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>borders going out of business

>waits for the prices of the rulebooks to go down along with the business

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maybe i will pick up some too

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Was thinking the exact same thing OP.

Next day off was gonna swing by local one and see if the was anything left or good enough price drops.

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AFAIK, Borders isn't going out of business. They're filing for bankruptcy. Depending on the type bankruptcy they file for, it could just be a debt restructuring (where they consolidate their debt and then carry on with business).

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Speaking as an ex-Borders employee who watched my amazing store go down, don't wait until the ridiculous price-cuts they make in the last days - the only things left are SHIT. The vultures swoop in fast and take more things than they actually want or even know what they'll actually do with because they think they're getting a deal.

>middle-aged lady comes up to till with half a dozen crappy paperbacks and shop's last Rogue Trader rulebook. Still in trying-to-be-cheerful mode (only a couple days into the closing-down sale), ask her jokingly if she's into role-playan or if it's a present.
>What is it? A book for a what game? A what? No, I might see if any of my nieces or nephews want it, they like spacemen and it has glossy pages an a hardback, at that price it'll make a good present for someone.
>Say to her that it's the last one and that they're in demand by people who actually play the game, it would be really cool of her if she let me keep it aside for someone to get use out of, how about I show her some kids artbooks or comics and you know, if no-one buys it by next wk I'll give it to her for free if she comes back.
>whatever, give me more money than you ever actually intended to spend on books when you walked past the shop but you can't resist 'a bargain', yes that is the price shit's not FREE, bitch, you're buying like 7 books including the glossy hardback you have no idea what it is at 30% off, at least guess the rough fucking amount you'll have to pay before coming down here.

t';dr - go looking for stuff NOW and be nice to the staff who're losing their jobs - if they're anything like I was they'll be in 'fuck it' mode and you may get stuff for cheaper than marked or even free.

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What unacceptable behavior from you.
I only assume that you are acting like that because you are about to lose your job and no longer have any care whatsoever for customer service.

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They're still closing down nearly all of their stores though. Including the one in my town.

>mfw there is no longer a good bookstore where I can go and pick up something to read and have a nice cup of coffee within a 100-mile radius of where I live.

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Man, I went to college orientation a little bit ago and tried to do some job searching. First place I tried was Borders. I ask for an application and the man looks me right in the eyes and transmits his sadness into me. He told me of the store closing. We both wept. Wept in each others arms and I promised him I would return and make everything better.... I promised him...

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>Speaking as an ex-Borders employee who watched my amazing store go down, don't wait until the ridiculous price-cuts they make in the last days - the only things left are SHIT. The vultures swoop in fast and take more things than they actually want or even know what they'll actually do with because they think they're getting a deal.

This guy knows what he's talking about. The markdown sales started here on Friday. I went in that evening when I got off of work, and the place was packed, and quite a few shelves were already bare.

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Fuck you, old lady.

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Started here friday too. I got my share already, I'd be surprised if anything was left.

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all you had to say was "ma'am, i don't quite know how to say this but that um...that particular book must have been mis-shelved, because that one belongs in our..."Mature" section."

which is technically true. but telling an idiot who thinks she's getting a bargain OH NO LADY, DON'T BUY THAT, IT'S TOO MUCH OF A BARGAIN FOR YOU will never work.

oh well, sucks you're losing your job man.

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This. The day after my local Borders announced it was going out of business, the place was pretty much stripped. Any rulebooks or tabletop gaming merchandise was picked clean.

It was sad to see them go, especially since a Walden Books inside the nearby mall went under half a year earlier, and now all that's left is the Barnes & Noble.

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Depending on how he did it, it could have been alright. He could have presented it as "it's a very complicated game, might not be worth spending the money on until theyre older" etc.

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Pretty much; I figure everyone works in retail at some point, so you'll know what customer service is like - a real pleasure sometimes, just part of the job you try and do as best you can most of the time, and an excuse for people to treat you like utter dogshit the rest of the time.

Closing down sales are ROUGH. People actually laugh in your face, openly insult you and start fights. Fortunately we had a good security team and management had officially stopped giving a fuck.
You start to lose your customer service attitude FAST, you're on edge anyway due to the whole no-job, my beautiful shop looks like a bomb went off thing. You start to concentrate on doing what you can for 'actual' customers and the abilty to cater to the desires of the vultures diminishes fast.

If it wasn't closing down sale, of course I'd have just smiled and checked the lady though like any other customer, shrugged a bit inside at the shame of a high-demand item (at the time) not going to someone who'd get good use out of it.

I worked in a massive, inner-city store, obv that has an affect on the type of people who came in.

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yeah you should have told her that that was book intended for a more "adult" audience. If she is the kinda person i think she is she will throw it harder than a satanic bible.

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>went to Borders on Friday with this exact intention
>couldn't find the rulebooks
Aren't they normally right near the comics? Because there wasn't even like an empty display.

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they probably sold it. not that it was actually "for sale," but like the OP said shit is bananas right now.

they'd probably seriously consider an offer on their office furniture at this point.

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Okay.. I wanted to post something else, but there is some sort of fucking word filter blocking my post. Says part of my post isn't allowed.. What the fuck?

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The borders closest to me already closed, and all the RPG stuff was pillaged on day one because of LGS sucks something hardcore.

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Barnes and Noble owns 4chan.

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The ex-borders guy here, yeah, you guys are right and I did that exact thing several times with mature readers comics and the like. Believe it or not, I was actually good at customer service, got awards and had a few customers who'd ask for only me to serve them and stuff. Those customers (and the many other nice people I helped) were brilliant and made retail work rewarding.

Yeah, but also check sci-fi/fantasy, look at the top shelves as rulebooks can get put up there due to not fitting in the ordinary A-Z shelving units.
Despite my rant above, don't hesitate to ask a staff-member, and get chatting to them. In a closing down sale I recommend that to everyone, as you're likely to get an increased discount. Hell, I gave stuff away to nice people near the end.

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My borders is very close to the LGS. Within walking distance.

Guess who bought up all the rulebooks the INSTANT they went on sale?

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Zipped up to the local Borders and checked it out on the first day sale.

Place was overwhelmingly mobbed.

Watched 3 different customers treat the local employees like shit.

Walked up to the last employee I saw abused and said "Thank you for everything, you guys were always a pleasure to deal with. Sorry to see you go, good luck."

She was absolutely astonished and made her day I think.

Checked out the coffee shop - closed. Sigh. Since I can sit down and read I decided to grab a couple of books I was perusing over the last few weeks and bought them all, plus on biography I was dithering on for a while too.

Discount was so-so, 20% or so. Not bad but nothing to go crazy about like people were doing.

Oh well. Spent more then I intended and tipped my hat on the way out.


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The old lady from >>15694081's post?

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John Denver?

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At our store's closing sale, people were sitting on the second floor reading still.

I was kind of like "Really? Really."

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really hope you're not seriously this stupid.

Store buys them, immediately puts them on their shelves.

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We sold everything if someone wanted to make us an offer, including shelving units, tables, seats and the signs. You always liked that comfy leather seat? Offer a manger 20 bucks.

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Hit mine up today, got a Rogue Trader rulebook and a Gamma World boxed set. The girl at the cash register was damn near crying while she rang me up, shit felt bad man.

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Really hope you're not seriously that oblivious to humor.

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I stopped by Friday afternoon at the Flint, MI one.

Tons of 4e stuff, not so much FFG and 40K, but a few good deals at 10% off on Paizo stuff. I got a couple pathfinder novels and a fourth printing of the rulebook, more because it was my final thanks for all the stuff I bought from them over the years.

I'll probably go back this Friday and see if the 4e stuff is still there, hopefully they've knocked it down to 20-30%. I got most of my 4e hardcovers when my LGS decided to sell a bunch at a 75% discount, evidently RPGs aren't that popular around here.

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The only Borders near me already closed.

>> No.15694343

Okay, I'll go back tomorrow/soon and see if they've got anything still. Thanks.

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They're officially banned from doing it during liquidation, but if you're a regular or just damned nice, ask if you can get stuff put aside to wait for the steeper discounts, someone might do it, I did. FYI, it goes up to 80% off in the last days, but shit left then is garbage.

Customers like you helped make closing down less horrific, I'm sure that girl's day was made. Cheers, anon.
Actually, seeing all the different kinds of interaction people had in that situation was good for RPG character construction.

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All the bookstores here closed while I was away at university. New Jersey simply does not know how to read.

The only bookstores left are in New York, and I'll be buggered if I'm paying that sales tax. I just buy online now. Much easier and cheaper.

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If you wait too long, you'll miss out.

Generally, people get the good stuff when it's 30-50% off. By the time the store hits 70% off, everything is picked clean.

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Sounds like my neighborhood.

You're Not from Long Island are you?

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Their site says there's a Borders in town, but I've been to that mall and nothing's been there since Christmas.

Not that there's much of a loss; they only ever carry a few DnD books that if I still played, I'd already have.

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Damn, no borders in my city.

Hooray for canada.

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Went through this last year at an express store, chances are the staff has all the good books stashed in the back room for themselves. We did, but we had an awesome manager, and a really cool liquidator (he bought us lunch at the nice resteraunt in the mall one day at the last week).

Just be nice to the people working there, it's a really sad time for them.

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he doesn't know how to order books on amazon.com


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When the WotC stores closed, I went into a store and bought their dice.
>All of them?
Yes, all of them. I'll give you $100.
>Uh, let me ask my manager.
>Manager: Sure, I'll give you %90 off.
mfw when they counted out 2,536 dice, and it came to $104.

They even threw in the display case for free.

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That. I went into Borders like 3 days ago and nothing was left and the "Deals" were shit (like 10% off for 99% of the things left, that barely covers sales tax).

Plus because everyone is hungry for deals the shelves were a mess so if you wanted to find anything specific you were shit out of luck. Don't bother.

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