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I'll be dumping what wallpapers I have i exchange for you sharing yours!
Post any /tg/-related!
I mainly have M:TG-related ones, but I'll start with my very few WH40K ones.
Wallpaper thread, go!

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I sure hope there's at least one person getting these. Otherwise I'll be doing it all for nothing.

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Has anyone got some good WHF ones? Especially featuring Skaven?

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I don't have any WHF ones, sadly. But I do want.

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I really like this one. I wish it was larger, though.

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Hnng would be awesome if larger. I'm such a Pestilens fanboy.

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No one got some WHF goodness to share?

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this is the most /tg/ related wallpaper I have

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And that's all of the best from my 40k folder.
Now I'll move to the best of my MTG-wallpaper folder!

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Hmm, i have that wallpaper but without the MtG text. Sadly, it's in lower res.

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>wallpaper thread
>scroll through
>all jpgs, not one pngs

Enjoy your artifacts fags

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Taking this one.

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I don't care so much for the text, really. It's a bit of knowledge, and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Also fitting for Arcanis.

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Can't believe this has not been posted yet...

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I just love Gilder Bairn. Anyone else does?

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Have some WHF

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Thank you very much, sir. Got any more where that came from?

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Eh /tg/, i was hoping you could provide a little better? No DnD-related stuff? Only so little WHF?

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No worries. Wish I had more

Here is my old background for my laptop if you're looking for something somewhat cataclysmic.

It's small enough for such a machine

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I wish I had more too. That's the reason I made this thread.
Also, another beautiful picture.

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