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Oh, thank god I took that ability.

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It means you can stand up in a flash rather than taking a bit of time.

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That thing is such a lifesaver, especially if your DM is a dick about slipping on ice/oil or has a ton of knock prone enemies

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At level 4, I learned how to eat, but its an Encounter power.

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Damn, what class are you? I'm a barbarian and I didn't learn how to breathe until level seven!

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Shitspammer. That is all.

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Agile Recover: You may stand up as a minor action instead of a move action.

There, now it's a feat in 3.5.

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Standing up is usually a Move Action, that power lets you stand up as a Minor Action.

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If you need to eat more often than once every 5 minutes, 4e nonsense is the least of your problems.

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>ITT Aspies don't get jokes

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ANY FEAT that lets you do something as a minor instead of move/standard is AMAZING and INCREDIBLY USEFUL. My wizard's daily power is to use MAGIC MISSILE AS A MINOR ACTION. I can't TELL you how many times that has been incredibly useful, and it'll probably stay with me to the end.

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>mfw it didn't even occur to me that this could be an edition war troll until
Seriously, little abilities like this come in real handy.

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>mfw it didn't even occur to me that this could be an edition war troll until

Not trolling, you've just been on 4chan too long and have forgotten what jokes are.

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I should also point out it lasts until the end of the encounter, not just for the one turn.

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That's really useful.

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I have a sorcerer daily that lets me make an attack as a FREE action once per turn. It's a lightning attack. Guess what I get insane damage and to-hit bonuses with.

Lightning attacks.


Lightning Dagger is pretty sweet.

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Don't you sometimes wish players actually thought like this, though?

Shit Player: I rape the barmaid!
DM: Oh really? I don't see "rape" anywhere in your list of powers.

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Finally, I can be free of a long time DMing burden. I can finally play games without worrying about when they'll pull that card out. I can finally start having female PCs to very up things and not regret mentioning a barmaden offhandedly.

I am truly free now.

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>>15632668DM: Oh really? I don't see "rape" anywhere in your list of powers.


mage hand cantrip

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Man, Gregor Clegane is clearly some min/maxer PC. "Please ser, your men are harassing my daughter" "You disturb me over some whore?" "My daughter isn't a whore..." "SHE IS NOW! RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE RAPE"

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Intimidate, stealth, athletics, bluff

Dungeoneering, thievery

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Hey Bob, why dungeoneering?

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Breaking into dark holes.

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don't have the skill eh' ??

then I default it to strength with increased target numbers

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Standing up is a MOVE action...
This is an ability to reduce standing up from being knocked down into a MINOR action. meaning you still get to move the same turn you stood back up. It is a lifesaver.

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that may very well be the first funny rape joke in history!

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