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Okay, I'm not sure if a mod deleted that or if OP did, but we're not finished with that bullshit.
Member of Clark's group, post those screens up.
Seriously, /tg/ needs to get the bottom of this assholery.

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OP did, he easily did

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Yes, I was saddened that the thread was deleted.

Also, would everyone mind re-posting their pictures? There were a few I was going to save later.

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I actually yelled in anguish when the I refreshed to a 404.

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I KNEW somebody would make a follow-up thread. This is too good to let it slip by. A-Class drama material.

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Yes! I was just about to do this.

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as you wish
pic related, that one guy's waifu

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Can somebody sum up what happened in TL;DR fashion?

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Jesus I feel like a 12 year old girl in search of gossip.

It feels good man.

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so this is a beautiful case of "DELET FUCKING EVERYTHING!!!"?

also for those who don't know what are we talking about:

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Bump, also do we know which member of the group this poster is? He mentioned several names, we should be able to flesh out who is who.

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>he's not fucking married, that lunatic
oh god, he's completely bonkers

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Reposting this at least.

Oh and hey, Mikes, are you still around? <3

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>Clark's face

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We need to keep in mind here the possibility that the whole thing was a fake and that Clarke and the other guy were the same person.

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I suggest Clarke and/or Clarkes "friend" get their asses in here and continue to entertain us. I finally want to know who the bigger dick is, the powerleveling GM or the original OP, aka Clarke.

Oh god, this must be what watching soap operas feels like.

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BUMP. I've still got the old thread loaded up, what's a good way to screencap without taking fucking ages print screening or copying onto Word?

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Thankyou OP I was just about to post that.

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I have to be honest. Through his behaviour, Clarke is obviously an asshole.

However, the DM stuff? Individual levelling, level/loot differences, group focus disparity and spotlighting? That's shit tier GMing too.

What I'm saying is: everyone sounds like an asshole.

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Is this guy somehow related to PIGDOG?

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Pic repost number two

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This is how bad we want to know.

I require Juicy details of others lives to fill my own pathetic life.


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fapping at the speed of light

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do you think we give a fuck? TV shows are fake too.

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Joe is one of the Rouges I think, and his 'best friend'.

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so, its a group of assholes? Better than my group of dicks

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Right, right, and if that's the case this thread will die quietly with its lack of responses.

But if it's not...

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I was just about to archive it on sup/tg/ as well. Still loaded on my browser though.

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clark comes on /tg/ whining about how he messed up two gaming groups
/tg/ presses for more info
clark gives in and tells sad story of how a bad dm made him argue with best friend and whole gaming group
clark's fellow player enters thread and points out clark's bullshit and that he was kicked out for flirting with another player's wife

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>open thread
>leave in other tab while waiting for eventual story

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I have been searchign frantically for my Jeffrey "EVERYBODY'S GETTING RAPED" picture since the last thread.

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see? this is why it's a good story. It has a sudden twist, then you realize that it's not black and white, it has all kind of depths.

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May aswell repost this

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Original thread here, for those of us joining us now.

Grab some popcorn and stick around, this has potential to be good.

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keep this shit in this thread so we don't spam the board, but the friend posted this one


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The Saga of Clark will be my next campaign setting.

Spoilers: It's in Dark Heresy.

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I'm surrounded by assholes!

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he deleted it


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Deleted now.

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you have my reaction image

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The mods cannot keep the knowledge of Clarkes group from us. They cannot!

(or did OP delete the thread?)

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I'm pretty sure the mods were listening into the drama

it was holarious

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Most likely OP.

Come on Clarke's friend!

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Holy fucking asswagons.

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This makes me all giddy inside. Please don't leave me hanging.

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OP deleted it because he didn't want to get bananad over this faggotry

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So Clarke said he destroyed two groups, but we've only had the story of one. How did the other go (did it just have the same people in it?).

I knew something was up soon as he started explaining. It was taking him ages to get round to the point, he was clearly evasive and he never did quote FB like he said.

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god clarke looks like a faggot

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yep. delete fucking everything

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You guys are all morons. You have been trolled. How does it feel?

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and this is how clark once had to pay an ex-fellow player money so as not to embarrass him on an image board

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CLARKE'S FRIEND, COME BACK! Regale us with your tales!

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I'm guessing it was OP.

Which means that that shit was probably true. I guess we'll know if this thread goes down too.

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shit, I don't think he's coming back.

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If you're out there mods, please won't you sticky this.

Clarke dun goofed.

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Goddamn it /tg/ I thought you were better than this... You -believe- that guy is actually a member of the guys group, you believe that within an hour of a guy posting a story, someone from his group, someone who seems like a total shit roleplayer considering he has no qualms with splitting the group in adventures, xp, loot and FUN and plays a CN rogue.

I really expected better from you all. This is the kind of shit /v/ would scream over, not you.

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the first group was pathfinder where he called out the DM on facebook in front of everyone and the second group was deathwatch which they said they weren't going to play with him anymore

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So while we're all in here, I was going to bring up something in the other thread:

Induvidual XP, bullshit or not? I think it is, having players gain more XP because they were given more opportunities by the DM. I tend to keep XP the same for all players.

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you know you're really acting like a clark right now

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You should know that /tg/ loves nothing more than Nerd-Drama.

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Get out of here Clarke!

(And really, is it so hard to believe that two guys who were at the same event might go on /tg/ within an hour of getting home)

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CLARKE detected

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