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Illithids, amirite?

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They're not SRD, they're not canon to me.

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brain-breasts would be a huge liability

especially as there's no -skull- to protect them

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kinda like this.

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... that one, not so much.

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illithids don't have tits they're hemaphrodites

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Actually they're brain slugs which take over a host body, modifying the head but the rest of the body stays more or less intact.

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Isn't it also possible for old ticks to remain, like ingrained body language?

Also, can you imagine a mind flayers in a barbershop quartet? Unrelated, but a funny mental image.

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Its metal or nothing for me.

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That is possible and there is also a fear about it happening because those flayers are killed on the spot because they have a legend or something about a person who keeps control of their body after being turned into a flayer if I remember correctly anyway.

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Lords of Madness was a great supplement.

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/tg/ needs spoiler tags so we can dump illithid pron

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> /tg/ needs spoiler tags so we can dump pron

And this is why they won't ever give us spoilers. Every other board can name things that need spoilers. The best we can come up with is "A handful of books" (which can be covered by other boards) and porn (which can be covered by other boards.)

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Then why does /jp/ need spoilers?

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Because nobody wants to see /jp/. And spoilers help with that. In fact, they should be mandatory on that board.

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hell even the pokemon board.

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Especially the pokemon board.

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It doesn't. The only use they have for them is porn. But /jp/ is only kept alive by the fact that it keeps the worst retards off /a/. You think /tg/ has sperglords take a 5 minute stroll over there, and you will soon realise that /b/ catches the newfags, while /jp/ catches the pitiable.

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