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Why hate?

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dey cool

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Fanboy writers.

Try again.

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Why Troll?

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i hate blue

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Why hate, indeed? Do not hate the Ultramarines, for they are shining knights and paragons of humanity, dedicated to combating the enemies of Man wherever they find them. Place your full trust in the Ultramarines.

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and then they abandoned the humans on damnos

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>lol chaos is legun XD

fucking heretics

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If the ultramarine's abandoned them, then they were clearly heretics. All Glory to the Emperor

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Only the Ultramarines are brave and strong enough to fight the insidious threat the Alpha Legion represents. But with these stalwart heroes on our side, how could the Imperium possibly fall to such a seeping and pervasive corruption?

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Because when Calgar kicks off the Ultramarine Heresy and takes all the Chapters founded from Ultramarine gene-seed with him, I want to be there all like "Told ya," and everyone else will be all like "Daaaaaaamn, yo, you TOLD us!" and then I'll be all like "Yup, totally called it."

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THis sounds like a good idea, astartes whose chapter symbol I vaguely recognize.

Let us all praise our mighty protectors, the Ultra marines

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Can we have an Ultramarine art thread? Not one to make fun (although good art with them losing is still good art), but to show off some badassery?

I like Nomad77's stuff, but can only find this one.

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As a follow up, that's the badass art I mean. Even if it's alpha. I'm unfamiliar with Alpha legion fluff. How do they relate to Ultras?

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i'll bite.

mary sue bullshit with a healthy serving of ward fanwank and spiritual lieges.


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Chaos: Bayonets on everything, up to and including lascannons and autocannons. Sometimes bigger than the actual gun. Emprah help us if they figure out how to make a bayonet that shoots bayonets.

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Thank you!

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The Ultramarines and Alpha Legion were opposed in the times of the Great Crusade in terms of their belief in tactics.

Alpharius believed in creativity and flexibility throughout the entire command structure, and fluidity in terms of reacting to a changing elements of war.

Roboute however believed that if a given situation is identified there is no point in using anything but the most effective method to doing the job time after time, and the adherence to his Codex Astartes which more or less said just what those methods were.

In the battles after the Heresy, the two forces clashed en-masse, and though Alpharius was believed killed in a surprise attack, the Ultramarines were unable to do much more damage to the Alpha Legion due to the fact that losing their Primarch did nothing to their command structure or ability to fight.

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And Alphafags like to claim that the Alpha Legion has infiltrated every level of the Ultras and is planning to use them in some grand, Imperium-shattering evil sekrit plot. Constantly. It gets annoying.

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This guy. That's why.

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They fought each other.

Alpharius trolled Guilliman a few times.

Good times.....

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>implying that isn't the truth

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That's a waste of good creativity really. I mean the CSM Codex has an awesome fluff piece about how they wiped out an entire SM chapter through the secret psycho-indoctrination of their recruiting stock.

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>>Implying greentext
Couldn't you latch on to some actually badass legions instead of yet another quintuple-reverse-secret-agent-traitor-what-the-fuck-backstabbed faction? We have tons of those already. Why not go for the king of evil religions, the most terrifyingly unstoppable warriors ever, Space Marine Batman, or the fucking zombie movie monsters in power armor?

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>implying an army of Magnificent Bastards is not badass

>We have tons of those already

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Samefag here. Sorry, I overreacted a bit. Been a bad day and the whole 'alpha legion infiltratan everyone' meme drives me up a wall like others go berserk at guardfags. Doesn't help that I actually do like Ultras for being the closest 40k has to Reasonable Marines.

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>>Army of magnificent bastards
>>Not plenty of those
Eldar, in Harlequin, Craftworld, and Dark variety, especially Haemonculi, Tzeentch followers not 1ksons, Inquisitors, etc.
For crazy backstabbers, we have Deldar, most of Chaos in general, Inquisition again, the Deciever, etc. The Alpha Legion is not particularly special among armies or legions.

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It's okay dude. I like the Ultramarines too, but at the same time I understand that the fluff in an army book is there mostly to act as inspiration for people. People won't like it but ultimately it doesn't have much of an effect on the tabletop itself so it has very little influence unless people let it get to them.

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I prefer scheming, backstabbing, and reverse-quadruple agents that are a shadow wrapped in an enigm-HES BEHIND YOU!

The others are.....Well the night lords have an unhealthy obsession with wings, the blood crazed berzerkers are far too focused for my taste, I just don't like nurgle's guys (nurgle is a bro. Disgusting and likely to give you a horrifying disease just by being on the same planet, but still a bro), The thousand Sons are more focused on the sorcery aspect of tzeentch and most of their schemes in the fluff are underwhelming, the Iron warriors.....dont have a whole lot about them, Word bearers are too preachy for me, and the Emporer's Children are just squick incarnate.

You may disagree with my reasons, but hey. they're my reasons which lead to my opinion.

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Not going to go YOUR OPINION IS WRONG now that the initial annoyance has passed, but I do find the schemer annoying after a while, simply because there are so many, both in and out of 40k. I do like a more straightforward character for a change of pace...and now that I say it, I wonder when 'straightforward' became the exception to the rule.

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Yeah, I like Night Lords, but the whole "I'm Batman" things is kinda irksome. You could always go for one of the lesser known chapters of Chaos, like the Purge, which killed roughly 300 billion or something in their fluff, which is pretty cool, and Nurgle aligned, but not all are plague Marines.

Black Legion is coolest in my opinion. Best of all traits of other chapters, easy paint scheme, and just generally cool dudes.

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You know, despite being called the most generic faction, I don't see how they're generic besides being the poster chapter.

I think Black Templars are more generic myself. Space Romans are cool.

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isnt that pic from the Dornian heresy?

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it is highly likely upon second thought I am completely wrong.

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No, you're right, that is "Damocles" pattern power armor and pulse pistols they are using. Which may happen soon in the canon timeline, should the Astro fall away from Macragge.

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I am right? that makes me nerdhappy

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any more pics?

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