eurpoean detected

thats ok..we forgive you...you cant help it

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>> No.15718401

As you may have noticed the 'we' pronoun being used, I am American.

>> No.15718403


>> No.15718411

Wait, what? Where are you from?

My sex-ed was being told what the various forms of contraception were along with descriptions of various STDs.

>> No.15718414


No he's American.
And pretty much spot-on.

>> No.15718418


That's because they tell you 'it's like a small penis,' and 'you have to find the clitoris!'

The questions then become 'so why do I have to find it?' 'how will I know if I've found it?' 'if it's a small penis, why haven't I ever seen a girl with one?' and 'if it's a penis, why don't girls pee standing up?'

The answer?

>> No.15718421

My penis is full of blue? It all makes sense now.

>> No.15718439

>/tg/ American
>Not limeys talking about space marines all day erry day

>> No.15718450

OP here.

'the fuck did you do to my Oglaf thread?

>> No.15718461


We raped it.

>> No.15718466


We're /tg/.
We did what we always do.
We made it AWESOME.

>> No.15718467

I remember the first time I was shown a femidom and it was huge. The teacher really didn't help by saying "that's right lads. It's this wide." For years I thought vaginas were gaping holes man could never hope to fill.

>> No.15718468

Anon who pointed out that cum isn't stored in your balls here: apparently /tg/ and sex don't mix.

>> No.15718477

>We raped it.

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