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Does anyone play this game anymore?
I don't want to purchase it if nobody does

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I already puchased this a while ago,
but that was just for the knowledge into the series,
not the actual game

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who's making that? is it out now?

Id get it even if nobody else is interested or not

>> No.15706060

It's been out
like forever
I think mongoose, or that may just be the publisher of the books

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Um, they don't sell it any more. Mongoose Publishing lost the license.

>> No.15706155

I can still find it on amazon and stuff, and I know other people must have bought it
I just want to know if people still have it/ want to play

>> No.15706197


Well, I would if I can find somewhere that sells it at an affordable price.

>> No.15706202


I honestly doubt you can find it on amazon or ebay. There ain't shit out there to buy. You'll see the occasional marauder suit or whatever, but there aren't any basic troops or bugs or what have you.

nobody played it back in the day, let alone now. I heard the rules were solid, but the models were of very poor quality. Managed to pick up a few of the exosuits myself and was pretty disappointed. They look way cooler in the tiny pictures. Still look decent painted up, but what doesn't?

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