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I'd like to hear how you guys feel about each 5th edition codex. Their pros, cons, and how balanced are they.

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Don't start the shitstorm without me, I'm making popcorn for this.

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Discounting codices at the tail end of 4E, the 5E codices are, in order:

Codex: Space Marines (Ultramarines in all but name)
Codex: Imperial Guard (Leafblower)
Codex: Space Wolves (Doing Chaos better than Chaos)
Codex: Tyranids (How do I into Pyrovore)
Codex: Blood Angels (Musculous muscles~)
Codex: Dark Eldar (Actually made them an interesting army with great models)
Codex: Grey Knights (Derpknight)

For the reference of those of you that need reference.

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>Codex: Space Marines
By Matt Ward.
>Codex: Imperial Guard
By Cruddace.
>Codex: Space Wolves
By Phil Kelly.
>Codex: Tyranids
By Cruddace.
>Codex: Blood Angels
By Matt Ward.
>Codex: Dark Eldar
By Phil Kelly.
>Codex: Grey Knights
By Matt Ward.

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Space Wolves
PROS: Can't go wrong with anything. Crazy psychic powers. Good assault.

CONS: Not much really. This is a con to a lot of people who will play you if you choose Space Wolves.

BALANCE: Somewhat balanced, but I'd say overall more powerful than the other 5th edition codices. Often rank in the top 3.

Imperial Guard
PROS: Can't really go wrong with most units. Vendettas are super cheap for what they do. Melta vets are the same.

CONS: Overall bad elite section. Cluttered heavy support options with lots of less than stellar choices.

BALANCE: At first people thought they were over powered, but I think once that hype died down people realized they weren't amazingly tough. They're terrible in assault, and they have enough AV 10 to be crippled fairly easily. The feared Mech Guard can be pinned in their deployment zone more easily due to so much armor. I'd say they are relatively balanced.

PROS: Great new MCs. Lots of unit variety. Made much better to be swarmy while still having lots of MCs.

CONS: Overcluttered Elite section mostly with choices that don't beat out Hive Guard. Trygon obviously superior to Carnifex in most ways making fexes have a hard time finding a place in the army.

BALANCE: Balanced. Some bad internal balance though. Leaves you with a few units that work well and a lot of ones that aren't too bad, but just aren't worth taking over a clearly better unit.

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>Codex: Space Wolves (Doing Chaos better than Chaos)
>Codex: Blood Angels (ditto)
>Codex: Grey Knights (ditto)

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Oh do explain yourself.

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Which reminds me I saw someone elsewhere on the interwebs making a pre-heresy thousand sons army out of the GK codex. Good times.

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>Space Marines
Solid rules which are balanced both internally and externally. A few goofs here and there, but no unit is so terrible you wouldn't ever dream of using it, and there's very little that's genuinely overpowered. The fluff is silly and overblown, and doesn't bring any new ideas either.

>Imperial Guard.
Poorly playtested. While nothing in the book is grossly overpowered in of itself, certain units combined together and taken en-masse become extremely powerful and frustrating to play against. A lot of the other options aren't worth using, which tends to push people towards the ones which are. The IG fluff has never interested me so I don't feel able to give an unbiased opinion.

>Space Wolves.
Space Marines But Better. A little like the IG Codex in that if you build a general, all-rounder army, it'll be fine. But it's very easy to create a very, very nasty army. And again, much like the IG, I don't like the SW fluff and doubt I ever will.

Ruleswise, Cruddace had some fantastic ideas. The new creatures, for example, are all interesting and don't feel particularly shoehorned. But so much of what he did was executed terribly, with special rules which don't work the way they should do, grossly inflated points costs, and a poorly balanced distribution of units across the FoC. The fluff, on the other hand, is great. It adds a touch of character and personality without breaking too far away from the faceless, devouring alien monsters theme.

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>Blood Angels.
Space Marines with some extra stuff thrown in. The extra stuff is much like the regular Space Marine codex; largely balanced, albeit with a few small swings one way or the other. The other tweaks to existing units mean the army plays differently enough to regular Marines. The fluff is as Clumsily written as that of the standard Marines, but at least has a few interesting ideas, and isn't quite as obnoxious.

>Dark Eldar.
I cannot praise this book enough. Fluff, rules, art, everything is spot on. If the Dark Eldar are stuck with another ten years before their next codex, I don't think any tears will be shed.

>Grey Knights.
At first glance, the Knights can look really overpowered, with a raft of crazy special rules, psychic powers and bits of wargear. But they pay through the nose for everything and most of them die just as quickly as regular Marines. The fluff has lots of good ideas, but was written with Wards typical lack of grace, leading to silliness like the Bloodtide.

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> Dark Eldar
Oh these fucking special rules everywhere. Fuck. this. shit.
But they're okay to play against, espacially on kill points.
1 raider, 2 raiders, 3 raiders, 4 raiders, 5 raiders, 6 raiders, can I stop counting?

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Blood Angels

Love the codex. Great HQ special characters, and a mostly full army of jump pack units is something I've always wanted. Feels different enough from normal marines, and isn't overpowered. The fluff is super silly, but it really fits them.

Imperial Guard

Overall pretty great. Too many units that have little use though. Cruddace has the same problem with the Nids. He introduces tons of great new things, but they never work as well as they should, and the more reliable units will always get picked over them. A fun army to play with and against. It can be built to be fairly broken, and it's very easy to specialize your list against a certain opponent. All rounders lists are good fun though.


Same problem as IG. Too many units that are awesome but not that useful. Fairly consistent units taken by everyone. Great fluff and units though. Not overpowered, and can't be easily made to be broken.

Dark Eldar

Lots of crazy stuff, all pretty useful. Like most 5th edition codices though it has the same sort of a certain few units work best thing going on. Not easily broken, not easily made to suck either. Can't really go wrong with most things, and has a good internal balance.

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>The fluff has lots of good ideas

Such as?

I cannot think of a single improvement over the old fluff, in fact, I hated how they changed shit for no reason.

Gone are the days of 6000+ plus Grey Knights all over the galaxy, they are a Space Marine chapter again now.

Also, they went from puritan out of sheer will and dedication to full on radicals that cannot become tainted because deus ex machina said so.

Don't get me started on Henchmen. Apparently, ONLY IN A SINGLE SECTOR there is enough personel for henchmen army and you fucking better play Corteaz if you wish to have a actual Inquisition army.

And not this isn'tsome random Ward hate, he did very well with the rules and I even enjoy the new henchmen rules.

The fluff is terrible. Is 40k at it's derpiest and that's saying something

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Space wolves: 50% useless units. Gimmicks all over. Made by Kelly.

Imperial guard: 50% useless units. Gimmicks all over. Made by Cruddace.

Tyranids: monobuild. Relies on gimmicks that don't work (mawlocs). Made by Cruddace.

Space marines: Wardex. Made for 5th edition.

Grey knights: Wardex. Made for 5th edition.

Dark eldar: ghostwritten by Jes. The only xeno army that doesn't suck, and is made for 5th edition.

Blood angels: Wardex. Made for 5th edition.

Wardex = good. Everything else, excluding dark eldar, is a hackjob. Try running guard or space wolves with units you like, much like you'd do for grey knights. It doesn't work.

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It's a matter of taste, really. I always felt the old fluff painted them as too...objectively good, almost. They were too shiny-holy-knights-of-shiny-holiness, and it didn't seem to really gel with the rest of the setting. Wards fluff makes it very clear that the Grey Knights aren't your friend, they aren't your protector - they are the Imperium's protector. They don't care what they have to do or who they associate with so long as it saves more lives than it costs in the long run. As I said, Ward is a terrible writer, so the stories in the book are garbage, but I like the overal direction he took them. Very much Grey knights, not White knights.

Draigo is the exception. I don't know what the fuck's going on with him.

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They never had a listed number of dudes.
They never had a listed organization.
They never had fluff.
They only had 'mystery,' and 'too secret for you to know how we get these halberds!'

Ward took nothing and made it into something.
As an added bonus, they more than tripled the number of units available, and became playable.

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>and it didn't seem to really gel with the rest of the setting.

Because puritans do not exist in the setting right?
And somehow Space Marines that are immune to chaos just because and that hold daemonic equipement and all sorts of shit fits perfectly in a setting chaos is supposed to be mysterious and powerful, warping minds of all men alike.

You need a bit of light to be grimdark, otherwise you end up as the new grey knights. Grimderp.

Don't get me wrong, I play them with a converted Corteaz, but hot damn, did they fuck up the actual grey knights

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>They never had fluff
You're an idiot.

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>They never had fluff.

So that descrpitions on their codex was my fever imagination?

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Gav piece of shit dex that uses 'we're mysterious!' as an excuse to fit in 50% of a shitty black library novel, rather than writing about the army itself, is indeed shit.

There's no fluff in the old dex. You see, it's very simple why there isn't any. It's literally a black library collection of pastes, random quotes, and a really tiny armylist - all on less pages than the 3rd edition marine codex.

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And all that random quotes and Black Library novels?

Better than what we got. And guess what chump: That count as fluff.

Rules wise, wardex is superior. Not discussing this.

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Pardon me for stating this but:

You SHOULD be able to specialise your army. In my day everyone was playing chaos SM or regular SM and it made sence if you didnt want to be raeped if your playing a weaker army.
The IG codex i have has the doctrine list (old i know) but it allows you to have 4+ WS against 1 specific army, provided its represented on the models i.e. severed head of ork or nid.

Thats good fun and allways has the "i call bullshit" option.

If i ever get back into playing, i'll make the army list however i damn want. Its my fricking money. I'll pay the right amount of points because i actually enjoy a difficult game. But, meh...

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Wardex tells you how they get their shit, where they originate from, their ways of making war, and doesn't even once rely on 'we're totally badass and mysterious, so you can't know how we do X, bitch!' It even sets up motives and character that's not 'kill the demon because we're like, totally DEMONHUNTERS, durr!'

There's NOTHING superior about the old book. Nothing.

It's a piece of shit. Pure shit.
Like the past two imperial guard books.

Okay, there's one superior thing about it. Know that pic in the grandmaster entry in the Wardex? Yeah, that's not in the old 'dex.

That's all.

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I hear that 6th edition is in the making.

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>space marines
overall decent. Some options stronger than others and an over-reliance on special characters. I'd like to see more force-org modifying things (captain on bike making bikes troops) and less "special guy does X" (shrike gives fleet, vulkan gives flamerape, etc)

fun list, lots of options. Veterans are far too good for their cost, and several units are made totally obsolete by them. Not.. unbeatable, but not very fun to play against half of the time

they're space marines.. but better.. and.. cheaper? Not a fan. Especially since they've got exclusive rights to "bolter squad with two special weapons" now. (which shouldn't have been taken out of the 5th ed codex-marine book)

mish-mash of great ideas and poor execution. Can do OK on the table, but has to work for it. The core rules almost work against the army.. hopefully it changes in the next edition

>Blood Angels
haven't played against them much; and all I've seen have been spammy, boring lists. Not looked at the book closely, I'm afraid.

>Dark Eldar
Overall? Not bad. Most units have a purpose, with little overlap. They die like flies, but the games are normally entertaining. Most opponents have a reasonable mix of units which all have varying degrees of success. Yet to see a min-maxed list in person, so my opinion may change

couple derp rules, but the crunch is OK. Again a reliance on special characters (corteaz for the henchmen) which I'm not fond of.. but it's got variety. No one in the area has really fallen into stride with them, so it's hard to judge if they're strong or weak just yet

As for Balance? I've not come across an army that's "unbeatable" with my fairly unassuming, standard marines. Guard have some power issues, I find; but it's manageable with minimal list-adjustment. Most of this game just comes down to luck of the dice

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I agree with this guy, mostly.
The fluff is better, actually gives detailed information on their forces, origins and all that wasn't in the last one, with nary a "mysterious cop out to be found.
However, Ward just ain't a great writer, so it came across poorly.
I LIKE the new "we get shit DONE" GKs that have the writ of the Emperor himself to do whatever is needed in the face of the full force of the Ruinous Powers, and now they do not need to share space with other Puritan forces.

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But copypasta from a novel is never as canon as what's actually written in the codex.
Most of what counted as 'fluff' in the old 'dex was copypasta from other sources, and that's a cheap, rushed shot.

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The white dwarf BA dex was so much better. They've fucked mephiston up.

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False. Ward is a great writer.

Proof: one-page spreads of fluffy love for ALL units, including declaring space marine terminators 'invincible, and they never yield.'

This compared to Jervis saying 'durr, they wear heavy armor and move slowly, durr!' or Gav saying 'terminators are veteran marines in terminator armor.'

There's the hilarious silly things, like Dante blowing the bloodhorn of Gondor, 'the temptation of Mephiston,' or tactical marines carving up wraithlords with combat knives, but all that's no less than 2959595925% more interesting than all of codex: dark angels.

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Ordor Xedo Inquisitor kcicks so much ass.

Take both nades at 15pts each, make him a psycher with force weapon for an extra 30 pts. Stick him with a squad of GK's and stack hammerhand and use all nades.

Also, GK techmarine with orbital bombardment.

BA vanguard army is an insane list.

Disappoint with lack of iron hands :(

Legion of the Damned datasheet is good for friendly games.

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How did they mess him up? He seems pretty damn powerful now.

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They dumped the Gav mystery, and basically said he's the ultimate/best hope blood angels have of surviving as a chapter.

Which is a good change, but neckbeards complain that he got the tiny, tiny fluffbox from the old 'dex replaced by HUGE pages of background and badass deeds, just because.

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>>Ward is a great writer.
The fucker writes like a preteen fanfiction author. Grey Knights proved this beyond a doubt, although there's been plenty of other evidence. I'm not sure if you're playing apologist or trolling, but either way, shut up and stop being wrong. His rules are fine, and relatively balanced, but his fluff is the worst drivel I've seen outside of fanfiction.net. And this is from someone who plays modern Grey Knights.

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>Codex: Space Marines
Well balanced. I actually like the book. Good number of themed armies are viable. Good book for beginners. Capable of competitive lists. Only downside is massive Ultramarine fanwank. I would have liked it better if the other Loyalist chapters/legions got a bit more love.

>Codex: Imperial Guard
Very powerful. A top competitor in tournaments often. That being said, it is also overrated in my opinion, due to many players failing to utilize it to its full potential. Blatant money grab. I do like it though.

>Codex: Space Wolves
Good update for rules. I don't like thunderwolves/new SCs. I prefer the older fluff in some areas. Very competitive. Easily one of the more powerful armies. Capable of a number of themed lists, but they often won't see light of day.

>Codex: Tyranids
Poorly planned. Large number of good units all vying for the same spot. Leads to very few viable lists often making it underpowered. Good concepts, bad carryout.

>Codex: Blood Angels
Poorly written fluff. Some rules I don't agree with. Don't like DC Tycho/Seth/Sanguinor for rules issues. I think nipple armor is excessive. BA needed an update, but not like this. Would have liked them to take a more renaissance approach..

>Codex: Dark Eldar
Good rules for some parts. Bad for others (see decapitator/mandrakes). Fluff I haven't gotten around to reading yet, so I can't comment on it. Outside of Sliscus is a pimp.

>Codex: Grey Knights
Terribly done. I was an old GK player before 5th ed and during early 5th ed. I liked the old fluff much better, and my playstyle has largely been forced to change via new rules. I do not like this envisioning. I do like how Inquisition was combined now so as to allow eccelesiarchy for sisters codex. I also do like allowance of radical flavour. But for most part I do not like the codex.

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Remove your nostalgia goggles, and suck on some more Gav fluff.
Ward is superior both for crunch and fluff. He makes me buy armies.

Cruddace and Kelly make me sell them.

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but that's the point. Evil deeds are rewarded with death anf good deeds are punished because they show weakness which will turn into HERESY!

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Fuck that.

He's not an independant character anymore, so no squad.
No invulnerable save.
Worse Psychic powers (I'm affrad I can't be more specific withouit the dex infront of me)
His psychic hood has gone from whole table to 24 (I think) inches

Oh yeah, one of the psychic powers gave him 2D6 extra attacks, then make him strength 10. then get +1 attack for charging, +1 for pistol in the other hand and +1 for chapter banner. Then get a priest to give him feel no pain. He was once upon a time the biggest piece of fuckery that ever existed.

>> No.15616326

He still tears through armies. Last game he tore through 2 tactical squads, 2 dreads and blew up a rhino. That's about how much he does every game.

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No, the point is, no one plays chaos with the chaos 'dex anymore, because it's a piece of shit that turns the primary badguys of 40k into Dick Dastardly.

The codex basically gave STEAM to warmachine, because people felt that betrayed and mistreated.

>> No.15616349


He can fly, become S10, make people not attack him, give himself extra attacks, and tear through shit on his own, because he's a demon prince on a small base, so can hide behind rhinos.

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>>Nostalgia goggles
>>Got into 40k with 5e, picked up GK because I liked the idea of a 22-model army I didn't have to pay a thousand bucks for
No fluff is better than fanfiction-quality fluff. And I really don't want to bring up all the terrible shit Ward has done to the fluff, but fuck it. Spiritual Liege. Draigo burning Nurgle's Garden, smashing up the Tower of Tzeentch, and carving a name on Mortarion's heart, all solo. Bloodtide. His fluff is awful. That it is marginally less awful than other authors is no excuse.

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>My opinion > Your Opinion

What about people who used to field Puritan Grey Knight forces?

They got their army retconnected as Radicals.

I sold all my Grey Knights and brought Corteaz just because I wanted a puritan force. God damn it.

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>His psychic hood has gone from whole table to 24 (I think) inches.
Everyone's' hoods have been brought to 24". Just like 3++ storm shields, it was a decision for the edition of the game. I think DA are the only ones left with table-wide hoods, and their libbies are awful in every other respect.

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yeah you've kinda got it right there. My guard army sucks badly because I go for the traditional massed poorly eqipeed infantry approach backed up by a few heavy weapon squads and tanks.
Its fluffy as all hell but any competitive list will take it to pieces.

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Hey, genius, let me axe you something. Would you rather have your faction be made out to be badasses that get shit done against their thematic opponents, or let them get bitchslapped in their own 'dex 'because it builds character?'

Ward engages people.
He tells us terminators are totally invincible, really the best of the best of the best, grey knights get shit done, arrive 'just in time' always, and Draigo is this manifestation of badass, that's really Samurai Jack, only in terminator armor.

If you want Gav telling us to kill for the sake of killing, or Jervis one-paragraphing tactical marines for dark angels, both are available.

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Stop talking about the Bloodtide, especially when that was a lot of people not knowing what the hell was going on and became a meme.
Draigo is actually one of the most hopeless stories in the whole codex, and that people harp on it means they don't think when they read.

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I don't doubt any of that. I still play him whenever I can. But the best way to kill him is just bolt the fuck out of him. My buddy has a troopy chaos army and just bolted, heavy bolted him to fuck.

Also in a double tournement he got slaughtered in first turn. Imperial guard psycher squad reduced his LD to 2 and then a farseer on jetbike got just in range to cast mindwar but out of range of his hood. Minced him to fuck.

He is very good against tank armies however. I made some autistic kid flip a lid by taking down his leman russ'

>> No.15616424


Uhhh, use your models for what they were always used as?


Like Kelly making everything with 'claw' in its name utterly useless for wolves, right?

Don't be a pussy.
Fluff is a bullshit excuse. Make your own fluff. Disregard the parts you don't like. Name your nameless characters epic shit, like Bob the megafister.

>> No.15616455

>>Badasses that get shit done
No, I look through the dex and see terrible writing that tries to do that, but only manages to pull off terrible mary sues in purple prose. And everyone is the best of the best of the best, SIR, and it does honestly get worn out. "The Space Marines are the best of the best of the Imperium's warriors! The Grey Knights are the best of the best of the Space Marines! Keldor Draigo is the best of the best of the best of the best of the ad nausaem of the Grey Knights". To paraphrase, "When everyone is the best, no one is". And I think I'll leave it there, because I doubt we'll come to agree on this. My point isn't that Ward is better than other writers. My point is that he is bad, whether or not others are worse, and they should hire someone competent at fluff to do it for him.

>> No.15616461

>What about people who used to field Puritan Grey Knight forces?
On the table, there are no puritans or radicals. Your statement makes no sense. They use only what the inquisition has used before, except they are a force trusted with the worst to fight the worst.
If you don't want the radical elements, do not field them. If you are going to put the fluff on that much of a pedestal, why are you gaming in the first place?

>> No.15616475

>Implying "Terminators are invicible" is somehow not as retarded as "kill for the sake of killing"

>> No.15616477

I loved all of this untill "Bob". It make me believe you think the word "spoon" is random.

>> No.15616498

>Play a army because I enjoy puritan fluff
>Have that army retconnected to asshole radicals
>Get called a pussy for not wanting to play a radical army

I still use the new book, I just started to use Henchmen.

Go be fat somewhere else.

>> No.15616507

So I re-started my GK's with the new dex. I made mordrak and his ghost knights (Which look amazing BTW). But what the fuck do I do with him and them?

Anyone got any Mordrak tips?

>> No.15616508

>and then a farseer on jetbike got just in range to cast mindwar but out of range of his hood.
Mind War has an 18" range, bro. Not that you are going to hood a LD10 model with LD2, if I remember how hoods work.

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Then clearly, you must not be reading the same book as I, or you're just another butthurt neckbeard, who can't handle microscopic fluffpieces getting expanded to full-page chunks of detailed writing.

You should totally upgrade to the far superior dark angels, chaos marines, chaos demons, or imperial guard, so that you may read the name 'Pask' twice per sentence in his entry.

>> No.15616527

Wait you telling me you don't play narrative campaigns?

You guys actually play 40k in tournaments?

Now it makes sense why you don't give a fuck about fluff.

>> No.15616544

You're probably right man. I forgot exactly how it went. But LD2 and mindwar was the gist of it.

>> No.15616547


Play 2500. Build army around cockpunching people first turn with librarians, teleporting dreadknights, interceptors, and paladins.

>> No.15616566


Warhammer is not a story, Its a setting for players to change and manipulate at will. For me, Malal is still kicking in the warp and sensei are being gathered for the Emperors rebirth

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My army is a low-model Draigo list. The fluff is, this is the elite of the elite punking bitches, because no other force available to mankind can do it.

Outside of source material and inspiration, the fluff is useless to me. That's how you're supposed to do it.

Not complain when you go from 0 options to over 30.

>> No.15616615

inb4 "What's a Malal"

Also, here's something that's been bugging me.

The "Knights of Blood" are in the chaos codex as a bloodthirsty crazy legion. They're also in the BA codex as an ambiguously traitor army that's still loyal to Sang.

wtf is with that and why has no one on the internet suggested "it's the same army where half of them went to chaos". Thoughts?

>> No.15616628

I love huge battles and what not. But I struggle finding people who can be arsed with 2500 points.

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It's Ward's way of saying 'I know chaos sucks ass, so here's a way you can counts-as without the neckbeards telling you it totally goes against the fluff.'

Which is an awesome way to own them in hindsight.
"Hey, this is like the fluff now, guys, so you can't tell the n00bs they fail without it making you look like asses."

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That's the problem with 'thematic' characters, yeah. If you don't build around them, it doesn't work, but building around them means you have to find someone who's willing to play huge battles.

So probably don't take MOAR DARK ever.
Except once you realize he's Kenshiro in terminator armor, you totally can't stop fielding him.

>> No.15616708
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Matt writes good rules that is all i have to say. the codices are well rounded (cept for derpkights)

i hope to see a well rounded necron codex.

>> No.15616713

I have suggested many times that they are the same faction.

The Knights of Blood aren't so much traitorous as DERRP like the Flesh Tearers, but even moreso.

The reason why some have CSM models is because people at GW think that as soon as you turn to Chaos, you grow horns and get the weird ass power backpack.

>> No.15616720
File: 158 KB, 800x1200, 1310946638836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would Like to know how many Space Marines it would take to take on The Autobots.

>> No.15616752

Which Chapter, and which Transformers continuity? (There are like half a dozen, at least)

>> No.15616754

>implying that the force whose very existence being known got millions killed by that same force are not assholes
You don't know your fluff as much as you think you do.
You want ultra puritans? Play sisters or BTs.
Now there is a force for people like me who like ambiguous ideas for the greater good.

>> No.15616759

Why does /tg/ never think of counts-as?

I have an entire counts-as army (Iron Warriors using C:SM) and a few characters (The HQ in my Flesh Tearers is a librarian I fluffed myself, and uses Sword and Might to make awesome melee character).

>> No.15616773

4 Ultramarine successors, 3 Dark Angels Successors, the Salamanders, the Iron Hands, and a squad of Grey Knights.

>> No.15616777
File: 107 KB, 587x825, 1310946871134.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.15616779

>>ambiguous ideas for the greater good
>>Greater Good
Filthy tau sympathizer detected.

>> No.15616800
File: 54 KB, 800x680, 1310946966493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Black Templar


I fucking love the Black Templar.
The new Forgeworld Contemptor dread only makes my fanatic boner that much more engorged and ready to penatrate the object of my infinite crusade.

>> No.15616829


I'm getting that motherlover some chains and eight-pointed stars on it, and making it an Iron Warriors dread.

>> No.15616843

Right guys. Lets see what armies you have.

Legion of the Damned (Vanilla)
A little over 2000pts, mostly old LotD models with some conversions

Crimson Lightning (BA successor)
About 3000pts by now.

Grey knights

Dark Eldar
Just re-started them, about 500pts. (Got rid of my old army due to broken guns ¬¬)

My Chaos army is a mess. It's half Emperors Children and half Fallern Angels, I still don't know what I'm doing with them
about 1000pts.

Over to you.

>> No.15616847
File: 30 KB, 324x311, 1310947225590.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Whenever I see that model, I think of Robotnik.

>> No.15616854


Puritans? Light? Are you saying...like, as in, the concept of them being good by association with being as anti-chaos as possible? Your generic puritan inquisitor is arguably worse than your generic radical inquisitor, and in the case of comparing the extreme ends of the spectrum, the damage that a puritan extremist inquisitor can do possibly outstrips the damage that a radical extremist inquisitor can do.

Although I think you're right with Ward giving them daemon weapons and shit, DLFG does have a point. Bear in mind that the fluff behind the extermination of THE ENTIRE PLANET OF ARMAGEDDON TO KEEP THE FIRST WAR A SECRET has been around since before the new GK codex...MAYBE even the original DH codex..? At any rate, I would certainly not call complete disregard for collateral damage a good, or, for that matter, even being indirectly linked with the concept of good.

>> No.15616868

What's actually pretty cool is that since it's pre-Heresy, CSM are actually allowed to take them.

>> No.15616869


Iron Warriors (Counts-as C:SM)
1500 points.

Flesh Tearers
Planned 1500 points

Chaos Daemons
2000 points

3000 points, living in the attic.

>> No.15616870

Instead of making a whole new thread, I will just ask here. I played back in 3rd, a little bit in 4th, but since then, I haven't had much chance to play. This is changing in the next year, but before I get all comfortable with things and pick up the 5E book, is there a rumor of 6E around the bend?

>> No.15616875

What Codex is best for a pre heresy Space Marine Legion?

>> No.15616882


That's only good for me thematically, as I'm using C:SM. Nice to see my no-compromises Chaosbros getting a usable dread though.

>> No.15616885


1500~ point tyranid warrior themed army (almost unplayable).
Metric ton of grey knights from the olden days.
All space marines in the world.
Mechdar (boring as hell to play).
Battlesuit/Farsight tau. Farsight is never actually used as himself.

>> No.15616886

Tyranids. 8000+ points.

Dark Eldar. 3000 points.

Craftworld Eldar. About 600 points. Just begun the army.

>> No.15616919


Depends on the legion.

>> No.15616922


Sometime next summer, if GW sticks to schedule.

>> No.15616930

I know it isn't a 5ed codex but I'm really interested in what /tg/ thinks.

How does the orks codex hold up these days? What's their pros and cons and are they considered balanced in today's standards?

>> No.15616932

Salamander, Ravenguard, or Iron Hands.

>> No.15616936

ILY. I always hated the contempor dread. But it would suit iron warriors.

And only iron warriors.

>> No.15616943


Unknown amount of:
Blood Angels (the most)
Orks (Probably enough for a small army)
Tyranids(very few)

A good old Imperial Guard command.

>> No.15616944


Then I'd say just Codex: Space Marines, avoiding the post-heresy discoveries.

Raven Guard COULD be done with Blood Angels though.

>> No.15616960

>Mechdar (boring as hell to play).
Good lord, this. And I still have 6 Falcons to build.
Got about 2,250-2,850 points of Dark Angels, depending on goodies. But I just can't deal with 4 tables of power armor at the same time.
Almost done my 1,850 Dark Eldar though. Hopefully that will be fun.

>> No.15616962 [DELETED] 

Dread? You pansy bro? That's your Daemon Prince waiting to happen.

>> No.15616974


My thanks to you. I will stick with finishing the models I have currently until I see how things look next year.

>> No.15616980


I already have a home-crunched Daemon Prince carrying a giant mortar.

>> No.15616984
File: 488 KB, 800x720, ork rokking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's a really, really shitty, terrible codex, that's more predictable than anything else in the game, yet has enough power to ruin your day if you stop taking the army seriously, because of the large mass of dice, dudes, red vehicles, and green men with large axes.

>> No.15617000 [DELETED] 

pix or you're a superpansy

>> No.15617017


No functioning camera, sadly. If I did, I'd be showing it off in every thread I ever posted in.

>> No.15617024

Black Templar: Depends on how many terminators and Land Raider Crusaders I decide to deploy, but somewhere in the vacinity of 3.5-4.5k

Grey Knights: Draigowing, 1k

Tyranids: A group of Genestealers, a set of gaunts and some spore mines. (whatever was in the battle for Macraggee box)

Imperial Guard: Technically Ultama's Navy, but he's a dude in flak with a las pistol. (Also the BfM)

generic SPEES MARHEENS!: whatever came in the older Marine vs Deldar starter, minus the Rhino and the Land Speeder. Also have a Captain with a fist.

Am I the only one that liked the terrrain that came with that? Crashed shuttle, some tyranid spore bits and trees. The old MvDeldar only came with generic imperial building rubble, barrles, a small set of tank traps and a single Oil Drum. or two.

>> No.15617060 [DELETED] 
File: 69 KB, 700x665, 1310947988857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Go buy one, even if its a disposable polaroid that you need to scan the photos of. DOO EET NAO!

>images nuanced

>> No.15617066

pretty much ALL complaining (though it's more apt to call it bitching) about ward and ward-dexes are because people are just basing their opinions on the melodramatic reactions of /tg/ (or equivalent neckbeard)

>> No.15617072

Just started recently, bought an Eldar army from someone else.

Farseer, 7 Seer Council, 2 Avatars

9 Howling Banshees, 6 Striking Scorpions, 6 Wraithguard

Guardians, guardians everywhere. Scatter Laser platforms. 10 Rangers

Fast Attack

Heavy Support
2 Falcons, 2 Wraithlords

Got the whole set already well painted for $250. I'm planning on selling it once I finish an army of my own though, which might not be much longer seeing how my orks are progressing. They're a mix of Blood Axes and Evil Sunz


Kommandos with rokkits

Shootas in trukks with nobz

Fast Attack
15 Rokkit Deffkoptas

Heavy Support
Killa Kans

>> No.15617073

That's not good to hear, I was thinking of starting an ork army but I guess I'll start a dark angel army.

>> No.15617084
File: 33 KB, 450x548, 1310948091285.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood Angels: meh, pretty good, crappy fluff but fun army. stormraven was unnecessary.... or at least they could have made it cooler.

Dark Eldar: feels like with some units, they could have gone a step further. Grotesques having some special close combat weapon. My biggest disappointment was the Mandrakes: VERY cool models, rather... crappy rules... come one a close combat unit who gets a shooting attack at first paintoken? And they got no special close combat weapon. I hope this codex will be better in 6th ed.

Grey Knights: uuurgh... bleh. I dunno, most likely a good and fun army to play, but so much shenanigans going on. I dunno.

Tyranids: a army that still got bit hard in vehicle poping, despite being in a vehicle spamming 5th edition.

Imperial Guards: vehicle spam vehicle spam. Yay, very fun.... sorry but this is the main problem with 5th, what 90% of all the models are infantry... and... yeah I could go play like Flame of War is I wanted tank battle =S

Space Wolves: razorback and spam missile launchers. Where the fuck did all that Viking close combat go?

>> No.15617091


Bad news. Dark Angels aren't too much better.

>> No.15617126


You, uhh, really don't want to start anything that wasn't written in 5th edition.
It all sucks and is monobuild, basically.

>> No.15617171

not sure really... i haven't played in ages (as in last dex i bought was the first Realms of Chaos and I also had just aquired Space Hulk) and I'm just trying to catch up with all the wtf is going on now (damn whipper-snappers, in my day we didn't have seperate models for everything under the sun, had to depend on conversions, blahblahbla walk 666 miles to school, blah)

>> No.15617210
File: 83 KB, 1024x768, 1310948605944.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2ishK Tau tops
600ish points of Kroot
A half Scratchbuilt Manta

2ish K Mech Flesh Tearers and Mech because jungles + Jump packs screams huge issues

>> No.15617250
File: 513 KB, 1000x1000, 1310948760335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can run combat wolves just fine, but with dakka that cheap, why would you?

>> No.15617265

>5th edition Space Marines

I heard they're all WS 5 BS 5 S 5 etc now?

>> No.15617285


Whoever told you that is a liar.

4s across the board.

WS4 BS4 S4 T4 I4 W1 Ld8

>> No.15617311

They were never "Viking Close Combat" though.

They were short range shooting and counter charges.
Sort of like Grey Knights now.

>> No.15617321


Their stats haven't changed since 3rd edition, and never will.

>> No.15617337

You'll find every "fluff accurate" home-brew like that, along with 2+/5++ power armor, S6 bolters, and other retarded shit. Captains literally have GD stats.

>> No.15617361


If we're doing fluff-accurate, my Flesh Tearers all get furious charge regardless of priests.

My Iron Warriors get to remove all buildings from the field before deployment.

"Fluff-accurate" almost always means "make my army objectively better".

>> No.15617386
File: 327 KB, 1000x1000, 1310949534412.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

totally forgot about vanilla smurfs:

Pretty good, good competition, good rules and all that.
But a major Fuck You to allot of established fluff, like Black Templars being a "small and insignificant" chapter while it's one of the largest!
And chapters praising ultramarines more then their own Primarch... that made me tick.


>> No.15617465

>But a major Fuck You to allot of established fluff, like Black Templars being a "small and insignificant" chapter while it's one of the largest!
I'll pull a number out of my ass since I can't remember the BT's estimated battle brothers and say that they have 12,000.
Nearly 600,000 battle brothers will follow the Ultramarines and their Chapter Master out of respect to their gene-seed ancestry, and pretty much treat Guiliman's diary as holy writ. Another 180,000 do, in fact, follow the tenets of the Codex Astartes. So, yes, the Black Templars are insignificant in the context of "how many space marines do not follow the format of the Codex Astartes."

>> No.15617529

>like Black Templars being a "small and insignificant" chapter

That's excatly what the Black Templars want everybody to believe.

>> No.15617566

They don't care what you believe, just so long as it's in the Emperor of Man and his Imperium.

Anything else and they'll just make it stop. The belief, you, whatever it takes.

More like 6k. Very, very spread out.

>> No.15617769

People who say the Trygons/Mawlocs are better in every way than Carnifexes are fucking retarded. Trygons are infantry threshing beasts in melee, but in range they're piddly. Carnifexes carry heavy weapons for the army that they desperately need and become affordable all-rounds that can always rip a tank a new one in CC. The MC melee rules spill over onto a trygon so they're okay against vehicles in melee, but not good. Nid players also feel like they're entitle to good firepower for some reason too.

The books are all pretty balanced, but nid players suffer from sort of crippling mental disorder that makes them think their books

>> No.15617790

1 or 2

>> No.15617857

I didnt know that there were 60000 space marine chapters out there from ultramarine geneseed. interesting factoid.

>> No.15617891

>grey knight techmarine logo

that's the Brotherhood of Steel's logo you dumbass

>> No.15617922

I'm not really sure where to start with this.

It is a silly post.

>> No.15617943

About 2/3rds of the current 1,000 chapters (and thus, 1,000,000 marines) are from the Ultramarine geneseed. We'll make that an even 600. There are about 1,000 battle brothers per chapter. 1,000 x 600 = 600,000.

>> No.15617951


And it only took /tg a whole evening to realize it.

>> No.15617958


Since the Ultramarines had the most geneseed since the very beginning, and it was split between them and the Imperial Fists on who was the most pre-eminent Legion post Horus Heresy, when the Chapters got split the Ultramarines accounted for the most. This trend continued all the way down through the ages. For every non-Ultramarine/Ultramarine Successor out there, there is an Ultramarine/Ultramarine Successor.

>> No.15618010
File: 77 KB, 452x403, 1310953081441.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because, in truth, they did very little while everybody else was getting butchered around the imperial palace.

>> No.15618123
File: 31 KB, 330x450, 1310953879937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So like... guys. In the "new" fluff... eye of terror never happend?

>> No.15618199

well, they had to take on the word bea- pffh, I can't finish that sentence with a straight face

in the "new" fluff, it's currently ongoing

who knows if they'll continue it in 6th edition; rumors say they will, but rumors are rumors (my dad works for nintendo, etc)

>> No.15618215

It still happened. The Forces of Chaos gained a foothold on Cadia, but the Imperial Navy maintained most of its control over the actual system, so it is an ongoing stalemate.

>> No.15618226

I wonder why all the "balance in 40K" deal isn't considered obvious trolling. Every other system gets one or two people whining at most, but 40K, hell, everyone has their piece. Some of them even play it.

>> No.15618339

Trygons are better against infantry than fexes by a huge degree. Take a prime and they have 18 shots, 7 attacks on the charge with re-rolls, better WS, better I and more wounds. They can also fleet.

A dakka fex isn't bad, you can outfit him with a heavy venom cannon and bioplasma and you have a decent gun platform that can knock down some medium to heavy tanks and run through tanks in melee. But that puts it at 205 points, which is pretty damn expensive, especially for something that isn't Synapse and BS3.

>> No.15618439

For Witch Hunters I have Karamazov, 6 Arcos, 3 Penitent Engines, Callidus, Eversor, Vindcare, 2 Inquisitors, some henchmen, a Land Raider, 20 Storm Troopers, 35 sisters, 2 Rhinos, an Immolator, and 2 whirlwind Exorcists.

For Imperial Guard I have 3 Chimeras, 4 Leman Russ', a Basilsk, a Vendetta, an Armored Sentinel, 3 Scout Sentinels, about 100 infantry men, Yarrick, Gaunt, 1 Ogryn, and some other random bits.

For Blood Angels I have some assault marines, a tactical squad, a land Raider Crusader, some terminators, some scouts, a baal pred, some death company, some sanguinary guard, a priest, a vindicator, and some special characters.

I use the same Rhinos for my sisters as I do for my Blood Angels. I also use the normal Land Raider from the Witch Hunters in the Blood Angels. I also use the Guard Chimeras for the Witch Hunter Storm Troopers, and the WH storm troopers are actually Kasrkin models that I use for my Guard Vets with Carapace or deep striking storm troopers.

>> No.15618511


There's absolutely nothing stopping you from having fun with Orks. If you play for fun, play Orks. If you play to win all day erryday, then go buy a 5th ed. Wardex.
But yeah, they are pretty predictable. There's so many units that aren't even worth taking (Looted Wagons, Flash Gitz, WeirdBoyz, Warbuggies, etc) so the lists you see these days are either:
Sloggin' horde: BOYZ EVERYWHERE and a Kustom Force Field
Kan-Wall: Lots of walkers with Boyz hiding behind them, and of course the KFF.
The Shokk Attack Gun is a fun unit but is too unpredictable to be dependable, it's like a super-charged Zzap gun that will either fuck up your shit, or your opponent's shit. Lootas are about the only dependable long-range support you can count on as any of the Big Guns either have shit range or need to be mounted on a Battlewagon to not be terrible.Weird Boyz sound like they could rock but you try deep-striking 30 Boyz into that gunline, see what happens. Your only real strength, is numbers. Speed? Fuck that, most armies other than Necron and other Orks will hit you before you can. Ghazghkull has I4 but it means shit thanks to his Mega-Armour giving him the Power Klaw, and therefore I1. Meganobz sound like they could be close-combat monsters in theory, but unlike Terminators (which from what I've heard don't cost that much more than Meganobz and have ALOT more options) they strike dead-last regardless and are slow as balls.

>> No.15618900

Man what happend to the fluff where even knowing about daemons got your world nuked by the imperium, xeno armies left worlds traumatised to insanity IF they survived, space marines left behind 99.9%civilian casualty rates on a good day, ONE daemon eats a psyker and chaos mass raped the planet,and when they died EVERYONE'S soul got mulched by the warp. Somewhere in 4th ed it went from being like CoC to ROW ROW FIGHT THE POWER

>> No.15620009

What are your guys lists for your armies? And how well do they fair?

>> No.15620117

The only thing that annoys me about Ward's fluff is that EVERY space marine special character must have killed at least 1 Avatar of Khaine

>> No.15620244

Mine don't usually win, but I'm not a good player. When they do, it is from various bullshit factors.
Mechdar list is about as strong as Eldar can get, and while it is boring, I honestly can't see footdar working it. Eldrad, Farseer, 2 fire dragons, 3 Dire avengers, 4 wave serpents, 2 fire prisms, and a falcon. Like I said, boring.
DA is pretty simple: Company Master for LD10 for practically everything. Two PC/ML dreads for fire support. Three tacticals, usually 2 PW-melta-lascannon/flamer-missile launcher, 1 PF-melta-missile launcher (I've been meaning to try out Multimeltas with them), Rhinos for the PW squads, razorback for the Fist. Master always rides with the fist, and I usually combat squad the other two for heavy weapon placement. Then a vindicator and dakka predator. And a drop podding (though I suppose I could just mech them) squad of company vets. I tried a termie-libby dropping with the vets, but he fizziled it, so I might swap him for a Interrogator chappie.
They both usually give as good as they get, though I've gotten totally spanked by SM (as Eldar) and GK (as DA) once.

>> No.15620538

Draigos fluff is better if you think about it as a legend the grey knights have, and that its the subconcious belief in this legend that actually fuels this demon prince of order that is draigo. a demon that thinks its human because the legend says so.

also the carving a name in a demons heart is retarded, i'd only accept that if it was done via some sort of psychic attack.

>> No.15620608

I play tau.

I'm fairly competent, and i win most of my games, and when i lose its usually not too bad. (though i know what it feels like to lose. and god damn kill point games sucked hard core. (even better when i won them though))

But i have yet to really play against any really big tournament players, and most of my list are made with a theme behind them. This is my farsight origins list.

-Shas'el with airbursting fragmenation launcher, missile pod, multi-tracker, iridium armor, stimm injectors, two shield drones


-3 x Twinlinked MIssile Pods, and flamer crisis suits with a team leader with bonding knife and two gun drones.
-3 x missile pod, plasma rifle and multi-tracker crisis suits with a team leader with bonding knife and two gun drones.
-3 x burst cannon, missile pod and multi-tracker crisis suits with a team leader with bonding knife and two gun drones.

-6x fire warriors
-- Devilfish with multi-tracker and disruption pod
6x firewarriors
-- devilfish with multi-tracker, disruption pod, targeting array and smart missile system
10x kroot
10x kroot

Heavy Support:
- 3x broadsides with advanced stabilization systems, a team leader with bonding knife, target lock and two shield drones

-1 x ioncannon hammerhead with burst cannons, multi-tracker, target lock, disruption pods

-1 x ioncannon hammerhead with burst cannons, multi-tracker, target lock, disruption pods

total: 1850

the entire plan is to get the ethereal killed right away as i take out transports/light vehicles/fast vehicles ect. it also works well against monstrous creatures especially with the 3 railguns and 2 ion cannons. getting the ethereal killed actually gives my crisis suits better strike back capabilities and if my commander gets into combat they can actually be fairly tough... but it requires the ethereal to be killed. which is why one devilfish carts him up, drops him and then flys back.

>> No.15620636


Fuck i forgot my fast attack

1x piranha with fusion blaster and target array

>> No.15620724

I just don't even have fun anymore with my IG. I haven't lost to anyone in the last 6 months whether they be GK, Orks, Tau, DE, or most other armies. I don't play competitively or design my armies around the weaknesses of others. I can honestly just hurl my army in unending assaults of men or lay down walls of fire. I've even beat GK without firing once through power blobs and CC. 5th has kinda killed the fun I once had with that army BUT I now enjoy playing Witch Hunters a much greater deal. Alas, their next pseudo-codex will most assuredly suck so I shall enjoy them until their time has come.
IG: Easy mode if you have cash
Sisters of Battle: Probably gonna suck
5th Edition: Meh in general

>> No.15620749

My ferret has puked better tau lists. Your opponents must be truly terrible if you win most of your games.

Then again most people are really bad at this game, so it's not hard to believe.

>> No.15620751

I try to run a somewhat fluffy Cadian list according to the previous IG dex's doctrines and some of the fluff I've read. Not sure how accurate it is, but I enjoy it. The list has been pretty good to me. I've lost before, but never that badly and I've also tabled people before. The people I play seem to find my army to be annoying to play against, which is a shame.

This is what it is.

CCS 50, 4 Plasma 60, Officer 30, Chimera 55 - 195
Commissar Lord 70

Psykers 60, 5 Extra 50 - 110

Vets 70, 3 Meltas 30, Carapace 30, Chimera 55 - 185
PCS 30, 3 Meltas 30, Flamer 5, Chenkov 50, Chimera 55 - 170
Infantry Squad 50, Autocannon 10, Grenade Launcher 5 - 65
Infantry Squad 50, Autocannon 10, Grenade Launcher 5 - 65
Special Weapons Squad 35, 3 Flamers 15 - 50
Heavy Weapons Squad 60, 3 Missiles 30 - 90
Heavy Weapons Squad 60, 3 Missiles 30 - 90
30 Conscripts 120, Send in the Next Wave 75 - 195

Vendetta 130
3 Scout Sentinels 35, Autocannon 5 - 120

Basilisk 125
Leman Russ 150
Executioner 190


>> No.15620763

Would your ferret be interested in some lucrative work with Games Workshop franchises?

>> No.15620783

No Ward's got it covered.

>> No.15621018

How did you play your IG?

>> No.15621055

yeah i also pointed out how i've been making fun armies, not great army's but please do share what your great tau army list is.

>> No.15621097

This guy at the store I go to constantly bitches that the Tyranid codex got screwed over. Any truth to that?

>> No.15621457

I think most 5th edition codices are pretty balanced. A lot of people seem to hate the whole special characters equal special rules, but I really love it.

>> No.15621473


Over-costed units all over the place.
Some rules don't work like they are supposed to.
Almost every single good unit is fighting for the same force organization chart slot.

Pretty much true. They kinda got shitholed. Basically only certain things are viable in most slots. And everything good/isn't overcosted or shit is in one slot.

>> No.15621489 [DELETED] 
File: 86 KB, 400x265, 8603188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lucas Leiva hates them.

>> No.15623991

I'm kind of in agreement. I pretty much only see a few things.

- Tyrants/Swarmlord
- Hive Guard
- Tervigons
- Stealers
- Trygons
- Maybe Gargoyles
- Maybe Zoanthropes

But that's about it really. Those all are pretty good though. I've gotten my butt kicked plenty of times by a good list involving the first 5 things on that list.

>> No.15624948

I miss my Legion of the Damned. I had 40 nurgle mutants all converted that I have no use for now. I mean, I guess they could be Conscripts, but it just isn't the same.

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