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Hello /tg/!

We're looking for more players for a long running Dark Heresy game. The current party consisting
of an Ogyrn, an assassin and Tech-Priest. Experience is about 4,000 and we usually run at 9pmGMT to 3amGMT. If you're interested, pop along to sup/tg/'s chat(http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/chat.html) and come to room TGDHrecruiting.

Hope to see you there!

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Bumping with more art by Technomancer.

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What happened to venris?
and that other guardsmen guy?
>Is another certain tech priest

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Venris is having technical difficulties and the other guardsman is going to playing with us soon after a brief leave of absence. Also! Hi Moose, 8 here!

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Hello 8.
I too have been having technical problems.
desktop went kaput, and the laptop im using needs a new smart ac charger otherwise its mostly on 100% cpu usage.

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Aw, hopefully it'll get fixed. Also! To anyone watching this thread, feel free to come along to suptg's chat and speak to us in room TGDHrecruitment!

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I miss the Kreiger.

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uh, what's this game about? I mean yours specifically. What can I expect apart from lolchaos and dying a lot?

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The game's been quite fast paced with very little time for rest, with a team that's quickly blasted from one crisis to another while everything crumbles around them. They're currently about to undergo a new assignment, a perfect moment for the Inquisitor to introduce allies into the group.

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Aaand that's a wrap. We're full now, so happy gaming /tg/!

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