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rolled 65 = 65

Let's take a poll.

Which, of the four major chaos gods, would you give the gift of your loyalty and become a servant for all time?

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rolled 40 = 40

And i'll dump these because I like em.

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rolled 72 = 72

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Best case scenario, kill everyone and get angry
worst case scenario, get decapitated and die relatively quickly

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rolled 46 = 46

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rolled 64 = 64

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father nurgle! they seem to have a lot of fun

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Ultimate knowledge... ultimate control... the ultimate fulfillment of my inner 4x gamer. JUST AS PLANNED! THE WORLD WILL BEND TO MY WILL! YOU'RE ALL PAWNS IN MY GAME AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW IT!!!

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Well that, or decapitated, and brought back, for infinite deaths in his name....

Also, I'd go for Tzeentch for the power, or Nurgle because, of all of them, he's the least torturey towards his own servants

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Do I get to be a demon prince?

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rolled 31 = 31


if you work really really hard!

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How dumb do you have to be to serve anyone other than the Prince of Pleasure?

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Fuck that.

I choose Necoho.

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you do realize that working = fucking for Slaanesh, right?

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Nurgle. I'm in for the long haul.

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Serving another chaos god doesn't mean I can never indulge in pleasure. Followers of Slaanesh take it so far that they are constantly seeking new highs, and everything just gets boring to them. I gotta tell ya it's tempting but I'd rather be the guy going MUAHAHA JUST AS PLANNED than be bored of orgasms.

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Fucking so often that eventually you don't feel it anymore, you don't feel anything anymore, and you have to start doing more and more crazy shit just to fill normal until you're a burnt out shell of a human being, completely deaf and mostly blind, and then you're ground up to make super cocaine for Doomrider and your soul is consumed for eternity and you cease to exist.

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rolled 71 = 71


stop being a 'sperg and get to fucking one tittied bitches

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Khorne is just too mono-focused on anger for me. I enjoy a good fight now and then, but living for nothing but violence would get boring (if I'm any good at it) or would be gruesome and short (if I'm not).

Nurgle is just so... so... gross. Do not want.

Tzeentch is tempting, what with all the knowledge and power, but I'm too paranoid. No matter how far I advanced my own plans, I couldn't help but suspect I was just a pawn in a yet more powerful heretic's plan. And I'd probably be right.

But Slaanesh I can get on board with. Sure, living for endless infinite pleasure and aesthetic perfection is a shallow and meaningless existence, but who really cares about that sort of thing when you've got a mountain of cocaine to snort?

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I'd want to work in the forges, creating titanic beasts of iron and fire. After all, why kill two men with a sword when you can kill two million with a cannon bigger than Big Ben, physics be damned!

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Khorne is ok and all but just... boring and hyper-focused as others noted.

and I'm too squeemish for Nurgle cause while he may be laid back, he is incredibly disgusting.

And Slaanesh is just a shallow and self-destructive existence.

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>Who wants to live Forever by Queen

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Tzeentch. Nurgle blows, and Slaanesh and Khorne don't really offer anything interesting. Sure, hedonistic pleasures. Sure, kill maim burn. But those are short term goals. Tzeentch probably has a dental plan. What if my daughter needs braces?

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rolled 71 = 71

Slaanesh. She's just so applicable to every area of your life. Plus sexy daemonettes.

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Either Khorne or Nurgle. Nurgle's followers seem like a big happy family, granted a pus ridden rotting one. Meanwhile, under Khorne I'd basically just get to go mad and beat the shit out of everything. Slaanesh and Tzeentch never really appealed to me for some reason.

If I could choose ANY of the gods, chaos or not? Gork and Mork. Fuck everyone I'm gonna be a digganob.

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Think it would be Nurgle for me.

I can study at my own pace, and intelligently spread disease to satisfy the Tzeentch in me.

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Khorne of course. Fighting and taking skulls forever is best in life.

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Chalk me up for Tzeentch.

Not only do you get sweet magic powers and access to untold forbidden knowledge, but the Thousand Sons clearly demonstrate that he has a rockin' fashion sense, as well!

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rolled 14 = 14


As a corollary of this: Slaanesh wants you to become perfect in every way, and then to transcend the bounds of perfection into excess. This is great; it means you are going to have godly skill in every aspect of your life, be incredibly sexy, and still be able to inject liquid cocaine into your skull. It's good to be the king.

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You're probably only gonna live for what, 80 years? Make them fun ones

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Tzeentch, you're almost guaranteed to be the chump in some plan or another after a while, and even if you aren't, your end game is either mutating out of control or (if you're that one lucky one in a shitillion) becoming a Daemon Prince and still not being immune to Lord of Change/Tzeentch himself fucking you over.

Slaanesh sounds nice at first, until you remember that eventually no sensation is enough for you, regardless of what it is, to the point where you go crazy and get yourself killed to either escape it or to feel what death is like. Yeah, I'll pass on that. Also, I don't really want to get raped to death or used as some horrible art installation while I'm still alive.

Khorne is great until one of my buddies chops my head off because I looked at him a half second too long, or until I explode into Bloodletters, or until I go completely crazy and guarantee I'll die a screaming moron chasing after a Baneblade with a chainsword.

This leaves Nurgle. While I certainly don't really enjoy the concept of dying a slow death, Nurgle actually gives a shit about his children, and depending on who you listen to, makes his plagues feel like wonderful gifts to those who accept them willingly (or fucks their minds up such that they view the horrible suffering as wonderful gifts.) I mean, come on, one of his daemons is described as having the personality of a giant, overly excited puppy that happens to be made of Space Ebola. Plus, at the end of it all when entropy inevitably grinds everything to a halt, Nurgle wins.

Grandpappy Nurgle all the way.

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I'd create beautiful art, music and film.

Sure eventually my work would become so intricate and overwrought as to become obscene to those who do not share Slaanesh's patronage, but several decades of great art would still be added to the culture first. That's as much as any artist can ask for.

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I'll go for either Slaanesh or Tzeentch, the former because one can feasibly not look hideous under some conditions and the latter because magic.

However, if I were forced to serve Chaos, I would do it in the laziest way possible. My struggle for perfection would be trying to find the ideal amount of time required to boi la perfect egg, and my political ambitions would be limited to trying to get a job that pays more than the one I have right now (that is, more than ten dollars an hour).

Basically, I would be a Chaos cultist that behaves like most Christians: I only occasionally serve my god, maybe on holidays and the occasional Saturday or Sunday.

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>Nurgle actually gives a shit about his children

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>capchan advaines girls

some sort of flue girls?

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My life for Mr T,
Mr Tzeentch that is!

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People do things because they like it.

Slaanesh will make you like doing all things, therefor making your life pure win.

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You know they make freakishly huge butt-plugs. Jerk off while sitting on a vibrating plug will get anyone off

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Khorne would be awesome, but I would lose myself in the bloodlust too easily, knowing how I react when I actually get andrenaline pumping through me. I realize that's kinda the whole point, but I'd rather retain some "humanity".

Nurgle...I like his style, just not the whole "turning into a giant gross pus-bag" thing. If he could keep me as a beautiful zombie, I'd spread pestilence as fast as my allergies could sneeze black plague into a baby's face.

Tzeentch would make me too paranoid and would hurt my head. I plan waaaaay ahead and cover every fucking outcome, but I'm not too big on "schemes" anymore. It's just too mentally draning.

But Slaanesh...mmmmm, Slaanesh. I'm already a highly (over)sensual tranny, so I can REALLY get behind Slaanesh (hehe). Earsplitting music, mindblowing drugs, and endless orgies punctuated by stomach-ripping feasts? Holy fucking yes, sign me the fuck up, take my soul and do whatever naughty things you do to souls.

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For me, there is only one true option.

For the Father!

I only wish that I may be allowed to spread entropy in his glorious name.

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Blood for the blood god! Skulls for his brass throne!

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>OP pic

Stop it, boner.

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Slaanesh only if I'd like it. Otherwise, Tzeentch.

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i'd like to think Nurgle, because a) he gives a shit about me and b) he'll win in the end.

i'd like to think Khorne. At uni, i've found myself using kendo as escapism-hitting people with sticks and getting hit back is just too fun.

But in the end it's Slaanesh. Goddammit, i *need* that escapism. If i can't get the kendos, i'll just go home and lose myself in any game i can, or read the best book i can find, or if i have nothing else i'll watch a film. If the gf's there to distract me instead, even bloody better.

The Prince of Pleasure and Perfection!

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What chaos gods? All I see are a bunch of organized religions saying they're all about chaos.

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Khorne, because giving a fuck is for other people.

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Too paranoid for Tzeench. I feel like there's a joke there.

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>Nurgle, because ...he'll win in the end.


Incidentally, it is also hilariously false and stupid.

>Implying Tzeentch, who can SEE THE STRANDS OF FATE AND CAUSALITY, will not inevitably win over the incarnation of not bathing regularly

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Now, after all this discussion, can somebody please tell me why there isn't an RPG about playing a Chaos Champion? Seriously, it would be so cool! You could have other options too (since more than one Champ in the same party would probably just kill each other) like Demons, Corsairs, Cultists, and all the devoted marines like Plague Bearers, Noise Marines, Rubric Marines, and Berzerkers! Let's get shit done, /tg/, am I right?

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Tzeentch, who can't stop plotting even in the face of tricking himself. Who's schemes are played on so long a timeline that even he isn't sure of the outcome.

Whatever else, Nurgle isn't self-destructive and his followers tend towards cooperation.

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Khorne. Not only are berezerker girls the best but fighing surrounded by an army or some of the best CC specialists the Warp has to offer is surfire victory. Also you can chill with Kharn.

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Googled it, thanks anon. Could have said it more nicely, though.

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And your mom could have avoided using teeth when she was sucking me off, but its the thought that counts, you know?

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Do you need a hug?

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No Tau allowed anyway. Go back to your greater good, you soulless vaginahead.

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Hey, not the one pooed on here, but are we not to be excellent to each other?

/tg/ is just like juggalos, but our family isn't as openly ridiculed because we're never in public.

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Slaanesh. Not for the 'hurr durr fucking and drugs'. I would be in it for the pursuit of perfection and the expansion of my experiences.

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No, I'm not angry, just disappointed that FFG is wasting everybody's time by marketing to the dark and edgy kiddy crowd with BC instead of continuing with their real man's games.

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Noise Marine reporting for duty!

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Not having face paint helps, too.
Unfortunately there's only two directions for that: tacticool, and fucking stupid.
And clown-face isn't tacticool.

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Slaanesh all the way; he blessed the fuck out of me in another thread just a little while ago, rolled two 66's in a row. Shit was so cash.

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No but seriously I was just shocked that someone was left on 4chan who wasn't already jaded to rudeness so I felt like being a shitty troll.

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A fellow /k/ommando, perhaps?

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either Khorne or Slaanesh. which probably means that Tzeentch already has me and I don't even know it.

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Meh, a keyboard-milita wanker at best. I've just got some of the basics down.

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Everything can give you immense pleasure.
I've searched for meaning of the life for many years. The only thing that was close to it was pleasure and sensation.
I've done tons of various drugs, tried many sexual perversions and constantly in search for more. I've found that by concentrating on an unpleasant feeling (such as cold or toothache) I can percieve it as pleasurable. So I guess it makes me an IRL Slaaneshi cultist.

Khorne - I don't really understand him. Yes, I love blood, the way it pours from cuts and wounds, the very taste of it. I love a good fight, but only when I'm drunk and/or high. But I fight because it gives me pleasure, not because of rage or desire to win.

Tzeentch - sure, knowledge and power are good, but I don't like constant plotting and scheming, and I'm to lazy to be ambitious.

Nurgle - the only good thing is that he frees you from your fears, such as fear of death. Also I'm too self-centered and don't like to become a rotten bag of pus.

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Change and change and we will change with him! Let all of creation be filled with his light! his colour! and his madness!

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And in this thread you get double 5's


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Tzeentch as shit, and proud of it.

WTF Captcha?! cubic feet/min?! HOW DO YOU EVEN WRITE THAT?!

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the faggots that chose Slaanesh

you dont' get it do you. You think it's all about pleasure and shit right? Well you're half right.

It's about his pleasure. It's not about yours. The moment he thinks he can derive greater pleasure from fucking you over, he will. So remember this. The 'pleasures' that you get from being a slaaneshi cultist? it's only because slaanesh likes it at the moment.

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>implying that every chaos god won't fuck you over for the lulz

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The Prince of Excess obviously does not match our definitions of pleasure.
I'm fine with that.
Pursuit of perfection and expanding boundaries is good enough for me.

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"For as the rising sun brings the coldness of night to its end, so I have come to bring an end to toil and bitterness. Let every land set aside their Wrath and Despair, and release the empty promises of Change, for I am the Joy of Now and the Vindication of Life. I will love you as no other has or ever will, and you shall love ME in turn: with your bodies, with your minds and with your souls. I shall be your wife and your husband, your mistress and your lover, and in MY arms you will find Purpose and Delight. Pleasure beyond all imagining is mine to bestow, if only you take ME into your hearts."

Who could say no to that.

>> No.15654925

"For as the rising sun brings the coldness of night to its end, so I have come to bring an end to toil and bitterness. Let every land set aside their Wrath and Despair, and release the empty promises of Change, for I am the Joy of Now and the Vindication of Life. I will love you as no other has or ever will, and you shall love ME in turn: with your bodies, with your minds and with your souls. I shall be your wife and your husband, your mistress and your lover, and in MY arms you will find Purpose and Delight. Pleasure beyond all imagining is mine to bestow, if only you take ME into your hearts.

Through the souls of your brothers and sisters I take MY place as a forth amongst the Three; through their Pleasure I ascend my Throne.

Raise buildings and sing songs to MY glory. In MY name , pursue your arts and enshrine all Beauty. Let all people follow their every desire, sate their every hunger, and deny themselvs no adventure. For it is in these things, and in each other, that you will find the greatest pleasure, and it is through these things, and through each other, that you shall raise yourselves high, even onto the steps of MY throne."

You will take Pleasure in all that is, though your bodies will break and your souls be forfeit. You will do this, and do this gladly. For I am Slaanesh, most jealous of gods, most demanding of lovers, and My Thirst for you shall never be sated".

Who COULD say no to that.

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Slaanesh...would mean I'd have to take it up the ass or in my mouth or...anywhere at some point. That's a no.

Khorne is mindless bloodshed for the sake of it. Another no.

Nurgle? No thanks. Plague Champions are cool as fuck, but I'd rather not kill everyone around me because I smell like shit (probably because I'd actually be covered in it).

Tzeentch...I could get behind Tzeentch, I guess. Changer of ways, mutate me into some kinda fucking bear. If I could have a say I'd have bear claws. Yes. Bear claws. The rest stay the same if possible, but bear claws. And then SORCERY! Fucking chaos bolts up in this bitch.

>> No.15654994

The one who loves me more, hugs me more and tell me stories to sleep

>> No.15655042

Hm... i would like the power and mutations of Tzeentch, the hedonism pleasure of slaanesh, the strengt of Khorne and the love of Nuggle.

Can't i get it all?

>> No.15655190

Go Undivided

>> No.15655208

And at the end of the day, it feels best to retain whatever vestiges of sanity you have and abandon both the four ruinous powers as well as the corpse emperor.
No the one true constant of the universe is hate, for it shall keep your body and witts sharp, become a servant of Malal and hold the truth.

>> No.15655337


slaughter everything


>> No.15656357

I shall be a studious non-follower of Necoho.

>> No.15657076

sauce pls

>> No.15657105

Malal because FUCK YOU.

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A real Chaos Deity. Maybe two.

>> No.15657152


Simply because.

>> No.15657163

rolled 6, 3, 5 = 14

Papa Nurgle!

>> No.15658729

...aaaaand thats what he said!
Sorry to break it to you, but Tzeentch often has the tentency to fuck you over, especially if you think you´re in control/you have ultimate knowledge.

>> No.15658739

servants of malal knows what they are in for, every one else is a delusional twat. malal.

>> No.15658747

Slaanesh, because at this point, taking some space cocaïne wouldn't be such a stretch.

>> No.15658775

What does worshipping Malal entail?

>> No.15658878

No Malal knowledge?

>> No.15658887

My friend and I have actually had this discussion once before, and I said Khorne, in the hopes that in being bat shit crazy and set to the glorious slaughter of the worshippers of their dead god, I'd at least be able to retain some level of mental control, just enough be not only brutal, but cruel.

Because that's how I like my 40k.

>> No.15658904

That or Tzeentch, for mindfuckery and being the classy kind of evil bastard.

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Khorne worshipers end up playing Call of Duty for eternity

Tzeentch worshipers end up playing Minecraft for eternity

Slaanesh worshipers end up playing The Sims for eternity

Nurgle worshipers end up playing Fallout for eternity

So.....I am going to go with Nurgle

>> No.15659035

Damn /tg/ you are so sad. First thig that comes to youw with Slaanesh and pleasure is sex.

>> No.15659059

Agreed. Lots of responses in this thread reek of insecurity.


Khorne. Blood for the blood god!

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ill let you guess three times

>> No.15659081

I said pursuit of perfection in my post.

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>> No.15659098

Slaanesh, but id try not to be the batshit insane cultist, id try being a more classy gentleman with secret BDSM and summoning chambers.

Khorne is just to stupid, Nurgle is just...ew, Tzeench is attractive but to much loludemonspawnowfornoreason for me

>> No.15659100

Alright. Tzeentch will virtually certainly screw me over. Best I get there is to be someone elses pawn.
Khorne is good for a weekend, but I think I'd get bored with the MAIMKILLBURN business plan. Plus, I dont have the physique of a spess mehreen so I'd be dead soon.
Nurgle? Nice guy, dont get me wrong, but all that puss...
Slaneesh. Coke and tranny whores. Heavy metal music played far too loud. Obsessing over something to make it just right.
Slaneesh it is.

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does it start with an S ?

>> No.15659128

Khornate devotee here.

A lifetime of fighting for the sake of fighting? Sign me up NOW, I don't care if we're low on chainaxes.

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>slaanesh mind
(incomprehensible screams)

>> No.15659151

Khorne because BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE. Nothing but eternal rage? Hell yeah.

>> No.15659163

>to stupid
Oh, the raging irony.

Raging like my berserker rage, that is.


>> No.15659168


>> No.15659174

Nyarlathotep. No interest in these johnny-come-latelies

>> No.15659177

Since this is a chaos god thread, I'm just curious; what exactly does the Orks think of Khorne? He seems to be right up their alley, what with the bloodshed and fightinin' and stompin'.

Are there Khornate Orks?

>> No.15659186

>four major chaos gods

Quick question from a guy who knows nothing of Chaos.

I know there is Chaos Undivided, but are there any legions that pledge loyalty to a lesser chaos god? Are there any, or is it all from the big four?

>> No.15659187

Id go Khorne.



Id go for a more General Patton approach, id go Blood Pact, id go tactics and a keen mind to make endless bloodshed . All the while listening to military industrial metal :D

>> No.15659204

none of the legions serve lesser gods but a few minor warbands do like the Sons of Malice

>> No.15659206
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fucking heresy

>> No.15659226 [DELETED] 

Tzeentch, y'all niggers might just be able to create a Chaos god of jealousy when I come surfin' past you on a disk doin' magic, lookin' at the future and shooting multicolored fire everywhere all while planning the downfall of nations and how to best satisfy your mothers.

>> No.15659235

until your god/friends sacrifice you to eternal torment so they can solve rubixcubes faster

>> No.15659262

All of them.

Chaos Undivided, here we come! All aboard the STD bloody orgy train meticulously calculated to crash exactly where it needs to as I blow my load into some hooker's ear!

>> No.15659270

This. Blood Pact/Sons of Sek-style Khorne follower.

>> No.15659274

Most probably Nurgle. I prefer being hard to kill and not having lots of pain. The disgust I cause in others may deliver some trolling enjoyment. Also, he is less probable to fuck you over.
If not, maybe Slaanesh, for that perfection aspect, not for the thousands of dicks sprouting everywhere I may thread.
Failing even that, Tzeentch for the knowledge aspect. But in this case, I shall BRACE FOR ASSRAPE.

>> No.15659279

I would not serve any god.

No god cares enough about me.

>> No.15659310

Don't be so down! Grandfather loves you.

>> No.15659349

Being a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch would be awesome. Trolling everyone for eternity.

>> No.15659382

Wrong, so drop the faggot act.
Nurgle cares about you, bro.

>> No.15659406

>Being a Daemon Prince of Tzeentch would be awesome. Trolling everyone for eternity.

Even yourself.

>> No.15659422


Was about to ask the same question.

How come the universe hasn't been stomped to oblivion by Khorne worshiping Orks?

>> No.15659438
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because, seriously, lets be honest, what other option is there?

i mean you can act all intelectual and say it would be tzeench or act all philosophical and say nurgle or act tough guy and say khrone, but face it, when youre up late at night with your hand grasping your genitalya, while you stare at endless spectral images of perversions and filth, letting them bore their way into your brain for hours on end, klicking away looking for more and more deeper and deeper sickness, you know who your soul really belongs to

so just stop lying to yourself, and enjoy

>> No.15659460

Ideally? Tzeentch.
Knowing me however, probably Slaanesh.

>> No.15659463

Cause Khorne is a faggot compared to Gork and Mork.

>> No.15659466

Khorne because your only downside is dying and frankly the others have that downside and even worse ones

>> No.15659469

Slaanesh. There would be a lot I could experience before I would start to get fully crazy. I would be more artsy and build crazy rooms in my house that let you experience different sensations like a sound room full of all types of music and noises, a room full of furry furniture and clothes and other soft things, a room with different panels that taste like different things, a room with crazy patterns and light shows, a room with different smells, and of course the final room where you experience it all at once. Sex rooms of course. A giant haunted house behind mine. All sorts of things. Plus already being a dickgirl, the crazier everything gets, the more I can turn into a kinky slaaneshi warrior princess in sexy battle armor, amassing a force to take over villages. Then hopefully I'll die a gloriously gruesome death that drives men mad.

>> No.15659492


Never felt the desire to go 'deeper' as you said. Odd now that I think about it.

Anyways I would probably go Nurgle if I'm being honest, even though I hate becoming a pus blob.



>> No.15659523


Shit. That sure sent a tingling down under.

Sign me up for Slannesh then.

>> No.15659543

Tzeentch, it's not like the others don't dick you over as well.

>> No.15659549

rolled 3, 3 = 6


I feel like slaneesh hold the most pride out of all four gods.

>> No.15659571

>Not "I'll suck your dick for some cocaine!"

>> No.15659645


Ol T-dawg would turn you into a shambling riot of tentacle rape even if you were his most mighty of champions

Khorne is tempting, but no. Only feeling hate would suck and i dont want my skull under some gods ass.

Nurgle, gtfo

Slaanesh, if you would try ALL sensations etc you would eventually have a threesome with a donkey and a Hormagaunt so no

best way is to stay undivided and use chaos instead of them using you. Iron within, Iron without

>> No.15659662

Oh my, someone's a naughty boy. Come visit my Palace of Sensation and we'll find a way to satisfy that tingling of yours.

>> No.15659663

i remember reading a battle report in WD back in the 90s with a marines force against some orks who had turned to khorne because they were too close to the eye. Ill have a look through them this weekend and try and post scans of it

>> No.15659690

Yeah...after doing E for the first time a few days ago, I'll have to go with Slaanesh. Sinning is so much fun!

>> No.15659691

sounds kinda gay

>> No.15659704

Chaos undivided.

To limit yourself to one god is foolish, the greatest champions of chaos are always undivided.

>> No.15659785

Nurgle, no doubt about it.

>> No.15659860


because Domino Presley

>> No.15659925

Khorne. Find an opponent worthy of a fight and keep fighting.

>> No.15659930
File: 241 KB, 900x1253, 1311283155638.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tzeentch or Slaanesh

Tzeentch because it seems the least unpleasant and i like planners and planning and plans

and Slaanesh because even though there'd be a lot of fucked up stuff at least there would be a little fucking involved every now and again

>> No.15659951

No thanks all the ways of chaos lead to one thing.


I rather be just normal me without having tentacles shooting from my eye sockets

>> No.15659970


who is that? i keep seeing that character all the time. usually with another white haired person

>> No.15659982

that's not really nurgle slaanesh khorne and tzeentch though right?

>> No.15660050

Just CSM in service to their respective gods.

>> No.15660059

tzeentch. no contest.
i know i would end up getting fucked over in the end, but god damn do i love magic.

>> No.15660061
File: 229 KB, 652x964, 1311284074779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope they're just Champions.

This is what Tzeentch looks like

>> No.15660092


There are khornate Stormboyz though.
Any Ork who happens to worship someone else than Gork and Mork gets stomped by other Orks though.

>> No.15660097

Sign me up as well.

>> No.15660112

That's a creation of Torture Device, can't remember his name. The Excruciator, or something similarly overblown and pain-themed.
He's a guro-troll Sue.

>> No.15660135

A giant monkey?

>> No.15660156

wow. i was in no way expecting that

>> No.15660169


So I read further up, a post about someone choosing slannesh so they can add something to the cultural zeitgeist, stating, its all an artist could ever ask for. So it got me thinking...I like tzeentch because I have a major hard on for magic, but I also like the forbidden knowledge aspect and shit. And I'm really a physicist. OP, you should have asked what our profession / passion / driving goals are too. It would be interesting to see if there's anything else in our choices other than 'grandpappa nurgle looks after his minions' or 'rawr i'm edgy mcgrimdark so i choose khorne'

>> No.15660181
File: 225 KB, 727x1024, 1311284813862.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Problem, anon?

>> No.15660230

thank you!

>> No.15660248

not at all
just...wasn't expecting... that
i always thought this
was tzeentch

>> No.15660315

papa nurgle
cause i here hes a pretty nice guy

>> No.15660363

Khorne or Slaanesh, and not Slaanesh for the booring and stupid sex and drug reason, no Slaanesh for the true reasons, the reason that I just simply desire more and more, I want to hone my arts, my fighting, my strength. I want simply to be better than I am now, a never ending quest to improve myself by increasing myself. Never is it enough to simply sit back and say " Yes, I am content" For I must always be improving myself, or I am stagnant, and can do nothing.

Yes... Yes This the true path of Slaanesh. No indulgence, nothing but greed of self worth. The desire to become a better person. The endless and fruitless pursiut of perfection in all that I do. and an endless rage for the inablility to fufill my desires


>> No.15660364

I have to admit that I always hate these threads because they make me sit and think about my answer, and I never have a good one.

I would love to serve Khorne because I have quite the anger problem, and the idea of being able to revel in uncontrollable rage is appealing to me.

Slaanesh would be wonderful too because I'm a /fit/izen as well, and I love the idea of having a perfect body; I'm a hedonist as well, so constantly striving for new pleasures sounds great, even if I have to constantly take things a step further.

I would love to be an immortal, walking plague, so Nurgle would be a sensible choice for me as well. I have to admit that the whole disgusting, bloated form wouldn't exactly appeal to me, but I would get over it.

And, we can't forget Tzeentch. He would suit me well, also, simply because I can't help but be attracted to limitless knowledge, though I could easily be a pawn in the game of Change.

>> No.15660381

You thought Tzeentch was a Space Marine?
Not that it really matters, he could assume whatever form he wants.

>> No.15660410

well not a space marine exactly but at least kinda humaniod.

>> No.15660427


you are wrong
tzeench is wery wery unplesant

dont believe me

imagine the world is a huge rubic cube
exept it gets bigger and more complex each day
and as you get better at it, and figure out just the right combination to solve it
it just changes
so you try again
and invest all your energy and resource into it
but then it changes
by then you are allready completely lost in it
your whole life is devoted to solving the fucking thing, theres just nothing you do that isnt oriented thowards finding the right formula, you get better and better at it and grow in power and knowlege but you just cant solve the fucking thing, and theres no satisfaction in your life you just pursue more knowlege and power like a cat jumps after a lazer dot and it just drags you deeper and deeper into countles, endless labirinths that your mind finds more and more difficulty getting out of untill you are finaly lost to ewerlasting despair and frustration and here you would be undone letting your mind desintegrate into the endless, unfathomable, allencompasing complexity, exept you cant let yourself do that, hope, hope does not let you, you will newer give up and know rest as long as you have hope, and hope will newer leave you, newer, ewer

which to tzeench is just as planned

>> No.15660435

Me and Slaanesh, bros for life. Mainly because I like drugs, but I'd hope the Prince of Excess would give me the OCD-levels of patience to actually sit down and master a craft, like writing or art.

Also, you get to fuck a panda bear.

>> No.15660440

Nurgle, for he really truly loves his followers... and grants gifts generously. Yes the gifts are horrible terrible diseases but my fellows seem to be one big happy family that just wants to grow and grow and grow...

>> No.15660447

Sign me up

>> No.15660462

Not the poster, but I see your point. But knowledge is its own reward. Solving something no one has ever solved before, if you're academically inclined is like...woah. Jump-on-the-table-fist-pumping woah. And everything you solve won't be like a rubics cube, the laws of physics and such still apply. You're interpretation is probably at the very end of the line, which the follower of tzeentch may never reach (especially if they die in a rediculous experiment related way during their persuit of knowledge).

>> No.15660463

Obviously Slaanesh. I'm already a massive hedonist.

>> No.15660472

>won't be like a rubics cube, the laws of physics and such still apply
of course, reffereing to the ever changing / increasing complexity you proposed.

>> No.15660503

rolled 7 = 7

khorne, because of bloodlust

>> No.15660518

slaanesh is about excess not only sex

>> No.15660520
File: 132 KB, 600x564, 1311287380802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tzeentch. Easily.

>> No.15660534

Instead of loyalty, can I give the gift of a giant, blessed, flaming letter I to one of the gods?

>> No.15660549

when i read >gift of giant
I immediately thought 'erection'


>> No.15660550
File: 66 KB, 380x280, 1311287638990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

think about this... but evil.
that' show i picture Tzeentch.

>> No.15660572

Tzeentch or Khorne. I don't have enough fetish in me for Slaanesh, and Nurgle is just disgusting.

>> No.15660599

Everyone is saying slannesh is just sex and drugs. It's not, it's hedonistic excess.
>being a complete gym rat striving for the perfect aesthetic body
>obsessing over your musical talents
>chasing after that master piece painting you know is in you, at the cost of everything else
>being the absoloute best in your field, stopping at nothing to achieve it.

All slannesh baby.

>> No.15660613
File: 17 KB, 199x301, 1311288142690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.15660618

Eh, I'm still not excessive enough. The only things I do excessively right now are either sitting on my ass or climbing. That's not really enough for Slaanesh.

>> No.15660641

Yeah, I taught that to my players the hard way.

>Slaaneshi sword calling out to the acolytes
>the Scum who snorts 40k cocaine everyday doesn't hear it
>the Guardsman who methodically cleans his weapon and knows 53 methods of infiltrating a standard Hive city apartment hears the calling

>> No.15660650

Looks pretty evil already.

Captcha: anyHeal companion

>> No.15660661


dose chaos boys be weaklingz iding in there suits a tin

>> No.15660673
File: 84 KB, 559x500, 1311288471536.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's... a Hindu elder-god.­
What you just said likely constitutes ACTUAL heresy....

>> No.15660674

I'm pretty sure that Slaanesh has by far the most cultists, who are generally pretty fucking useless. This thread pretty much explains why.

>> No.15660684

If I was in the warhammer 40K universe and important enough that the chaos gods wanted me for more than my soul I would be too busy being a rogue trader mary sue to give a fuck.


>> No.15660699

Check out the angry smirk on those three faces. They are are up to something.

>> No.15660713

There are plenty of us in this thread that are all about making awesome things and perfecting ourselves until we go crazier. Crazy sexual deviancy is part of it too though, but most people who aren't aligning with Slaanesh can't say "IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT SEX" enough. We get it.

>> No.15660714

I wrote a short fic about the Guard Colonel who was obsessed with having the best drilled and trained army in the Imperial Guard. She achieved her goal and by the time she realized what she was doing she'd already defended a Slanneshi owned sector from a small Guard Crusade force sent to retake it.

The descent into Chaos isn't meant to be big overt HAY GUIZE IM LIKE TOTALLY A CULTIST LET ME SNORT SOME COKE AND FUCK MANBITCHES TOO it's supposed to be slow and subtle and by the time you realize what you've become its too late.

>> No.15660719
File: 676 KB, 1224x1424, 1311288720743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tzeench, asking for nothing. He might occasionally extend my life, or give me teasing hints of power to try to tempt me into asking for more, but I would not. I would do his bidding to the best of my ability with whatever he gives me unasked. Because the work is its own reward in the end.

He fucks over the ones who pester him.

Besides, delicious mutant bitches are all I'd want from Slaanesh anyway.

>> No.15660721

Maybe he was just born with naturally evil looking faces. Don't be so inconsiderate, man.

>> No.15660742
File: 54 KB, 300x300, 1311288904231.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related.
It's Tzeentch.

>> No.15660762

>the file name says animated
>and its a gif
>of troll face
I was dissapointed to find it was actually animated. was i just metatrolled?

Captcha: space-time assistant
>fuck yeah

>> No.15660763
File: 24 KB, 400x280, 1311289090320.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We're on 4chan... That IS only a subtle change here.

>> No.15661036



>> No.15661068

Wouldn't Slaanesh be the de facto goddess of Yiffing?

>> No.15661085

Was that a request?
Explain more what you mean, and I just might be able to make it for you.

>> No.15661123
File: 165 KB, 601x401, 1311290967461.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did already make this, mind you

>> No.15661179
File: 61 KB, 344x232, 1311291252329.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tzeentch aka Jace the Master Troll

>> No.15661226

apropos slaanesh... something wery strange seems to have happened on /gif/

>> No.15661230
File: 317 KB, 843x1000, 1311291581843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you a--

>> No.15661258

like what?
there's pr0n... but that's nothing new.

>> No.15661401


it just got bumped

>> No.15661675

What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.15661686

Nurgle. Feelin' the love.

>> No.15661787

Ah, I remember a thread like this a while back.

My answer still hasn't changed. I go with Malal or Chaos Undivided.

Because if I'm going down, I'm going to drag everyone else kicking and screaming with me.

>> No.15661885

There's a thread on /gif/ with apparent slaanesh themed sexual gifs. Just the sexual aspect though.

>> No.15661977

in other words...
furries, transexuals, and bestiality.
I am sooooo glad you shared that with us.

>> No.15662012

I'm not the original person who shared this with you, I just clarified. Anyway, it's got a lot of stuff.

>> No.15662675

Tzeentch will only fuck you. That's the only outcome of working with Tzeentch. A hard deep fucking.

Slaneesh is fun for about a single lifetime, then at best you get boring ennui for all eternity. That goes for both hedonism-bot or perfectionism-bot.

Khorne wants skulls and blood. Yours will do just fine once you run out. Not sure how this is a choice for anybody looking to "win" at life.

Nurgle is the most horrible existence you could imagine, BUT your perception turns around until you love your new family and existence and nothing could possibly be better.

Nurgle is the only choice. It's the only one that has even the slimmest chance of letting you "win" at the demon game.

>> No.15662737


>> No.15662823

Tzeetch could be a winner, as long as you screw other people, dont bs him and be like Machiavelli, hes good

>> No.15662877


>> No.15663151
File: 21 KB, 801x267, ScreenHunter_01 Jul. 21 23.09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, but it's far more twisted than you know...
See pic...

>> No.15663188

my pic didn't upload so...­
>It is believed that the servitors of Chaos, in exchange for power or other gifts granted them during their lifetimes, are destined to have their very souls claimed by the Chaos god to whom they had been bound. >Upon their demise, the souls of those that venerate Khorne will be cursed to feel eternal rage but denined the chance to slaughter. Likewise, the afterspirits of Nurgle's children will be forever consumed by despair and the wracking pains of dying slowly. Those who serve Slaanesh as their patron will be tortured for the sheer pleasure of She Who Thirsts until the end of time. Tzeentch's worshippers will know only endless insanity as their souls undergo a constant change in form, and the knowledge of the universe they crave is forever placed just out of their reach. In theory, those souls who choose to serve Chaos Undivided are either shared or fought over by the Chaos Gods in the afterlife of the Immaterium.

>Only the promise of eternal life as a Daemon Prince, if that dubious honour can be earned through unbridled success in the service of Chaos, reassures those mortals who pledge their lives and souls to Chaos. This fear of death, however, does nothing to slow or halt the vicious might of the Chaos Space Marine armies and warbands, who are quite sure that the power they have received from the Chaos Gods in return for their souls will ultimately provide them not only with rule over their fellow men, as is the right of every Astartes, but with the opportunity to earn the necessary glories required to appease the Dark Gods and claim the daemonic immortality they offer as the ultimate reward!

>> No.15663216

tzeentch of course.

>> No.15663422
File: 843 KB, 183x118, 1311287186205.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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