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>Eldar have superior technology and to an extent superior biology than the average human

So why is it that Imperial Assassins completly rape Eldar/Dark Eldar assassins?

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How do you partially rape someone?

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rolled 19 = 19



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You don't make them bleed

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normal eldar are too stuck-up to use it

dark eldar use it too much, and are resistant

humans are the perfect fit for COMBAT DRUGS. They just WORK BETTER.

and that is why humans can enjoy themselves more than eldar, and why chaos likes them better

The End

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Vindicare assassins are 1 in a quadrillion chemically augmented cyborgs using lostech dark age of technology artifacts with about 3% original human inside designed for a 15 minute combat lifetime before they burn out.

Might as well ask why the average eldar has trouble fighting a direct hit by a nuclear bomb.

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Also why every single Vindicare assassin is more skilled in melee combat than Karandras and Jain Zar.

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They don't. One eldar once killed everything in the universe. True story. I heard it from some tall guy down the pub.

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Really? I thought they were, at best, mediocre compared to dedicated melee units.

What with the lack of tank busting, AP penetration, and high strength values.

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Eric Clapton approves COCAINE!

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the same reason imperial assassins are completely superior to oh so special geneseed space marines

what's so fucking great about geneseed when an assassin is just way better?

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I think he's referring to their WS stat?
And it is because all Eldar talk is hyperbole. They have worse tech. Worse warriors. And worse psykers.
Humanity, fuck yeah, etc., etc.

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Sad though I may sound, being an eldar player, this guy is true. Our heavy weapons are a little better, but we're talking +1 RoF here and there.

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Necron master race!

I swear is Ward screws us over I'll go insane

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Ward is rebranding you as 80's cartoon villains

that is a good thing, you get to cackle and your lord has a shrill voice for a muscular skullman

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You should be alright rules-wise. Most everything in his books is functional (though I still don't understand why techmarines needed to eat up an elite slot on their own), and he was a Necron player originally. Whether you're better off ignoring all of the other words that aren't rules is a matter of personal taste.

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Moar tf2 inspired 40k art!

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It's mainly cause GW favours Imperium and Ward wrote the new GK codex. He should've give the deathcult asassins a 4++ dodge in close combat like wytches have, instead of the weird situation where they dodge bullts infinitely better than wytches but are worse at dodging melee hits.The temple ones could keep their dodge againts shooting, like Lelith has, since they're supposed to be super augmented to the point where they make space marines look normal. However it makes no sense that the deathcult asassins, who are supposed to be just regular humans, albeit extremely skilled and on combat drugs, are supposed to outclass things like Dark Eldar Archons (who are not only extremely skilled and on combat drugs, but also have millenias of experience and superhuman reflexes).

Dodge against ranged attacks makes no sence anyway, since being harder to hit is already covered by the cover safe, and how the fuck do you dodge a flamethrower or a battlecannon shot anyway?

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Well, the Emprah being a recolored He-Man...

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I think you mean Eversor.

Vindicares are snipers. They have been known to maintain their sniper positions for weeks before taking their shot, and are not very good in melee.

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All I know is that that guy didn't do anymore. And that is apparently Azula. But he's done a bunch of stuff that gets posted on /tg/ all the time, including this stupid sexy Banshee ass.

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By scooting over to the side?

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Also, which Eldar/Dark Eldar Assassins are you talking of?

I can't recall that Eldar have specialised Assassins.
Sure, they have Snipers (Rangers) and close combat specialists ( Screaming Bitches ), but as far as I recall, they don't have any Warrior Aspect dedicated on killing a single priority target so hard that it dies to death.

While Eldar Units generally are highly specialized and tend to suck doing anything else than what they're supposed to do, the Imperial Assassins are even more specialized but retain their ability to be mediocre against other targets thanks to the extremely advanced Dark Age Tech and Drugs.

As for the Eversors, these guys explode if they don't do cocaine. Go figure.

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Shouldn't nulls be immune to warpfuckery? He should tear through those psyker mutant babies at least as easily as a room full of regular babies.

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It's an Eversor, not a Culexus.

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>Necrons led by Skeletor


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The model clearly remaisn under the template, so that doesn't really work. If you'd have to move the model to the edge of the template after a succesful save, then it could make sense. And what about some of the stuff in Apocalypse, like a Titan reactor blowing up that takes out hald of the board, including all the buildings. The asassins have a 50% chanse to somehow dodge a nuclear explosion.

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Shouldn't that room be nothing but fire and rubble then. I was under the impression that an Eversor was basically a class-10 rapestorm in man shape.

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Is there some backstory to explain why the eversor is having so much difficulty against the muppet babies? Are they like Alpha+ level psyker babies?

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Humans have a much larger genetic diversity than Eldar.

You see, Eldar are Old One bioweapons gone native.

Humans are naturally evolved creatures that evolved from prehistoric life that was slightly touched by Old Ones AND the C'tan to function as a secret weapon...

Hence humanities superior genetic flexibility, as well as the fact that humanity produces psykers and "anti-psykers".

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I think you mean Eversor, not Vindicare. Vindicare are the snipers.

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Something like that.

Eversors are used as riot control for extremely strong psyker babies.

Because they don't understand yet what "sit down and listen" means.

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It's not rape, it's love.

It CAN bloom, you know.

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>A tough eversor is given his most difficult assignment: infiltrate as a a psyker daycare schola teacher in order to find a heretic.

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You do know, those psyker babies will probably be taken to the maternal ward within Titan, where they will grow up to become Grey Knights one day.

Every time an Eversor sees a dutiful and proud Grey Knight he thinks: "THOSE FUCKING EMPEROR-DAMNED BABIES!"

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i would watch this

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This not future I hoped for!

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thats the final test in the eversor temple, clade aspirants are to spend a week in a black ship. watching over the local daycare.

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Because fanservice.

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Behold, the only thing in the galaxy capable of stopping an Evesor

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Augumented human on combat drugs pwnz something that has almost 20000 years of collective combat experience combined with most possibly advanced tech impossible to copy or recreate

makes perfect sense

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what eldar assassins are we talking about?

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I think you meant Evisceror assassins. Vindicare are the snipers.

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That is very silly. Phoenix Lords should be better than virtually any human warrior. Though there's always the ability for them to get fucked by shitty luck, as is the case with everyone else.

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>Karandras and Jain Zar.

The dude was reffering to Phoenix Lords, not assassins.
Also, Maugan'Ra would like a word with you

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>most possibly advanced tech impossible to copy or recreate
If anything that describes the Imperial Assassins. There has to be some Dark Age tech in them. At the very least the animus speculum that the Cullexus assassins wear is dark age tech.

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>Man taken from a world where pointy stick was pinnacle of weapons technology.
>Given a las gun, flak vest, and a helmet
>Pointed toward the 2000 year old veterans of war.
>And kills them.

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A giant... toaster?

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Thats cool and stuff, but thats recycled from the times when human tech was at its best, still not comparable to the stuff eldar had before they an heroed via slaanesh

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Actually, this is what happens

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Afix Bayonets.

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Do you have the full set of these? I never saved them all.

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City buster nuclear bomb.
The corrupt Planetary Governor he was sent to assassinate set it up as a trap.

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>At the very least the animus speculum that the Cullexus assassins wear
>animus speculum

This explains a lot.

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Why is that Culexus looking to kill a Living Saint?

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She is the hated heretic saint, sister Stern.

Bane of chaos and consort of Xenos.

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I still would tap that.

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It isn't clear if she is a living saint.

I'm pretty sure than means 'motion looker'. It doesn't necessarily mean the device meant for looking into bodily orifices.

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I have no idea whats happening in OP's pic.

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>Bane of chaos and consort of Xenos.

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Psyker babies fighting an eversor.

>> No.15635655


An Eversor Assassin's first day at the daycare centre.
He's playing with the children, just like the job description says.

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all I can think of when I look at that pic is "I do COCAINE"

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You're not the only one.

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>Bane of chaos
Her presence hurts and destroys all the taints and manifestation of chaos.

Daemons know her name and fear her.

>consort of Xenos.

She has an Eldar boyfriend

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Not an Ork one?

>> No.15635737

Orks are asexual fungus brah

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Records where altered to save face in the name of the emperor, as the Eldar are at least a mockary of the human form, rather then... The greenskins.

Idea, Living Saint Adeptas Sororitas who came as a result of the sister's praying to Gork and Mork, gaining Faith WAAAUGH Powers.

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well I guess it could be worse.

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You described the Inquisition stance on her perfectly.

Also this is what the Grey Knights want to do to her, if they catch her.

>> No.15635813

Who wins?

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That's what you get when you become a Living Saint without showing the proper Living Saint symptoms.

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The Space Marine

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Nightmare fuel central. *shiver*

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>and how the fuck do you dodge a flamethrower or a battlecannon shot anyway?

Obviously they SKIM THROUGH THE WARP like a warp spider, except they stand still while doing so like a retard. Or something.

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>>and how the fuck do you dodge a flamethrower or a battlecannon shot anyway?

You jump into the air, you dodge into cover etc

there are plenty of ways

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