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hey /tg/, im worried i may be a bit too much of a prude when gaming...

i don't like to do romance stuff at all, but when i do i demand that any sex is fade to black, zero E-RP.
i'm...uncomfortable with sexual content that isn't actual sex, im ok with whores and all(like, their existence and just talking to them for whatever reason)
I also pretty much always ignore/turn down random advances and being hit on...

should I lighten up? does it not really matter?

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Too blatant.

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2/10, nearly believed you.

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It is a GAME.

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It's a game. You do it for fun. You don't need to pretend to be in love with a fake elf princess, or a dude playing a fake elf princess.

Would doing this shit be fun for you? Well, there's your answer as to whether or not you are too prude.

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AW shit.

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How does that hook in the cheek feel? And the line, and the sinker.

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not a troll

the issue came up when playing DH, our group rules lawyer pointed out halfway when i was shooting down a sororitas left, right and centre that theres an actual trait/talent for rejecting advances...chem geld or something.

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we weren't making fellowship rolls or anything, but the rules lawyer pointed out that fluff wise i had no reason to say no.

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For trying to stick with it, it's more out of pity now.

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Why would I want to sit in a basement and act out sex with a bunch of neckbeards who have never seen a vagina except the one they were pushed out of.

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> i was shooting down a sororitas left, right and centre
I'd say the DM has some sort of grand scheme going on in the background. Thread carefully.

On a related note, fuckyeah, bolter bitches.

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I feel the best way to deal with trolls and troll threads (save for just not posting, which is something we are all clearly incapable of) is to respond, directly and sincerely. Just take the post or posts as if they were completely serious and respond to them in a mature and non-conformational manner. For example:

>"If you're uncomfortable with playing out detailed sex scenes in you games, that's 100% fine. We're all here to have fun, and fun for different people takes different forms. The goal of a game is to enjoy yourself, and if your not enjoying playing the game then you're either doing something wrong or you're in the wrong kind of game.

Trolling is really a mindset. If you don't get pissed off or have some sort of "oh shit what is going on in that post I am so volcanically disgruntled right now I cant even type it all!" reaction, then you haven't really been trolled. I'd say people posting 0/10 try harder fagoot are way more trolled that someone who just answers the question and then moves on.

And then there's always the possible that no one was trying to troll in the first place.

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Just curious, OP, but is your game online or at the table?

Cuz, you know, nobody in their right mind EVER erp's in a real-life game, but it is something you mentioned.

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You almost had me.

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said it before: not trolling
online, IRC.
and i know for a fact(well...alright i have their words to go on) that theyre all dudes

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Yeah, I usually do the same. No point getting worked up about people posting crap on 4chan, and in the event it's a honest question I prefer to be helpful than to add shit to the pile.


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I think it's embarassing and uncomfortable as hell whenever the GM roleplays a character that's hitting on me or doing anything romantic (to my character).

Which is why all my characters are uninterested, already married or a bit touched in the head,

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Well, in any case, I pretty much agree with what this guy said. >>15651024 Games are about having fun. If you don't think playing out some sort of fantasy romance will be fun, then don't do it.

You're not weird for not liking romance in your roleplaying, anyway. It's an uncommon occurance (and even rarer to be taken seriously) in most people's games.

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hey hey hey gang just fucked my virtual lv.22 elf princess girlfriend on D&D online a few minutes ago

shit was so cash

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the most ridiculous thing about that is that you play D&D online

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No you're fine. Sex, like many things, is terrible if done badly. Unless you write erotic fiction for a living the chances are your narration would be terribly off-putting.

Then add in the fact that at best you'll give some guy a boner and at worst you'll make the entre table uncomfortable, there's no reason to include it.

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Say your character's gay.

And if they start trying to seduce him with men, say he's asexual or impotent or something.

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Nah dog, it's cool.

I can imagine that it would be REALLY uncomfortable for everyone else at the table (and probably the DM) if you RP'd out a sex scene or something. Look up Thri-Kreen Erotica on 1d4chan for an example of why. It really doesn't matter how hot the scene may or may not be, the DM should really just skip over it and get back to the adventure.

The exception to this is rule is if you are playing overtly sexual games like Lands of Luste, in which case your attitude is kind of out of place, but why you'd play Lands of Luste I can't imagine.

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i think its more a problem of doing sexual stuff with others around, i loved thri kreen erotica but would never feel comfortable experiencing that in a game

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In my DH games if anyone sleeps with space-whores I roll 1d100, on a 100 it was in fact a slaaneshi cultist who is about to attempt to fuck up the party, it may turn out that the whole space whore-house is a slaaneshi cult.

my players know nothing of this...

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know who DOES like sex in tabletop gaming?

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When my DH group entered a Slaaneshi Orgy/cult base I used quick descriptions of images on /d/s front page whenever someone asked what's over there, or I roll perception and failed.

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Scrolling past the trolls...
Look kids, I've e-rp'ed with a few people. I mean really, any good book or story has emotional interests and low and behold people really do have sex. I've even had IRL physical relationships with players.
Prude or no prude, why are you a prude? Shy?
Whatever the reason just have a good time.
There is nothing else to it. And the trolls would be wise to remind anyone of that fact than the trolling attempt.
Its as if people forgot this is a discussion board.

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8/10, this is some epic meta-trolling shit with a four part setup.

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Cool samefag, bro.

Polite sage for not contributing.

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