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Why? WHY? Why girls and Tyranids, of all things?

And why does the only one at my LGS play them painted pink and with sparkles?

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The same reason I use little My Little Ponies as counters/tokens in Magic.
Because it's fucking funny.

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Tyranids skitter around ruining everything and never stay where they belong (outside the galaxy).

Women skitter around ruining everything and never stay where they belong (the kitchen).

The comparisons are astounding.

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My armchair psychologist theory is that it's some perversion of a mother's instinct. There's also been some suggestion in previous threads that certain fa/tg/irl types harbor a fetish for the creatures, one in particular for what she affectionately termed "nid slime." We may never know for sure, and really, why does anyone like the armies they like?

That's assuming it's not just stereotype and confirmation bias. Which it probably is.

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They're the only 4k army that really feels devoid of gender bullshit.

Or it could be they're the most animalistic army. The one girl I know who plays Fantasy loves Lizardmen and Beastmen.

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Lissa is that you

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>>That's assuming it's not just stereotype and confirmation bias. Which it probably is.

It is. Most female nid players I've met just think they're cute.

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Process of elimination. Women usually prefer "feminine" things, but most of 40k is soaked in pure machismo. Massive, muscular Orks, obvious-phallic-symbol tanks with manly men, Space Marines that resemble American football players with their massive shoulder pads, etc etc.

'nids are neutral and not so soaked in manliness, so women play them.

Although really, in my area women tend to play either Eldar or Dark Eldar.

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It's funny exactly once.

Every time after that everyone just thinks your weird and talks about you behind your back.

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No, but someone else does that?
I am amused.

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How many have you met?

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The only mid players I know are one of the managers of our FLGS, and my bro that I recently introduced into 40k, all of the females in our store are either somones girlfriend/wife/daughter that is simply dragged/brought into the store or plays Mtg

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Of the female players I know, one has Tyranids, one has Eldar, one doesn't play 40k but has High Elves in fantasy, and one doesn't play at all and just paints whatver models she thinks look cool.

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Tyranid guns work via ejaculation.

It's penis envy

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My girlfriend likes tryanids simply for the modeling options they have a lot more freedom than say Eldar or Space Marines. Her second choice was demons.
(pic is of her tyrants green stuffed tail she's going with a aquatic marshland theme)

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My mother likes Space Marines, Eldar and Chaos, and doesn't really like Nids.

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Possible reasons why women prefer nids over all other races
-They think they are cute
-They can paint them in any colour (read as: pink/purple) and it works thematically
-They are obsessed with being dominated/raped by inhuman monsters
-They love controlling hordes of creatures that can spawn more (read as: pregnancy)
-Tyranids dont use guns but rather kill people with giant bone blades but they cant be blamed for it because they are animalistic so it is ok for them to kill. So women are ok with it too because technically it doesnt promote violence.
-Someone else mentioned that nid guns are basically ejaculating.
-There is a 'nid figurine known as a Dominatrix
-Tyranids equals the end of the galaxy, so do women.
-She doesn't tell her troops what to do, she controls them.
-Giving birth to billions of critters = female organs in mass, requiring no males for the majority of it. Its a subtle feminist army

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I don't know about Tyrannids, but I'm a female gamer and I love the Zerg. It just seems so CUUUUTE how they talk to you like animals and all act together with the hive mind like they're best buddies ^_^

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More like "Slaves to an idomnitable alien will/bitchqueen of the universe".

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'Nids exist to consume and reproduce.

Women...well, do I really need to fill in the blank for you?

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except the Venom cannon, thats a railgun

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There is an urge deep within every woman to some day, somehow become the Queen of Blades.

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Neckbeards who don't understand women a bit all up in this bitch.
has it right. Nids are one of a very few gender-neutral armies. And no, don't bring up sisters. Boob plate and Repentias being mostly naked tend to scare women off rather swiftly.

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Can we get a little more misogyny in this thread guys?

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Maybe, but it's the most blatantly phallic of all the nid guns.

No seriously fire up Retribution, select Hive Tyrant as your TLS hero and see what happen when you give him the venom cannon. See the gnashing of teeth and throbbing recoil and hear that thumping sound it makes. If that's not cumming with the power of a thousand suns I don't know what is.

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I think really its only men who make that comparison. Also your talking about a video game the sound and undulations of the weapon have no effect in game (chances are less women play.)
Most female nid players I've met go for close combat so theirs that side of nids as well.

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This thread reminds me of this sex crazed maniac at my local game group

I believe one of his latest tirades was about how every little girl who wants a pony wants a pony because of the pony cock.

Just... what.

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If there is one thing I took away from a forced women's rights class, its that men focus on penis's a lot more than women.

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Nah, I think we're full up.

I still think this whole thing's bullshit as space elves are available and bitches love elves, but whatever, I only ever see guys over at the 40k table.

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>but it's the most blatantly phallic of all the nid guns.
thats the Barbed strangler, it literally ejaculates its seed at the enemy, also it has a scrotum.

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P&Pfem here. I've never played 40k before, but I would have to say the Orks appeal to me the most. Cutenids are adorable, sure, but the actual 'Nids don't do much for me. I'd pick them over Necrons, Chaos or Speeess Marines if I had to choose. The Orks are funny enough to attract my attention, and if I had the cash I'd probably pick up an army for shits and giggles.

>and kingtour

And for the King Tour as well, apparently.

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girls like nids and orks for the same reason. those 2 armies are impartial, they treat everyone equally.
Either fight everyone or nom nom everyone.

no imperial purge everything BS.

TL;DR we HATE those of you that gets into Spacemarine fluff. So we'll either play Eldar, Tyranid, or Orks

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Do any girls ever play Guard? I feel like the only one sometimes.

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I always thought it was mostly because it's not really an army, just an existence.

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I play sisters, and sometimes use my bf's guard. Just because most girls play 'nids doesn't mean we all go for insect love.

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I play Sisters as well. I've always loved to ally the Guard and Sisters.

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you might enjoy this then.


theres more at the suptg archive

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I lol'd. One of my female friends recently picked up nids, but she's a little fucked up in the head and is a sadistic, evil bitch, but she's still wonderful the other 50% of the time. Regardless, I always thought it was weird that girls play more non-Imperial forces than not.


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Zerg don't act together with the hive mind, they ARE the hive mind.

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lol I thought i was the only girl whod ever pick nids and paint them pink. They seem so anti-girlie. I love how they look and play and everyone in my play-group plays some form of space marines and those seem so mech based, shooty and boring so I wanted something different. Dark eldar chaos daemons or tyranid was what I looked at and tyranid just look so sweat so I picked them.

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>2nd edition Lictor

Awesome. More people need to use the old 2nd edition Tyranids. They're gawky and awkward, but so damn cute.

Have you thought about using a few washes to bring the details on your models out?

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the zoap still needs grey detailing on the shell and the green brain is washed with therka (i think) wash the bodies are washed in gryphonne sepia and the red parts in badab black. think i should throw another coat one or dry brush some areas?
also lol old tyranid are derpy I have the old hive tyrant to. Got them used and honestly I think they look better then the new ones

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I'd go for another wash of Sepia on the flesh, it doesn't seem to have settled too well. Possibly another Thraka wash on the Zoanthrope's brain as well. You might also want to try washing the Zoanthrope's mouth with black; it'll settle between the teeth and help pick them out.

The old Tyrant's a nice model, though a bit small for a Monstrous Creature these days. Actually makes a really good Tyranid Prime though.

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>Girls think Tyranids are cute

That always bothered me. Sure Cutenids and fanart are cute and all. but really
when i look at this, going "d'aaaw" isn't my first thought

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the models are cute

trust me even the space marine models are rather cute

their proportions are all kinds of fucked up

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Thanks for the tips. Still new to painting and was awful at it in high school.

Maybe i'm just weird but when I first saw them i thought they were massively adorable and badass looking at the same time. This was before I even saw a google picture or knew what they were. I jsut kinda picked my army on looks

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Came in here specifically to respond to this post, I know that feel, but my girlfriend insists that certain monsters that are all teeth and claws are adorable, and shit like that.

Always confuses me.

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>Still new to painting and was awful at it in high school.

I was them same starting out. It took me three or four years to start producing models that looked somewhat acceptable, and even these days I don't like putting them on the table unless it's a huge game. Just keep at it, don't be afraid to experiment with new techniques and look up guides online or in WD if you get it. Once you've got the knack, you can produce some beautiful paint jobs.

I suppose it is a bit odd, but they're adoreable. The smaller critters especially.

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I really just started Nids, because that fight for Magragge (or whatever it was called) set came out and that one nerdy friend I had urged me buy half of it, because no one else wanted to play 40k with him.
So he got his SPESS MAHREENS and I ended up with the nids.
We played the missions that came with the set, I bought a set of warriors and a zoantrophe, we played a few more regular games and then I got bored by it...
So I wasted a lot of money on over expensive toys that I didn't even really like and will never use again just to make a guy happy who turned out is a bit of a jerk...

Oh and the minis ARE kinda cute.

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>it literally ejaculates its seed at the enemy, also it has a scrotum.

fuck, not even Slaanesh armies have anything that blatantly sexual.

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You think that's something? Take a gander at the 2nd edition Gargoyles.

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I'd think women would play more Eldar or Tau

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Don't be silly, it's just basic physics.

You won't be seeing any vulva shaped rockets.

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>not even Slaanesh armies have anything that blatantly sexual.

If GW had any balls, they would create a possessed Leman Russ that has a daemon dick for a battle cannon.

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Actauly it is kind of cute.

It looks like a oversized rokoko dildo.

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counts as plasma?

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They're looking at the models not the fluff. Most players I meet don't know the fluff beyond what the army tag line is unless they're dedicated fanboys. The two female players I personally know play nids, but both of them only joined the hobby as a way of finding new way to share hobbies with the boyfriends. Ironically the guys have told me they would prefer their girlfriends to have alternate hobbies because they feel crowded in all aspects of their life now.

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We've already seen this thread a MILLION TIMES. Stop fucking posting DLFG bait, you faggots.

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DLFG, would you grace us with some tyranid presence?

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Like anybody really needs to bait that tripfag with its more than 23500 posts.

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nids clean the galaxy of organic matter

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rolled 22 = 22

In her defense, I see her contribute a ton of pics to dump threads.

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Yeah, 'nids are pretty cute.

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Another DeathLeaper!

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All this discussion about why women play Tyranids makes me wonder why I play Necrons- if it isn't some deep down disfunction inherent to my own personality that attracted me to the undead goth terminators.

I'm scared.

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because robot zombies that never die is why i chose to play necrons.

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DLFG is one of the few tripfags who don't suck. Fuck you.

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All tripfags suck, some just suck a lot less. DLFG and Scriptarius are the two that come to mind.

>> No.15679657

Tell me then, what does DLFG do that couldn't be done without the trip?

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I play Nids, and my girlfriend really likes them. I asked her if she wants me to help her start up her own army, and she got happy and said yes.

But she said she didn't want Tyranids, because while she thinks they're cool, she doesn't really want that army. So we took a look through the armies, and she said she wants to play Chaos; Strictly Slaanesh.

I asked her why, and she answered, "Because they look awesome and kinda hot"

After a while I she changed her mind, and now wants Chaos undivided, minus Nurgle. She just thinks those units look gross.

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Dont even get me started on why people play Tau, maybe it's that underdog feeling I get.

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but Script isn't a tripfag you dumbass
and all he does is kitbash, so it's not like he's hurting /tg/ or anything with "elf slave wat do" retardation

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... Nope, we're done here. Short of a penis env-


Yea, we're topped off.

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Oh, I thought he used a trip. I don't really look at names, so I can't remember who just namefags and who actually tripfags. One of the benefits of being an anon, my derpitute will disappear into the general noise of the board.

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I've only seen one girl playing warhammer, it was warhammer fantasy back when i was 13.

She was playing highelves.

I told her that it was the perfect army, considering that she was a girl.

and she punched me in the arm.

My army at the time was very colourfully painted bretonnians, but i don't know if she understood my subtly, i never saw her play at the store ever again.

Also ever notice that in most arguments girls are the first to resort to violence. Whats up with that? Why are girls so violent?

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>I told her that it was the perfect army,
>she punched me in the arm.

Should have told her to play Khorne.

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I think it's simple - girls correspond to Tyrandis, since they both want to DEVOUR EVERYTHING.

Also, vagina teeths.

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Image dump? Sure.

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As a girl, I can understand why some girls find tyrinids to be "cute". They are powerful beasts that the girls use as a way to dominate their opponents. They seem them as exotic pets that can strike fear into anyone who would do them harm. A good simile would be a small girl with a rottweiler: the person in question may not be strong, but animal, under her control, is. I also think they do compare tyrinids to dogs in the sense of non-sentience and loyalty: Tyrinids follow their hive, which the girls supplant themselves as. So the 'nids become like their adorable puppies, and they are their care givers.

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>girls treat their soldiers like dogs
>just like how most of them treat men

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Where the hell do you get all your images from? I consider my 40k folder fairly robust but you always have crap I haven't seen.

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/tg/, mostly. I skim Deviantart and the occasional artist's portfolio if I find it, but the bulk comes from /tg/.

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seems familiar..

from a WD, I imagine. Those marines deathwatch? Hard to tell with older non-standardized art..

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I asked a female friend of mine.

Honestly? It sounds like she likes them (and therefore all girls because derp) because we've made it into a thing.

All this cutesy crap? Girls feel like as a girl they should be playing 'Nids.

I think us, as 40k players, have made it into a thing.

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They could be anything. You can't see the Deathwatch icon, but it's only worn on one of the two shoulder pads. It does seem to be inside a Hive Ship, and raids on Hive Ships definately fall into the Deathwatch's portfolio though. The other guy could be an Inquisitor, adding further credance.

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It's always worn on the one that would be visible in this case, the left.
Unless the art has been mirrored, they're not deathwatch.

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thats retarded, If any girl actually believes this, they're retarded.

play the army you like god damn it.

don't try to blame others for your own choices.

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I'm a girl gamer, and personally, I think Tyranids are fucked up looking and vaguely gross. I prefer a good Sisters army anytime, although that may just be the lecherous side of me coming out.

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>So the 'nids become like their adorable puppies

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Hmm. That rules the Deathwatch out then. Don't suppose anyone recognises the symbol? It's piqued my interest now.

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>mfw this thread

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I personally find nids terrifying. They're the kinds of things I have nightmares about coming from under my bed to eat me, or things a long that vein anyway.

I do have a Tyranid army though because I liked how they played a couple editions back.

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Whenever the new Codex is done, I'm going to be hacked off if the Genestealer Cults don't get a nod.

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they are pretty cute

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Okay, so it's not quite art, but still.

>> No.15680240

Nids fighting daemons?

Shouldn't the nids be avoiding the taint of chaos?

And why isn't the shadow of warp thingy banishing those pesky daemons?

>> No.15680243
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>> No.15680280
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The Shadow in the Warp disrupts non-Tyranid warp signals, so it might make summoning a Daemon harder, it won't do anything to hinder Daemons that have already achived corporeal form, or possessed someone. It won't stop them passing through an active warp rift either.

The Shadow in the Warp isn't a Pariah field. Think of it as the millions and millions of psychic messages flashing backwards and forwards between each Tyranid simply drowning out any other voices in the warp. A group of cultists trying to summon daemons might run into trouble as the daemons won't 'hear' the ritual as it's psychic ripples are lost in the Shadow.

>> No.15680294
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>> No.15680308
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>> No.15680320
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>> No.15680329
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>> No.15680342
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>> No.15680356
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>> No.15680362
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>> No.15680369
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>> No.15680377
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>> No.15680398
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>> No.15680403
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>> No.15680415
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>> No.15680429

issue is; we don't know if the art's been mirrored or erroneous, which happens quite often in GW art (especially back in the day, the bolters are vintage)

black armor + not space marine dude + tyranids makes me think deathwatch, though it could just as easily be the scythes of the emperor (or any other random 'black' chapter).

>> No.15680430
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>> No.15680447
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>> No.15680455
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>> No.15680462
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>> No.15680485
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>> No.15680504
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>> No.15680512
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>> No.15680527

Seconding this. If you actually do that, you're kind of an asshole. If you think they're cute or badass or whatever the fuck, play them, but don't do it because you want to.

Personally, I don't really see how they're cute at all. But then again this is coming from the girl that thinks Orks and Skaven are adorable, so the fuck do I know about cute

>> No.15680533
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>> No.15680547
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>> No.15680565
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>> No.15680567

>nids painted pink and with sparkles
that sounds absolutely adorable.

>> No.15680590
File: 2.05 MB, 1500x2900, 1311453183154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15680602
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>> No.15680620
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>> No.15680629
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>> No.15680642
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>> No.15680643

Nothing at all becauswe the cutiest faction is bretonnia.

They come with their own ponies!!!

>> No.15680648
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The Wood Elves have nicer looking horses, though. Plus, elves.

>> No.15680655
File: 1.19 MB, 1600x788, 1311453669707.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15680662

So we can expect Codex: Bronies?

>> No.15680664
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>> No.15680670
File: 306 KB, 800x600, 1311453788986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15680681
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>> No.15680682
File: 203 KB, 1000x750, 1311453842108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope not.

It'd ruin my idea for my storm of chaos My little Bretonnians.

>> No.15680692
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>> No.15680697
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>> No.15680700
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all fear the dyson ball

>> No.15680708
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>> No.15680713
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>> No.15680720
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>> No.15680727
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>> No.15680734
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>> No.15680743
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>> No.15680752
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God, I want something like this so bad.

>> No.15680762
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>> No.15680764

>thats retarded, If any girl actually believes this, they're retarded.play the army you like god damn it.
don't try to blame others for your own choices.

But for the same reasons boys love their manly hero Marines fluffs, and despise "pansy" Eldars, isnt that a "belief" itself?

>> No.15680771
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>> No.15680791
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>> No.15680806
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>> No.15680819
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>> No.15680824
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>> No.15680827

those guys are equally retarded.

>> No.15680829
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>> No.15680841
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>> No.15680849
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>> No.15680856
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Hmm. As much as I love these concept arts, I'm going to skip over them for now. If there's space left before the limit after posting my other stuff I'll go back to them.

>> No.15680866
File: 146 KB, 900x613, carnifex_by_alactop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15680875
File: 189 KB, 900x715, carnifex_by_SelenaH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15680880
File: 544 KB, 1037x619, 1311455345111.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15680889
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>> No.15680898

Gaunt's Ghosts in a Tyranid Defense scenario overseen by Kryptmann would be the best battle ever.

>> No.15680904
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>> No.15680916
File: 215 KB, 837x1014, 1311455582023.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A book describing the Ghosts being systematically massacred? Totally okay with this.

>> No.15680921
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>> No.15680926
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>> No.15680931
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>> No.15680933

They'd destroy an entire hive fleet. Nevermind that they don't have any warships or their own. They'd also out shoot hive guard, out melee hive tyrants, out sneak lictors, and beat the hive mind in a duel of wills.

>> No.15680934
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>> No.15680938

deathleaperfangirl have huge tyranid army as well i take it?

>> No.15680940
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Suddenly we are sisters once more.

>> No.15680945

and then Kryptmann and the deathwatch just-as-planned the tyranids at the end

guard..fuck yeah?

>> No.15680951
File: 107 KB, 900x887, Ripper_Swarm_by_MasterCarlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sadly, you're probably right. No matter how carthaic it might be to read about Mkoll having his brains sucked out by a Lictor, it's never going to happen.

>> No.15680978
File: 1.18 MB, 991x1406, shadow_in_the_warp_by_drak-d379ztb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

~8000 points or so. Probably more, since that's not including the second Heirodule I'm working on.

>> No.15680987
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>> No.15680988

can we see what you look like? i have never seen girl + warhammer.... just curiosity i swear!

>> No.15680990

Fuck, I just noticed how many spelling errors in my post.

>> No.15680999
File: 744 KB, 679x1024, 1311456207319.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681027

a very sizable force.

>> No.15681033
File: 148 KB, 600x904, 1311456507788.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tall, very skinny, pale skin, dyed hair, glasses. Numerous piercings. Small boobs/ass. I'm not posting pictures but that'll give you an idea.

>> No.15681055
File: 1002 KB, 1500x1154, 1311456648782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been in the hobby for about ten years, so it's had a lot of time to grow. Add in the Dark Eldar, assorted bits from other armies purely for painting, and the newly started Craftworld Eldar...I don't like to think about how much money I've forked over to GW.

>> No.15681061

The only girl I knew who played GW had Bretonians, though she admitted it was about the pretty heraldry.
Very well painted army, though because each knight had his own heraldry it lacked visual cohesion...

>> No.15681062
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>> No.15681078
File: 178 KB, 600x817, 1311456850054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681100

Don't fergit there was a catachan regiment that defeated a Splinter hive Fleet by eliminating the threat posed by the Lictors. EG, killing some and then smearing themselves in tyranid guts so they smelled of nids and not of people. Stayed in decontam for 10 years afterwards. But they out snuck Lictors

>> No.15681108
File: 77 KB, 507x660, Tyranid_Warrior_by_lizardbeth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681115

Source? I'm aware that Marbo is stated to have out-stealthed Lictors, but that's about all.

>> No.15681125
File: 267 KB, 1100x1700, 1311457146935.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my picture.

>> No.15681134
File: 430 KB, 1600x1097, 1311457246288.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681145
File: 92 KB, 900x585, 1311457306049.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681148
File: 555 KB, 1351x1013, 1311457325427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He is getting some mixed up stories there.
The thing is, some nids were going crazy in some imperial city. Guys smeared themselves in guts to stay hidden, killed every nid there was inside.
Not sure where it was. Rulebook? Old codex?

>> No.15681160
File: 405 KB, 1280x960, 1311457405231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681167

Can't unsee.

>> No.15681174
File: 195 KB, 900x1184, 1311457544385.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm. I'd have to take your word for it, as it's news to me either way. IG fluff isn't my strong point.

>> No.15681185
File: 746 KB, 800x564, 1311457642717.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681205
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>> No.15681221
File: 72 KB, 512x734, 1311457829533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681226
File: 61 KB, 512x728, 1311457873029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681237
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>> No.15681252
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>> No.15681258
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>> No.15681268
File: 30 KB, 450x324, 1311458137866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681282
File: 24 KB, 450x320, 1311458236670.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really, really wish the Tyrant Guard had been more like this, something similar to the old 3rd edition models. The silly little armoured bulldogs just don't look right.

>> No.15681290
File: 50 KB, 430x600, 1311458282400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15681310

And that's the image limit. I'm not sure if anyone's actually still following the thread, but if you were, hopefully you got something useful.

>> No.15681420


I want to know wtf those things are in the air. By the perspective of the picture they are way to big to be malanthropes. I'm pretty sure hive ships can't make planetfall or would even look that personified.

>> No.15681442

I showed the 40k rule book to two of my friends.
The first, being male, quickly took interest in the Imperial Guards, Orks and Necrons while my other friend, being female, showed interest in the Tyranids as soon as she saw them. She didn't show any signs of interest in the other armies.

My theory is that in a world like 40k where everyone wears one-colored power armor Tyranids stands out and that's why they are so appealing to the average female player.

>> No.15681443

I know a girl who's got Necrons.

>> No.15681458

Yup! Tyranids went from my 3rd choice of 40k army to 2nd. Still don't think they're the cutest, but damn are they interesting.

>> No.15681466

I've honestly no idea. They're obviously floating, so can't just be the heads of unnamed Bio-titans looming in the distance. It's really rather intriguing.

It's true that they've got a visual aesthetic all of their own. The only army that really approaches them is Daemons, and even then they're still very different.

>> No.15681510

Awesome, glad to hear it. Even if you don't go for them as your main army, it can be useful to have a second, smaller one to collect alongside the main. It gives you something a little different to paint, stops you getting bored of only working on the same army.

>> No.15681525


Yeah, we'll probly never know. I did just notice it's Tau they are fighting. So I'm going to guess it's Hive fleet Gorgon. The only big Nids/Tau fight I know of.

I think the stories tell of many crazy mutations they needed to try and overcome the Tau's quick adaptability. They are the fastest evolving fleet on record. Leaves the fluff wide open for one-offs.

>> No.15681539

Dark Crusade got me into necrons. That pariah guy was awesome

>> No.15681563

It's certainly Gorgon, as the picture is placed amongst the fluff detailing that conflict in the Codex. The Tau tend to use a lot of aircraft rather than titans, so I wonder if it was something to do with that. Like a giant, organic barrage balloon to snag passing aircraft with tentacles, while pumping out acidic sporefog to damage and corrode engines. Like giant, anti-air Venomthropes.

>> No.15681992


I am more of Imperial Guards then Tyranids. I guess it's because I watched so many documentaries about world wars when I was younger.
History Channel + often sick

>> No.15682756

This would be an awesome Ace Combat level.
Diving and twisting around acidic spore clouds while shredding gargoyle packs so the ground-based defenses can hit more incoming spore pods before they land.

>> No.15682828

A tau centric Ace combat game would be awesome.

set it on the planet where the tau and the IG managed to stop gorgon.

start the game with tau vs imp guard, then OH Fuck NIDS.

>> No.15682857

OH FUCK NIDS is one of the tried and true twists.
It's a classic, really.

>> No.15682859


For being an undead abomination of flesh and living metal he seemed a little too thrilled about it. Almost like he was enjoying his new state even.

>> No.15682864

"Emperor preserve us, it's the Ribbon!"
"Bail out! Bail out! Get out of your Chimaeras!"
*Blam!*"The next one of you filthy mongrels that-" *BOOM*

>> No.15682901

as if

playing as a thunderbolt/lightning pilot would fit much more

tau prototype superweapons? Fighting against genetically superior pilots with grit and raw experience? It practically writes itself

and everyone knows tau can't quip like navy.

>> No.15682917

>>Genetically superior pilots

Wow. Anything to be the Underdog, huh?

That argument _might_ work if applied to the Eldar. Otherwise, No.
Take those regulation issue steel balls that we're always told about and never see, and play a different title.

>> No.15682929

air caste are canonically stated to be more suited to the rigors of piloting.

read the codex (specifically the damocles crusade, IIRC. Might be the 3rd edition book), it's pretty much exactly what I put there.

>> No.15682937


nice way to sound like an asshole and still not know what you're talking about

>> No.15682948

Guess I'll take the expert's word for it...

>> No.15682955

oops, my apologies;

page 15, under "Barracude Superiority Fighters"

>> No.15683002

So I was half wrong, mea culpa.
Really it's just the usual IG busy-body sticking itself in randomly.
No one is impressed any more.
Learn to share, or go away.

>> No.15683008

stfu kanluwen

>> No.15683022

So mad, so mad. Go for a walk.

Hello? DLFG? You get deleted?

>> No.15683037

I may hate the "hurr durr guard iz da best" shit, but this fluff ain't exactly new

And they still get raped three ways sideways by the eldar airforce (which is the best at everything ever going by the fluff)

>> No.15683049

Nah, I deleted it myself. Someone else mentioned it before me without me noticing, and I didn't want to seem like a bitch by mentioning it again.

>> No.15683053

I rounded up a woman to ask her.
For starters she gave this preamble. "'With the 'Nids I don't have to put up with half naked women. If I wanted to look at a half naked woman I'd take off my clothes and look in the mirror."

More over she went on to say "I want something that has a savage wild feel to it. And 'Nids have that, even more than the Orks."

As for the Elder I'm not into Yaoi. They look like an army of Sissies, and who would expect that to win. It's a tooth pick vs. a Bastardsword.

Space marines are boreing. They all look alike. No fun at all to paint. 'Nids lots of fun.

Plus Old one eye is just awsome.

>> No.15683057

I'll concede that, I should've been able to at least guess that the Air Caste are bent towards AtA combat.
That's how the Tau do, generally speaking.
Hmm. Maybe they'll also start using Demiurge F/A squadrons as well.

>> No.15683077

You are terrifically puncticillious...and I cannot spell that word at all. Egads.

>> No.15683093

don't worry about it

as for demiurg, if the last few codices are any indication, we'll see some with the tau book. GW took the hint and has started bringing in more Aliens (court of the archon models are pretty damn nice, despite being finecast. And seeing the Jokaero again brings a tear to my eyes.)

I'm not sure my body could take an Ambull revisit though

>> No.15683099

>Plus Old one eye is just awsome.

I bet that made a GW designer smile.

>> No.15683103

both sides usually have a super weapons in ace combat.

but when it comes to large planet threatening super weapons i'm afraid the Imperial guard have them in spades. I mean what else is a titan.

all tau would have in atmosphere are mantas.

>> No.15683107 [DELETED] 

Or the Cthellan Jumping Jellys.

No one could be ready enough.
There will be no survivors.

>> No.15683143

I guess that's one way to stop all the grumbling over corporate

kill off all the old-guard with successive releases of old classics

>just when you think you've made it through, they drop a Zoat supplement on your face

>> No.15683160

His rules are shit, but his fluff is awesome. He's 40k's version of Moby Dick.

>> No.15683175

shame he's got no hunter, considering the Ultramarine who gave him his iconic feature is probably dead

>> No.15683242

Who has the upper hand in aerial combat?

The imperium or the Tau.

My guess it would the Tau. Since their stuff looks smooth and really advanced compared to the sluggish machines the imperials use.

>> No.15683608

I recall reading (Maybe Imperial Armour) they where kind of the same, the Imperium has the edge tech wise while the Tau thanks to a combination of Fire Cast and Air cast can match up, making up for their crappy tech.

But in the end humans have the upper hand because of sheer numbers and better tech.

>> No.15683705

From what I've read in IA, it seems to play out as;

Tau pilots are biologically better for air-to-air combat, able to pull off maneuvers that would result in a human blacking out. The Barracuda, the standard air superiority fighter of the Tau, is far more maneuverable than the Lightnings and Thunderbolts used by the Imperium.

While the Tau have the edge in biology and maneuverability, the Imperium on its side has experience and speed. Imperial Navy pilots tend to learn fast or die, so they'll quickly gather a hard core of very experienced, skilled fliers which the Tau struggle to match. Their aircraft are also faster on a straight than the Tau.

Technology is difficult to gauge. Tau technology is certainly highly advanced, but Imperial technology is rugged, reliable, and good for blowing huge holes in things. They've both got advantages and disadvantages and it's hard to really grade one above the other. One advantage the Imperium does have over the Tau is its fighters can also be used as limited bombers, with clusters of bombs under the wings. This makes them slightly more versatile, as they're better ground-attack aircraft than the Barracuda is.

When it comes to numbers, the Imperium certainly has the advantage. Overal I'd say in a one-on-one fight, it's pretty much equal. But the Imperium has the manpower that allows them to make sure it isn't a one-on-one fight.

>> No.15685064


they... they have a knife and fork

>> No.15685102


I've never read the Ghosts books, but isn't that what happens, well, anyway?

>> No.15685104

>Their aircraft are also faster on a straight than the Tau
That's a huge advantage in air combat. Same thing happened in WW2 with USN fights vs IJN zeros. Zeros turn better but the American fighters are more powerful and faster in straight and dive. Soon as the American pilots learned not to enter a dogfight with zeros and instead use zoom and boom they started beating them. When you are faster you can pick when to engage and when to disengage and the other guy can only respond to you.

Link highly related:

>> No.15685494

>One advantage the Imperium does have over the Tau is its fighters can also be used as limited bombers, with clusters of bombs under the wings. This makes them slightly more versatile, as they're better ground-attack aircraft than the Barracuda is.

The barracuda can carry 4 seeker missiles.

which with the flier rules means that they will always strike side armor and cannot have cover saves taken against.

not too bad considering. its as good as any to put seeker missiles on, i just wish it could take a target lock

>> No.15685527

although seekers are certainly useful, bombs they ain't

can't really compare those, especially when you've got the imperial equivalent to seeker missiles (hunter killers) as an aircraft mount

>> No.15685663

Yeah but do they carry them in an internal drop down weapons bay?

I think not.

Also the barracuda model is cool because it looks like it has a fan right behind the cockpit just like the F-35.

(in b4 hurr durr f-35 sucks, its a fine plane, its just that its price tag is horrendous.)

Also i didn't realize that thunder bolts could take hunter killers. then that sucks because i can't even fire seekers without a marker light.

also no upgrades for the barracuda is crap, no disruption pods, targeting arrays or target locks even decoy launchers...

if the barracuda could fire forward and have the two gun pods shoot down or backwards that'd be awesome, but currently it can only fire at one target and with the burst cannons so far back they barely ever have range to the front.

>> No.15687120

i have a buddy who's a girl and plays tyranids. and would play lizardmen in fantasy if he played


>> No.15687479

It's plausible that the Tau could have AtA (atmospheric) guided munitions while the IoM favors Lascannons.
That's another battle-shifting factor. Killing planes from far away very fast does quite a bit to compensate for slower air speeds.
But I agree that overall it's hard to judge. Exactly what the Tau could have is the realm of boundless speculation, and the Imperium's techno-entropy/barbarism wanders in and out of focus depending on who's writing.
I see it as rather being like that piece of art with the giant floating nid-brain-titans. In the foreground firewarriors and hive critters are meeting in a furious collision...that in 40K always happens, but in a less setting dogmatic universe could be completely averted.
A Imperial Navy/Tau air war has to go to dogfighting, though I think pretty damn reasonable for one side or another to keep that from happening.

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