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Well /tg/ I have returned from the first game for the fire emblem tabletop game my friend is running.

if you remember my comment yesterday, you'll notice it's only been about three hours since the game was slated to start. My friend called a short break while he does a few chores, so i thought i'd take the opportunity to pop in with an update on what's happened so far.

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looking at my first post, i'm an idiot: the game is still going, we're just taking a break.

anywho: the game started off with just Princess Ceris and the bodyguard her father assigned to her, Godrik. The two were headed to the city of Aelholt (i think that's how it's spelled), in the southern empire of Corbin. on the way there, in standard FE fasion, they passed a town under siege by bandits.

the princess naturally wanted to aid them, but Godrik pointed out that her safety was his concern, not the village's, and unforunate as it is. she then proceed to enter the fray, citing that 'he can protect her over here'. five bandits and a fighter later godrik is level 3 and princes Ceris is level 2, and im down two vulneraries (healing potions, basically).

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I fucking love Fire Emblem, I'm so jelly bro. Is it IRL or online or what? I wasn't on yesterday so I didn't see the thread, sorry if you already answered this sort of question.

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What system are you running it in? And is it online or IRL?

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with the town safe, they thank us with an elixir (heals HP to full, three uses) an we head on our way--only to notice, you guessed it, more bandits. there were a lot more this time--about ten, with an archer otr two scattered around, and i was a little worried before my other three units ride in from the south--apparently the prince was preparing for our arrival and grew impatient waiting for us. playing carefully with the mostly surrounded Ceris and Godrik, i keep the bandits at bay long enough for the prince and his group to punch through and group up with them, at which point the battle was basically over. I kept everyone together and mopped up the bandits with little inconvenience (this was the first map after all, and there wasnt much by way of terrain to mess with my group's advance).

We finished the battle just before he called the break, so the stats for everyone look like this:

Ceris (princess) level 3
Godrik (male mercenary) level 3

Theodore (prince) level 2
Adam (male soldier) level 1
Kateryn (female cavalier) level 2
Alan (male archer) level 2

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we're playing it IRL, but he's using an excel calculator on his laptop for the battles, since lots of maths are involved for everything.

since he got the system from an online forum before messing with it, I'd assume it could be played online, but you'd need to be able to update the map every turn for enemies and allies.

i can put the text document up on megaupload again if anyone's interested.

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anyway, i'll be off and on for a while, he's finished and wants to start again.

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Please do amigo. Are all of the characters individual players, or do you each control a few, or does the DM run NPCs in your party or what?

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Guys listen

Listen guys I have an idea


A Fire Emblem game

Set in the Song of Ice and Fire setting!

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I control the group, since its just me and him, he does the NPCs i play the characters in the group. and one moment while i upload it.

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Think there will be Pegasus Knights?

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if we get that far into the setting, perhaps.

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Was here for the thread yesterday, and I downloaded the rulesheet. My crunch-refining gears are already starting to turn with this. It helps that I enjoy the FE series, too.

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okay folks, the game is done for today, we'll be continuing on wednesday if all goes well schedule-wise.

this last hour was basicly spent travelling to Prince Theo's castle (surprisingly /not/ on fire, a nice change from the FE norm). and having an audience with the king. afterward, the princess stayed to discuss matters with the king concerning trade and other such things while Godrik stood outside guarding the door.

Thee's mooks were told to make rounds to the nearby towns to watch out for further bandit attacks, with theo growing bored of castle matters and accompanying them.

I'm assuming we'll be starting next session from Theo's perspective, and i might throw together a healer to join from a peasant village or a church or something.

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and now, since the game is done, i am prepared to spritefag a character for someone if they want it done.

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as usual, no takers. Any ideas for the healer's personality?

we've already got a quiet-but-forceful princess, a protective bodyguard (i know, right?), an airheaded rich boy prince, a down-to-earth archer, a challenge-seeking chivalrous female knight, and a soldier who is so bland people forget he exists.

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In the spirit of >>15690554 I request Barristan Selmy as a FE character.


An eccentric scientist-type who likes experimenting on people. Think TF2 Medic.

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Naive and fearful of the world and its dangers. Sheltered, to a degree, and afraid of engaging in combat. Heals to keep people and himself alive because DANGER IS EVERYWHERE!

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i hate myself for not knowing this, but i have no exposure to Song of Ice and Fire, or anyone related to it.

can i get a picture referrence?

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Sure, here you go. He's an excellent swordsman with a shitload of experience, and I guess the General class would fit him well, if Generals could use swords...

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pardon me, i am derp. he is a game of thrones character. another show i haven't seen.

god i need to watch some tv.

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Protip: Game of Thrones is part of the Song of Ice and Fire cycle of books.

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generals can use swords in sacred stones and Por/RD. I'll get started on it now.

>banyour face
i'm sorry captcha, please dont.

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i'm noticing a distinct lack of a link to the ruleset in this thread

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Make the healer extremely mercenary. Charges for everything, loves money a lot. Have him show with a quiet, unassuming thief in tow that he gets into all sorts of trouble.

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i--you... wow. my level of stupidity has reached a new low.

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Would be cool to have the healer constantly advertise his products. Maybe he's developed a line of potions he claims are more effective than regular vulneraries, but really they just have more sugar in them or something. Have him keep a running tab of every healing he's performed for the party, and present a bill to the princess.

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okay, heres the first bit ive got done--the only problem i'm having is getting all of the bronze-y collors to look right together.

one looked too silvery while the other looks too bronze.

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In the books, it's white armor and white cloak. The cloak is actually more important than the rest

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Love it. And like >>15691690 said, you can change the palette to white and grey and it will be awesome.

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Cloak's in the show too, just can't see it from the first pic's angle

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Fire Emblem Bro, this is delicious.

I believe you said a lot comes from a FE roleplay forum. I'd love to try a game like that - any tips on running one on your average forum as opposed to sitting down with a real group?

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Okay, finally back--had to get dinner.

okay, i'll get the cloak underway shortly, didnt know it was there.

I'd say patience and a cheatsheet of everyone's (including the enemies) stats (HP, str, skl, etc.) with all the extended stats (damage, hit, crit, etc.) precalculated.

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Sounds like a good idea to keep up the pace. Have you ever run a game like that before? How many players does it take until things get too much to handle?

I was thinking of running a 3-5 player game where each player is allowed 2-4 characters (possibly each having their own lord if they're unwilling to choose a leader amongst themselves, probably making it more RP focused than a rigid tactical game.

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>>excel calculator on his laptop for battles

Oh man, any chance you could get that for us and bundle it with the text file?

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that i have not. I'd assume if everyone were posting (if played online) in a timely manner, yu could have as many as you were willing to do the calculations for--however with more characters you'd probably need bigger maps, more objectives, more enemies, etc. to keep things challenging.

just remember you'll have to do the math for all the players AND all the enemies. if you take time to get used to how battles go or are fast at calculations you shouldn't have too many problems.

wait, lemme see if my friend will send me his excel calculator...

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lucky me he was on skype. apparently it works on excel, but not open office--or it has problems, or something. he wasnt really clear.

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>>not in Open-Office

Well... it's the thought that counts. Gonna try anyway. Thanks a ton, friend. You made my day.

Now to plan. I'll need to come up with some sort of posting discipline - I tried another game where there was a determined list, but once someone failed the whole thing fell apart as people were forever waiting instead of taking the initiative to post against the set order.

For a game with a map, I was thinking a first post, first serve kind of mentality rather than a rigid set of rules, a carrot rather than a stick.

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You sir, are awesome.

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Just curious, what sort of plot are you playing in, FEGuy? Or what have you played in a FE setting so far? Unfortunately most of my buddies are just as big into Fire Emblem as I am, so I wouldn't be able to steal from the games without them calling me out on it.

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go ahead and try it on it, it may just be a little wonky.

also pic: barristan 2.0 now with capes!

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ive played some of sealed sword, beaten blazing sword (including hector's story), sacred stones (my minmaxing self loves this one), beaten path of radiance, some of radiant dawn, and i'm thinking of picking up a patch for geneology of the holy war (or was it tharacia 776?) for ultra tweaking.

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What do you think of adding some PoR/Radiant Dawn game elements like the more varied class skills (Vantage, Daunt, Astra, etc) or the Leadership modifier?

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actually, according to teh begining of the document, it originally had those features--they were removed for a more 'GBA' feel, i guess. lemme see if i can track down the original.

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What do you use for maps? I'm assuming grids - they all handmade for each 'chapter'?

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original rules on the forum he got them:

my friend used Tilestudio, but i prefer Tiled--its a little more user-friendly towards actually making the maps.

set the panel size to 16x16 if you want everything edge-to-edge or 18x18 if you want a border. you'll need maptiles from

youre lucky i like you guys so much.

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I have now assembled all the links here into one nice FAQ for se in future threads. also, since barristan is pretty much finished, if anyone wants a character sprited, post a picture referrence or a detailed description of them and i'll see what i can do.

please remember that i am composed of 95% derp, so just posting a character's name and expecting me to know it would probably be a waste of time.

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FAQ is as follows; tell me if i've missed anything.

FEGuy's FAQ:

>what system are you using?
a fire emblem tabletop system made to emulate the GBA games. it can be found here:

>but i prefer Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn's play style! do you have one for that?
i know OF one, it can be found here:

>i want to try this myself, what would i need?
well a few things to make your day much easier are:

Tiled (for making the maps, set the tile size to 18x18) - http://www.mapeditor.org/

feaw's tilesets (to use in Tiled to make the maps) - http://www.mediafire.com/?vbmb2s5xhxb1h48

and the handy dandy battle calculator (works in microsoft excel, but im not sure about openoffice--try it out for yourself): http://www.megaupload.com/?d=C3CJF50J

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Hmm... with all these resources, someone could actually run a Fire Emblem Quest on /tg/, similar to Ironhearts...

Would anyone be interested in that?

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C-can you sprite me a myrmidon? In red? With white hair?

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