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spess mahreen?


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>Dat character customization

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Well, I sure as hell am buying it.

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I only looked at the SP...
But the MP actually looks good.
If there's confirmation that there won't be a sequel for at least two years, I will buy. If there will be a sequel in that time - Well, fuck you for splitting the community so soon.

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Where's Aeric and Dalia!?

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>I'm a consumer whore
And how

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So I can play a Blood Angel?

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It seems this game will be exactly what it needs to be. Whether that's good or bad is down to personal preference but we can be glad it lives up to expectations.

I just wish I could have a White Scar biker...

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It looks just like I zoomed in all the way to DOWII!
Which is to say, incredibly pretty. Nice.

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I'll probably write some more after I finish drawing some primarchs.


/v/ is that you?

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Buying things you like is bad?

Have fun with that.

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Assault marine with thunder hammer all day every day.

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Oh. My. God.
That shake when you RUN.

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Not if you have a recon/stealth power armour suit.

>DAT imaginary completely silent Raven Guard power armour

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Wow, never saw a gameplay video before or even read about the game. It looks cool as FUCK. Gotta check how much players can play simultaneously in mp. I hope there will be private servers, and a big community.

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>wide range of customization
does this mean I can make an Iron Hands Marine...

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it was talking about 2 teams of 8.

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Looks pretty good, especially that customization.

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Let's hope so!


I wonder if it will make him cringe , because I want to buy the collectors edition, JUST FOR THE PURITY SEAL.

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Seriously, this guy is projecting like a motherfucker.

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>Thunder Hammers
I'd buy it if I hadn't already bought it ages ago.

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Must be some new guy they hired, tbh his voice was muffled to me, I was just concentrating on the details.

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yeah that kinda pissed me off as well.

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I can be a goddamn assault marine, that's all I care about.

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Does anyone even want to play a boring ass tac marine with a boring ass bolter?

Why would you play anything other than an assault marine so you can jump on heads all day?

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There is a god.

>Emperor's Children Raptor


Serious, I got FAR too excited when I seen the proper raptor jump pack.

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>You might want to play with a gigantic hammer

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rolled 47 = 47

Angry Marines...FULL PLAYABLE

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Mother of god....

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I will play them. ALL OF THEM.

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inb4 everyone plays Angry Marines.

I will be getting my Iron Warriors Havoc on.

And Emp's Children Raptor.

Do we know if you have have multiple characters?

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rolled 18 = 18

I couldn't find my 'SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY' image, so have this instead.

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if you can have*

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I think they should put in something like WoW's character creation system, where you can save your custom chars with their loadouts.

I myself don't even know where to start. All of them sound awesome!

I'd even try a Rubric marine.

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/tg/ needs to make a clan

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Space Marines vs. more Space Marines. I can't be the only who hoped this was going to have a coop campaign, dammit.

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Why do I have to be poor? I only wanted to win Steam's summer giveaway for this game...

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If flamers are an option, I'm never fucking leaving it.

It makes sense that they aren't an option since, individually most are either weaker or stronger than space marines, and balance and fluff would fuck each other over.

But damn is it disappointing.

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I wonder about the game modes.

If there is any sort of CTF or anything like that, ala Assaulting bases or shit there better be some Terminator Armour

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Why the fuck wouldn't you want to play Devastator/Havoc? BITCHES LOVE BIG GUNS.

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At least anihilation (8vs8 TDM) and some control game mode called "seize the ground".

You can pre-order the game on D2D with 10% off and darksiders as a gift.

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maybe have some non controllable boyz with you as you level up.

perks for the orks



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In the video I saw areas labeled "Defend", so I assume there's a territory control mode of some kind. Team deathmatch will be there, obviously.

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I hope you can attack while in the "jump" animation.

Mid-air jousting between AMs and raptors would be fucking amazing.

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8 assault marines vs 8 raptors, just hopping back and forth.

It would be glorious.

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I would cum buckets. After it becomes the norm, though, I'm going to take to heavy bolting the fuck out of those power-armoured fleas.

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Fuck heavy bolter, Plasma cannon.

Any glimpses of meltaguns or flamers yet?

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For the record, I'm going to be that guy standing on top of a building with a plasma cannon shouting "IRON WITHIN IRON WITHOUT" down the mic.

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I know there was a screenshot of a Melta gun firing, or at least that's what a anon on here wrote

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I would kill for a flamer.

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I swear I saw a space wolf with a meltagun on his back.

Haven't seen anything for flamers yet, but I'm going to be scouring that video for them and hoping.

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At about 1:10 in the video, the guy is running around with a meltagun strapped to his back, but he never uses it.

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There was one in the multiplayer gameplay video.

It's not a melta gun, more like some sort of weird plasma cannon

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then I'll be the guy on the opposite building screaming "THE FLESH IS WEAK"

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And of course, my balanced, tactical character has to be an Imperial Fist.

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Oh christ, there are storm bolters. At this point, if they don't have goddamn EVERYTHING I'll be surprised.

And here's hoping for an ork patch or dlc.

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Aye, going from the fact that they seem to have every armour variant from MK3, it only stands to reason they pack it with all the weapons too.

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Would they have all those dozens of Bolter patterns?

And special lasgun matches.

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>Black Templar
>Assault Marine
>Thunder Hammer

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I really fucking hope so, but I doubt it. Probably just Godwyn-pattern.


What? Black Templar, to me, screams power sword and bolt pistol, screaming into the biggest clusterfuck they can.

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For the record, I'll be the 13th Company Space Wolf with a frostaxe screaming 'For the Wolftime!' at everyone.

Holy god, that level of customisation looks epic.

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I don't think I've seen any power fists/lightning claws, which is disappointing.

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You know that guy in yellow armor screaming "I'M GOING TO FUCKING RAPE YOU AND EAT YOUR LIVER"?

That'll be me.

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I'm gonna be the guy who just plays the game and doesn't act like a faggot.

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so how long after release until this turns into "battle cries over the mic" the video game.

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I'll be the Salamander sneaking around, trying to light as many people as I can on fire and yelling UNTO THE ANVIL OF WAR.

At this point I'm going to be a little disappointed if multiplayer with /tg/ isn't just a shouting match.

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According to this thread, about 5 minutes in

>> No.15646536


I give it six, maybe seven hours.

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But I don't know if spoilers work on this board, let's find out: Don't all CoD games have people already yelling stuff like this?

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rolled 9 = 9


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Eight seconds.

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rolled 19 = 19


That'll be me, a Khorne Raptor.

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The team who shouts their battle cries louder wins

At least Orks aren't in multiplayers, otherwise every game:
>Match Start

>10 Seconds till Match End

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I'll be happily painting my soviets. With my 40k army in the trash.

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If you replace "faggot" in CoD with "FOR THE EMPEROR" I think we will have an idea how the game chat in Space Marine is going to be.

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Take advice from /mu/'s sticky.


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actually, i think i'd love this.

>> No.15646613

I'm okay with this.

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>No one playing as Pretty Marines

>> No.15646639

Why would you throw a 40k army in the trash? You should at least try and eBay it.

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So you can only play as space marine versus other marines? Thats lame.

>> No.15646652

i'll be the only one utilizing the crouch button and not yelling shit

That's me the Reasonable Marine

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>Gears of war clone

no thanks

>> No.15646671

>implying I'm not playing a Yellow Submarine

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Oh boy, shit trolls have come over from /v/.

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rolled 1 = 1

1/10, got me to respond.

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I don't know if I want to be a pre-heresy World Eater or a Black Templar. Both are full awesome.
That said, I'm going assault all day erry day. No one can shoot on consoles anyway, so I'll have a free ride right into peoples' faces.
I also hope we can swing weapons mid-air. Imagine intercepting other assault marines with a thunder hammer?
Or thunder hammer air jousting?

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What do you say to Orks vs Space Marines or Guard vs Chaos Marines for a capture the flag or other non kill-total based game? Unequal team numbers, non-marines get to respawn instantly, marines get to be just that overpowered.

>> No.15646707

>So you can only play as space marine versus other marines? Thats awesome.

Finally, glorious combat of brother pitted against brother with none of this 'hurrhurr balls of steel' or 'speshur ariens' shit to get in the way.

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this. i would rather just play gears of war. the setting is better too.

>> No.15646720

If only it had Librarians...

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Oh Khorne, i dont think i will even use my gun next to that CHAINSAW AXE.

>> No.15646735

They could of done other races like

Imperial Guard VS Traitor Guard
Orks VS Marines (they ARE capable of one on one)

So on so forth. Really this comes down to the fact that these races had lack of customization.

>> No.15646749

>chaos storm bolters

Were these ever actually added to the lore or did Relic overlook this?

Also I squeed when I saw the test names were actually 40k related and not RelicDan or some shit.

>> No.15646758

>Orks VS Marines (they ARE capable of one on one)

Sure thing orkfag, but shouldn't you be playing with your nether gubbins?

>> No.15646761


Chaos are very famous for stealing imperial technology, actually I believe during Medusa IV campaign they had acquired storm bolter technology.

>> No.15646769

I want to know a bit more about the customization. Like, are we going to be able to upload/design our own emblems or something?

>> No.15646776

>doesn't know what a nob is

>> No.15646784

Well combi-bolters are basically Pre-Heresy storm bolters.
>Its a boltgun!
>with another tapped to it!

>> No.15646791

All I can really tell is you're either stuck with 4 or 5 chapters, or those are just default costumes and you can go nuts. It was pretty vague in the video.

>> No.15646792

>doesn't know that I4 and power armour is

>> No.15646795


It's Relic bro, how many games by Relic have we been able to do that? The answer is "maybe" with a strong lean towards "yes"

>> No.15646798

Oh yeah I am gonna play the fuck out of this

>> No.15646808

Considering consoles, I'd say no.

>> No.15646814

Longer Video of customization from G4


>> No.15646816

my question is, and i don't care if it's story mode only, do you think they'lll allow you to use terminator armor at some point?

>> No.15646824


YES - because a real space marine doesn't need anything more than the bolter in his hands, the knife at his side, the armour on his back, and his god in his ear...


>> No.15646829

You mean chaplains. With a litanies of hate button which causes yelling so loud to go through all of the enemy team's speakers that it will make them permanently deaf even if they had everything muted.

>> No.15646840

>unlocking perks


>> No.15646849


This looks like it's going to offer multiple custom slots, in addition to being able to just choose a generic pattern.

Although, granted, none of the menus seem to present the ability to choose colors...

>> No.15646859

The guy in OP's video was playing around with the colors.

>> No.15646861

>something green

I'm not even sure what you're saying man. I think it's an attempt at petty derision but I can't tell.

Do you disagree that a nob and a marine is a pretty even match? Or are you making an attempt to say that due to the personal bias of teenage males towards superhuman soldiers with rapid firing missile launchers Space Marines are given the plot armour to win over orks?

Because like... obviously that's true given that the actual game itself is about a marine protagonist killing orks.

>> No.15646871


>Armor Colors


>> No.15646877

Are GKs confirmed?

>> No.15646904

It's a pity that there's no vehicles in this game.


>> No.15646911

Looks alot like Gears of War.

Almost expecting one of those dudes to yell "motherfucker!" with Bender's voice.

>> No.15646924

>Relictors color scheme


>> No.15646949


>Eagle-head backpack

BRB, mailing blank cheque to Relic.

>> No.15646952


Yes, you retard. Shitting on my hand and eating it can beat any CoD game after the first Modern Warfare.

>> No.15646958

Hey, it's got something GOW doesn't.

Some motherfucking color other than brown and BROWNER BROWN.

>> No.15646965

So does it say specifically that we can import badges or are people assuming?

>> No.15646967

If only they would allow us to design our own Chapter's emblem...
But nothing weed related, that's for 13 years old COD players.

>> No.15646974

>8 on 8

Dont you dick with me, Relic, why not 16 on 16?

>> No.15646980

From the challenges screen in the longer video, itt looks like the weapons are going to be bolt pistol, plasma pistol, bolter, storm bolter/terror bolter, stalker bolter/daemon eye bolter, vengeance launcher, plasma gun, melta gun, heavy bolter, plasma cannon, lascannon, chainsword, power axe/chain axe, thunder hammer/daemon maul, and power sword.

No flamers, and we have some I've never even heard of before. I'm really hoping this is just the starting gear.

>> No.15646990

>16 vs 16
There wERE less MARINEEHS in the entire 13th black crusade.

>> No.15647004

The game is planned for september, they still have time to add flamers.

>> No.15647033

Fuck flamers. It needs power fists.

They'll both be paid DLC.

>> No.15647037

>Custom Armour Colours

>> No.15647042

Woah. Pretty impressive customization there.

We could actually do proper /tg/ games of Emperor's Nightmares etc vs Flawed One infiltrators.

Actually just the idea of having a team play a tactical squad of any chapter is pretty aesthetically cool.

>> No.15647051

I hope they'll add Flamers, Power Fists and Lightning Claws.

>> No.15647054

call me a purist but it would be much better if you could vote which chapter / legion you fight as in this match and every player has to comform to this for the round.

Would look a hundred times better than 16 random lone wolves in a huge clusterfuck

>> No.15647063

Let's hope they do! I would play this game for ages to come if they add flamers

>> No.15647065

I cant wait to hear the bitching...

"Flame thrower marine is a W+1 class"

>> No.15647071

>mfw the NEs are played by actual narcoleptics.

>> No.15647083

In theory, that would be a nice feature. In reality it would be horrible, everyone would vote for a different chapter so everyone minus one would be stuck with something they didn't want.

>> No.15647086

they ass marine that is roundhouse kicking everyone... that will be me!

>> No.15647094

no they dont. The game already has a feature lock, otherwise they wouldnt be able to show off so much footage.

stuttering, framerate drops, rendering issues, menu layout, balance etc. This sort of stuff can change. You wont get gameplay changes or new features after the alpha is finished.

>> No.15647113

To everyone claiming this is a Gears of War clone, does Gears have jetpacks or powered warhammers? I didn't think so.

>> No.15647143

seriously, are you arguing the content matter is unique, HERE? Anyone making that clame will do it from a gameplay point of view unless they're igorant of the setting.

>> No.15647153

The real question is: Is /tg/ going to play this on consoles or PC?

We're obviously going to need a /tg/ Steam group for the PC gamers.

>> No.15647182

while the customization and all that stuff certainly looks cool the actual mutliplayer gameplay footage so far looks rather terrible.

Im pretty sure that this game just wont play very well.

>> No.15647184

I've already preordered it on steam at this point.

>> No.15647199


I'm probably getting it on the PC since I hardly use my 360 anymore. (That and I hear rumor they're raising the price for XBL)

So Steam for me I suppose.

>> No.15647211

console here, the game just screamed console to me, so that's what i went with

>> No.15647212

Unless you mean they are raising it again, they already did that.

>> No.15647217

Well, at least I will be playing it on 360, since my PC is a piece of shit and I'm poor at the moment.

>> No.15647219

PC for me.

I would totally join a /tg/ Deathwatch group or an Emperor's Nightmare Tactical Squad!

>> No.15647226

One super powerful guy vs a relentless horde is fun as hell, but 8 super powerful guys has the potential to be either amazing or horrible. And of course they might have just been playing on a shitty map.

>> No.15647227

Current price is $60 USD a year correct?

Yes, I heard rumor of it being raised again.

>> No.15647232

Stop making stuff up please.

>> No.15647233

this belongs to /v/


>> No.15647234

New Video:

>> No.15647240

Dat customization, holy shit!

>each piece of armor colored individually
>warm shades
>cold shades
>red colors
>blue colors
>green colors
>yellow colors
>purple colors

Most of the GW paint line looks to be in there.

>> No.15647244

I don't see how he is making anything up, just the facts. Games rarely get any new gameplay features one they pass the Alpha stage, and when they do it's because of delays.

>> No.15647252


Are you....retarded?....Don't answer...its painfully obvious the answer is a big fat "yes"

>> No.15647254

The day something 40K doesn't go on /tg/ is the day something really stupid happened.

>> No.15647274

>ever piece of armor is colored individually
Rainbow Warriors

>> No.15647279

didn't see option for thousand sons


>> No.15647286

This pleases me greatly

>> No.15647289

I think you mean "Doing so causes delays"

>> No.15647299

Delays can be caused because the developers want to add new features, or new features can be added because of delays. Sometimes publishers delay a game for marketing reasons, sometimes developers go back and add new things during these delays.

>> No.15647300

40k TTG is fine,
this is Space Marine video game.
> /v/

>> No.15647311

>Imperial Guard
>Lack of Customization

nigga she an apple

>> No.15647312

Silly anon, people don't talk about video games on /v/.

>> No.15647314

How new are you?

Are you the same guy who said minecraft wasn't /tg/ earlier?

>> No.15647325


You must be new here, or an idiot. Probably both.
/tg/ related vidya has ALWAYS been welcome on /tg/, from DoW to M&B. So kindly get out or stop posting.

>> No.15647326




Towards the end of the video (6 minute mark or so) He opens the chaos list and thousand sons are listed.

You will have your rubric marines

>> No.15647335


Oh u..

Have you seen /v/?

So no, you can kindly go to /v/ and have a cockburger

>> No.15647337

its possible but there are a lot of problems that arent map specific such as the fact that the Ass Marine is the only character with anything resembling a jump button. This will make all other classes frustratingly slow and a bore to play.

Another one is that the melee system seems extremly unfit for multiplayer gameplay as in all the videos so far it consists of 90% air bashing with samey looking "combos". It just looks silly when 2 melee classes engage and neither of them manages to connect any hits, yet they still follow up each strike with another one eventhough the enemy isnt even close to being hit (because he is on the other side of the room fighting the air himself)

In fact in the G4 gameplay video the player seems to blatantly avoid confrontations after a while (I assume because the combat is a uncontrollable mess) and continues to do nothing but cap points.

>> No.15647340

ignore the troll, its pretty damn obvious what he's up to.

>> No.15647372


>> No.15647378

>Some fan favourite chapters : Iron hands
I love him already.

>> No.15647399


I have yet to see a multiplayer shooter/melee done right . Good 3rd person action is hard to do in multiplayer

>> No.15647401

I am not the one making stuff up.

The one who goes
>man this game still has 2 months left in development they will surely fix all the stuff thats wrong, eventhough they presented a almost complete build already
is making stuff up.

The gameplay is already fixed.

You dont add weapons that late during development. You want to know why?

Because it brings a shitton of problems.
Adding flamers changes balance. So you need to adapt to that change. Short range counters have to be changed. Melee has to be adapted. Weapons that fill the same niche (spray and pray close range) have to be changed. The stormbolter fills the same niche as the flamer so you either have 1 weapon that underperforms or you have to find a new niche for the stormbolter. Which in turn means you have to find counters for the new niche the stormbolter fills etc

Its a horrible mess and I will bet my nutsack + a million dollars that you wont see any weapon besides the one already announced/shown.
Because it would be suicidal to do any different.

You dont know much about game development

>> No.15647436

Flamers against marines?

>> No.15647452

Do anyone know if one could get the Iron Warriors scheme without getting it from bestbuy?

>> No.15647464

I assume you get every scheme for multiplayer and the bonus preorder shit is for singleplayer

>> No.15647478

It's relic, they will probably fuck shit up with patches more than they fix.

Relic is the only company I actually read the patch notes for before downloading.

>> No.15647484

rolled 58 = 58

I think you get every scheme without preordering, but if you do you get the special armor set.

>> No.15647492

just wait untill the first expansion pack.

This is when shit will really hit the fan as seen with DoW, CoH etc

I assume they will add a new faction: MOTHERFUCKING TITANS

and balance accordingly.

>> No.15647549

then they fucked it up with the necrons.

all of their first patches are good, it's always their second patch that fucks shit up.

I still remember dark crusade.
broadside 1 man now for a slow ass unit that is nothing but a glorified turret that requires other units for maximum LOS?

Necrons, just necrons...

>> No.15647550

Fuck. Yes. And it comes out 22 days before my birthday :'D

>> No.15647566

Storm bolters fill the niche of setting people on fire?

>> No.15647572

>Dark Crusade

>> No.15647590

that assumes fire effect status is in place

>> No.15647600

no I'm saying that it was good, they fixed it, then they ruined it

Relic never seem to go forward in their patches. it kinda meanders around like a WOW patch looking more like dev experimentation rather than an improvement to the game

>> No.15647619

>> No.15647631

the niche is laid out for you in brackets right after the statement.

Dont act stupid, it doesnt help.

>> No.15647638

PC for me although my brother is getting a console version
It does seem more like a console game TBH

>> No.15647646

the new CoH patch is decent.

Granted it came about 2 and a half years to late and was mostly made by the community. Or at least the changes where requested by the community and relic simply made the patch. (with an additional 3 month delay after it was supposed to get released)

>> No.15647651

Sorry, but there's a difference between bolts and napalm in any system.
A flamer has enough fuel for only a few seconds of fire, according to most sources, while a storm bolter is meant to last the entire battle. That's a pretty significant difference right there.
Also, when did storm bolters become close range? They're a faster-firing bolter with the at least as much range in every edition of 40k ever.

>> No.15647654

B-but consoles make everything worse.

>> No.15647665

>Also, when did storm bolters become close range?

About the same time the melta became a shotgun and the plasma gun became a howitzer and the lascannon a sniper.

Read: during the development of Relics Space Marine

>> No.15647686

Oh, are you a programmer or game developer? No? Then you're just talking out your ass.

>> No.15647708

My enthusiasm just dropped considerably.
Melta guns are AT rifles that require suicidal bravery.
Plasma guns are squad automatics that require suicidal bravery.
Lascannons are AT guns that require... batteries.

>> No.15647710

I'm still annoyed about meltas being shotguns.

>> No.15647716

I know they do but the look and feel of the game screams out Console Game to me for some reason

Fortunately I'll have the luxury of playing it on both a console and a PC and see if the final product changes my opinion a bit

>> No.15647741

well, without vehicles what else were they going to be?

short range, no solid slug,

sounds like a shotgun to me

>> No.15647757

Are you?

Once again, you are going to look stupid when the game releases, not me.

>> No.15647776

But they ARE shotguns.

Shotguns that melt holes in people, and vehicles, and buildings.

>> No.15647797

Did you remember to bring the marshmallows?

>> No.15647798

An ARMor-piercing shotgun with minimal spread, i would hope? who's blast just dissipates at a given distance?

>> No.15647835

not really. the term shotgun is defined pretty clearly and a Melta simply doesnt fit.

The only thing similiar is the "sort of" short range. Eventhough IRL shotguns are accurate and depending on ammo deadly at pretty long distances.

>> No.15647912


>> No.15647929

I am. I'm not that guy, but that guy seems to be making sense. You don't need to be a professional to understand that introducing weapons late in a game can alter the balance, especially when you're adding a weapon that not everyone has equal access to.

That's what I like about Halo's multiplayer design. The weapon you start with is pretty much inferior to the stalwarts, the shotgun, sword, sniper rifle and rocket launcher. However, anyone can access those weapons. In Space Marine, a class based multiplayer game, not everyone would have equal access to a flamer (only tac marines, or assault marines with a perk that is also limited access?), meaning the games weapons have to be balanced without the balancing effect of equal access.

>> No.15647950

you make it sound like you're going to be restricted to one type of marine forever

>> No.15648019

Why did they make the marine so thin?

>> No.15648041


Obviously done by some retard that failed biology class.

>> No.15648063

I look set to love this game. Just sad there aren't more xeno-breeds to mow down.

>> No.15648074

It's a matter of playstyle.

Look at this thread. Look at the people who have already decided that they only want to play as assault marines, for instance. Their playstyle is "I want to play this specific class". If a game doesn't balance all its classes, then it is failing to enable the "I am this type of marine" playstyle.

You're not locked into classes in Team Fortress 2, but that doesn't stop people from complaining that "X is overpowered". Without making any judgments about the balance of the game, these complaints come from people who want to play a different class and feel that the game isn't enabling that playstyle.

I'm sure there's a playstyle for Halo along the lines of "I will always get the sniper rifle and pick off enemies at a distance". That's not a playstyle well enabled by Halo, and people complain when they can't play the way they want. I'm not sure if it's the design (you can't start with a sniper rifle) or the culture ("stop complaining noob, you don't get the sniper rifle every time) that suppresses that playstyle, but it doesn't seem like it's as much of a concern for Bungie as single class players are likely to be for Relic.

>> No.15648084

lold hard

>> No.15648097


In depth look at customization. FUCK YES MAXIMUS ARMOUR!

>> No.15648119

The gun issue is not that big of a deal.
They need to have some sort of parralel with the archetypes of weapons, so Relic took a small creative license to get the weapons to fit. They are still similar to what they originally were, although for balancing sake they likely won't be as powerful as the fluff makes them out to be.

>> No.15648122

Not enough armor customization. =(
Don't get me wrong, I'm still buying it (already pre-ordered it, actually), but I wish there were more than 6 choices for each piece of armor. Like... at least each of the 8 marks of power armor, and maybe a few extras as well.

>> No.15648130

>No Eldar
>No Tau
>No Necrons
>No Guard
>No SoB

BUT I WANT TO BREAK THEM ALL. Oh well, still happy that I get to slap Chaos and Ork shit.

>> No.15648224

Holy fuck, first day buy for me.


>> No.15648249

Hate to break it to you, but those aren't Orks. All you've got is Ork-shaped Punching Bags with all the ineptitude of a flailing firewarrior.

>> No.15648259

>No Librarians or Sorcerers

Little disappoint.

>> No.15648268

So Orks?

>> No.15648307


The guard are in SP, and their boss is a woman. Where have you been?

>> No.15648313

me too.

It would've been so easy to just turn it into a weird utility/buffing class

>> No.15648349


>their boss is a woman.

Oh lord Relic you done goofed. Oh well at least it isn't a black dude right?

>> No.15648350

Last time I checked, Orks didn't have WS 2.

Just saying. There's no Orks in this game, which is why I won't buy it.

>> No.15648376


>> No.15648388

Actually, the codex says that its a rare, unusual tactic for orks to do things such as "aim in the target's general direction."

>> No.15648406

Because he totally wasn't playing on easy.

>> No.15648426

well, is a step up from GWs "no women on IG miniatures ever" policy, too bad Relic wants to portray her as a n00b/glorified waterboy

>> No.15648435

I don't mind a female Lt, i mean the guard has girls in it.

but she's looking pretty good for being a guardmen. She needs to look more grizzled a bit more grit.

>> No.15648439

>Orks in fluff: Big green football hooligans who routinely get their shit kicked.
>Orks in game: Big green football hooligans who get their shit kicked.

Seems like there are Orks in this game.

>> No.15648457

She should be compared to the motherfucking Space Marines.

>> No.15648473

No. There aren't. If I wanted green-colored punching bags, I'd read any of the half-ass shit from Black Library (exception to Deffskwadrun).

There is absolutely no reason for me to purchase this game.

>> No.15648492


>> No.15648502

>No. There aren't.

Yes. There are.

>There is absolutely no reason for me to purchase this game.


>> No.15648516

you could always buy the game and let the orks kill you
so there you go

>> No.15648518


>i am butthurt because i like orks

>> No.15648521

>She should be compared to the motherfucking Space Marines.
dunno where are you trying to go with that comment, but I hope she is a useful NPC (sotrywise or gameplaywise) and not a "rescuable princess in turn"
though i must admitted i was trolled by /v/'s comment about her bio saying she lacks experience, just now i checked the webpage and it that bit is not mentioned, most likely trolling artifice at its finest on /v/

>> No.15648522

Well to be fair, there aren't space marines in the game either... Just giant colossal god-mode sues.

Oh wait... You're right. Space Marines and Orks are in this game.

>> No.15648536

>Something is a sue because it is powerful.


>> No.15648546

Shes Cadian, Cadia has girls.

>> No.15648552

I'm saying that she should be a noob/waterboy when you play as a Space Marine captain.

>> No.15648564

okay, pump your brakes dude, I have an ork army and for you to tell me they dont play like punching bags is bass ackwards

>> No.15648568


Preorder through Steam.

You'll also get a copy of Darksiders.

>> No.15648592

That's Blood Ravens I think. BA will be a regular scheme.

>> No.15648608


Not if you are a Britfag, retail companies here got mad that you could pre order on steam so they threatened THQ to not sell their video game, so they had to pull it down.

>> No.15648625


>> No.15648626

>dat customization

>> No.15648630

So wait, are Space Marines religious fanatics or just the Black Templars?

Also if they don't worship the Emperor how do they get away with it? Because the Imperium worships them?

>> No.15648633

Eh, already played Darksiders and game gives IW, EC, BT and SW skins anyway.

>> No.15648645

And by game I mean GAME not Space Marine.

>> No.15648660

Great, good for you on running an AoBR-spam list.

At one time I had a marine army, and telling me their playstyle, fluff, and codex spam isn't canon-sue is just as ass-backwards.

>> No.15648667

>So wait, are Space Marines religious fanatics or just the Black Templars?

I don't think the BT are either.Fire Angels might be though.

>Also if they don't worship the Emperor how do they get away with it?

There an independent force, nobody else has any authority over them.

>> No.15648691

>Being powerful makes you a sue!
>Having a generalist, beginner friendly army list makes you a sue!
>GW producing more codexes for you makes you a sue!

>> No.15648699

except the Inquisition that is, the only force that really, really does not need to justify itself before others

>> No.15648706

But who watches the Inquisition?

>> No.15648712

In fact, didn't one Inquisitor destroy an entire Marine chapter (Celestial Lions?) because they questioned his tactics?

>> No.15648717

the same people who watches the watchmen
they supposedly self-police

>> No.15648726

They have an Ordo for that, IIRC.

>> No.15648736


The =][= has no formal power over the Space Marines anymore than they do the Eldar.

Sure they can try and kill them if the disagree but they can't order anything from them.

>> No.15648738

Inquisitors snuff getto chapter for whatever reason they want
only big name chapters like space wolfs, black templars, and blood angels can get away with their deviant ways

>> No.15648741

I dunno. The coast guard?

>> No.15648743

>implying they can't order Chapters.

>> No.15648744

>Space mareens
>Not worshipping the emprah

why are you letting this drivel go unpunished?

>> No.15648748

Each chapter has its own cult that glorifies, but does not worship, the Emperor and the Primarchs. It's ancestor worship more than it's god worship. It's still a religion and it's still fanaticism. Each chapter has its own rituals, its own views. They get away with it because a 500-pound gorilla eats whatever the hell it wants.

Fire Hawks are (were, may they rest in peace) an exception in that they actually worshipped the Emperor in a variant of the common Imperial Cult. There have been a few other such chapters mentioned, I just can't think of them right now.

>> No.15648754

rolled 45 = 45

>Implying it wasn't Ork snipers
Speaking of the Celestial Lions, I was quite surprised when I saw them listed as one of the already made chapter color schemes.

>> No.15648759

>yet another sm-fag who ignores fluff in his belief that the imperium bends to the will of his precious astartes.

>> No.15648762

Not officially. They could call in an honour debt or try and intimidate them I suppose, but they can't just pull rank.

>> No.15648769

Celestial Lions guys here. I don't think they formally have any power over Space Marines beyond Deathwatch and Grey Knights, but they certainly have the clout and resources to demand respect (except by those chapters that are strong enough to say "fuck you"). I think most of the time the Marines cooperate at least to some extent simply to avoid unnecessary in-fighting and because it sometimes helps them too (see: purging heretics from their ranks). Of course, this is 40k, so...

>> No.15648776

disobey inquisitor
get hunted by the navy, the assasins, the sororitas, and three astartes chapters Imperium wide

mostly Inquisitors only ask for borrowed manpower, and they know even they have to be polite while requesting the astartes
likewise, most chapter masters know you just don't say no to the insquisition unless their demmands are truly outrageous
if he just wants to borrow a battle brother Whateverius Dontgiveadamnus to chase for whatever powerful heretic, they just let the Inquisitor get his way.

>> No.15648780


Fire Angels. LOATHED The Fire Hawks for being too purge happy, spend their time hanging around with the Sisters.

Ultramarine Successors who don't like the Ultramarines, as they see their obsession with their primarch and codex astartes as Idolatry

>> No.15648787

Yes. That's how the Imperium works. Everyone has absolute power under the law, it's just a matter of who has enough guns to prove their right by trial of combat. In this case, the Inquisitor used snipers while the marines fought orks.
An Inquisitor, an Imperial Governor, an Arbites Judge, and a Space Marine Commander ALL have the authority of the Emperor himself. Ordinarily, the others won't try to overrule the Space Marine.

(Based on the Badab War color scheme for Astral Claws, and them having a couple successor chapters that remain unnamed, I suspect Forgeworld wants the Celestial Lions to be a Claws successor, explaining why an Inquisitor would just annihilate them over such a small debate)

>> No.15648823


Inquisitors definitely can't outright order around astartes, other than in the deathwatch (because those are ordo xenos). Spess mehrenes are as rare a commodity for inquisitors as malleus terminator armor.

>> No.15648827

Inqusitors technically have authority over every branch of the Imperium besides Marines. Most would probably try to avoid bossing others around because it makes them enemies though.

>> No.15648828

Not exactly order them, but they can ask for help, since, you know, Space Marines and Inquisitors fight the same foes.

>> No.15648866

Yes, they can order them. Inquisitors can order almost anybody in the Imperium. Anyone they can't are their superiors or are in Sol.

>> No.15648881


>> No.15648893

The Arbites have authority over every other branch of the Imperium. Nobody is above the law.
The Planetary Governor is the Emperor's proxy. He takes orders from nobody, but he'd do well to follow their recommendations because he's still only got one planet.
The Inquisitor also speaks with the Emperor's voice. He has the right to do anything he deems necessary. The Judge can still deem him incompetent, treasonous, dangerous, heretical, or otherwise criminal and sic an army of Arbitrators on him. The Planetary Governor can still have him seized by his household guard, enforcers, and defense force. When he takes an action, the Inquisitor has to muster tangible power to back up his authority, because everyone else already does.

>> No.15648939

Not Marines. That's why in the old Hunters books you got inducted guard and allied space marines.

>> No.15648949

you are correct in all that, but remember the Inquisitors often have the means to contortion out of law's reach/grasp and the governor know he will be dead the moment the Inquisitor's buddies know he is being held for whatever reasons

>> No.15648969


Nope. They can ***technically*** order them around, but that alone will do shit if they don't have the power/brains/mutual respect to get the marines to actually listen to them. The chapter master has every right to go "Well I'd love to help you chase some rare, heretical artifact all over the galaxy, but all my forces are already engaged in fighting an Ork WAAAGGH on the sector capital, so for the good of the Imperium, I'm afraid I must deny your request. I hear the Dark Angels are more then willing to work with Inquisitors though, why don't you go over to Caliban and start snooping around. The Dark Angels consider it a sign of respect."

Astrates chapters are WAAYY too expensive to kill off just because a chapter master said no to a junior Inquisitor with some hare-brained scheme. Unless they're literally worshiping the dark gods or a threat to the Inquisition as a whole, the =I= tends to leave them alone most of the time, since its generally more trouble then its worth to wipe them out.

>> No.15649055

Which is why Inquisitors get away with ordering governors around far more than they do Chapter Masters. The Chapter Master has buddies to call in of his own.

>> No.15649098

>Inqusitors ordering Space Marines

Wat. The whole Chapter thing is to stop anybody from being able to control too many marines. If Inqusitor Chaosy McRadical could just go round up a posse of 20 Chapter and make a demi-legion wouldn't that defeat the whole point of the thing?

Space Marines are only beholden to their Superiors within the Chapter and the Emperor aren't they?

>> No.15649110

not to mention inquisitors do their homework about the chapters and usually ask for aid in a way the astartes will be likely not to refuse, as in the heretical artifact has ties with a Chaos Lord that caused severe lost to the chapter in ages past

>> No.15649193

>Space Marines are only beholden to their Superiors within the Chapter and the Emperor aren't they?

yes, but if Inquisitor Pimp Daddy the Magnificent offers the chapter master to reveal the location of that one Warbozz that humbled its predecessor or the location of one of the many lost relics from the founders, then the inquisitor can get away with temporarily recruiting a single SM as hired muscle or get combat support from a single squad during a specific operation
Inquisitors rarely just barge in the battle barge and demmand the Honour Guard to drive him to the Eye Of Terror, most likely they respect the SM as a friendly chapter can be a valuable asset for someone who will likely live hundreds of years hunting superhuman foes
likewise, the Chapter Master appreciates the Inquisitor returning the Rosarius worn by the first Master of Sanctity the chapter had and that was lost during whatever battle against Chaos, but knows the inquisitor will be back in 40 or so years collecting favors

>> No.15649211

Just so you guys know the warbands name is The Chosen of Nemeroth.

>> No.15649222

Is that bad mister cowboy?

>> No.15649232

>unable to play as orks
>playing anything but orks or berzekers

>> No.15649250

>Not playing as a warrior of courage and honour

>> No.15649267

>>Not playing as a poster-boy canon-sue, or their 'evil counterparts'

>> No.15649286

>I'm so jelly

Don't be mad! It's only a bunch of games after all.

>> No.15649306

I'm not even mad. Just stating the truth.

And it would be nice to see at least 1 of those bunch of games have something remotely interesting for me. I like 40k when it doesn't revolve solely around space marine cock.

>> No.15649307

>thread about /tg/ related game
>expects useful commentary and opinions
>gb2/v/ and mary sue every other post

>> No.15649344

I've never heard of the name before.

>> No.15649368

>Implying Space Marines are truthfully sues.

>And it would be nice to see at least 1 of those bunch of games have something remotely interesting for me.

And what interests you? The Dawn of War games allow you to plays as not-marines, Fire Warrior too. Hell maybe if this does well they'd be tempted to try make more 40k games, maybe not called Space Marine.

>> No.15649382

Well the Blood Ravens and Storm Wardens where unknowns once right?

>> No.15649416

>And what interests you? The Dawn of War games allow you to plays as not-marines, Fire Warrior too. Hell maybe if this does well they'd be tempted to try make more 40k games, maybe not called Space Marine.

Dawn of War 1 was great... Winter-Assault on. The last expansion sucked balls. But I had a blast playing it up until then. DoW 2 is just another marine-wank pile of shit. I guess the latest expansion shoe-horned whatever race you like in for the single player campaign... but meh. They lost me on the initial release, and I wasn't about to pay money for a game I didn't enjoy when I tried it at a friends.

Fire Warrior was shit, and you know it.

>> No.15649426

Don't forget Rites of Battle and Final Liberation.

>> No.15649453

>Dawn of War 1 was great... Winter-Assault on. The last expansion sucked balls. But I had a blast playing it up until then. DoW 2 is just another marine-wank pile of shit.

Can you really blame them for putting their best foot forward, so to speak? I'd hardly call it marine wank because the campaign was about marines.

>Fire Warrior was shit, and you know it.

Yeah, but they tried.

>> No.15649458

I don't believe space marines qualify as sues precisely, but they are certainly wank. They'd be halfway interesting if their entire schtick was something than "we're the bestest warriors ever".

>> No.15649520

They're not wank either. I don't get it some things are just more powerful than others.

Is a lion wank compared to a house cat? Is a Tarrasque wank? Was Sauron wank?

>> No.15649569

Ok, so there's awesome VS....but is there co-op?

>> No.15649617

Game would be better if it were an adaptation of Ian Watson's novel Space Marine.
Homoerotic masochistic hyperpuberty warriors!

>> No.15649641

I do remember reading that there IS co-op.

Can't provide a source though, but pretty damn sure there is.

>> No.15649745


I am so sick of some of you guys' need to be special snowflakes about shit you're interested in.

People don't play Halo to play as Marines
People don't play Gears of War to not play the COG
People don't play JRPGs to not be pretty bishies.

Space Marines are 40k. DEAL. WITH. IT.

>> No.15649758


Huh? I recall plenty of marines dying in most novels I've read, some even having crisis of faith(which is what the horus Heresy is entirely about).

What are you complaining about again? I don't even understand anymore. Summer /tg/ is balls.

>> No.15649775

Dibs going White Scars Assault Marine!
For the great hunt!

>> No.15649795


Did they not eat poop in that book? lol.

>> No.15649846

Even in DoW2 they're portrayed as super soldiers that are still human (down to the squabbling, though they still get shit done). Hell, Chaos Rising onward it's shown exactly how not-bueno some of the Blood Ravens are [spoilers]like Avitus being a traitor for non-Chaos purposes, the Chapter Master being a total heretic, Diomedes being stubborn/blind to the point of almost making a critical error, etc. The only difference is that Marines generally do greater things on a grander scale because they have more impact.

tl;dr: No, Marines aren't always wank and especially not in DoW or DoW2. They work bigger, but they're still a small thing in the universe.

>> No.15649868

space marines eat shit every day.

They have a organ dedicated to it

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